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1/7 🚨 #DataBreach Alert 🚨: Personal data of COVID-19 vaccine recipients in India has reportedly been leaked online via a bot on #Telegram. #CyberSecurity #PrivacyMatters Image
2/7 📲 The bot allowed users to input a mobile number and it would respond with personal info connected to the number, including name, gender, DOB, and vaccination center. #InfoSec #DataLeak Image
3/7 📂 The leaked data also includes personal info on several politicians and journalists. This is a serious breach of privacy with significant implications. #DataProtection #PrivacyRights
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Biggest Cyber Scam!

A 34-year-old woman lost Rs 4.47cr in this scam. She received a call from an individual claiming to be associated with the narcotics division.

The imposter informed her that a substantial amount of drugs had been found in a FedEx courier linked to her.
To complicate matters, the fraudsters posed as officials from different authorities such as the Andheri police station, RBI, Mumbai Police DCP, customs, and even the Narcotics division.

They spun a complex web of lies to deceive the victim.
The fraudsters manipulated and pressured the victim into surrendering her entire account balance.

They used psychological tactics, making her believe that non-compliance would lead to legal consequences.
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1/9) Humans are naturally social beings, with a tendency to follow the crowd, also known as 'herd mentality'. This psychological phenomenon can unfortunately extend to health practices, such as mask-wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic. #COVID19 #MaskUp
2/9) Following the crowd provides a sense of security and belonging. When a significant number of people neglect mask-wearing, others may feel compelled to do the same, despite the risks, to maintain social cohesion. #COVID19 #HerdMentality
3/9) Misinformation about masks often circulates on social media and can spread quickly, influencing public opinion. This misinformation can discourage people from wearing masks. Always check facts with reliable sources. #FakeNews #COVID19
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Expect rounds of severe weather as a cold front moves through the City Thursday, followed by gusty winds ranging from 40 to 50 MPH through Friday morning. Before going to bed Thurs night, secure any loose outdoor equipment. #WeatherAlert #StaySafe 1/
Check out the forecasted maximum wind gusts from Thursday, March 16 to Friday, March 17. Gusty winds ranging from 40 to 50 MPH are expected. #WindAlert #StaySafe 2/ Image
A dryline will move into the county on Thurs, followed by a cold front Thursday night into early Friday. Showers, thunderstorms, and high winds can be expected along and ahead of the dryline and cold front with a few strong to severe storms poss. 3/
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Merci @SaiyanBio 🙏
👇 Conclusion 👇
Lorsque vous prévoyez de voir un/des proches fragiles (ou prudents) en intérieur pour un moment convivial sans masque (un repas par exemple) les meilleurs moyens de réellement minimiser les risques de contaminations c'est de: ⤵️
@SaiyanBio - Dès J-7 avant l'évènement: portez un masque FFP2 systématiquement en intérieur public clos et réduisez vos contacts sans masque à zéro (genre n'allez pas faire un resto 2 jours avant) et faites éventuellement un PCR la veille (c'est mieux) et ensuite: profitez pleinement! ⤵️
@SaiyanBio ⚠️ Faire un simple autotest le jour-j (qui plus est si vous n'avez pris aucune précaution préalable avant) n'est aucunement une garantie que vous ne contaminerez pas vos/votre proche ⚠️
➡️ Vous êtes contagieux AVANT l'apparition des premiers symptômes (la période d'incubation)⤵️
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He then asked me how many bank accounts I had and how much money I had. Have I received any big amount lately? Have you been contacted by anyone to open a bank account? etc He then assured me the case would be closed in 20-30 minutes if I cooperate. (12/n)
The Police in Charge PRAKASH KUMAR GUNTU was made to sound like he is an important guy and is really busy. He also said the same thing: cooperate, and this will be resolved in 20-30 minutes. Almost 150 people are under investigation for this case. (13/n)
He said there are bank employees, corporate employees, desperate people etc all sorts of folks involved. Some are doing it willingly, and some got scammed like you. The only way to resolve this is by 'cooperating' and letting us into your bank accounts. (red fag 6) (14/n)
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JANHIT MEIN JAARI - HOW I ALMOST GOT SCAMMED - #Jamtara Real Life Incident. #threadstory

Today morning at around 09:45 AM, I got a call from 964675397 'FedEx' customer care saying a package attached to my Aadhar ID had been flagged because it contained illegal items. (1/n)
I allegedly sent the package on December 13, 2022, from Mumbai to Taiwan and it contains 3 Kg of textiles, 5 Credit Cards, 11 Passports, 2 pairs of shoes and...wait for it... 800 gm of weed. I haven't sent any such parcel through FedEx, and I don't live in Bombay. (2/n)
I panicked at hearing that the police needed to get involved because it included illegal items. The customer care executive patiently gave me details about the parcel & 'patched' the call to Mumbai Police Cyber Cell. Red flag 1: Why are police on the hot dial with FedEx? (3/n)
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Die erneute Diskussion um ein Ende der Pandemie, ein weiteres Lehrstück miserabler Wissenschaftskommunikation. Ein Thread. Late to the party, aber es waren ja Feiertage... 1/
Was Drosten dem "Tagesspiegel" sagte: dass wir die erste endemische Welle erleben, und dass die Maßnahmen richtig gewesen seien. 2/
Was davon übrigbleibt: Schlagzeilen allerorten "Drosten sagt: Pandemie vorbei!!11!". Und ein Brief des Bundesjustiz- an den Gesundheitsminister, dass nun aber pronto die verbliebenen Restmaßnahmen aufgehoben gehörten. Masken runter, aber pronto!
Nun ja. 3/
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🚨 @BitKeepOS Wallet Hacked for $8 Million.

Another Defi Exploit 👇

#BitKeep #Hacked
1. In October, another hack on BitKeep wallet resulted in the attacker escaping with $1 million worth of BNB.

Bitkeep then shut down all the token swaps services and promised to compensate all impacted customers.

#crypto #hack
2. How?

The Bitkeep team reported that the attack was caused by malicious code being injected into the Bitkeep app due to the APK hijacking of version 7.2.9.

Some users have claimed they received suspicious emails encouraging them to download an updated wallet.

#defi #exploit
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I have to ask
Why are you racist
spouting scripture
telling lies?

How can you qualify
yourself, a moral authority,
while endangering
community lives?

People need
housing, healthcare,
Clean water to drink.

While you fight
for rich and
well-connected… #thread
Society is on the brink!

Every human
matters here
not only people
you approve or control

Standby for what?
More lawless behavior?
Can’t peacefully vote
at the polls

Women’s bodies politicized
Schools unsafe
People canceled
Books burned

Awakening again
to violence and death
Empty prayers
No lessons learned.

I have to ask
Where is your love
for people
evident in your work?

On second thought
asking is futile
Light makes no
exception for dirt.

Written by @bravelyworded.
#poetrycommunity #poet
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#Ebola #Colorado
#StaySafe #Uganda #EbolaSudan @B0tSci #IDTwitter
"In Colorado, health officials are tracking multiple people who recently arrived from high-risk areas..." MORE
2/ The current Ebola outbreak is related to what's known as the "Sudan strain," but the virus is spreading in Uganda. "It's worrisome because previous Ebola vaccines & treatments do not work against this strain. The virus can kill as many as 1/2 of those MORE
3/ who get it. Ebola now is spreading in Kampala, Uganda's capital, a densely populated city of > 1.3 M.

"Mortality is high, between 40-50%. So, this is not insignificant."

"The likelihood of us seeing a patient is next to zero.
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The lies 2020:

Don’t Panic, we go for #herdimmunity, #children can’t spread it and won’t be harmed

What was really
And use #schools as a tap for controlled spread. No transparency, no testing no mask

Lets spread the lie that mask simply don’t work

Here #polarisation starts driven by misinformation and intransparancy by your government. Everybody could see that the measures were nog in line with urgency.

What were they hiding? Why no #zerorisk #zerocovid with borders closed. It could be done

2020: wait we know this will
Lead to many many deaths but the #vaccin is almost here, working hard, we know the #SPIKE is a big thing, hold on #Hopium being built.

Meanwhile lets keep up the lie of children not important to monitor😢 we know from SARS they build less #antibodies lets presume they just not
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Heute morgen noch haben wir hochmotiviert begonnen. Mit Humor versucht die Situation zu nehmen.
Es ist nun Sprechstundenschluß und das Team fühlt sich wie nach eine Schlacht.
Die wir nicht gewonnen haben.

Ich fühle mich, als müsse ich mich entschuldigen,
bei den 3 Patienten, die wir (2 mit Covid) notfallmäßig in die Klinik einweisen mussten.
Als Zwangseinweisung. Gegen den Willen der Klinik.
Die einfach keine Kapazität hat.
Diese Patienten werden trotz schwerster Krankheit nicht die adäquate Therapie erhalten können.
Weil es keine Ressourcen mehr gibt.

Ich fühle mich, als müsse ich mich entschuldigen, beim Rettungsdienst. Den wir mehrfach anfordern mussten. Der massiv unter Druck steht und Ausfälle im Personal hat. Der zu häufig mit einem RTW statt KTW ausrücken muss. Weil man auf einen KTW
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🔥 How to have a better life: KNOW the 6 DARK red flags 🚩 of toxic people & stay away from them: 🔥1. Constant Drama 🎭 those that create, spread or are complicit in gossip, lies, manipulation, deception & gaslighting. Many people are unconsciously addicted to drama due to toxic
Childhood/parents, TV, SM, MSM, government. Be honest with yourself and ask “why am I doing or allowing this?” 🔥2. NARCISSISM: The levels of narcissism have reached epidemic proportions in society. Many people think this is ‘normal’. It’s not. It’s unhealthy & dysfunctional
Notice how the conversation goes back to them. Notice how the subject topic is switched back to them. Notice how it’s all about them. Notice how discussions & conversations go back to them. Notice how they ‘fish’ for compliments. Notice how they hate/envious of others success
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Just three quick tweets about Atlantic hurricane potential in August 2022.

Luckily, the season's been quiet af so far, as we near the halfway point in 3 weeks. There is a small chance of a US landfalling storm arising from the system below.

It's far too early to tell where this might go, but we'll know more each day. The NE Pacific basin is all the way up to Tropical Storm Howard, but the Atlantic has only reached TS Colin.

The next storm names are Danielle, Earl, Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, Ian, Julia, and Karl.
As always, I encourage you to prepare for extreme weather and natural and other disasters that are possible in your region. is a brilliant resource.

And pls donate blood routinely if you can. It's always needed.

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👀Lifeless Eyes👀: In my post Masters externship, my clinical supervisor taught me about the 'eyes'. Many people do not realise these eyes 👀 to be a red flag ⚡️ to stay away from these people. Why do the eyes of narcissists, sociopaths & psychopaths look 'lifeless'? #clues
‘Lifeless’ eyes can be a dissociative state, where a person completely shuts off from their True core Self, inner self identity & emotions. They direct their focus toward their outer environment, a person of interest, or a person of potential threat, devoid of an inner self
These personality types no longer feel typical emotions as this can remove feelings of fear, shame, trauma or vulnerability. Their brains are wired differently than yours. They are unable to label and identify their feelings, have no empathy and can be very dangerous #lessfear
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In meinen Trends ploppt #ZeroCovid auf (@zeroCovid_DACH ) auf! Vom Prinzip her exakt meine Einstellung, aber wenn wir realistisch sind, dass wird nichts mehr (vorerst)! Hier mehr dazu, was #ZeroCovid eigentlich wollte und was das Ziel war/ist↓
Hier nachzulesen unter:
Ich glaube hier wird aktuell so einiges verwechselt mit #NoCovid , was aber eigentlich eine etwas andere Strategie verfolgt, aber mit dem 'gleichen' Ziel…

Dieser Weg wäre machbar, wäre da nicht diese Koalition ... diese #FDP die jetzt volle breitseite prä-
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> New positive cases per day
> Regional breakdown
> New COVID-19 Hospital admissions: 07 March 2020 - 17 March 2022
> NHLS Provincial testing figures

#StaySafe #PlayYourPart #StopTheSpread
>Sub-district with new cases in 7 days
>Sub-districts with highest number of active cases
>Management of COVID-19 admissions at 17 March 2022
>Age and gender distribution of COVID-19 deaths

#StaySafe #PlayYourPart #StopTheSpread
>Vaccination Status Report
>Individuals vaccinated per age group per and sex
>Number of individuals vaccinated and fully vaccinated against adult population
>Fully vaccinated individuals as a percentage of Adult population

#IChooseVaccination #VaccinesSavesLives
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Ultimate Freedom Day is forcing the most vulnerable into impossible situations.

How can we #StaySafe?
No testing. No isolating.

How can we judge our risks?
No ONS data, no government data.

How can we even access healthcare?
No masks.

With no masks and no isolating how can forced return to F2F work be viable in these circumstances?
We are choosing between #LivesAndLivelihoods

How can we send our children to school safely?
We are choosing between #educationANDlives

Why is the answer ONLY more vaccines?
Severely immunosuppressed may not have made a response to 4.

Where is the real world evidence this will make a difference?
No other country is offering 5 doses.

What about the other CV / CEV?
Vaccines waning.

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🇬🇧We are concerned that a narrative has taken hold in some countries that, because of vaccines

🇮🇹Siamo preoccupati che una narrativa si sia imposta in alcuni paesi secondo cui, grazie ai vaccini

1/ ImageImage
🇬🇧and because of Omicron's high transmissibility and lower severity,
⚠️preventig transmission is no longer possible

🇮🇹e grazie alla alta trasmissibilità e più bassa severità di Omicron,
⚠️prevenire i contagi non sia più possibile

2/ ImageImage
🇬🇧and no longer necessary.

🇮🇹e non più necessario.

3/ ImageImage
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COVID Sitrep: Only a short update as on call this weekend with this amazing team covering covid ICU. TLDR: Things may be settling but the work is far from over. 1/8 Image
Lots of talk this week about new covid infections hitting a plateau. This is probably driven by children going back to school. So not ideal, but better than the rebound peak we feared would happen after New Year. 2/8
New hospital admissions continue to fall but slowly. A large proportion of these are those 'incidental' covid patients admitted for other 'usual' medical problems not covid disease. 3/8
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De opnames van baby's en peuters gaan door het dak in Denemarken. Meer dan 80+'ers, terwijl 0-2 maar 2 jaren zijn! Ook de schooljeugd.
Dit heeft te maken met de BA2 variant. Die ook al in NL is en hier minstens even hard zal mogen uitrazen. #StaySafe
Het is tijd voor een einde aan het gelul dat de pandemie voorbij is. Overheden die graag veel besmettingen hebben als er wat plek in de ziekenhuizen is het belang om dat te zeggen.
Het virus blijft voorlopig zijn best doen, en de overheid ook om die ruimte te geven.
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#Omikron kann uns genau jetzt in dieser #Pandemie da hinführen, wo wir nie sein wollten. Nur subtiler als mit dramatischen Szenen auf #Intensivstationen.

#Thread in einfachen Worten.

Ein Beispiel:
- in #Hamburg ist bereits jetzt grob jeder 10. Mensch positiv getestet

- Normalstationen werden zunehmend in Isolationsstationen umgewandelt werden müssen, was Kapazitäten reduziert

- in Kliniken werden initial unentdeckt positive Pat. zu Ausbrüchen auf nicht-ISO-Stationen führen, was vorübergehende Schließungen dieser Stationen zur Folge hat

- medizin. Personal wird zu hohen Anteilen #SARSCoV2 positiv werden oder gar an #COVID19 erkranken, was Ressourcenknappheit verstärkt & Anzahl d unter Quarantäne stehenden Stationen erhöht

- „Ersatzpersonal“ wird dabei helfen müssen, eine Art Regelbetrieb aufrechtzuerhalten
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