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Richly textured coverage of @megannlively's story:
"Evangelical leader Russell Moore calls her a “pivotal” figure in bringing awareness of sexual abuse to the Southern Baptist Convention; best-selling author and Bible teacher Beth Moore calls Lively a “hero.” 1/
"What are the demands of being a Christian survivor?
Is there room for Lively’s belief that the theology banning women from spiritual leadership has often been used to silence survivors? Room to confront conservative Christianity about what it means to treat women well? 2/
"Is there also room to be a strong, outspoken survivor whose ethos is also bubbly and playful? Can there be #MeToo without being, well, too #MeToo? 3/
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LET'S TALK ABOUT EVE...Full Disclosure, I don't know a ton about EB but her constant badgering of #JohnnyDepp got me to wondering, why is she so invested in his demise. I'm a woman who loves being one & I understand what 'can' be BEHIND a female protest. Here is AH & EB, just ⤵️
look at the 📸, Who might a man be interested in at first glance without knowing the details of her personality... ⤵️
Here is a 📸 of JD & AH in 2012, #JohnnyDepp, A-List Acting Icon & AH starlet on the rise... ⤵️
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LET'S TALK ABOUT IT...I've heard several content creators say that in the recent pictures of #JohnnyDepp he looks tired or worn out, I disagree. Our beloved JD is just aging. JD is 59 years old, you are seeing lines & the beauty of life experience on his face. Don't trap JD⏬️
in the physicality of his youth. Bc he was so beautiful as a youth & middle aged man & also heavily 📸 we hold those images in our mind & keep him frozen in time. #JohnnyDeppIsALegend has lived, loved, created & had his heart broken, he is a full human being who has never ⤵️
relied on his appearance 2 be successful,he used his face as a tool for his craft. His beauty is his kindness, wit, affection and honesty. I celebrate his facial lines and gray hair, to me it makes him more beautiful. I wish for him to continue to grow old gracefully and find ⤵️
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People the #MenToo should be supporting instead of Depp: A🧵 ImageImage
Anthony Rapp was sexually assaulted by Kevin Spacey when he was 14. Spacey was 27. Anthony said that Kevin made numerous sexual advances toward him, like grabbing his butt and lifting him onto the bed.…
Brendan Fraser, most famous for the Mummy movies, was groped by Philip Berk and then got blacklisted thanks to Berk's power in Hollywood…
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As an abuse and rape survivor, kindly take a fucking seat. True emotional intelligence is recognizing that men can be & are frequently abused by women. It isn't abnormal. It's so normal that people can witness a woman beating a man in public & assume he deserves it. #MenToo
It's so normal a woman can emotionally/mentally abuse a man by cutting him off from his friends, screaming at him for the slightest misstep, & trash talk him so badly to his friends/family that they despise him, & use his children as pawns and nobody thinks it's bad. #MenToo
It's so normal that a woman can force sex on a man, or drug him & brag about it, people will say he was lucky, or he wanted it because he got an erection or ejaculated. It's the same victim blaming/rape apology that female survivors rail against when it's used on us. #MenToo
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Therapist Thread on #Narcissistic Injury & Narcissistic Rage 🧵: the reactions are disproportionate the the perceived 'slight', which is the injury. They are 'over the top'. For e.g. they want you to lose your entire career because you disagree with them on something.
Narcissistic injury is caused by: 1.challenged confidence. When there excessive needs for admiration your attention, time, energy are not met, they will #rage to protect their ego. 2. Injury to the narcissists #selfesteem often occurs because they don't have a stable sense of
Self. When this happens & the smallest failure is pointed out, they will #RAGE This may look like swearing, snorting, spitting, violence, screaming & melting down or covert and is always directed back at the person or projected back on the 'perceived' accuser.
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pick me women : "men mental health matters..."
"#justiceforjohnnydepp #mentoo"
"abuse has no gender"
"real feminists don't hate men"

staight men meanwhile:
absolutely sick minds🤮
please join this sub where such women-hating subs are exposed,…
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Mental health symptoms in men might include:

•Anger and Aggressiveness
•Substance misuse
•Trouble concentrating
•Persistent feelings of worry
Engagement in high-risk activities
•Unusual behaviour that concerns others or gets in the way of daily life
•Suicidal Thoughts

If you’re experiencing any of the above or your symptoms are not listed here but you feel the need to reach out for help,
send us a DM we will book you an appointment with a psychiatrist or psychologist.

#mentalhealth #MentalHealthAwareness #MenToo #HealthTips
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Making false allegations to mislead public, defaming an individual for payment of money for cheap publicity is not Freedom of speech.. If you have BS FoE.. the injured party has the right to defence. Get busy finding $15million now #MenToo @realamberheard
And if #JohnyDepp lawyers were good.. it only shows he made smart choices... and you were silly enough to hire dumb lawyers who fumbled and bumbled many times... LOL!.. Find a new job now.. @realamberheard
BTW @realamberheard are you going to pay $15 Million now.. or do you want #JohnyDepp to pay that too?...
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"How can I take this woman who lied and abused a man then laughed about it and make it about abused women?"

Great job victim shaming, Joanna.

You are a foul, disgusting human being.
There are over 1,200 women's shelters as of 1993. By 2004, there were 1,980 domestic abuse agencies mostly helping women.

By 2017, there were 2 shelters for abused men.

So no, Joanna, this isn't a "bad day for women who are victims."

Your girl lied. You backed her. Now you're victim blaming.
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Actualización 12:

1. Durante su show de stand up, anoche el comediante Chris Rock hizo un número completo en nombre de la ex esposa de Johnny Depp que inició con la frase: "Creele a todas las mujeres, menos a Amber Heard". Image
"Creele a todas las mujeres, creele a todas las mujeres menos a Amber Heard... ¿qué c*rajos le pasa? ¡Se c@gó en la cama!

Está muy bien ella, pero no puedes c@g@r en la cama, eso no está bien. Una vez que te c@g@s en la cama de alguien, ya eres culpable de todo. Image
Se c@gó en la cama, ¿qué c*rajos estaba pasando allí? Wow y siguieron con la relación después de eso, debe haber sido una verdadera c@g@d@. Yo he estado con algunas verdaderas p3rr@s, pero santo Dios." Image
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Johnny Depp was #FalselyAccused & vilified in the media. He has had his life & reputation torn apart by his ex-wife, Amber Heard, & less than half of the people who knew something came forward to defend him. We need to change that.

It's time to speak up.

Many people have interacted with, worked with, known and/or dated Amber Heard. This thread is appealing to those who once knew/know her to come forward and speak up. To bring truth to light if they know anything thay could help Johnny get his justice and get Amber to STOP.

Costar and "friend" to Amber Heard throughout the filming of Aquaman, I think this man knows more than he's saying and though follow Johnny Depp in solidarity during the trial is HUGE, it's not enough IF he does, in fact, know something that can help.
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اليوم الثالث عشر🔥🏴‍☠️:
جا دور اسئلة فريق ديب للممرضة.
كله قراءة للملاحظات لكن جذبتني وحدة في ١١ مايو ٢٠١٦
- المريضة اثبتت انها استهلكت مشروم و MDMA في نفس الوقت مع كحول😳؟؟
وبعدها اخذت تستفرغ و ظلت طريحة ليوم كامل.
🏷. الحمدلله على العقل والعافية بس.
- ذكّرت الممرضة المريضة بأن استهلاك المواد المحظورة يتداخل مع الأدوية ويجلب لها تأثير سلبي، ضحكت المريضة وقالت انها استهلكتها ايضًا في ٩ مايو ٢٠١٦ مع شخص مشهور.
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Just #WOWOW is all I can keep repeating over and over again after witnessing @HaringeyToday reaction to the family of murdered #AmbroseGGBall.

This has had the most impact on my future being one of many @BarnetMums @HaringeyCitize1 to the point I am in fact in fear for my own
life @GREATBritain as I am sure @MetTaskforce have my IP address, who no doubt have been watching me for a couple of years who has been there from #SaturdayMorning when I was witnessing a mother who was on the edge of what only a mother who has a @MissingChildEU
can only imagine how it feels when there child goes #Missing to witness how the whole establishment is built up with people like @DrSaraPayneMBE who not once has ever thought about how Toni aka Ruth @annelovell743 must of been feeling on top of not having
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Unter dem Hashtag #MenToo wird aktuell über Gewalt in Partnerschaften gesprochen, in diesem Fall mit dem Fokus auf männliche Opfer. Zu diesem Thema möchte ich gerne drei Punkte beitragen, die in der Öffentlichkeit für mein Empfinden zu wenig Raum bekommen, natürlich mit Daten. |1
2| Punkt 1: Die stereotype Darstellung von häuslicher Gewalt als primär männlichem Verhalten mit weiblichen Opfern ist nicht mit der wissenschaftlichen Evidenz vereinbar. Zahlreiche Studien zeigen, dass es *insgesamt* keinen großen Gender Gap auf Täterseite gibt (z.B. Q1).
3| Eine Studie fragt Männer und Frauen direkt und berichtet, dass sogar signifikant mehr Frauen als Männer angeben, psychische oder physische Gewalt gegen Partner oder Familienangehörige ausgeübt zu haben (Bild, Q2). Darauf unter #MenToo aufmerksam zu machen, finde ich völlig OK.
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As much as I speak to Men in Matrimonial Disputes (specially where kids are involved), I can tell you, Men are fighters👊

Women get sympathy from society, police, judiciary, love & sole custody of of kids + lifelong money from ex husband to sit idle
Husbands are kicked by the system labelling them as Criminals on mere complaint by Wife, deprived of child's love, cannot leave job because he is Ultimate Patriarchal Provider, Fall, Cry, BUT get up to RESTART LIFE again for his child & parents

Have seen many Men completely shattered, broken, on verge of suicide..... but after several months or years, I happy to see them doing well in their career and life

Society must stop siding only with one side (Wives) in matrimonial disputes

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Men's Day Out Response To Chomu Akash Banerjee (@TheDeshBhakt) On Marital Rape Law - PART I


#MaritalRape #SpeakUpMen #MarriageStrike #GenderBiasedLaws #MenToo
Men's Day Out Response To Chomu Akash Banerjee (@TheDeshBhakt) On Marital Rape Law - PART II


#MaritalRape #SpeakUpMen #MarriageStrike #GenderBiasedLaws #MenToo
Men's Day Out Response To Chomu Akash Banerjee (@TheDeshBhakt) On Marital Rape Law - PART III


#MaritalRape #SpeakUpMen #MarriageStrike #GenderBiasedLaws #MenToo
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Mumbai Shocker | 16-Year-Old Porn Addict Girl Forces Younger Brother For Sex Against His Consent; Now Pregnant

@MumbaiPolice filed criminal case & sent minor boy to detention centre

@smritiirani - Need rethink on #POCSO laws

@NCPCR_ @KanoongoPriyank…
"The brother also said that when he would refuse to give into his elder sister’s demands, she would threaten to beat him and expose him in front of all. Admittedly, the minor boy would do as instructed by his sister under pressure and force."

#VoiceForMen #MenToo #SpeakUpMen
Many people want us to term this as "Male Rape"

Your comments?

#SpeakUpMen #MenToo #VoiceForMen
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Received few questions on #MeToo research:

Q: How would you summarise debate of #MeTooIndia & #MenToo movement?

MDO Reply: #MeTooIndia unfortunately ran like a campaign and failed to call out Men who belonged to certain set of ideology

For eg. No one ran concentrated campaigns against rape accused filmmaker Anurag Kashyap or Maharashtra's social justice minister Dhananjay Munde

Thus, MeTooIndia seemed like a motivated campaign targeting to fix certain individuals

#MenToo on other hand is very organic

...and there is no particular handle co-ordinating the same. When misuse of naming shaming Men - without evidence - became rampant, we at MDO started covering certain stories with this hashtag where we wanted society to see the 'Other Side'

#GenderBiasedLaws #SpeakUpMen
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I saw this BEAUTIFUL news alert this morning by the lovely @StevieJRaw and I'm just SO proud of him and the supporters who helped him achieve this. It's absolutely inspiring how a group of people can do so much for these children with the little they have. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp
It just proves we're stronger in numbers and stronger working together. 🙏
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The most self contradictory people are feminists and wokeists and they are the ones who infantilize women the most.
They claim to be powerful and at the same time do not want to be held accountable like responsible adults.

A man and woman could meet at a night club and decide spend the night together after drinking themselves to oblivion. Just like they say; one thing led to another and sex happened.
In the morning when regret creeps in, the woman becomes a victim while the man becomes a predator.

To feminists, the woman automatically becomes invalid who couldn't give consent in her inebriated state while the man despite being inebriated himself could give consent. Therefore, using their hands to pedestal the man who was supposed to be equal to the woman.

Also, absolving the woman of any accountability for her
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Men and women are different and have a uniqueness that's peculiar to them respectively.

Women's major contribution to the society is the birthing and raising of great men and women, which is the greatest calling ever.
This earns them respect, honor and adoration. This is the reason why they are celebrated 10 times in a year.

Men's major contribution to the society is provision, protection and nation building. Every beautiful and luxurious life we enjoy today is their doings.

Since time
... immemorial, men have done unfathomable job to bring us to where we are today, yet women are celebrated more.

This brings me to the reason of this thread.

Women are on the verge of losing their uniqueness and feminists are making sure of that through their definition of
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A woman rejected a marriage proposal because she wasn't financially ready and the responses aren't funny.

I also share her sentiments and I've received "feminists are deceiving you people".

Well, I'm not feminist and I've never subscribed to feminism.

Perspective matters when
... people share such sentiments. Everything doesn't revolve around feminists and feminism.

Yes, I have a fear of walking into marriage with nothing, in fact goinh into relationship if I can't take care of myself first.

I may be a Patriarchy Princess but I enjoy being at the
... giving than receiving end. (I won't reject if you give me😉)

Back to perspective; feminism isn't the reason why I have this fear.
Just like a lot of people who lost their mom at a very young age, I lost mine when I was 16 to stroke and it was a huge blow to us. (May her soul
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"Indoctrination is the reason why a girl child wears pink and play with dolls, while the boy child plays with truck because we were at blank state at birth"

Feminists bring up this indoctrination when we question why women don't do or have interest in certain things.
Let's talk about this indoctrination. shall we?

When it comes to why you don't have interest in politics or other disciplines, you cry indoctrination;

- Your parents are core Catholics, you were born and raised in it but today you're a member of Christ Embassy and your sister a member of Winners chapel.
The indoctrination must be really weak for you to be able to change church.

- From the moment you had your first menstrual period, your mom told you that once a man touches you, you will get pregnant, the church teaches you abstinence till
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