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Minister Olivia #Grégoire cancels the first stage of her trip to La Baule where a welcoming committee was waiting for her to go to Guérande (France Bleu) #MacronChallenge #Casseroles #IntervillesMacron #ministers #ReformeDesRetraites
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Public #hospital #crisis: more than a thousand people demonstrate in the streets of #Feurs (8300 inhabitants) in the #Loire to defend the #emergencies and the SMUR closed for 3 weeks #HopitalPublic
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👏 Enquête magistrale sur les rouages de la Fondation Gates, GAVI, Wellcome, CEPI, le partenariat R&D sur les vaccins créés par Gates et le Wellcome Trust. On retrouve les relations politiques et financières de COVAX avec l'OMS, les USA, l’Allemagne et la Commission européenne.
Des chiffres : 10 milliards de dollars récoltés en donations des gouvernements et dépensés pour le Covid depuis 2020, dont 1,4 milliard donné à l’OMS pour distribuer des outils, COVAX inclus. Et 2,4 milliards pour le développement de vaccins uniquement.…
Les dirigeants des 4 organisations interconnectées ont eu un accès sans précédent aux plus hauts niveaux des gouvernements, dépensant au moins 8,3 millions de dollars pour faire pression sur les fonctionnaires et les législateurs aux USA et en Europe.
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🚨My latest: An in-depth feature tackling global vaccine inequality🧵

1/ This is bigger than Covid. It’s about unsafe policies & practices ensuring that profit & power stays in the Global North.

It’s about what needs to change.

#longreads #CovidVaccine…
2/ COVID demonstrated the folly of relying on goodwill & the West.

Nearly 80% of people in rich countries have been vaccinated & fewer than 20% in poor countries. This is cruel AND dumb. Economies are connected. Variants spread.…
3/ Covid vaccine inequality is unjust but not surprising.

Years passed before HIV drugs were available in lower income countries. Decades passed before vaccines against pneumonia were available. Cancer treatments, monoclonal antibodies...people die in these delays.
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📍 Gingee fort, Villupuram
Explore the fort's beautiful interiors. Tanks, granaries, halls, marriage halls, and several more unusual locations can be found here. One can always find some time to pay them a visit.
📍 Perumal peak, Kodaikanal
The walk begins at the foot of the peak, at Perumal Malai Village, about 11 kilometres from Kodaikanal. It's around 7 km and takes about 4 hours one way. The majority of the hike is somewhat strenuous, with a few steep spots.
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On 9/22, the US will host a global COVID-19 response summit during #UNGA. Despite multiple COVID summits, including #G7, none have generated robust action needed to address massive global vaccine access imbalances. This one can and must be different.…

The announcement follows efforts by @GlblCtzn and 30+ other orgs to develop & promote a comprehensive framework for global action against COVID-19, w/ the goal of setting a standard for success of any summit. We've shared key asks, together w/ US-based orgs, w/ the @WhiteHouse.
Yesterday, @washingtonpost published new US-led targets and calls to action that the WH shared w/ countries invited to the summit, covering global access to vaccines, tests, and treatments, as well as pandemic preparedness/financing. Let’s see how they measure up:
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Several remarkable statements on the #TRIPS IP waiver in this @IrishTimes interview w/Curevac investor Friedrich von Bohlen (FvB):

1) FvB - “Germany’s post-war constitution says that human life is inviolable, I’d say the same about intellectual property”…
2) FvB sees US TRIPS waiver support as a trade war on Germany:

“For the first time in biotech history, two of the three [successful] firms are not from the US. I smiled a little bit [when I heard it]. If the firms were all American I don’t think we’d have had this proposal”
3) The reporter Derek Scally notes that German opposition to the TRIPS waiver may be implacable:

“After quiet conversations with the founders of BioNTech and Curevac, chancellor Angela Merkel – and other EU leaders – pushed back against the idea.”
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Critics of #TRIPSwaiver for #covid19 #vaccines stress importance of IPR protection for pharma industry and see future #innovation at risk. But the empirical evidence gives few indications of this. This thread explains why & proposes alternative innovation incentives.
Empirical evidence that increased patent protection leads to more innovation justifying its social costs is surprisingly thin: Little support in the literature that higher patent protection increases rate of innovation. Full references of citations: ÖFSE WorkingPaper linked below
Some studies even found statistically significant negative relationship between patent protection & productivity growth. Led to sharp increase in transaction costs&legal disputes -->discourages smaller firms&start-ups -->reduces technological innovation
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Worum geht es beim sog. #TRIPS #Waiver (#Patentfreigabe für #COVID19 #Impfstoffe) geht?

Ein kleiner Thread zur Einordnung.
1. Geistiges Eigentum kann in Form von Patenten geschützt werden. Dies geschieht zur Innovationsförderung, weil es den erfolgreich innovierenden Unternehmen ein zeitlich begrenztes Monopol garantiert. Im Welthandelsrecht ist das im #TRIPS-Abkommen festgelegt. 1/
2. Ein #Waiver ist das Aussetzen dieses Patentschutzes. Dies bedarf im WTO-Kontext der Einstimmigkeit, de-facto hängt es nach der Zustimmung der USA vor allem an der EU, UK und der Schweiz. Die Aussetzung in Anbetracht der pandemischen Lage beantragten Indien und Südafrika. 2/
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In Nov we learned that the 1st mRNA vaccine was 95% effective for COVID. Since then the # of people who’ve died has more than doubled. Yesterday's #TRIPS news is a start. Here are next steps @joebiden must take to end the pandemic: 🧵
We have developed a comprehensive plan on how we could rapidly scale mRNA vaccine production and have shared it with the administration since Feb. More than a 100 days into his admin, this president still has not developed a plan for global vaccination.…
And while committing to negotiate a TRIPS waiver is something, @joebiden needs to take more immediate action *today*. There are three actions Biden, with just his phone and pen, could do today to put the world on the path to global vaccination. 3/n
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In advance of our Vaccine Equity and International Economic Law event next week (register here:…), I am compiling some resources focused specifically on the proposed #TRIPS waiver.

A thread with links. 1/x
Proposed text of the waiver, submitted to the TRIPS Council in October 2020, is here. 2/x…
As an example of opposition to the proposal, here’s a response from Norway back in October 2020. It heavily emphasizes the existing flexibilities in the TRIPS Agreement. 3/x…
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The #TRIPSWaiver: lots of misunderstanding & mis-information on WTO & law.
A thread on why it's:
-not going to harm innovation
-not radical
- harmful to pretend it is
-not going to touch US pharma patents
-(as we all said) just 1 piece of #CovidVaccine access puzzle
1)Those arguing TRIPS waiver will undermine the innovation that got us #COVIDVaccines are asking us to believe start-ups (Moderna, BioNTech) and universities (Oxford, UPenn) are going to stop taking public money to develop & trial breakthrough vaccines (!?) or 2/12 Image
or that major pharma companies are going to refuse to commercialize technologies with huge potential rewards ($billions from massive orders) that have largely been de-risked by public + philanthropic efforts if they are only promised monopolies in US, EU and other HICs… 3/14 Image
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#Exclusive: Competition from #India (Oxford-Astra Zeneca-Serum Institute) is a key reason why wealthy nations, especially in the #EU, won't allow a #WTO #Trips waiver tomorrow, a source close to the talks tells me. 1|n #vaccines #Geneva #access #publichealth
It's an #EU-wide decision taken at #Brussels. Tomorrow's text is expected to take refuge in 'process'. All #vaccine manufacturers are eying #India's market. #NewDelhi must leverage India's markets for our benefit. n/n #Trips #WTO #access
"India is not to be trusted...India is not a benevolent power," is what #EU officials are saying. Galling. They've forgotten that it was #Indian generics that broke the back of the AIDS pandemic..." #Trips #WTO #access #Geneva
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THREAD: MSF has experienced first-hand positive and negative impacts of voluntary licenses on access to the medicines we provide to people in our care and beyond.

Here are some things you should know about voluntary licenses & access to medicines 👇
Did you know that pharma companies often restrict to where and to whom a generic drug can be sold?

This happens via private contracts, meaning that people are denied #AccessToMedicines due to geographic limitations decided in secret agreements.😤

Did you know that during public health emergencies, governments have legal ways to override patents and produce or import any generic drug without the consent of the pharma company that owns the patent?

It’s simple: put lives over patents.
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