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The British state & establishment, incl. civil service, #TheBBC & Parliament, are all beholden to the Orwellian & moral-supremacist ideology of Post-Racial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism, which goes to the opposite & equally insane extremes of Nazism.
That this ideology goes to the opposite extremes of Nazi ideology of #RacialPurity & supremacy is no coincidence, but forms the basis of its claim to moral authority & thus POWER. Anyone opposing it is cancelled as a neo-Nazi, fascist, bigot, xenophobe or RACIST.
This is why a large, rational & democratic majority has been powerless to prevent the madness of mass immigration into our already overpopulated country, & its demographic transformation. All opposition was, & continues to be, demonised as RACIST.
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If we were living 400 years ago, in the year 1621, it would be obvious to virtually all of us that the world was stationary at the centre of the universe, & that those who argued for the Copernican, heliocentric, world view were nutters.
Not just because religious/academic authority supported this view but because of common sense: you only had to observe the heavens for confirmation. If the Earth moved, we would surely notice it. And to suggest it was a wandering star, like Venus or Mars, was blatantly absurd.
Now, 400 years later, with academic & even religious authority teaching us that the heliocentric view was correct after all, we all believe it, despite continuing to contradict common sense.
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Sorry @jessphillips you are wrong - come meet the public sector workers, retired policemen, business men + women, farmers, teachers, mums, students + so many more who we have in #Northumberland @Conservatives
I will take them over #Momentum 2015 +
#GordonBrown ➡️#PM in 2007?
Did #Labour members get a vote in 2007 when #GordonBrown deposed #Blair and was made #PM? No!
Hilariously #Labour in 2007 didn’t even give Labour MPs a vote?
#Peopleinglasshouses ....
And remind me of yr views of #Corbyn + the #Momentum wing of #Labour party - which have now taken over + attack you as much as me? We both know they are both anti #NATO, our allies + #business but are #Marxist, #antiSemitic + a genuine threat to the future of this great country
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