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👀Lifeless Eyes👀: In my post Masters externship, my clinical supervisor taught me about the 'eyes'. Many people do not realise these eyes 👀 to be a red flag ⚡️ to stay away from these people. Why do the eyes of narcissists, sociopaths & psychopaths look 'lifeless'? #clues
‘Lifeless’ eyes can be a dissociative state, where a person completely shuts off from their True core Self, inner self identity & emotions. They direct their focus toward their outer environment, a person of interest, or a person of potential threat, devoid of an inner self
These personality types no longer feel typical emotions as this can remove feelings of fear, shame, trauma or vulnerability. Their brains are wired differently than yours. They are unable to label and identify their feelings, have no empathy and can be very dangerous #lessfear
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In meinen Trends ploppt #ZeroCovid auf (@zeroCovid_DACH ) auf! Vom Prinzip her exakt meine Einstellung, aber wenn wir realistisch sind, dass wird nichts mehr (vorerst)! Hier mehr dazu, was #ZeroCovid eigentlich wollte und was das Ziel war/ist↓
Hier nachzulesen unter:
Ich glaube hier wird aktuell so einiges verwechselt mit #NoCovid , was aber eigentlich eine etwas andere Strategie verfolgt, aber mit dem 'gleichen' Ziel…

Dieser Weg wäre machbar, wäre da nicht diese Koalition ... diese #FDP die jetzt volle breitseite prä-
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> New positive cases per day
> Regional breakdown
> New COVID-19 Hospital admissions: 07 March 2020 - 17 March 2022
> NHLS Provincial testing figures

#StaySafe #PlayYourPart #StopTheSpread
>Sub-district with new cases in 7 days
>Sub-districts with highest number of active cases
>Management of COVID-19 admissions at 17 March 2022
>Age and gender distribution of COVID-19 deaths

#StaySafe #PlayYourPart #StopTheSpread
>Vaccination Status Report
>Individuals vaccinated per age group per and sex
>Number of individuals vaccinated and fully vaccinated against adult population
>Fully vaccinated individuals as a percentage of Adult population

#IChooseVaccination #VaccinesSavesLives
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Ultimate Freedom Day is forcing the most vulnerable into impossible situations.

How can we #StaySafe?
No testing. No isolating.

How can we judge our risks?
No ONS data, no government data.

How can we even access healthcare?
No masks.

With no masks and no isolating how can forced return to F2F work be viable in these circumstances?
We are choosing between #LivesAndLivelihoods

How can we send our children to school safely?
We are choosing between #educationANDlives

Why is the answer ONLY more vaccines?
Severely immunosuppressed may not have made a response to 4.

Where is the real world evidence this will make a difference?
No other country is offering 5 doses.

What about the other CV / CEV?
Vaccines waning.

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Austria 2022 Image
"Health expert in Israel"
h/t @MatanHolzer Image
#StaySafe Image
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🇬🇧We are concerned that a narrative has taken hold in some countries that, because of vaccines

🇮🇹Siamo preoccupati che una narrativa si sia imposta in alcuni paesi secondo cui, grazie ai vaccini

1/ ImageImage
🇬🇧and because of Omicron's high transmissibility and lower severity,
⚠️preventig transmission is no longer possible

🇮🇹e grazie alla alta trasmissibilità e più bassa severità di Omicron,
⚠️prevenire i contagi non sia più possibile

2/ ImageImage
🇬🇧and no longer necessary.

🇮🇹e non più necessario.

3/ ImageImage
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Vaccine Party in Israel
692/9999 Image
h/t @ZubyMusic
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COVID Sitrep: Only a short update as on call this weekend with this amazing team covering covid ICU. TLDR: Things may be settling but the work is far from over. 1/8 Image
Lots of talk this week about new covid infections hitting a plateau. This is probably driven by children going back to school. So not ideal, but better than the rebound peak we feared would happen after New Year. 2/8
New hospital admissions continue to fall but slowly. A large proportion of these are those 'incidental' covid patients admitted for other 'usual' medical problems not covid disease. 3/8
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De opnames van baby's en peuters gaan door het dak in Denemarken. Meer dan 80+'ers, terwijl 0-2 maar 2 jaren zijn! Ook de schooljeugd.
Dit heeft te maken met de BA2 variant. Die ook al in NL is en hier minstens even hard zal mogen uitrazen. #StaySafe
Het is tijd voor een einde aan het gelul dat de pandemie voorbij is. Overheden die graag veel besmettingen hebben als er wat plek in de ziekenhuizen is het belang om dat te zeggen.
Het virus blijft voorlopig zijn best doen, en de overheid ook om die ruimte te geven.
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#Omikron kann uns genau jetzt in dieser #Pandemie da hinführen, wo wir nie sein wollten. Nur subtiler als mit dramatischen Szenen auf #Intensivstationen.

#Thread in einfachen Worten.

Ein Beispiel:
- in #Hamburg ist bereits jetzt grob jeder 10. Mensch positiv getestet

- Normalstationen werden zunehmend in Isolationsstationen umgewandelt werden müssen, was Kapazitäten reduziert

- in Kliniken werden initial unentdeckt positive Pat. zu Ausbrüchen auf nicht-ISO-Stationen führen, was vorübergehende Schließungen dieser Stationen zur Folge hat

- medizin. Personal wird zu hohen Anteilen #SARSCoV2 positiv werden oder gar an #COVID19 erkranken, was Ressourcenknappheit verstärkt & Anzahl d unter Quarantäne stehenden Stationen erhöht

- „Ersatzpersonal“ wird dabei helfen müssen, eine Art Regelbetrieb aufrechtzuerhalten
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I’m a #triplevaxxed surgeon, now sick & isolating with #COVID19. I’m married to a #triplevaxxed rheumatologist MD & mom to 2 kids in Moderna 💉trial, all negative but #quarantining since 3 y/o is blinded to vax status. Wanna know how Hubby’s work is treating him? (A 🧵)

He works for a large private health company, so Families First Coronavirus Response Act /FFCRA doesn’t apply. He is staying home with the exposed kids (kid 2 is 3 yo & still blinded in the trial). His options?
1️⃣Use vacation time
2️⃣Take unpaid leave…
He will likely test + in the next few days given the household transmission of #Omicron, and then will STILL either take unpaid leave or use our much-needed vacation time.…

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Le Bon plan du jour pour les utilisateurs de la blockchain #Ethereum ayant dépensés plus de 1559 $ en frais de transaction.

Un #Airdrop pour réclamer une récompense.

ATTENTION & #DYOR : Je n'ai AUCUNE info dessus. Le dépôt Github date de 6 heures.
Pour cela, il suffit de connecter son #wallet à l'application et de cliquer sur le bouton Claim.

N'étant pas éligible, je ne sais pas à combien s'élève la récompense.

Soyez prudent et ne le faite pas si vous avez le moindre doute. #DYOR #StaySafe
Pour les curieux, le dépôt #Github semble être ici :

N'hésitez pas à y jeter un oeil et faire vos retours si nécessaire.

Encore une fois, faites attention à vous.
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COVID sitrep for Christmas Eve: The huge wave of COVID-19 infections, driven by the new omicron variant, is spreading across the country. Hospital admissions are now rising in London but the good news is we think things won’t be as bad as last winter. 1/12…
The wave of infections with SARS CoV-2 is simply huge, passing 100,000 ‘cases’ two days in a row and way in excess of the previous record peak of 81,000 in January 2021. Yesterday 119,000 people tested positive 2/12
Before anyone suggests it, this is NOT simply because we are doing more tests. Firstly, the proportion of tests done which are positive has increased too (blue line in graph). Secondly, people get tested for a reason - symptoms or a covid contact – it’s not random behaviour. 3/12
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Tonight, my COVID isolation ends.

A quick summary thread on my experience getting COVID (in my 7th month after my 2nd Moderna dose), and what I learned from it.

COVID found its way to me, not too surprisingly, through what epidemiologists call "a household contact". In this case, my daughter. She is not 12 yet, and Switzerland hasn't yet rolled out vaccines for that age group.

Unfortunately, at her public school, no testing was ever done. In the 2 years since the start of the pandemic, she was not asked to do a single test at school. Also, no masks.

Not surprisingly, almost everyone in her class started catching it.

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This was Vienna, Austria, last night at 7pm (infrared pic): silently wandering, filling one street around the old town, „the Ring“, with candles, flashlights, mobile phone‘s torches for commemorating the dead they suffered from amidst their families, friends neighbors. In silence
Another one… 🕯
And one aerial by a copter:


This crowd stood in silence, tending each and everyone’s of their lights, after 8 minutes at 7.08pm the whole “Ring” started clapping, cheering. Well, this does not do due to all the helpers, however: #YesWeCare is the message.
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💠Die Niederlande🇳🇱 ist seit gestern wieder im #Lockdown
💠London ruft den Katastrophenfall aus
💠🇦🇹,🇫🇷,🇩🇰 verschärfen Ihre Regeln

Warum es im Falle von #Omikron so wichtig ist ⏱️frühzeitig⏱️ zu reagieren.

Ein rechnerischer Erklärungsversuch

Die Erklärung ist recht einfach:
#Omikron breitet sich aus wie eine 🚀.
Aber 💡:
1⃣Was sind die Implikationen dieser rasanten Ausbreitung und
2⃣Wie lässt sich die Dynamik ausbremsen?
Zuerst zu 2⃣ (weil allgemein bekannt):
Die Dynamik lässt sich nur bremsen, indem die Übertragungen vermindert werden.
Der R-Wert gibt an, auf wie viele weitere Personen eine Person im Schnitt überträgt.

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Wer glaubt, Deutschland käme angesichts der derzeit sinkenden Fallzahlen mit einem blauen Auge davon, irrt.
Aufgrund von verschiedenen Faktoren (Impflücken bei ü60, hohe Altersstruktur…) befinden wir uns in einer schlechten Ausgangssituation. 🧵⬇️1/n
#COVID19 #Omikron
Am Beispiel Englands lässt sich das ganz gut sehen: Die Immunitätswand ist höher (Kombi aus besserer Impfquote v.a. in den höheren Altersgruppen, Boosterimpfung, durchgemachter Infektion). 2/n…
Vergleich der AK-Prävalenz zw. UK und D (SeBluCo-Studie). ⬇️

Lt. Tim Spector (Professor für genetische Epidemiologie am King's College London) habe das Vereinigte Königreich zwar "den Preis" für eine hartnäckig hohe…3/n……
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58,194 new cases in UK 10th December

London has some real climbers:-

350 #Greenwich
406 #Lewisham
339 #Newham
292 #Islington
./1 ImageImageImageImage
London has some huge rises in coronavirus cases in the last few days #StaySafe

441 #Southwark
363 #Hackney
313 #TowerHamlets
501 #Lambeth

./2 ImageImageImageImage
@fascinatorfun rises in coronavirus in London are looking terrible ahead of 'Christmas Party weekend'😮
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#COVID19 UPDATE (As on 2nd December, 2021)

➡️9,765 daily new cases in the last 24 hours

➡️Daily positivity rate reported to be 0.89%

#Unite2FightCorona #StaySafe

#IndiaFightsCorona :

➡️8,548 patients recovered during last 24 hours

➡️3.40 crore total recoveries across the country so far

➡️Recovery rate increases to 98.35%

#Unite2FightCorona #StaySafe


➡️Active caseload further declines at 1.00 lakh

➡️Active cases constitute 0.29% of total cases

➡️Weekly positivity rate drops to less than 2%, currently at 0.85%

#Unite2FightCorona #StayHomeStaySafe

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#COVID19 UPDATE (As on 1st December, 2021)

➡️8,954 daily new cases in the last 24 hours

➡️Daily positivity rate reported to be 0.81%

#Unite2FightCorona #StaySafe


➡️10,207 patients recovered during last 24 hours

➡️3.40 crore total recoveries across the country so far

➡️Recovery rate increases to 98.36%

#Unite2FightCorona #StaySafe


➡️Active caseload further declines at 99.0 thousand

➡️Active cases constitute 0.29% of total cases

➡️Weekly positivity rate drops to less than 1%, currently at 0.84%

#Unite2FightCorona #StayHomeStaySafe

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#COVID19 UPDATE (As on 30th November, 2021)

➡️6,990 daily new cases in the last 24 hours

➡️Daily positivity rate reported to be 0.69%

#Unite2FightCorona #StaySafe

1/4 Image

➡️10,116 patients recovered during last 24 hours

➡️3.40 crore total recoveries across the country so far

➡️Recovery rate increases to 98.35%

#Unite2FightCorona #StaySafe

2/4 Image

➡️Active caseload further declines at 1.00 lakh

➡️Active cases constitute 0.29% of total cases

➡️Weekly positivity rate drops to less than 1%, currently at 0.84%

#Unite2FightCorona #StayHomeStaySafe

3/4 Image
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{Mini #Thread] C'est vendredi et le vendredi... C'est éducation party !

Un peu de vocabulaire avec le #rugpull en #crypto. Nous allons voir ce qu'est un rug pull mais aussi, comment essayer d'en déceler un avant de tomber dans le piège.

Détendez vous et voyons ça ensemble ⬇️
Le "#rugpull" est un terme anglophone qui se traduit en français par tirage de tapis. Pas très #sexy hein ?

Dans le secteur des #crypto, un rug pull est une arnaque où les fondateurs/développeurs abandonnent leur projet et s'enfuient avec les fonds des investisseurs.
La grande majorité des #rugpull se produisent sur des plateformes de #finance décentralisée (#DEX).

Ils opèrent sur ces plateformes car ils sont beaucoup plus simples à mettre en œuvre.

Mais ils existent aussi sur des plateformes centralisée comme avec Thodex et son PDG.
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#KingdomOfAtlantia is adopting the #COVIDsafePlan start Oct 18, 2021.
Effective until March 12, 2022-earlier if all groups in Kingdom reach 80% #vaccinated

#MySCA @AtlantiaSCA #WeCanDoThis #StaySafe

What this means: cont: (1/?)

Full Details in link:…
#MySCA #COVIDsafePlan

To participate at in-person events & activities:

Mandated requirements: if there are differences between Kingdom requirements & local/site requirements, the stricter requirement is followed

Cont. (2/?)
#MySCA #COVIDsafePlan

Proof of #Vaccination OR negative #COVIDtest for adults and children ages 12+. Children 3-11 must #WearAMask

Anyone challenging these requirements will be denied entry/immediately removed from the event.

Cont. (3/?)
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Tweet rapide sur l'aspect sécurité ULTRA important

Cela s'adresse aux personnes qui particient à un maximum de projet, dont les mint des #NFTs.

Quand vous testez des sites exotiques dans la #Defi, pour mint un #NFT ou que sais-je, vous devez faire ça sur un trash wallet. Image
Pourquoi utiliser un #trash wallet ?

La trash wallet est un #wallet avec le minimum de fonds nécessaire pour réaliser une transaction.

Son but est que même en cas de signature d'une #transaction qui siphonne vos fonds, vous ne serez pas/peu impacté. Image
Un exemple dans le cas des #NFTs

Si vous voulez #mint un #NFT gratuitement sur un site louche, mettez le minimum dessus, juste pour mint et/ou payer les frais

Vous allez signer une transaction sur le site dont vous ne connaissez pas les effets, méfiance ! Image
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