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1/ There is a lot of buzz around smart chain. The most well-known is obviously the #ethereum one, but there are other chains that are attracting interest from devs and investors. One of these is the Binance smart chain $BSC: a thread 👇
2/ First important thing: Binance smart chain is something that is technically independent of the Binance chain, which is the chain used by the DEX and on which the coin $BNB runs on. This is to avoid that smart contracts might congest the network of $BNB
3/ $BSC is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible. EVM is a state machine able to convert transactions into code operations that can be executed by the smart contracts themselves. This means $BSC is compatible with all the dApp of Ethereum, including for example #Metamask
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How long can a short tail get and can @thorchain_org benefit from economically less significant assets.

Let me break it down for you

Short tail, in the context of @thorchain_org, means assets that are most economically active (deep pools, lots of large transactions). Because all the assets are actively managed, only the deep pools with lots of activities create significant revenue potential.

But what does “active management” of assets actually mean? Every swap demands resources and liquidity and neither is infinite. Every asset, once it is in the system, no matter how small and insignificant it is, becomes @thorchain_org's problem to manage, move, account for etc
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1. ♥Ethereum is still the most actively developed Blockchain protocol, followed by #Cardano and #Bitcoin ;

♦Multi-chain protocols like #Polkadot , #Cosmos and #Avalanche are seeing a consistent rise in core development and developer contribution.
2. ♦In the year of its public launch, decentralized file storage project #Filecoin jumped straight into the top 5 of most actively developed projects;

#Ethereum killers #Tron, #EOS, #Komodo, and #Qtum are seeing a decrease in core development metrics;
3. #DeFi protocols took the space by storm with #Ethereum being the choice of the underlying blockchain and smart contracts platform. They saw an increase in core development and developer contribution activity over the year which was all open sourced.
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1/28 <Megathread on DeFi Inception> Last year's DeFi TVL increase from < than $1 Billion to $36 Billion proves it’s a matter of time before DeFi changes the financial landscape forever. Today, let’s figure out how far along we are by pinpointing the events. #defi #defihistory Image
2/28 ⚖️ Ryan Todd, a research analyst at @TheBlock__, showed 2020 had been a banner year for Financial Ses Digitrviceal Asset Developments. This emphasizes the importance of DeFi technologies for the global financial system.
3/28 🔮 @gnosisPM. Founded by @koeppelmann & @StefanDGeorge, the Gnosis prediction platform’s been 1 of the first projects backed by ConsenSys. One of the first DEXes, it’s also 1 of the original DeFi protocols. #gnosisPM
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(1/5) From Sept 30, 23:10(HKT) on: $SUN 🌞rewards will be further cut by 80%, daily output will be 80% less than Genesis Mining, dropping from 129,000 per day to 25,000 per day. A positive impact is expected from the $SUN reduction.
(2/5) $SUN 🌞adds support for WBTT/WIN/USDJ staking mining and LP mining pools. On $SUN LP mining: the launch of WBTT/TRX LP, WIN/TRX LP and USDJ/TRX LP mining will push up the demand for WBTT/JST/TRX, which will help boost the three markets.
(3/5) 💁‍♂️More flexible mining options — users may pledge $SUN, $JST, $USDT, $WBTT or $TRX to join in the mining, which paves the way for lending on $SUN in the future.
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Did you fall for the psyop and dump like a peasant or hold it like I told you to? Image
1/ This is an update to the saga. It truly was a god-tier psyop/drama/Nic Cage-esque thriller. You can't go a week in DeFi without a food rug-pull, or reverse rug pull? So what happened since this post?
2/ On September 1st, at the peak of LP mania for #SushiSwap nearly $1b in liquidity was in Uniswap pools, selected to receive rewards. Daily ROI was anywhere between 1.5 - 4%. #SushiSwap has forked @UniswapProtocol and re-arranged the incentive model. Image
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