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He then asked me how many bank accounts I had and how much money I had. Have I received any big amount lately? Have you been contacted by anyone to open a bank account? etc He then assured me the case would be closed in 20-30 minutes if I cooperate. (12/n)
The Police in Charge PRAKASH KUMAR GUNTU was made to sound like he is an important guy and is really busy. He also said the same thing: cooperate, and this will be resolved in 20-30 minutes. Almost 150 people are under investigation for this case. (13/n)
He said there are bank employees, corporate employees, desperate people etc all sorts of folks involved. Some are doing it willingly, and some got scammed like you. The only way to resolve this is by 'cooperating' and letting us into your bank accounts. (red fag 6) (14/n)
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JANHIT MEIN JAARI - HOW I ALMOST GOT SCAMMED - #Jamtara Real Life Incident. #threadstory

Today morning at around 09:45 AM, I got a call from 964675397 'FedEx' customer care saying a package attached to my Aadhar ID had been flagged because it contained illegal items. (1/n)
I allegedly sent the package on December 13, 2022, from Mumbai to Taiwan and it contains 3 Kg of textiles, 5 Credit Cards, 11 Passports, 2 pairs of shoes and...wait for it... 800 gm of weed. I haven't sent any such parcel through FedEx, and I don't live in Bombay. (2/n)
I panicked at hearing that the police needed to get involved because it included illegal items. The customer care executive patiently gave me details about the parcel & 'patched' the call to Mumbai Police Cyber Cell. Red flag 1: Why are police on the hot dial with FedEx? (3/n)
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Read / watched Sacheen Littlefeather interviews and came to a sympathetic view of her identity. Wrote how @SFChronicle opinion writer Jacqueline Keeler knowingly used an incomplete genealogy and string of media errors to smear Sacheen’s legacy… #longreads
Also shared an analysis of @jfkeeler and @VedarHe that strongly suggests they are run by the same person. If true, she used the account to astroturf Sacheen’s sister @truthjusticenw and others.…
@jfkeeler @VedarHe @truthjusticenw The one about a likely Alt account was going to be part of the Sacheen blog but it got too weird and strangely funny. I could be wrong and I didn't want the distraction. Jacqueline has yet to confirm or deny. (Doesn't mean guilty)

You can read either one first. Dear Jacqueline Keeler,  As you know, I have been critical o
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In #biotech #stocks news, no opening to the US market today due to Labor Day holiday, which is a perfect time to discuss the only stock in the list of #biotech companies that I track, which is not listed in the US stock market: $ONT.L Oxford @nanopore
ONT decided to IPO in the UK rather than the NASDAQ, with two main consequences to the stock price: (1) many of the retail broker apps with a US Dollar account won't trade it as easily as US stocks, and (2) the value of the stock will correlate with the value of GBP vs USD.
The later can be seen when looking at $ONT.L Oxford @nanopore stock versus the GBPUSD trend line (yellow): when the GBP loses value to the US Dollar, seemingly ONT loses value, being traded in GBP. And vice versa, for a large pharma company such as $AZN Astrazeneca ...
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Thirunallar is a small town in Karaikal, in the Union Territory of Pondicherry. Thirunallar contains the shrine of Lord Sani (Saturn), Tirunallar Saniswaran Temple within the temple dedicated to Lord Darbharanyeswaran, a form of Lord Shiva. ImageImage
Legends says that the legendary King Nala was relieved of his afflictions caused by the malefic influence of Planet Saturn or due to Shani Dosha, after worshipping at Thirunallar Saniswaran Temple and taking a holy dip in the temple tank. The sacred temple tank is named Nalan
Theertham and it is believed that by bathing here, one wash off all kinds of afflictions and misfortunes caused by one’s past karmas.

According to history, in the 7th century C.E. when Jainism was spreading in influence in South India, the Pandian King Ninra-seer-Nedumaran
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Grasslands are easy to overlook and undervalue. I've spent the last 6+ months reporting a story on why that's a terrible mistake. My latest for @TheAtlantic #longreads…
@TheAtlantic Many thanks to my wonderful editor @nijhuism and to @KSJatMIT for supporting my reporting!
Thanks also to Callaghan O’Hare and Trent Davis Bailey for wonderful 📸!
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🚨My latest: An in-depth feature tackling global vaccine inequality🧵

1/ This is bigger than Covid. It’s about unsafe policies & practices ensuring that profit & power stays in the Global North.

It’s about what needs to change.

#longreads #CovidVaccine…
2/ COVID demonstrated the folly of relying on goodwill & the West.

Nearly 80% of people in rich countries have been vaccinated & fewer than 20% in poor countries. This is cruel AND dumb. Economies are connected. Variants spread.…
3/ Covid vaccine inequality is unjust but not surprising.

Years passed before HIV drugs were available in lower income countries. Decades passed before vaccines against pneumonia were available. Cancer treatments, monoclonal antibodies...people die in these delays.
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New: for decades, violent "deputy gangs" inside the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department have wreaked havoc with beatings and shootings that have cost LA County upwards of $55 million in legal settlements. 1/13…
But a deputy gang called The Executioners at the LASD's Compton Station may be the most violent. For nearly 20 years attorney John Sweeney has litigated cases involving violence committed by Compton deputies, eventually cracking The Executioners code. 2/13…
Sweeney's war with Compton deputies began in 2001, when Shanara Batiste tried to help a relative stopped by deputies who wrongly believed he was involved in a burglary. Deputies slammed Batiste onto a car hood, shattering her teeth and jaw. 3/13…
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Our Best of 2021 series continues! Today, our editors share their favorite features of the year in @nybooks, @NYMag/@verge, @NewYorker, @atavist, @GQMagazine, and @TheAtlantic:… #longreads
"This isn’t just the best feature I read this year. It’s one of the best I’ve ever read, period." Take the time to read @NathanThrall's masterpiece on the reality of Palestinian life and one father's quest to find his son:…
"Dzieza’s remarkable feature rides along with the riders as they fight for protection and autonomy." We also recommend @joshdzieza's outstanding piece on the exploitation of delivery workers in NYC:…
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Today, we're highlighting the best investigations of 2021! Our editors' favorites include #longreads and in-depth projects at @BuzzFeedNews, @MotherJones, @propublica, @RollingStone, @NYMag, and @sfchronicle:…
"@HeidilBlake and @katiejmbaker’s investigation is a disturbing but important look at the inner workings of this dark and dehumanizing industry, and one that can hopefully help drive reform nationwide." Their dive into guardianships is a must-read:…
"Both Liberty University and Moody Bible College routinely sidestep accountability in the name of God, and young women bear the consequences." We recommend @Hannah_Dreyfus' investigation into Liberty's response to sexual abuse and harassment on its campus:…
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"Tear gas is all over everything that we own to this day,” one DC police officer told ⁦⁦@PoliticsInsider⁩ as part of our massive January 6 oral history. He added the fire dept "came by, and they literally just hosed down all of our gear." ($)…
“I can't do deep dives into this. I can't look at the videos. I can't read anything else about it, because it would just throw me into a rage," House Periodical Gallery’s Jay Rupert said. He started Jan 6 thinking: "I work in the safest building in DC. Next to the Pentagon."
And here’s @SenRonJohnson on what he recalled from January 6.
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NEW this AM my DC crew published its January 6 oral history. We collected first-hand accounts from Trump's rally, the mob on the Mall, and inside the US Capitol. @thisisinsider #longreads ($)…
In recent weeks we've done interviews with 34 lawmakers, journalists, photojournalists, law-enforcement officers, Capitol Hill staff, and many others. They shared the details of that day, where split-second decisions may have saved their lives.
It's an admittedly long-read. 10,000 words, so you may want to print it out and then pass it on. Here's where we start:
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I've never spent longer writing anything than I have writing this article. I'm excited today to finally present to you my explanation of why we need Modern Monetary Theory (#MMT) and why it needs Universal Basic Income (#UBI).…

#longreads @StephanieKelton Image
Targeting does nothing but create unnecessary bureaucracy, stigma, and holes for people in need to fall through. Pay 'em all and let taxes sort 'em out. Utilizing taxation instead of means-testing as a tool to shape policy leads to better outcomes with fewer errors of exclusion. Image
When it comes to federal policies, going from "can we pay for it?" to "can we resource it?" is the mindset shift needed to achieve a human-centered eco-friendly resource-based economy built with a mindset of abundance on a foundation of human rights.… #MMT Image
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In the tradition of swindlers coming to the Midwest to slick-talk the "hicks" out of their money, I present this #longreads story from me, @SpaldingJulia, and @derek_j_rob:…
Huge thanks to those who helped us tell this story. Many of our sources signed confidentiality agreements but talked to us anyway because they felt it was important for people to know who Rebecca Raffle is. I hope readers get an idea, but you can never be sure.
Yesterday, someone basically said to me, 'What's the big deal?' Well, a lot of people got waylaid. Rebecca, our slick-talker, promised to be a champion for the very people she ended up hurting. Members of the LGBTQ+ family. Working moms. People in her religious circle. Etc.
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The counterparty puzzle:
The curious case of the Miami jewellery designer, the UK government’s £12.5 billion PPE scandal and the lawyer - @JolyonMaugham - on its trail... @jonathanheaf reports. #longreads
Before Michael Saiger won at least six PPE contracts worth in excess of £200 million from the UK’s Department Of Health And Social Care (@DHSCgovuk) last year, he designed stylish gold and silver bracelets. His jewellery brand became successful, fast.
In January last year, while talking to one of his global teams, Saiger first learnt about Covid-19. Unlike so many, he tells @jonathanheaf, he knew immediately the impact the virus would have globally.
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Millions of children are born each year with fatal neurodegenerative diseases. Now, a breakthrough treatment is offering hope of a cure where once there was only a death sentence… #longreads
The story starts in November 2010 with the birth of Mila Makovec, an adventurous and outgoing little girl who loved the great outdoors. Before she turned four, Mila started to develop a range of concerning symptoms.
Mila became clumsy, her speech slowed, she struggled to see. She was eventually diagnosed with Batten, a rare and fatal genetic disease that would likely take her life before she reached adolescence. Faced with this diagnosis, Mila’s mother, Julia, turned to gene therapy.
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NEW: Facebook’s attempt to shutter research at NYU on political ads is just the most extreme example of the increasingly fraught relationship between platforms and academics.

My #longreads on how tech giants both court and crush the people who study them…
I talked to @LauraEdelson2 of NYU about her legal issues with Facebook, @mark_ledwich about how the NYU case has put a chill on funding into YouTube transparency projects, @gchaslot about scraping YouTube data and @j_a_tucker about collaborating w/Facebook…
While reporting, Facebook told me Ad Observer violates their terms by scraping/publishing users' data who didn't consent.

That claim shocked me until I realized: the users Facebook was talking about were advertisers whose ads and Pages are already public…
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I'm proud to work at @propublica every day but the journalism we've published this past week is truly exceptional. If you'll indulge me for this 🧵...
1. Last year, Congress quietly passed a bill allowing thousands of Liberian immigrants to apply for green cards. But the Trump administration hardly made it easy, and now the application window is closing. by @DLind…
2. How a Chicago Political Hangout Went From Bustling to Boarded-Up — Even After the City Promised Help by @mickeyd1971…
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Happy 27th birthday to @DOOM, one of my favorite games and one of the most important games in the industry! In celebration, here's a BFT (big... freakin' thread) full of gratitude and Doom-related reads I've written. #thankyouDOOM (1/
First, a huge thank-you to @romero, @ID_AA_Carmack, @ThatTomHall, @SandyofCthulhu, Michael Abrash, Dave Taylor, @bobbyprince, Shawn Green, & the rest of @idSoftware's small but scrappy team. You've changed so many lives, including mine (2/
Time to get knee-deep in @shacknews @longreads!
1) Stairway to Badass: The Making and Remaking of Doom. A deep dive into the making of Doom 2016 and the weapons and level design of the original. (3/… #longreads
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I spent time in Organ Pipe trying to understand what a wall meant for the land and why Trump chose there to build. I spoke with a Sinaloa Cartel connected smuggler, environmentalists, and Tohono O'odham whose lives will he changed. I hope you'll read it 1/…
43 miles are going up in Organ Pipe and will end at the edge of the Tohono O'odham Nation. So O'odhamn land will soon become the largest unwalled section in Arizona and we know what happens next: Migrants will die crossing the border there.…
The smuggler I spoke to wasn't even bothered by the new wall going up, because those areas are the cheapest to cross. The best paying are through a port of entry, where they bribe customs officials. And no wall can stop that.…
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Airfare refunds have gone into a "hundi" - you can't touch it, you can't even feel it. But what if an airline goes belly up? What are the options before the passenger? Who is the govt listening to? We try to find out in our @ETPrime_com deep dive today 🛩️.…
Have few free links to share for those keen on a #monday #lockdown #aviation #longreads
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An airline exec recently bought a huge farm house, direct reports went & blew balloons at a b'day party. Now airlines want a bailout from @nsitharaman. While they need urgent help we @ETPrime_com dived in to ask what can govt do reasonably - and fast :…
Part of the story too. With comments from many including @CaptGopinath and @JitiBhargava
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Stuck inside this weekend? Here are a bunch of our favorite #longreads to help you pass the time. You'll find wild yarns 🧵, inspirational profiles ✨, and fresh perspectives 🧠. Stay healthy, and read on.
Writer Chloe Caldwell wasn't a big fan of organized vacation tours. Turns out, a tour is much better than a sudden arrest. Read her unbelievable vacation story, via @humanparts:
Here's another wild one: @gauveyherbert on how two lottery-crazed bank clerks cooked up China’s biggest bank robbery of all time. (via @MRKR)
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Your morning #nCoV2019/#2019nCoV #coronavirus update:

1) Global case count is ~43,100 (via @JHUSystems/ WHO).……

1,018 deaths/~4,300 recovered. 7,333 of ~42,600 cases in mainland 🇨🇳 are considered in serious condition. Image
@JHUSystems 2) @HelenBranswell and @meggophone dive into how fluctuating funding and flagging interest has hurt #coronavirus research for years.… via @statnews #nCoV2019/#2019nCoV
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