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#ChuckSchumer opens his piehole: BLAH, Bhah, blah, threatening Justices #BrettKavanaugh & #NeilGorsuch.
Over what? It's unclear.🙄

Having told #JusticeRoberts 2act, Roberts issued a rare statement rebuking him 4comments the Senator made.
2) Noted earlier, #JusticeRoberts, laid into #ChuckSchumer 4his inappropriate rantings.
He threatened #Justices #Kavanaugh & #Gorsuch, with what?
No one has a clue!
That doubtless includes the #Penguin himself [ ! ]
3) Apologies. Twitter, isn't working properly, at this time. Can't hang around 4a Tweet once every 4 or more hours!
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I’ve waited till I was sure of who I would #endorse for President. I just heard the last piece of input I need.

With joy and conviction, I ENDORSE @ewarren FOR PRESIDENT! #ImWithHer

Here’s why. 1/…
I remember the first time I heard @ewarren speak. She was running for Senate for first time. She waged fight that gained national attention bc, not only was she sharp as a tack, but she made us believe another way of living together was possible! 2/ #ElizabethWarren2020
As soon as @ewarren entered the Senate she was tasked to lead the effort to protect consumers from the predatory lending that led to the housing crisis! Black families were the hardest hit by economic corruption! Warren #shutitdown! #ElizabethWarren2020 3/…
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Hillary Clinton and the DNC…

List v. FEC
Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit
September 18th, 2009
Precedential Status: Precedential
Citations: 581 F.3d 1
Docket Number: 08-5422…
"The Supreme Court has ruled that the federal government’s only legitimate interest in restricting political donations is combating the appearance or reality of corruption that...
...could arise from allowing unlimited contributions directly to a candidate or political party."

Donations to nonprofit groups cannot corrupt candidates and officeholders,” Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh wrote for a three-judge panel. “And to the extent a nonprofit then spends its
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4396: Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing — Reading Between the Lines —Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence — #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #EmotionalIntelligence #Nonverbal #BrettKavanaugh #KavanaughLied
1/ New allegations have been made against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. In addition, multiple witnesses have indicated that last year's investigations regarding Justice Kavanaugh's alleged behavior were grossly incomplete.
2/ What follows is a partial nonverbal, verbal, and paralanguage analysis of a portion of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing.
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Sept. 07, 2018👉 “I Wrote Some of the Stolen Memos That #BrettKavanaugh #Lied to the Senate About —
He should be #impeached, not elevated.”

#Kavanaugh should be removed because he was repeatedly asked under oath as part of his 2004 & 2006 confirmation hearings for his position on U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C. Circuit about whether he had received such info from Miranda—he falsely denied it”👇…
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Thomas has been the most far-right extremist activist justice since his appointment by George H.W. Bush TWENTY EIGHT YEARS AGO to replace the brilliant jurist #ThurgoodMarshall. There is no one more extreme to replace him, so Trump is likely happy Thomas has no intent to leave.
Everyone who voted Trump or Trump proxy voted to put extremist justices like #ClarenceThomas, #NeilGorsuch and #BrettKavanaugh on the #SCOTUS and those of us who voted against fascism now face Trump for the next 30yrs, just as we have faced Thomas for 28 and likely 10 more.
There is no keener determinant of how elections have consequences than in the appointment of Supreme Court justices and federal judges. America will be living with the Trump courts for decades. D-E-C-A-D-E-S.
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For weeks I have been covering the news blackout on women candidates.
Tonight THREE have Town Halls on @CNN.

Women candidates are getting shut out of mainstream media coverage…
#KamalaHarris continues to poll in the top three of the 20+ candidates running for the Democratic nomination. She gave the top-rated town hall of the primary season in February. She's back tonight at 10pm EST on @CNN.
Last year #AmyKlobuchar stood up to the #GOP in a town hall on #healthcare and riveted the country with her calm takedown of #BrettKavanaugh when he attacked her during the Senate hearings.
Watch her tonight in a @CNN Town Hall at 7pm EST.
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I have always said that there is the distinct probability that #Mueller would turn up nought, because to find anything would start a cascade of discovery that would cause systemic failure on a global scale.

I stand by that theory.

Or we have been hoodwinked after all.

There is always the sad chance that Mueller never intended to find much, and this whole push and pull between Trump and Mueller has been nothing but staged theatrics.

Fifteen years ago this charge would have sounded ridiculous and conspiratorial, but today it seems mundane.

I mean after 2016 and what was done to Hillary Clinton, after Comey, or learning that Kennedy made a backroom deal with Trump that gave his seat to #BrettKavanaugh, or how @SenatorCollins threw her legacy under the bus to give Kavanaugh the seat, or, or, or...

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1) I’ll bet you $10 #Khashoggi is alive.

It’s a lunchtime #coffeetime.
Thursday, October 18, 2018.
2) This first part is shameless marketing for my upcoming book. Just give me 2 Tweets and then we'll move on.
3) But you need to know how I know the #Khashoggi thing is bullshit.
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I want to share a brief story of a person, now 53 (same age as Justice #Kavanaugh) who was convicted of a sex crime at age 14 for conduct not dissimilar to that of which Kavanaugh is accused.
They have to register as a sex offender for life. They have never been convicted of another sex crime. They happen to be on parole now for a completely different offense (being in jail as a child can mess you up).
When you are on parole & a registered sex offender, that adds a whole bunch of extra requirements, especially if the complainant was under 18. Remember the person here was 14, & the complainant was under 18. This is the case, even where the sex offense was literally 40 years ago.
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1) Columbus Day 2018 is half time at the 2018 Mid-Term Bowl. The score is GOP 17 and Democrats 16. Let’s recap the first half.

#BlueWave #RedWave #2018MidTermElections…
2) Going into the game the Democrats were riding their #BlueWave of enthusiasm. They were so confident America was tired of all the lies and sordid behavior of Coach Trump that the Democrats could win the game easily.
3) They laughed at their good fortune every time a GOP player would pledge to work closely with their coach; such easy pickings.

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I won't be lectured about majorities or electoral politics on the day #BrettKavanaugh was confirmed to #SCOTUS with the help of a goddamned Democrat.

I don't care where he's from or the demographics of his state. I don't care about any of that bullshit.

He deserves some fire under his feet on the day he voted FOR a fucking lying racist rapist who is probably going to overturn ROE v. WADE and a host of other important pieces of legislation.

He could have called in sick.

He could have abstained.

He could have stood on the Senate floor and said "I am casting this vote because my constituents have asked me to and I am their representative, but I personally strongly oppose this nominee, and support Professor Ford.

Instead he basically endorsed Collins speech.

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#BrettKavanaugh is the ninth Justice of the Supreme Court. 1/
A man who has been proven to have lied under oath multiple times about his role in torture under Bush43 and about multiple details surrounding at least 2 (possibly 3) credible allegations of sexual assault made against him... 2/
A man who wrote that Native Hawaiians (and by extension Native Americans) are NOT due the terms of their treaties with the US—sovereignty over their own elections... 3/
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Let it be our promise to every future life that is destroyed, changed, or affected by a Justice #Kavanaugh that we will make it a priority to see Sasse, Manchin, and Collins suffer for their vote today.

They must lose their Senate seats, and be reminded everyday why.


If we can't manage to focus long enough to carry through on our threats to our elected leaders who betray us then there will never be a reason to fear us. There will never be a reason to reconsider a decision or vote.

And maybe no mistake, @SenatorCollins must be made an example of, if only because so much focus was placed on her and her decision making process.

But also because of that poisonous victim blaming/ shaming speech she delivered yesterday.


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I went to bed feeling betrayed--perhaps even enraged. I woke up, still feeling betrayed--but resolved. I still believe #AnitaHill. I still believe #ChristineBlaseyFord I still believe #survivors #women They have knocked us down, but not out. I still believe in the power of us.
Our perpetrators tried to stifle our voices too--and, WE ARE NOT GOING BACK. We will not be silenced or moved. Today, survivors will keep organizing, sharing our painful and hard truths until the very last hour, and then we'll take our fight to the ballot box.
Survivors matter and we do vote--and run for office too! We have been ignored, but not silenced #midterms A vote to support #Kavanaugh confirms more than one man, to the highest court in the land, you are also confirming #privilege #entitlement #injustice
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There is no way to sugarcoat how bad things just got, and if there was, we shouldn't. This is a loss that will haunt this nation for decades.

The confirmation of #BrettKavanaugh has managed to confirm more than just a man, for many, its confirmed our worst fears.

It has confirmed that the @GOP is the most corrupt ruling party at the federal level in our nation's history. That they will do anything and everything to protect itself, including putting the survival of our Republic itself at risk.

Its confirmed that the real decisions are made before the questions are even formally presented, and that they really do not care what our opinions of those decisions will be.

And it has also confirmed that Donald Trump has a lot more power than we imagined.

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People ask what #patriarchy is. Think “Jim Crow” and apply it to women—all women. It’s a web of systems, structures, practices and believes that enforce gender hierarchy and silence women. 1/
#This is what #patriarchy looks like in the US right now. 2/
And #patriarchy looks like #this. Yesterday, .@OrrinHatch refused to listen to women and their concerns. 3/…
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1/ There are many nonverbal signs indicating relative levels of confidence. During last week's hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford exhibited contrasting examples of one such signal.
2/ When a person raises their right hand to be sworn-in before testifying, if their fingers and/or thumb are spread apart - it signals low levels of confidence.
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If you want to live in a nation that is "led" by a man who would mock someone who was the victim of a violent sexual assault then we are very different people.

Trump's behavior today was that of a playground bully. They were the words that a bully utters and then laughs.

The bully imagines, and may even hear, the world laughing with him, but the chuckles are only from his hangers-on and those hoping to impress the bully.

The rest of the world only turns its head to look away. They hope that someone, anyone, will intervene.

They almost always get away with it, though, bullies.

And Trump will likely get away with this, like always.

#ChristineBlaseyFord passed a lie detector test on the day of her grandmother's funeral. No one non-partisan or credible has questioned her credibility.

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They told us @HillaryClinton was just as bad as @realDonaldTrump.

Hell, @SusanSarandon said she was worse.

She should really never open her mouth about politics again, ever.


U.S. to partners of U.N. LGBTQ staff: Get married, or get out… via @NBCNews
That anyone ever fell for that ridiculous lie is beyond disgraceful.

Even if Clinton were guilty of the types of corruption they claimed she was she would still not be comparable in this way to Donald Trump.

Not even close.

But she's clearly not.

As the nation braces itself for the @GOP's latest betrayal in the runup to the #BrettKavanaugh confirmation vote, it is becoming clearer that even those we once believed retained some recognizably moral standards, simply don't.

@SenatorCollins, @lisamurkowski--we see you.

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#QAlert 9/30/18 This is be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Sunday September 30, 2018. RED OCTOBER STAY TUNED AND WATCH and more!

Let’s go!

#BrettKavanaugh #ConfirmKavanaughNow #BrettKavanaughHearing
@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #MAGA #PatriotsUnited #AmericaFirst
#QAlert 9/30/18 Q2299

Justice K confirmation
Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein [payment in full]…📁


#BrettKavanaugh #ConfirmKavanaughNow #BrettKavanaughHearing
@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #MAGA #PatriotsUnited
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#QAlert 9/29/18 This is be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Thursday September 29, 2018. THE TRUTH IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU & more!

Let’s go #Brett! #MAGA

#BrettKavanaugh #ConfirmKavanaughNow #BrettKavanaughHearing
@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #MAGA #PatriotsUnited #AmericaFirst
#QAlert 9/29/18 Q2296…📁
[1:02:40 - 1:03:35]
@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #MAGA #PatriotsUnited #AmericaFirst
[1:02:40 - 1:03:35]
@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #MAGA #PatriotsUnited #AmericaFirst
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1) Nazi mind control tactics and the Hollywood-media-campus- DC machine: #BrettKavanaugh is 100% innocent.

It is up to the rest of us to save his life.

It’s coffee time.
September 29, 2018.
2) Let’s unravel this fantasy. Shall we?
3) By the time we’re done, these liars won’t be able to show their faces in polite company.
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4347: Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings - Part I • #Nonverbal #Emotional #Intelligence #KavanaughHearings #ChristineBlaseyFord #BrettKavanaugh #BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage
1/ In case you hadn't heard, on Wednesday 27 September 2018, both Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
2/ This hearing could supply a year's worth of nonverbal teaching examples and it would close to impossible to analyze the entire event in one session. Thus, what follows is the first of several analyses of this historic exchange.
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