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The risks of doing too little to support families and the economy during a #coronavirus recession far outweigh the risks of doing too much.

My statement with @GreensteinCBPP, @neeratanden & @FeliciaWongRI, via @Medium

A thread. 1/n
With so much economic activity at risk, a recession looms, and this one could rival or even exceed the #GreatRecession of 2008–2009.

The Great Recession was deep and its impact was harsh, but Americans who remained employed continued to spend money at fairly normal levels. 2/
Today spending is falling as people are asked to stay at home, events are canceled & establishments close. Layoffs are inevitable.

States and localities will face budget shortfalls as shrinking economic activity erodes tax revenues and prompts them to consider budget cuts. 3/
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Going thru Dem presidential candidate housing platforms

Does anyone seek 2 severely regulate/ban big investors (private equity/foreign wealth) or small (flippers) that are manipulating the housing market?

Do they even provide lip-service?

Let’s see...

Let’s start w/the currently considered gold standard: @BernieSanders #HomesForAll

Sum talk a/b Wall Street investors but is his proposed solution strong enuf?

Also, he’s unfortunately in the blanket upzoning camp so w/flipper tax isn’t that 1 step fwd but 2 steps back?
.#BernieSanders2020 calls for natl rent control & that will definitely curb some speculation, but it is without vacancy control. See Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley & Santa Monica for the effects of strong rent control without vacancy control.
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We need a redial!

Thomas J. Barrack, Jr.

Always funny when high profile folks,
have less info on web than my neighbor???

U give Paul very little to work with, u know, Tom.

I've gotta have Sexy Jen give you a call.

Hold please.📞
Should she *69 him?

Where R the wives?

Love a good mob wife.
Don't u?

They R taken 2 the top,
+ then cash out in divorce.

Take 4 example,
Rachelle Joy Roxborough Barrack.

She's latest wifey, u know.
Married Tom in 2014,
all rdy having 2 of his kids.
Divorced 2016.

Scant Rachelle Barrack info.

But, there was this 1 article...
'Pillow Talk at the Pig'

"1st date, Matt McCarthy[35]
+ Rachelle Roxborough[23]
R already horizontal
- in bed, shoes kicked off,
reclining on pillows,
drinking martinis."

"I'm digging this,"
says VO artist
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Those in the House objecting to #PelosiForSpeaker and THEIR record

1. @repjimcooper

✅ Voted nearly 40% of time with Trump. 🚩
✅ Voted anti-immigrant
✅ Voted for #KatesLaw
2. @RepSchrader

✅ Voted 31.5% of time with Trump (odd for an Oregonian)
✅ Voted against #Gunsense 🚩
✅ Voted to roll back regulations to avoid another Great Recession (with many experts claiming recession is right around the corner in 2019)
3. @RepLynch against #PelosiForSpeaker

✅ Voted with Trump 30% of the time (strange MA would send someone like that to Congress)
✅ Voted for horrible #KatesLaw
✅ Voted for bill completely supporting @ICEgov — even the bad. #BabiesInCages 🚩
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1/ A decade after the #globalfinancialcrisis, what’s changed? And what hasn’t? We recently surveyed the state of the global financial system: Take a quick tour with us in this #thread.
2/ After the #GreatRecession, many expected a wave of deleveraging. But it never came. The combined global debt of governments, nonfinancial corporations, and households is up by $72 trillion since the end of 2007.
3/ Consistent with history, a debt crisis that began in the private sector shifted to governments in the aftermath. From 2008 to mid-2017, global govt debt more than doubled. A line chart shows public debt rapidly increasing during 2008-2016. A bar chart shows debt-to-GDP ratio of private debt rising from 144 in 2000 to 164 in 2007 to 164 in 2017.
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