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#onpoli #VoteFordOut here are key ridings where you can make a difference by voting strategically to prevent the Doug Ford Conservatives from forming government.
Ajax riding, the strategic vote is Ontario Liberal. Otherwise Ford may win this seat. Don't be fooled by his candidate that was on the school board, they have no interest in public education. NONE. Image
#Brampton East a riding that could MOVE to Doug Ford's PC's if the voters don't support the NDP in this riding. Image
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I’m angry. I’m appalled. I’m beyond upset. I just watched part of today’s committee hearing on Section 2 of Bill 213. The arrogance of the speaker from Canada Christian College and his lecturing and bullying were totally inappropriate. I would like to join @PeggySattlerNDP in
apologizing to Sara from the Muslim Society for the aggressive manner in which @DavidPiccini my MPP targeted and bullied her. When a presenter actually expresses that feeling and the behaviour continues it says an awful lot about the character of the person doing the bullying.
Earlier I listened to @NatKusendova do the same devaluing of many people: the Opposition who are doing their job, ETFO, and others.
@gghamari as the chair, refused to let @PeggySattlerNDP clarify her question to the Dean of CCC, yet she didn’t stop @DavidPiccini from doing the
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Do All Dogs go to Heaven? My new research published today in @AntiquityJ! Join me on an archaeological journey of human-animal relationships through time in my survey of #PetCemeteries. A thread 1/18👇🏼🐶🐱… Image
Gravestones are full of fascinating information! They tell us so much more than who is buried where and when they died… Additional text, designs and symbolism can reveal how a society constructs social relationships, what they thought about death and peoples’ emotions. 2/18 Image
So, given this incredible data available to us, in this research I ask: what can pet cemeteries tell us about our changing relationship with animals through time? 3/18
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Thread on my long #Hexham constituency battle with the @nationaltrust to support local tourism / heritage / jobs

This has now gone national given #NationalTrust loss of their core purpose, closures, job cuts, approach to finances + treatment of local representatives 1/ ImageImageImageImage
Over 4 years ago the #NationalTrust failed to support, and then closed - without any consultation - #GeorgeStephenson’s birthplace, in Wylam, in my constituency, in #Northumberland.

Stephenson is one our greatest pioneers 2/…
The Trust are choosing the wrong path to go down, and as an organisation they need:

- a review of their core purpose and objectives, similar to the recent Glover review into National Parks

- advice on utilisation of their vast reserves, not job cuts and further closures 3/
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It's #BackBritishFarming day!🇬🇧

#Northumberland’s farmers are so important to our local community, and have worked hard during the Covid pandemic to fill our plates, and keep us fed so I, and many others, want to say thank you 1/: 🥳🎉🧑‍🌾 ImageImageImageImage
And it is also about managing our iconic landscapes like the farms who are part of the #NorthernHillFarmingPanel and higher level stewardship areas of South Northumberland that I visited with the @Natures_Voice a few years back 2/ Image
And landscapes have to be managed to ensure #HadriansWall survives through farmers fields

And the curlew and plovers on our uplands and moorlands survive and thrive 3/ Image
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Sadly the #NationalTrust is becoming a joke.

As #Hexham MP I want reform of this, once great, organisation.

A thread on:
- their redundancy plan 🪓
- their £1Billion+ assets 🆙
- and 4 yr failures of local #Northumberland treasures 🚂🚂🚂 1/ ⬇️…
Their recent disaster is their plan to dismiss their experts 2/:

This latest approach is consistent with poor behaviour of the #NationalTrust for years, as my constituents know.

They closed #Stephenson’s birthplace in #Wylam in 2017 without any consultation + have shown no intention to reopen.

And they have over £1Billion + in the bank 3/
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From today, so many of #Hexham / #Northumberland amazing local #shops can now re-open, along with #churches, zoos + much more! 🏪 🛍 📖🧸 ⛪️ 🦒
Pls #ShopLocal + support our small businesses: #UseThemOrLoseThem
#ShopLocal 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Support #Independent shops 👍
Enjoy the slowness 😎
Be Kind 🙏
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Back to back telephone conferences, briefings and work on #DWP matters today to ensure we can support the UK at this time.

Not sure what some don’t get about this tough time in our nations history: have a watch - it’s not complicated + really matters: 1/
Mega effort being made by Team #DWP civil servants, #jobcentreplus #pensioncentre + support staff all across the #UK to make this work.
The logistics / heavy lifting of sustaining welfare support, UC, benefits + pensions is a true testament to the great team out there
#Proud 2/
Am also flat out with constituency work, with my small local team: we are all working remotely,to try + give #Northumberland residents the answers they need in very difficult times, + to liaise with @N_landCouncil, @NorthumbriaNHS, + community leaders to beat this #coronavirus 3/
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UK & US 2.5-2.8 hospital beds per 1000, Germany 8, South Korea 12. Will this matter? We look at differences for general & critical care hospital beds in England and Wales #COVIDー19 #CovidUK @MarkDVerhagen David Brazel @drjenndowd @ikashnitsky
Estimating hospitalization rates of #COVIDー19 & taking #demographics into account, we estimate coming high pressures in certain regions such as #powys (#Wales) and #IsleofWight (England) #CovidUK See our new paper:
Using recently published infection rates and demographic age-structure we estimated ‘hospital deserts’ where #COVIDー19 pressures will likely overwhelm the #NHSCovidHeroes #powys, #Northumberland, Rutland, #IsleofWight & #Suffolk
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29th January ...
Thread for yr commute to work ⏩ thanks to our #armedforces keeping us safe.
On this day 29/1/1856 Queen Victoria instituted Britain’s highest military decoration, the #VictoriaCross #VC.
Awarded for outstanding bravery ‘on the field of battle’.
#NeverForget 1/ Image
The metal from which the medals are struck is either from Russian cannon captured at the Siege of Sevastopol or other cannons.
Only 1355 #VCs have been awarded since 1856.
11 were awarded for the defence of #RorkesDrift in the Zulu wars on 23/1/1879 - 141 yrs ago this week 2/ Image
Bravery comes in many forms. Locally in #Northumberland I commemorate Private Fred Dobson of #Ovingham.
A 27-year-old private, with the #ColdstreamGuards he twice volunteered to go out under heavy fire to bring in two wounded men at Chavonne in France on 28 September 1914. 3/ Image
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Great to catch up with the @NorthComBank team in #Ashington today - the #CommunityBank I helped start, with many others, in 2015 here in #Northumberland 1/ ImageImageImageImage
We started small in the #Tynedale area of #Northumberland but immediately got noticed by BBC, ITV, FT, Mail and others because here was a #bank run for people not for profit…
We could not have started without the support + help from @HexhamAbbey @bishopnorwich @DagmarKirk + most of all @JohnSentamu - see him at our launch 3/…
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Big sky 15 mile views towards Cumbria at dawn this morning in #Northumberland. Busy constituency day ahead #ruralMP Image
Just joined a catch + rescue effort for a brown #alpaca running loose on the A68 at Errington ... All good now!
Another #RuralMP constituency day in #Northumberland 😃👍
Surgeries in #Prudhoe next Image
Site visit and discussion this afternoon in Prudhoe with many residents affected by ongoing problems with the local housing development / consequential road issues. Slow progress but containing to try + improve the situation locally Image
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20 mile views to #Scotland from #HadriansWall as early start for a rural home visit Saturday in #Northumberland - heading to #Bellingham + beyond #RuralMP Image
Surgery + chat with Kate from #Bellingham @PostOffice who (along with local community) will be seriously affected by proposed @Barclays decision. Signed her petition + meeting #Barclays on Tuesday in @HouseofCommons to protest proposal, which affects rural communities v badly 2/ Image
Honoured to chat to Graham Batey, who is a #veteran, a #Bellingham legend, 90 years young + telling me stories of his RAF service in 1949 in Hong Kong / China #proud Image
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Sadly #LabourConference2019 matters:
#Ofsted was enthusiastically embraced (and reformed) under Blair / Brown ... so it is sad - but inevitable - that #Labour under #Corbyn want to abolish it. Yet Ofsted has been a key part of driving up #educational #standards in England. 1/
Without any doubt children’s #education + #school outcomes are better with an #independent regulator. As a Blairite teacher put it to me:
“No one likes the referee in football but we need them”
Children’s education will be affected adversely if this plan goes ahead 2/
Then #Labour votes to abolish #privateschools + “redistribute” all building/assets = steal!
- obvs Corbyn, McDonnell, Milne, Lansman all ➡️ private schools (Watson did not .. but he’s a Tory now!)
- real Q= how do they integrate 600,000 extra #pupils (+ pay for this)? 3/
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Why #WorldWar1 + the 1919 #Forestry Act show why #Northumberland leads the way on forestry and #climatechange: A thread:
... We all agree we need to plant more #trees 🌲🌲🌲
to combat climate change + also because forests / timber is vital to both our enjoyment + economy 1/ Image
In 1919 the country was short of wood = a national emergency. #Northumberland land around Kielder Castle, just south of Scots border, was identified + soon after planting began on an ever expanding basis.The #kielderforest is the biggest in UK + growing with recent additions /2
100 years ago, our island was less than 5% #woodland.
Good news = woodland today covers nearly three times as much land, at 13 per cent, and is probably as wooded as days of yore.
Bad news = we still import more #timber than we grow = bad business + bad for #climatechange 3/
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After significant #rainfall across #Northumberland, I have visited villages with high river levels in #Tynedale, and spoken with local Cllr's + @EnvAgency. Thankfully no threat to properties on this part of the #Tyne. Will be visiting the #RiverRede tomorrow.
The #Tyne is high -see #Hexham today - but a v long way off #StormDesmond levels, +flood defences doing a good job. #Kielder reservoir acting as a buffer, as no water down the spillway, thereby reducing by over 10% levels downriver. But pls be #FloodAware by the waters edge 2/
Lots of standing water on roads whether in Warden, Hexham, Corbridge or country lanes - please report these -
+ be v v careful when driving, walking on riverside footpaths + on no account tackle a ford 3/ Image
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Great news @JohnnyMercerUK becomes a minister @DefenceHQ - as a former soldier he has led the fight for even better treatment of our #veterans and serving men + women.
I will be welcoming Johnny to #Northumberland when he is here in September + hope to take him to #albemarle Image
And with my Berwick friend and neighbour @annietrev also promoted to be a Minister at the #MOD the #defence community will see a real change in #Northumberland 👍 Image
Off on a mega day in #Hexham today on Day 2 - multiple surgeries, business visits, going to the hospital and meeting constituents galore. Looking forward to it 👍
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Mega #Forestry day today in #Hexham ... 👍
A thread on #trees, forestry, #jobs, #climatechange, #environment + so much more:
- start with thanks to @EGGER_UK + @John_Forestry for hosting @treechampion + #Defra Forestry Minister @DavidRutley + many more 1/ Image
#Egger provides over 650 jobs in Hexham + is the largest, + probably best, private sector employer in #Northumberland. Staff are understandably v proud of this family owned business. Great for #Forestry Minister @DavidRutley to meet, support and talk to them 2/ Image
David was here to convene a round table to listen + address:
- #Forestry industry opportunities
- challenges
- discuss an action plan for the way ahead
- getting the many arms of #Defra working together to get more trees planted 3/ Image
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Great to spend some time in #Tynedale yesterday with @Robbie4PCC - the @Conservatives candidate for @northumbriapol Police + Crime Commissioner. As a local @N_landCouncil County Councillor Robbie knows #Northumberland really well + will do an outstanding job if elected. ImageImage
The By-Election is on 18 July 2019 as Vera Baird has resigned, and polling cards have already gone out. I am looking forward to campaigning for @Robbie4PCC + ensuring we prioritise the importance of keeping all our communities safe
Robbie + I discussed 2 key priorities for #Tynedale on his visit to Stocksfield, Mickley& Prudhoe:
- that the police use resources (which have recently gone up) properly
+ that the @northumbriapol do not forget rural areas - rural #Northumberland often felt ignored by Vera Baird
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Thread + Thoughts on the @Conservatives election from the inside: for a moment put to 1 side my / yr preferred #Leader ..I am energised by #MP colleagues engagement in policies to drive forward this great country: emphatically this leadership is not just about a single issue 1/
Standing takes courage - for #parish, #county, #MP or #leader.
I respect all colleagues who put their names forward including @SamGyimah @kitmalthouse @JamesCleverly who did not make the final list. They do so for the very best of reasons. They / I want to serve Britain 2/
I defy anyone to watch this video of @sajidjavid + not feel proud of our #UK + @Conservatives party - a place where #Aspiration + #SocialMobility are our watchwords + #opportunity is everything. Saj is a friend, although not my preferred choice 3/
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Reasons to visit #Northumberland this weekend - #TheSill in @NlandNP has a 2 day #FoodFestival on #HadriansWall - come @discovernland, eat well + experience modern #architecture in a historic #Roman landscape
Been asked about the journey to create #TheSill in @NlandNP in #Northumberland
Watch this on our campaign launch from 6 years ago:
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Sorry @jessphillips you are wrong - come meet the public sector workers, retired policemen, business men + women, farmers, teachers, mums, students + so many more who we have in #Northumberland @Conservatives
I will take them over #Momentum 2015 +
#GordonBrown ➡️#PM in 2007?
Did #Labour members get a vote in 2007 when #GordonBrown deposed #Blair and was made #PM? No!
Hilariously #Labour in 2007 didn’t even give Labour MPs a vote?
#Peopleinglasshouses ....
And remind me of yr views of #Corbyn + the #Momentum wing of #Labour party - which have now taken over + attack you as much as me? We both know they are both anti #NATO, our allies + #business but are #Marxist, #antiSemitic + a genuine threat to the future of this great country
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#NorthOfTyneMayor is a 2nd round run off between @votehoult + @MayorJd4 - If neither of these were your 1st vote, your 2nd vote now added to their count
1st vote preferences =
Lab: 33.9%
Conservative: 24.9%
Ind: 17.2%
Lib Dem: 13.0%
UKIP: 11%
A lot closer than many thought ...1/
Fair to say the independent @McCabe4Mayor did well.
Labour vote a lot lower in #NorthofTyne region than normal,
and pleased to see @Conservatives well ahead in #Northumberland count ..
It’s a big ask to make up 10% on second preferences but this going to be interesting 2/
The #Northumberland figures for #NorthOfTyneMayor election first preferences. Image
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