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#SamHarris is a prominent & influential public intellectual, with whom I have a lot of sympathy, along with other members of the #IDW he is often associated with.

However, I find myself in total disagreement with his attitude towards RACE & #WhiteIdentity.
Firstly, to reduce Race to skin tone is absurd & unworthy of the serious intellectual I know Sam to be.

For me, race is about kinship, shared ancestry, history & prehistory, which is central to my sense of both personal & group, i.e. genuine national, identity.
My reference to national identity is important, because I strongly suspect that Sam identifies as an American & that this "national identity" is important to him.

But it is by deceitfully posing as our nation that #BigBrother tricks us into loving him.
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Yesterday, Helen tweeted at length at and about me because I didn’t respond to someone else’s tweet about uncharitable reading in a way that she demands. Dozens of tweets and subtweets. Which, fine. Say what you like to say. 1/

The response I did make to the tweet about uncharitable reading: I reminded everyone of an instance where Helen showed a very limited understanding of the history of Western academia. She didn’t respond to that.

Who has a book coming out on Western academic history?


As working academics—who are currently very busy teaching and running university work under pandemic conditions—there should be a point where we can say: that’s the end of it. 3/
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I know that we shouldn’t be indulging Laurence Fox with our attention, but I do think it’s important that he is someone who, in his own words, has been “radicalised” by watching “YouTube videos”. He is a creation of the #IDW and is a case study in how they operate.
Laurence Fox voted for corbyn in 2017, probably because he wasn’t particularly politically engaged and he thought it was cool. He then got divorced and faced a custody battle (which he describes in an article full of red flags here…)
Then - a bitter divorcee with a flagging career despite every advantage - he finds a group of “thinkers” and an online community on YouTube that tell him he is aggrieved, discriminated against vilified. They indulge every self-pitying, accountability-dodging thought in his head.
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Spent the night organizing my built in bookshelf. Sometimes when my life is out of balance giving in to my OCD is therapeutic.
#shelfporn ImageImageImageImage
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1/ Glenn Greenwald, @IlhanMN, the Rosenbergs, Anti-semitism, Progressives, Silence, Speech and the IDW: a thread.

Glenn is upset. He’s a skilled and very smart partisan in my opinion. But I do see him as being on a team & envy him in that regard. That’s why I named the #IDW.
2/ I don’t give hot takes on many items for a reason. Many years ago Bob Dylan made the mistake of recording, in my opinion, the rocker “Julius & Ethel” about the 1953 executions of the Rosenbergs. I think it immoral to have a position on the Rosenbergs:

3/ As I see it the execution of Julius as a filthy spy was justified. The execution of Ethel Rosenberg was an abomination. It was a “message killing” dropped like Luca Brasi’s vest on the doorsteps of progressive Jewish homes: “Go too far left and we *will* orphan your children.”
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1/ Monday night I watched @islammovie screening by @SamHarrisOrg and @MaajidNawaz followed by a Q&A. I didn't get to ask a question so I'll discuss it here.
2/ The movie is quite substantive and is a great history of the Western debate on Islam - up until about five years ago. So I recommend watching it, but the "until about five years ago" is the key point I want to discuss.
3/ The Q&A had an oppressive pall to it. Pretty much all questions felt predicated with "are we allowed to discuss this in public? I don't want to be harassed and deplatformed!"
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1/ There’s something VERY suspicious about the social media platforms & their new treatment of Trans issues. I now believe it’s being fashioned cynically as the preferred weapon with which to hunt those who will never give a single inch of scientific ground to political pressure.
2/ This banning of “deadnaming” is preposterous. We need to honor work attributed before transition!

How does this differ from our need to discuss scientific papers published under a “maiden name”? Or contributions before a Muslim name is chosen (e.g. Cassius Clay, Cat Stevens).
3/ This makes being a historian impossible. Further treating Trans M/F *exactly* the same as born M/F would be medical malpractice. Etc. So what you’re really doing is saying that biology, history, science and medicine are only allowed to exist at the whim of political activists.
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This is a re-thinking thread. Entertainment vs Education edition.
I cancelled #Netflix a while ago. I urge you to consider doing the same. #CancelNetflix. Obama has a 2-year content production contract with Netflix since Soros/Susan Rice took over.…
Yes I know you want to be entertained, you want to binge watch, but your dollars are going straight to the #EnemyOfThePeople. You give your money to #Soros/#Bezos. You are donating to the enemies of @POTUS. #BoycottAmazon #BoycottWAPO #BoycottNetflix #Trump2020
I started reading about the #C_A a few months ago. #ThisIsNotAGame. This civilian '#Intelligence"agency is at the heart of the #ShadowGovernement (#DeepStateSwamp). The #C_A was run by #JohnBrennan during the Obama years. Think of the damage done with a man like him in power.
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1/ This is kind of a mega thread to get a glimpse into @EricRWeinstein’s insights on a wide variety of subjects.

The thing about Eric is, he balances a sparkling intellect with an openness to carry out enquiries, into spaces where rational thinking alone isn’t enough.
2/ His ability to explore and articulate complex subjects with nuance & depth, makes it extremely tough to put him into any kind of box.

Sure, he's the MD of Thiel Capital, but there's so much more driving him. And these are the very things for which he doesn't get his due.
3/ Personally speaking, his views on Self-teaching / High-agency really do strike a chord.

The multiverse of topics he can traverse is quite something. As his brother @BretWeinstein says: ‘He's good at evolutionary thinking in a way I'll never be good at mathematical thinking'
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