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China's most-traded thermal coal futures open down 4.6% in night session on increasing coal stocks and improving supply and demand conditions.
#Commodities #China #coal #coke
China's most active coking coal futures, coke futures fall about 2.4%.
#Commodities #China #coal #coke
Shanghai INE's crude oil futures rise 1.75%, low sulfur fuel oil futures up 1.5% as global benchmarks rally. DCE's LPG futures rise more than 3.2%.
#OOTT #Shanghai #China
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1/ @dfinity China presents, "DFINITY Meetup Party" at 6pm CST tonight. This is the first event organized by DFINITY China team since the 5-city road show before Genesis in May. A few hundred have signed up to attend this highly buzzed event during #ShanghaiBlockchainWeek Image
@dfinity 2/ Agenda for #DFINITYMeetup1025 :

- Opening by Dom
- Keynote "Final Fantasy Before IC Singularity" by Herbert
- Global panel by @beavskis with @ORIGYNTech @OpenChat @DistriktApp @DscvrO @FleekHQ
- China panel by Herbert with @snzholding , @icpleague_com and @Astrox_Network .
3/ The venue for tonight's #DFINITYMeetup1025 is Planet One in #Shanghai , a futuristic and chic e-sports themed restaurant/party destination. We thought we could do better than boring hotel function halls (meh...). It's got VR games, immersive huge screens and open bar. ImageImageImageImage
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1/14. A thread on India/China. A rumored but likely authentic notice of #Walmart moving it's "Supplier Enablement Team" from #China to #India has been circulating on Chinese social media. Is this the beginning of business decoupling? A few pointers.
2. First, my understanding is Supplier Enablement team is to help suppliers getting their business efficiently so Walmart has efficiency in its own part of business. It is likely tied to Walmart commitment to source $10 Billion of India-Made Goods Each Year by 2027.
3. But is this a leading event in a significant shift of international businesses moving from China to India? It remains to be seen & an active area of attention. Southeast Asia are the common denominator in many of these supply decisions on the ground.
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Some interesting moments of #German Chancellor #AngelaMerkel's 12 visits to China during the past 16 years.

1. A Manchu-style welcoming ceremony to greet Angela Merkel in #Shenyang, Northeast #China. She was welcomed by a "Chinese emperor" and his "empress" & "concubines".
2. She looked at the Terracotta Army curiously in Xi'an, Northwest #China, in 2010.

3. Merkel learned to make Kung Pao Chicken, a traditional Chinese dish, in Sichuan, Southwest China, in 2014.
4. She took a night tour to the Pearl River in Guangzhou, Southern #China.

5. She took a picture with the 1st maglev train for business operation around the world in #Shanghai, China's economic center, in 2006.
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#China's most active manganese-silicon futures contract and ferrosilicon futures contract in Zhengzhou open 8% higher and hit the limit-up.
#Ferro #silicon
Iron ore futures in Dalian drop 3%, still on the downtrend.
Rubber and asphalt also drop 2.7%.
Live hogs down 4.5%.
#Iron #ironore #steel
Coke and coking #coal futures in Dalian DCE extend gain to 4%, thermal coal in CZCE gains 6.13%.
The coal shortage problem in China is yet to be solved.

#Tin futures in Shanghai up 3%.
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Recently, I've been obsessed with the blind bombing by Chinese military aircraft during the #SecondShanghaiIncident.
This article by #ChristianHenriot, a professor of modern Chinese history at the University of Aix-Marseille, France, seems to follow the historical facts and…
accurately describes the incident. 
(pdf of the same)
Title of Dissertation [War and the death en masse of civilians]
At the beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War, it was the Chinese military that "massacred" civilians.
↑The latter half of the image, machine translation.
 #Shanghai #SinaIncident #JapanChinaWar

China is still attributing the massacre of civilians caused by the Chinese military to the ….
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@lasleh @yleuutiset #Fimea @THLorg Covid-19 or #GrapheneOxide? Poisonous Nano-Material found in #CovidVaccines and #FaceMasks | JULY 10, 2021
- In Oct 2013 the #EuropeanUnion launched two flagship projects: the Human Brain Project (“HBP”); and, the Graphene Flagship (“GF”)…
@lasleh @yleuutiset @THLorg Official interim report of #Pfizer's vaccination vial analysis explained by La Quinta Columna | JUNE 30, 2021
- Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra #Madrid of the University of #Almeria, @ualmeria Spain… ImageImage
@lasleh @yleuutiset @THLorg @ualmeria #SoyUAL Pablo Campra
Universidad de Almería | UAL · Department of Agronomy
PhD in Chemical Sciences
- Pablo Campra currently works at the Food Technology Division of the Department of Agronomy, University de Almeria (Spain)…
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#COVID19 #Delta #Thread 🇨🇳#Chine
Statistiques officielles, nouveaux cas à hier 2 août :
🔴Symptomatiques : 61 infections (Jiangsu 45, Hunan 6, Hubei 3, Henan 2, Yunnan 2, Beijing 1, Shanghai 1, Fujian 1) +
🟥 Asymptomatiques : 23 nouveaux (Henan 15, Hubei 6, Hunan 2)
🇨🇳Chine #Wuhan, la ville qui a connu le premier lockdown au monde, toute la population, 11 M, va subir des tests #COVID19. Même si c'est uniquement 6 cas les autorités recommandent de ne pas paniquer mais d'annuler tout voyage non essentiel en dehors de la province de Hubei
🇨🇳#Chine #Delta Dans la province de #Jiangsu des barrages routiers et des postes de contrôle auraient été mis en place sur les principales routes reliant la province.
Au delà, dans tout le pays les gens sont encouragés à ne pas voyager s'ils ne doivent pas le faire (Pic #BBC)
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WETHEPEOPLE, [14.07.21 16:33]
[Forwarded from SantaSurfing]

old town of #Aachen, #Germany
Aurax, [14.07.21 20:15]

JUST IN 🚨 Sirens sounding in #Wuppertal, #Germany to warn about #floods due to heavy rain


Police frequency, [15.07.21 09:23]
#Germany & #Belgium, EU: At least 42 people have died and dozens more are missing following heavy rainfall and severe #flooding across western Germany and Belgium, causing houses to collapse and cars to be swept away.
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SZSE ChiNext Price Index, CSI 300 Index and Shenzhen Component Index fall more than 1% in the early trade.
#China #StockMarket ImageImage
FTSE China A50 index futures about 2% in the morning trading.
#China #FTSE Image
Hang Seng Index falls more than 1% in the early trade; SZSE ChiNext Price Index extends losses to 2%, dragging by beverage manufacturing and insurance sectors.
#China #HongKong #StockMarket ImageImage
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#CCP party secretary Wang Yongzhen at #Fudan University in #Shanghai was killed today(June 7) by 39 y/o Jiang, who is also a teacher at Fudan University. Jiang calmly told the police he did so because he had been "framed and treated badly" by Wang in all these years. He felt... strongly about the "bad treatment" that he couldn't speak for a few seconds. He said he bought his knife on Internet and came directly from his home to kill Wang. He cut open Wang's throat...
Some Chinese netizens applauded him for "sorting it out with the right person."
The police only gave out his surname Jiang. I don't know his full name. Wang Yongzhen was 49 years old, according to the police. Image
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#Tesla Ready to Exit #China?

Tesla recently repaid in full a $614 million loan for the construction of its Gigafactory 3, a super factory in #Shanghai.

After the news broke, the rumor that Tesla may be preparing to leave the #Chinese market spread fast.…
2) Tesla Suppressed After Huawei’s IPO

Last month, China’s state media claimed that Huawei is the only Chinese company that is capable of competing with Tesla. Huawei’s first smart luxury all-electric car was launched in Shanghai on April 17.
3) The CCP atracts foreign firms using deception. When it grows stronger, it gets rid of them.

Taiwanese & Japanese firms have known this for a long time.

Now the CCP has thrusted the knife into Tesla, because it already learned to make electric cars & no longer needs Tesla.
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#OneYearAgo a "coronavirus #genome from a case of a respiratory disease from the #Wuhan outbreak" was published on #GenBank... 🧐#SARSCoV2
#OneYearAgo "The cluster of infections had raised fears of a potential epidemic after China said last week that the virus causing it was a previously unknown type but came from the same family of viruses that caused the #SARS and #MERS epidemics".🧐…
#OneYearAgo It was suddenly clear that the virus was travelling fast... any bell ringing?🧐#covid19…
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#China #Shanghai #Coronavirus #VACCINE

A Chinese vaccine expert is referring to the vaunted Sinopharm vaccine as the "most unsafe vaccine in the world," after it was found to produce 73 side effects. On December 30 of last year BBIBP-CorV (Sinopharm)
was officially approved by China's National Medical Products Administration for general use in the communist country. This was the first Wuhan coronavirus vaccine approved by the Chinese government wit a claimed efficacy rate of 79.34. Shanghai-based vaccine expert,
Tao Lina (陶黎納), recently uploaded a digital version of the vaccine's instruction manual onto his Weibo page. His Weibo account was quickly deleted by authorities. His page now states "this content cannot be viewed due to violation of regulations."
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La policía detuvo a los periodistas frente al Tribunal de #Shanghai, donde el periodista y ciudadano chino Zhang Zhan, que informó sobre el brote de #Covid19 en #Wuhan, está detenido desde mayo y será juzgado, reporta @LeoRamirezAFP @AFP ImageImageImageImage
#Shanghai el periodista ciudadano chino Zhang Zhan fue condenado a 4 años de prisión por "provocar peleas y problemas", dijeron sus abogados. Después de que se anunció el veredicto, la madre de #Zhang sollozó en voz alta en la corte.
(Vía @lauriechenwords)
🇨🇳 A diplomáticos incluido el Reino Unido, se les prohibió asistir a la audiencia y la policía detuvo a dos periodistas extranjeros, uno ya liberado
Nippon TV fue llevado a rastras simplemente intentar filmar camionetas de la policía que salían de la corte
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Zhang Zhan a Chinese “citizen journalist” who reported on the early days of the #coronavirus in #Wuhan has been given a four year prison sentence for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble”. #Chiba #covid
The trial only lasted a few hours and then a four year prison sentence handed out. The scene outside...
According to Zhang Zhan's lawyers she appeared devastated in court as the sentence was read out. Her mother reportedly also sobbed loudly. The 37-year old's health is said to have been in decline following a hunger strike while in detention.
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#China #Shanghai #Wirlson @Apple #PoliceBrutality

Only a few days after the rebellion against Wirston in India, thousands of workers protests against Pegatron, the closest Taiwanese Apple supplier, have broken out in Shanghai, China. ImageImage
The reason for this was disagreement over a wage dispute. There were numerous arbitrary arrests when a large number of police came to guard the entrance to the factory.
The protest were ignited after Pegatron tried to transfer thousands of workers from its factory in Shanghai to another facility in Kunshan, eastern Jiangsu Province. Those who refused to transfer had been sacked, Image
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Lagi ramai pemberitaan investasi #Tesla di #Indonesia. Sebenarnya, seperti apa sih rekam jejak mereka di negara - negara lain?

Ternyata di negara lain, mereka sampai ada bikin pengembangan "mobil murah" loh!
#ElonMusk #Musk #Elon #SpaceX #Teknologi #Nikel
📽 @cnbcindonesia
Di #Asia sendiri, sebelumnya #Tesla telah berinvestasi di dua negara dengan potensi penduduk yang banyak : #China dan #India. Mari kita bahas di kedua negara tersebut!

#investasi #teknologi #pabrik #nikel #mobillistrik #ElonMusk #elon #musk #SpaceX #SpaceXStarship
Sejak era perang dagang antara #Amerika dengan #China, #Tesla langsung berinisiatif berinvestasi sebesar $5 miliar untuk membangun pabrik di China, karena ongkosnya jauh lebih murah.

#ElonMusk #Elon #Musk #Indonesia #Investasi #Teknologi #Pabrik #Nikel #MobilListrik #Electric
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Meanwhile in #France,
"the peak of this second wave is over"

(according to the President in his Adress to the Nation):
Wait... "the peak is over" doesn´t mean "it´s back to normal"!

Confinement will only fall on December 15,
if there´s less than 5.000 new cases a day.
(today it´s ~9.000).

France is disappointed.🙁

Although they certainly can make it happen.
Meanwhile in #Switzerland:
(excess mortality of the second wave is significant)

Good news: fastest decrease in infections happens in the worst hit areas now.
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Guten Morgen zum #CoronaSN-Thread für #Dresden an diesem Montag, dem 23.11. Im Fokus steht diese Woche die Debatte um die neuen #CoronaVirusDe-Regelungen am Mittwoch zwischen Ländern und BReg, ein Entwurf ist hier veröffentlicht worden:…
Nicht überraschend, aber weiter besorgniserregend: #CoronaSN-Infektionsgeschehen in #Sachsen deutlich stärker als der bundesweite Schnitt.
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#China #Shanghai #Coronavirus

Shanghai’s health authority is calling on residents to be aware, but not to panic, after the city reported a new local case of COVID-19 from Monday.
A 51-year-old man was confirmed with COVID-19 infection in Shanghai on Monday. 26 close contacts of the patient have been quarantined and tested negative for the virus. In total, 8,717 people linked to the patient through various levels of association have tested negative.
A total of 524 samples of food and other items related to the case have been collected and tested. The risk rate of elsewhere in Shanghai remains unchanged, the local CDC said. The patient has worked at the West Cargo Terminal of Pudong International Airport since April.
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Thread...People are critical of #China enforcing its citizens to speak #Mandarin, however locals can still speak dialects in #Xinjiang #InnerMongolia and #Tibet but if you can’t speak the national language of the country you live in, what future job prospects do you have?
When I lived in #Shanghai for 7 years, all locals speak Shanghainese, they love their local dialect, but TV, radio, schools are #Mandarin only, this is important as it’s the language that unites this diverse country of #China
#Mandarin is the most popular language around the world. Western families send their kids to Mandarin kindergartens, politicians like #DonaldTrump grandkids speak fluent Mandarin, but when #Chinese government enforces Mandarin in #China its consider a crime 🤔 #doublestandard
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****Linguistic diversity in a time of crisis****

Special issue of Multilingua addresses #language challenges of #COVID19 pandemic

Out now. All papers free access, thanks to publisher @dg_mouton… Image
Global public health #communication is characterized by the large-scale exclusion of linguistic minorities from timely high-quality #information #COVID19

What are the #language regimes behind these exclusions and what can sociolinguists do?… Image
#Translation is an important means of enabling access to #information in disaster response

How did volunteer translators in #Wuhan go about procuring medical supplies in the initial stages of the #Covid_19 emergency?… Image
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🚨Worried about the world's biggest dam #ThreeGorgesDam failing?

Take a look upstream at China's 2nd largest dam #XiluoduDam 😲#三峡大坝

This is a 2020 image and it looks like work has taken place in an attempt to buttress it.

#ThreeGorgesDamRisks… Image
This thing is HUGE! At around 940 ft high and 700m wide, it holds back 12,670,000,000 cubic metres of water in a 200 km long reservoir.

(Note: This image looks like CGI, but gives a good sense of scale) #Chinaflooding
#三峡大坝 #三峽大壩 #三峡ダム #三峡 #三峡水库 #大坝 Image
China has a long history of corruption leading to poor construction standards and failure of capital projects.

The consistency and accurate pouring of concrete should be tightly controlled in such projects. This site looks to be shoddy, dirty and unkempt #XiluoduDam Image
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