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I don’t believe in coercion, but if I did this episode of the @joerogan podcast, with #AlexBerenson, would be a required listen for every human on planet Earth.

#COVID19 #COVID #CDC #Fauci #DrFauci #Trump #Biden #vaccine #JoeRogan #FDA #therapeutics…
How the hell is there a single person left in the #USA that trust the leadership of #DrFauci.

#Fauci has been lying to the world about #COVID19 since day 1, including lying in front of #Congress. This is a fact, it’s indisputable.

#COVID’s now all #politics.

#COVID #pandemic
It’s insane how many people are terrified of #COVID19.

We’re so driven by #propaganda and so mathematically illiterate we’ve idiotically chosen to destroy our society.

There’s ZERO REASON to turn our lives upside down because of #COVID.

#Sweden did it right. The #USA did not.
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Washington Middle School Teacher Under Investigation for Wishing Unvaccinated People Who 'Vote the Wrong Way' Would Die… via @gatewaypundit
Well that's officially terrible. Not exactly surprising though. March 31 2020…
The 'fact checkers' are useless. They claim that there were no ventilators stashed in a warehouse.…
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Programming the New Human Species
Hydrogel) [Part 1]…
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Saagar Enjeti claims the public health syst is contributing to "anti-vax" sentiment across the country. And at 5:08 in this vid, he attacks me. His claim? Masks & social distancing aren't key to lowering #COVID19 risk, mixed messages frm @CDCgov suck.
2/ Enjeti calls me "anti-science".
Self-described "populist right" advocate -- a politics buff, not a scientist or MD.…
He has never been a fan of masking and social distancing, and he argues that the plateau we've reached, downturn in many States..
3/ due to the #COVID19 #vaccines.
He blames @POTUS @CDCgov & #TonyFauci for mixed messages leading people to opt for masks etc instead of vax.
The problems w/his argument are many. 1: There is a large overlap between anti-maskers & anti-vaxers. In Dec2020 polls it was..
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Catching up on the Biden town hall now. Can't help but notice how often Guthrie on NBC interrupted and pressed Trump. George on ABC was a potted plant. As he was supposed to be. George often interrupted to help Biden make his point better. Pathetic.
Gotta hand it to the guy from Pittsburgh (my home town) asking Biden why he will raise his taxes. Biden's answer was a jumble of fog about plans that didn't answer the question. Oh, and a lie that the dude's taxes wouldn't be raised.
Let's be clear about the differences between the two town halls. Biden got a question from a self-identified "progressive Democrat" from Harrisburg. No "conservative Republican" asked a question to Trump.
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I'm listening to @naval's Joe Rogan podcast and will be sharing key insights from the podcast under in this thread.
1. Every human is capable of excelling in multitude of areas, but most of us are summarized/labelled by limited tags.

You have one life, do everything you can.

"Specialization is for the insects"

#naval #joerogan
2. People stick to one thing because its difficult to start over, especially as one gets older.

To start over, one should willing to be a fool and have a beginner's mindset, because starting over might be the best option one may have at some point in life

#naval #joerogan
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1. About #JoeRogan and his comment on Biden X Trump.

I know this is too abstract for Americans but you are not talking about real people: you are talking about "agents" in a political "field".
2. Rogan's support of Sanders, Sanders sectarian refusal to compose a coalition and Rogan's statement that Trump is an option are as clear as water.
3. Rogan declared his "option" for Trump over Biden (when we all know that there is no option: it's fascism or barbarianism) now. And now is when Trump has his highest public support ratings.…
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Thread on endorsements. I bet most people have a line-- someone whose endorsement it would be unacceptable to embrace/promote. I asked someone where he'd draw that line-- Alex Jones? David Duke? And got some scornful responses from people claiming #JoeRogan isn't like those two.
But I'm not saying #JoeRogan = Jones or Duke, just pointing out that this isn't a matter of purity politics vs. pragmatism; it's a matter of line drawing, like so many other things. On the left, some have drawn a line re: accepting $ (no lobbyists, fossil fuel $).
I've seen thoughtful critiques of candidates' stances on accepting $$, and haven't seen anyone draw a distinction between donations and endorsements. Arguably money creates an obligation, but endorsements could as well- or at least create an appearance.
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