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Good morning to everyone except all the people who were gaslighting us in 2019 and 2020 by saying Biden's policies weren't substantially different from Bernie's.
Here's a list of policies we would have right now with President Sanders. Which are all still possible, but Biden is choosing not to do these things. 🧵
1. Keep workers on payroll during the pandemic.

Make sure that every worker in America continues to receive their paycheck during this crisis, retroactive to the beginning of the crisis.
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DO NOT CUT MEDICARE, @JoeBiden, end the filibuster and make #MedicareForAll happen if you truly want to be thought of as a modern-day FDR instead of a guy who took us further backward by cutting healthcare during a pandemic.
Joe Biden is no FDR. What an evil, scummy thing to do to the American people, especially during a pandemic. Massive cuts to Medicare because Democrats won't end the filibuster? Cuts to farm aid? With Democrats like these, who needs Republicans?

"The money is right there. It’s spent on bombs instead of homes. On cops instead of kids. On bailing out banks instead of families. Again the only argument against helping people is a lie." - @JoshuaPotash
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Democrats have a majority, but Biden's cutting MEDICARE and FARM AID because of... Republicans? FUCK THAT! End the filibuster, you gormless <descending into incoherent and very unflattering mumbling> @SenateDems!
How dare they cut already sparse benefits from some of the most vulnerable people, especially during a pandemic! How dare they shrug away the mantle of a people's majority and pretend it's due to the Republicans' corruption instead of
their own greed and elitism. It's time to move forward and join other first world countries. It's time for #MedicareForAll.
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This is what @aslavitt46 said a horrible Trump second term would be like. So why is it the strategy Biden is still using right now?

Why aren't we adopting a COVID-19 elimination strategy now that we have a new government? #ZeroCOVID
The idea that "living with COVID" is acceptable, that hundreds of thousands of deaths are acceptable, that millions of people infected and many with Long COVID is acceptable?

None of that is acceptable. That's what Trump did. Why isn't Biden taking a different approach?
We've been very distracted, understandably, in the US by the transition from the Trump to Biden administrations and everything that came with it.

But it's time to focus on the pandemic. This is year 2 and it's going to be more like year 1 than you know unless we change course.
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@shipman96 @katrinapmat @FLOTUS
We can't afford insurance in your husband's "access to healthcare" screed to justify reinstating the "Individual Mandate.
We need #MedicareForAll
@shipman96 @katrinapmat @FLOTUS Courage
Courage would be standing-up for the American *People* and not for the Corporations.
Capitalism has failed us. Look out the windows as you shop, and see the homeless, including my fellow vets.
@shipman96 @katrinapmat @FLOTUS Love/Amor
That's a list of personal emotions and practice. They're also meaningless in the face of Democrats and Republicans supporting Corporations and "Blue Lives" over We, the People.
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As we push for the upcoming #MedicareForAll bill, here's a tip for approaching your Reps/Senators.

Top 3 arguments according to Progressive Caucus polling (try to spot the pattern 👀):

#1: people would no longer die because they couldn’t afford medicine or care

...strongest arguments for #MedicareForAll, continued:

#2: that the U.S. would no longer be the only developed country without a universal health system

#3: families would no longer struggle to provide long-term care for seniors and people with disabilities.

notably absent are arguments about:

- administrative savings
- % of GDP taken by healthcare costs
- reimbursement rates

Lead with *your* personal healthcare story - how our hc system has affected you, your friends & family.

Make it personal. Don't let them look away.

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How could Congress actually hold Trump accountable?

What actions could they take to undo the harm Trump caused and build something better in its place?

What would real justice look like beyond an impeachment trial?
For real justice Congress could actually cancel the contracts for building Trump's wall. The wall could be torn down, the land could be restored, and returned to the care of its rightful stewards and protectors for the benefit of all life, land, water, and culture. #LandBack
For real justice Congress could dismantle ICE and DHS. Congress could cancel private prison contracts and shut down all ICE facilities, detention centers, and concentration camps. Free all those imprisoned, and provide reparations for all those harmed. #AbolishICE #FreeThemAll
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We hear this question over, and over, and over again. Often from people who know better, but who want to sow doubt about our ability to finance #SinglePayer #MedicareForAll. So let's get into it.

Full toolkit here:

Thread below👇
For starters, the U.S. spends more on health care than any other nation in the world, by far. A whopping $3.8 TRILLION in 2019, which is projected to go up to $6.2 TRILLION by 2028. via @Health_Affairs
This spending takes a HUGE bite out of family budgets. In 2020, the cost of health care for a hypothetical U.S. family of four covered by an average employer-sponsored PPO plan was $28,653, according to @millimanhealth.
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"If you send Jon and the Reverend to Washington, those $2,000 checks will go out the door, restoring hope and decency and honor for so many people who are struggling right now."

@JoeBiden, January 4th, 2021
We still have this problem, during a pandemic.
And #MedicareForAll is still the answer.

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We are not far away from routinely #genome sequencing every newborn suspected of having a rare/hereditary disorder.
In fact, there will be a point, especially in single-payer health care systems, where it'll be logistically preferable to routinely #genome sequence every newborn.
What will it take? Management, machines, and money (3M), in that order:
1/ A management system that handles sample collection, carries on the sequencing effectively, and makes the result available: we are not far away from this in, e.g. the UK's (@NHS+Wales/Scotland/NI).
We are much better at this now than, say, 1-2 years ago. See a successful system of coordinating this for lower throughput sequencing but high numbers of samples in #COVID19
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Something that's kind of obvious but we aren't saying out loud often enough: The US government never actually responded to COVID-19, we're just now going to start, a year late.
It feels like we should approach the Biden administration's response to COVID-19 with this in mind, since this is the first real response to the pandemic. We should be getting all the basics we never got in March: monthly checks, a real national eviction ban, healthcare for all.
Since this is first month the US government plans to respond seriously to the pandemic, why not start with a simple four-point plan?

1. #Masks - give them out, wear them
2. #Cash - $2000 /month for everyone
3. #MedicareForAll - healthcare for all
4. #StayHome - like it says
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Now that 24/7 Trump media cycle is over (I think?), let's look at all the many critical stories corp media ignored for profit since 2016.

1) Flint doesn't have clean water or convictions nearly 7 years later
2) We're aiding Saudi Arabia in genocide of Yemen

3) The PPP small biz program was raided by multi-billion dollar corporate conglomerates who are...not small business
4) Trump and his Interior Department AGGRESSIVELY starting fracking and mining on Native American reservations across America

5) PFAS, a cancer-causing byproduct from the manufacturing of Teflon & non-stick cookware, is rampant in water bodies across America
6) We've been at war in Afghanistan for 20 years (Washington Post exposed generals were FORCED to spend millions per day--didn't matter what for)
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💡DID YOU KNOW—non-profit hospitals in the US legally have to forgive your medical bills if you are too poor to pay.

Please share.

(Contact: @Dollarfor_)
2) Please keep your DMs open if you share a story and asking for a DM assistance from @Dollarfor_
3) They are a real nonprofit.

Health is a human right. Right for your right to live.
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I've got a bunch of Biden video clips in my archive, so I'm going to dump them in this thread for anyone who wants them. Feel free to dl and use at will. 💯

Here's Biden & his "little guy" rhetoric, pretending he isn't backed by billionaires & corp interests. 🙄

I've got a bunch of Biden video clips in my archive, so I'm going to dump them in this thread for anyone who wants them. Feel free to dl and use at will. 💯

Here's the Biden vs Bernie on Social Security clip.

I've got a bunch of Biden video clips in my archive, so I'm going to dump them in this thread for anyone who wants them. Feel free to dl and use at will. 💯

This is a bunch of clips of Biden that are just forehead-slapping pathetic from back before Obama fvcked us.
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Psssst... pass it on:

➡️ COVID LUNG is worse than smoker’s lung.

"Post-COVID lungs look worse than any type of terrible smoker's lung we've ever seen. And they collapse. And they clot off. And the shortness of breath lingers” says Dr @BKendallMD. #COVID19 ImageImage
2) All that white on the X-ray is scarring. You don’t want it. Many have COVID lung even if asymptomatic.

How common is severe chest X-rays?

100% of time if symptomatic

70-80% of time if asymptomatic. #COVID19 Image
3) Many others are highlighting this issue. Look how even longer term #COVID19 survivors’ lungs look compared to healthy. Lots of damage long term, even if not severe illness. Image
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So Biden's plan went from $2,000 to $1,400.

A one time payment.

Not retroactive to March.

Not monthly.

And no #MedicareForAll, so people will still bear the crushing burden of medical expenses.

Garbage, that's what this is.
To everyone responding "$1400 + $600 = $2000" ... give me a friggin' break. Biden's promise was $2,000, and I'd wager anything that nobody who heard him thought he planned to subtract the $600.
I mean, come on...
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BRIAHNA JOY GRAY: Jimmy, I want to ADDRESS this issue.
[DORE nods]
You KNOW I am sensitive to the terrorist attack on the capital, where 5 people lost their lives.
DORE: Absolutely
But for real...she's a sociopath.
To me, a True Progressive, it is important to invalidate other people's trauma, in order to pass #MedicareForAll
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ATROCIOUS big pharma price gouging of insulin:

This crying mother can’t afford the $1000 for her son’s insulin.

📌yet, it only costs pharma $5 to produce.

📌Insulin was invented 100 years ago by Fred Banting—who donated patent for $1 to make it free for all.

Let that sink in.
2) Insulin is one of the most disgusting cases of price gouging ever.

America has long taken a free market approach to pharmaceuticals.
Drug companies haggle separately over drug prices with a variety of private insurers across the country...…
3) “Meanwhile, Medicare, the government health program for those over age 65 — it’s also the nation’s largest buyer of drugs—is barred from negotiating drug prices. That gives pharma more leverage, and it leads to the kind of price surges of EpiPens, opioid antidotes, & insulin.”
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Please watch this video to get a good sense of what @JoeBiden could do if he cared to do it.

It answers all the questions.

Some takeaways:

80% of all student debt is held by those making less than $127k a year.

Families making less than 60k a year took out 280% MORE student loan debt than families making over 100k.
Women hold 2/3rds of student loan debt.

And Black women hold more than anyone else. 

12 years after starting school the median Black student loan borrower owed more debt than they originally took out. And 21% have defaulted on their loans.
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#SinglePayerSunday Real #MedicareForAll supporters don't insist "citizenship" be a requirement or advocate felonizing the delivery of health care to the undocumented. They also don't pretend AOC's gaslighting on forcing Pelosi to hold a #FloorVote is "wisdom." It was ka-ka. 1/
2/ Last but not least, they also don't get a bunch of trolls to gang up on, or bully and harass, advocates of #ForceTheVote

#SinglePayerSunday Wonder who we're referencing?

#SinglePayerNOW #MedicareForALL
#M4A #USA #M4AVoters
#MedicareForALLVoters #M4Anow #SinglePayer
Health care is a human right! Pass it now! #MedicareForALL (and by "All," we mean ALL). Farmworkers are human beings who need health care too! So are all people in the United States! Delivering health care is not a crime under ANY circumstance!

#SinglePayerSunday #ForceTheVote
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We are the tax-paying majority yet w/NO say on how OUR $ is spent, while a wealthy minority pays ZERO yet has ALL say in how OUR $ is spent @JoeBiden

We demand what's normal & common sense in other 21st C nations

Retroactive mthly #Stimulus2000 #COVID19




Enough is enough! #NationalStrike
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They're playing "Sweet Little Lies" by Fleetwood Mac at the Georgia GOP election party.
I've made the decision to watch the live coverage of the Georgia Senate Runoff elections on @newsmax

Let's see how long before I have to change the channel.
@JodyHice is explaining how this election is gonna be totally legit this time, unlike the general election. Both Democrats are currently ahead. I'm looking forward to the meltdown later tonight.
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No. As I have explained, the goal of #forcethevote is to bridge the gap between enormous support for #medicareforall (88% among Democratic voters) and the tepid support among elected Democrats (barely half of house dems).

My opinion is that a key driver of this gap is the corporate media.

The media refuses to air how popular the policies are, so most ppl think M4All is a losing political issue & forgive Dems for not backing it. Ultimately, they prioritize Dem victories.
In fact, the media actively parrots right wing talking points -- convincing voters that Medicare for all is too expensive, too unpopular, and too impractical to vote in favor of.

The goal of a floor vote is to wrest control from the corporate media & tell the truth.
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Thread trying for some nuance re: #ForceTheVote for #MedicareForAll

1) It is immoral and urgent that people are not getting healthcare they need and deserve.
2) It is immoral and urgent that the current system causes so much financial and psychological stress to people who just want healthcare.
3) It is heinous that Wall Street, pharma, insurers, for-profit hospitals, non-profit hospitals, rightwing politicians, and "moderate" plutocratic politicians fight #MedicareForAll, allowing ongoing mass death and mass suffering from preventable illness and financial toxicity.
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