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Cookies, crime & lasting legacies: This inconspicuous biscuit box holds a story of Shanghai’s largest finance scandal but also enduring memories of one of its oldest consumer brands. The category-defining success story of a Western businessman in China you've never heard of: 🧵⬇
The crumb trail of Bakerite leads us back to the American J.D. Sullivan, who after serving in the Spanish War, came to China at the turn of the century & established the Denniston & Sullivan photo supplies store on Broadway (Daming Rd.) in the Shanghai International Settlement.
In June 1906 Sullivan sold the business to former employees Messrs. L.L. Hopkins and J.J. Gilmore who continued to operate it but moved the location to Nanking Rd. (todays Nanjing East Rd.). James Sullivan left China to get married in the USA in December 1906. After his return...
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#Tianjin city is no longer requiring 72 hr covid test result from subway passengers. Image
#Guiyang permits hotels to admit guests with yellow health codes. Image
This is a big one: #Beijing public transport no longer requires 48 hr covid test results from passengers starting Monday, Dec. 5. Image
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#JiangZemin's memorial service will be held next Tuesday at the Great Hall of the People in #Beijing. It will be broadcast live, there will be a 3-minutes of "silence" across the country with horns and sirens sounding.
Note: There will be no chance for members of the public to file past his body. Given the upheaval in #China following gatherings to mark former leader Hu Yaobang's death, it could be that Xi's administration finds this too risky with anti-#ZeroCovid protests going on.
#JiangZemin's body has arrived in #Beijing. CCTV evening news broadcast images of his body leaving #Shanghai, with small groups organised by the Party waving in the street as the car went by. After arrival in the capital, #XiJinping has been shown bowing to Jiang's body.
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#Beijing City: Report 2,126 new local Covid cases during 15 hours to 3pm on Tuesday. Current development of epidemic is still in a relatively rapid period. Epidemiological investigation work needs to be further speeded up and improved in quality and efficiency.
#Guangzhou City: Epidemic in Tianhe District is developing rapidly. Risk of community transmission continues to increase.
#Shanghai City: Add 13 high-risk areas for Covid after reporting 12 new local cases.
#Guangzhou City: 9 manufacturing companies in control areas of Haizhu District have applied for resumption of work and production. Overall resumption rate of Pazhou enterprises has reached 51%.
#Shanghai City: To lift controls in 21 high-risk areas from Nov 30.
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Some of our TV coverage of recent #ZeroCovid unrest in #China, with protestors dramatically questioning the country’s governance directly, even challenging China’s leader #XiJinping himself. China’s #Covid crisis continues.
Statement from the European Union
Chamber of Commerce in #China recommending a fresh vaccine push and public awareness campaign in the county regarding vaccinations. #ZeroCovid #Covid
#Hangzhou was the latest flashpoint for anti-#ZeroCovid measures last night. Since then it’s been pretty quiet on that front in #China. There’s a government #Covid press conference in just over an hour but we don’t expect any dramatic announcements.
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I spoke to four young Chinese residents, who joined various protests in #Shanghai, Zhuhai and Chengdu over the weekend. Few are under the illusion the protests would lead to meaningful changes, but here's their experience and what they have to say:…
One said most just want to resume a normal life, but she yearns for much more: freedom of speech, an end to the crackdown on Xinjiang, release of activists, feminists, lawyers who have been arrested in recent years. “But just having a normal life feels like a distant hope.”
“I want to stand with those who are courageous and do what I can to help them,” said another protester in Shanghai, who narrowly avoided escape on the first night and returned to the same site the next day to find even more people gathered.
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Due to last night's COVD anti-lockdown protests, the police force surrounding the scene in #Shanghai People's Square is currently heavily deployed.

Police officers are stationed at the subway entrances, including the #Yuyuan and #Qufu Road stations.
The current level of police presence in #Hangzhou.
Arrests are still being made in #Hanzghou tonight as a result of anti-COVID lockdown protests.
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A statement from the BBC on what happened to me in Shanghai last night while doing my job.

I understand at least one local national was arrested after trying to stop the police from beating me.

Thanks very much for the kind words and messages of concern.
It appears the authorities also briefly arrested my Swiss colleague @micpeuker. His equipment was seized. #shanghai
Clarification. Michael’s equipment was *not* seized I’m told.
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As images of #ChinaProtests spread to the rest of world through Twitter, where they are outside the official reach of Beijing censors, one Q is:

How susceptible is Elon Musk to CCP pressure?
As @Breakingviews noted in April

Tesla produces half of its automobiles in #Shanghai, where it enjoys tax breaks, and depends on local suppliers for critical components. The domestic market generates 25% of sales…
“I don't think there is another American more dependent upon the largess of the Communist Party than Elon Musk,” @MarkWarner said in October…
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BREAKING: #BNNChina Reports

@BBC journalist Edward Lawrence (@EP Lawrence) was detained by CCP police while covering the lockdown protests in #Shanghai.
Just hours before the footage surfaced, Lawrence had tweeted:

"I’m at the scene of last night’s extraordinary anti Covid-zero protest in Shanghai. Many people are gathered here quietly watching. Lots of cops."

"Two girls laid flowers which were promptly removed by police. "
"One man drove past with middle finger up at police. #shanghai."

He has not since tweeted.

A spokesperson for BBC said:

"The BBC is extremely concerned about the treatment of our journalist Ed Lawrence, who was arrested and handcuffed while covering the protests in Shanghai."
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UK MPs claiming a BBC "journalist" was arrested in #Shanghai #China. Yet it was clear by observing Telegram groups before and during the protests that "journalists" for foreign orgs were ORGANIZING the mobs... 1/3 Image
The BBC has been caught red-handed engaging in covert "influence operations" under the guise of "journalism" in targeted nations before, via @TheGrayzoneNews… 2/3
US-UK involved all throughout the 20th & 21st century fomenting regime change worldwide. In 2011 the NYT admitted to Washington's role behind violent unrest in the Arab World...

Unlikely BBC was doing "journalism" in #Shanghai #China.… 3/3
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After a long night of protesting, police has increased their number in #Beijing’s Liangmaqiao and more people have been arrested as police tried to prevent the protest from continuing.
Around 200 to 300 people continued to march down the street in #Beijing. As they can’t return to Liangmaqiao, where police has blocked access to the original protest site, they are marching towards Chaoyang Park.
The concerning moment when police in #Shanghai arrested @BBCWorld video journalist @EP_Lawrence.
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I manifestanti spinti al limite dalle severe misure anti COVID della Cina a Shanghai sono scesi in piazza la rimozione del leader onnipotente del Paese, Xi Jinping, e si sono scontrati con la polizia in diverse città, in una sorprendente sfida al governo.
Nella capitale finanziaria cinese, la polizia ha sgomberato con la forza i manifestanti che chiedevano le dimissioni di Xi Jinping e la fine del governo del Partito Comunista Cinese, ma ore dopo la gente si è radunata di nuovo nello stesso punto.
Secondo i social media, le proteste si sono diffuse anche in almeno altre sette città, tra cui la capitale Pechino, e in decine di campus universitari.
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Was passiert gerade in #China? Und woher kommen die Proteste? Eine kurze Erklärung 🇨🇳🧵👇
1⃣ In der Nacht von Samstag auf Sonntag versammelten sich in #Shanghai auf der Wulumuqi Lu zahlreiche Menschen und skandierten in #China bisher ungehörte Parolen wie „Nieder mit #Xi Jinping“ „Nieder mit der KPCh“
2⃣ #Wulumqui ist der chinesische Name für #Urumqi, die Hauptstadt der Region #Xinjiang. Dort waren am Donnerstagnacht zehn Menschen verbrannt, weil ein Löschfahrzeug nicht schnell genug zum Einsatzort durchdringen konnte. Grund waren Lockdown-Sperren
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Proteste con pochi precedenti - per portata, sostanza e forma - stanno diffondendosi a macchia d'olio in #Cina.

La scintilla è stata l'incendio verificatosi pochi giorni fa a #Urumqi, popolosa città dello #Xinjiang, dove almeno 10 persone hanno perso la vita.
Nel mirino della popolazione sono finite le misure restrittive anti-#Covid che hanno impedito ai vigili del fuoco di intervenire per tempo e di prestare soccorso alle vittime.
Le proteste, da spontanee e sporadiche, sono diventate nelle ultime ore qualcosa di diverso.
Da #Pechino a #Shanghai, da #Wuhan a #Nanchino: migliaia di persone, spesso studenti, sono scesi in strada per protestare contro le politiche "zero Covid" messe in atto dal governo. Il più delle volte mostrando cartelli bianchi: "Non dobbiamo scrivere nulla. È il
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Anti-#ZeroCovid protests are spreading in #China in different parts of the country, following deaths in a fire blamed on lockdown policies.…
This anti-#ZeroCovid protest is said to have happened today at Tsinghua University in #Beijing. For young people in #China, a large chunk of this crucial part of their lives has been dominated by the #Covid crisis and all its restrictions.
You’ll notice anti-#ZeroCovid protestors holding blank sheets of paper in #China. This is not only a statement about dissent being silenced here, it’s also an up yours to the authorities, as if to say ‘Are you going to arrest me for holding a sign saying nothing?”.
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I’m at the scene of last night’s extraordinary anti Covid-zero protest in Shanghai. Many people are gathered here quietly watching. Lots of cops. Two girls laid flowers which were promptly removed by police. One man drove past with middle finger up at police. #shanghai
some small crowds are gathered on the sidewalks quietly watching the scene and the police presence. I’ve seen several people with flowers. One girl was holding a blank piece of paper.
One man has just approached me to say his flowers were confiscated by police. As he tells me this, two cops come over to listen to our conversation.
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This courageous man stood in front of a shopping mall in #Shanghai holding a sheet of paper on which was written “You know what I want to say.” He was taken away by the police.
In March, Russian police took away this woman for holding up a blank sign

In 2019 at the the U.N. Human Rights Council, I began a speech by reading out the names of tyrannies that had just spoken. The Chair, @nazhatskhan, summarily cut me off and ended my speech. Now she’s a top official at the ICC. /3
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Thanks to the bravery of some Chinese citizens who participated in the protest calling for an end to the lockdown in #China's #Shanghai just a few hours ago, here are some of their reflections on the protest:
"The original nature of this event was a silent mourning of the Urumqi fire and a silent protest. At first, the scene was very quiet.
I arrived at the scene at 23:40, when the scene had been closed off by police, and the silent crowd was surrounded by a small number of police, who were constantly trying to persuade the crowd to leave, but no violent action was taken."
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Auf der Urumqi Road, dem Hipsterviertel in #Shanghai wird demonstriert.

"Nieder mit der kommunistischen Partei"
"Nieder mit #Xi Jinping"

Dass es gerade Shanghai ist, halte ich für ein gutes Zeichen.
In mehreren Städten in #China gibt es derzeit Proteste gegen die Regierung.
Das soziale Netzwerk #WeChat kursieren etliche Videos.
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Incredible footage from #China’s #Shanghai, where countless people gathered at a road called “#Urumqi road,” chanting a slogan “Step down, the Communist Party” very loudly.
Another video showing people collectively chanting “I don’t want PCR test, I want freedom.”
Citizens chanting “#Xinjiang, end lockdown, #Xinjiang, end lockdown.”
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Shanghai people are demonstrating against the lockdown. This is a live broadcast. Many police have surrounded the protestors.
People were shouting: “Down with the Communist Party! “Down with Xi Jinping!” “We want freedom!”
Every of these slogans is enough to send a person to jail for 10 years or even a life risk.…
Meanwhile, at least a dozen university have seen their students protesting today.
This is the worst nightmare for Beijing since the Tiananmen massacre in 1989.
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„Nieder mit der KP!“ „Nieder mit Xi Jinping!“ Wer hätte gedacht, dass die 1. offenen und öffentlich sichtbaren Anti-Regime-Proteste China seit 1989 in einer der Hipstermeilen Shanghais, der Wulumuqi Rd, ausbrechen. Habe 2011-2015 einen Steinwurf entfernt gewohnt. Gänsehaut 🥺
Auf Instagram gibt es einen Livestream von Shanghai Community Radio:…
Aktuelle Szene: Die Polizei nimmt einige Protestierende im Auto mit. Die Menge ruft "Warum nehmt ihr sie mit?" Eine Frau fragt: "Weil ER ein Kaiser ist?" (->Xi)

Die Lage ist angespannt, aber nicht aufgeheizt. Paar junge Leute scherzen. Eine Frau geht auf den Mann von Shanghai...
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