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Today is my birthday.
It is also Memorial Day.
Here is my birthday wish: Please take a moment today - while you’re surrounded by loved ones, celebrating in perfect security - to remember the millions of American men & women never got to see their next birthday sacrificing for us.
They gave their lives so we could live in the greatest country in history.
We became the greatest country in the world because of the sacrifices of men & women far braver & better than the rest of us.
Their sacrifices created this incredible nation we are privileged to call home
It’s the honor of my life to be able to work with many veterans & American heroes. Their stories make America possible. Let’s remember those who gave the last, full measure of devotion to make this the best nation on earth.
Happy Memorial Day.
God bless America. 🇺🇸🦅🔥🙏🏻
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Staff Sergeant Matt Maupin, US Army, 1983-2004.

(cc: @jaketapper)
In Iraq, early April 2004, a sectarian Iraqi cleric called for a jihad against coalition troops. His militia destroyed 8 bridges overnight, attempting to stop traffic between Baghdad Airport and a nearby coalition base.

His goal? Cut off fuel and ammunition from allied forces and “starve” them out of the base.

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GEN HR McMaster (Ret) this #MemorialDayWeekend will be thinking of many of the fallen, including

SPC Jeffrey A. Williams, 20,
KIA Sept. 5 2005 when an improvised explosive device detonated near his combat patrol in Tal Afar, Iraq.
“Williams made the ultimate sacrifice on Sep. 5, 2005 during Operation Restoring Rights – a battle to lift the pall of fear from the people of Tall Afar, defeat the forces of terrorism and hatred, & secure Iraq and our own nation from terrorists whose brutality knows no limits.
”All of us were deeply saddened by the loss of Jeffrey. He was a larger than life young man. He was a courageous soldier who volunteered to join our security detachment. Today, thinking of Jeffrey and his ever-present smile makes me smile. He had a wonderful sense of humor.
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Marine GEN John Allen (Ret) tells me this #MemorialDayWeekend he’s thinking about many fallen servicemembers including:

CPT Michael Steven Haskell, 32,
killed in the terrorist attack of the headquarters of BLT 1st battalion 8th Marines in Beirut Lebanon on October 23, 1983
Captain Vinnie Smith, 30, killed in the terrorist attack of the headquarters of BLT 1st battalion 8th Marines in Beirut Lebanon on October 23, 1983
“Robert Kelly, son of John and Karen Kelly ... killed in the Helmand Province of AFG in 2010”

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In honor of Memorial Day I want to let you know we have “enemies within.” The Obama’s were one of them. M Obama caught bashing our flag and his husband agreeing. Justice is coming! 🇺🇸🇺🇸 #MemorialDayWeekend #MemorialDay
Another tribute to Hussein on #MemorialDay. Traitor Obama refusing to salute the flag back in 2008... 🇺🇸🇺🇸 #MemorialDayWeekend2019 #MemorialDay2019
The Obamas did their job. She was not supposed to lose. Now the justice phase to come! #Treason
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I’d like to share a story about my friend Dee “Piston” Imlay, who died in the cockpit of his F-15E Strike Eagle during a deployment over 7 years ago.

It contains a cameo by Kelis’s #Milkshake—more on that soon.

A brief thread for #MemorialDayWeekend
I first met Piston in the F-15E fighter training unit at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, NC. It's where Strike Eagle fighter pilots and WSOs (back-seaters) go to learn to fly the jet.

We were in the same class, assigned to the 333d Fighter Squadron Lancers.

After the FTU, nearly half the class got stationed at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. Piston and I were among them. But we went to different squadrons.

I went to the 389th Fighter Squadron (Thunderbolts), and he went to the 391st (Bold Tigers).

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This #MemorialDayWeekend, @RepBradWenstrup is thinking about

SSG James McNaughton, 27, KIA August 2, 2005 by enemy sniper fire in Baghdad.…
2/ MAJ John Pryor, 42, the leader of the U Penn’s trauma team as well as a major in the Army Reserve KIA Christmas 2008 by enemy fire in Iraq while serving as a combat surgeon.

3/Lance Corporal Michael J. Cifuentes, 25, KIA August 3, 2005 during hostile action in Barwanah, Iraq.…

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Just 4 days after his son Robert was killed in Afghanistan, Lt Gen John Kelly eulogized two other Marines... 1/
2/ You can read about the courage of Cpl. Jonathan Yale and Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter here:

3/ You can read excerpts from that speech here:…

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Lt. (SEAL) Michael Murphy KIA during Operation Red Wings on Jun. 28, 2005, posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Danny Dietz, KIA during Operation Red Wing, June 28, 2005. #MemorialDayWeekend
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1. #News ~ John Brennan Freaks After President Trump Orders Declassification, calling his move “outrageous… unprecedented.”…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #ReleaseDeclass #ItsHAPPENING #JusticeComing #SOON #ReleaseTheDOCS #TickTock #PANIC
2. #News ~ Exclusive – Pompeo: $8B Arms Sales to Middle East Allies ‘Appropriate and Necessary’…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
3. #News ~ Liberal Judge Blocks Mississippi ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Law…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
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On #MemorialDayWeekend, @sethmoulton told me he’ll be thinking about LCpl James Hassell:…
And @sethmoulton will remember Lance Cpl. Larry L. Wells, 22, KIA August 6, 2004, by enemy action in Najaf province, Iraq.

And @setmoulton will remember Capt Michael Yury Tarlavsky, an immigrant from the USSR KIA Aug. 2005 when a mortar round exploded under him while he was on patrol in Al Anbar Province, Iraq.

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.@SenDanSullivan on who he’s thinking about this #MemorialdayWeekend

“LCDR Erik Kristensen – US Navy Seal. Good friend of mine that I met in jump school. He was KIA in Afghanistan during Operation Red Wing. His heroic actions were highlighted in the movie Lone Survivor.”
2/ “SPC Shane W. Woods, US Army, of Palmer, Alaska – came from a great Alaskan family. He was killed on August 9, 2006, at age 23 when an I.E.D. detonated near his Humvee during combat operations in Ramadi, Iraq.”
3/ “Corporal Grant B. Fraser, USMC, of Anchorage, Alaska was killed Aug. 3, 2005 when his amphibious assault vehicle was hit by an I.E.D. during combat operations south of Hadithah, Iraq. He was a tough marine, came from a patriotic and proud family.”
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On this #MemorialDayWeekend, former Senator Bob Kerrey is thinking about 5 of the fallen.

Petty Officer Second Class E-5 Richard J. Solano, Jr. KIA in the crash of a U.S. Army UH-1H Iroquois helicopter in South Vietnam on June 23, 1970.
2/ Navy Machinist Mate Paul Edwin Gore, 29. from Faison, NC. Killed October 2, 1969 by air crash at sea, Body not recovered. North Vietnam, Hua Nghia province.

3/ Chief Petty Officer Frank Bomar, KIA December 20, 1970 by small arms fire, South Vietnam, Kien Hoa province.
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This #MemorialDayWeekend, @JohnKerry says he’s thinking about close friends from high school, college & the Navy lost in war, not to mention the 58,000+ from Vietnam and the fallen from Iraq, Afghanistan & elsewhere, as well as the funerals he attended for Mass. veterans....
2/ Specific friends he thinks about include:

2LT Dick Pershing, 25, KIA in Vietnam on Feb. 17, 1968, KIA from “wounds received while on a combat mission when his unit came under hostile small-arms and rocket attack while searching for remains of a missing member of his unit”
3/ Lt. Donald G. Droz, KIA on 12 April 1969 when his craft came under enemy fire on the Rach Guong Keo Canal, South Vietnam.
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▪️GoodBye ["Theresa May"] Resigns👏👏👏👏👏👏
▪️DOJ coordination w/ UK re: DECLAS OF FISA
▪️Treason-Sedition-Corruption at the highest levels of GOV (WW)

@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #WWG1GWA #FridayFeeling #MemorialDayWeekend
👉"Theresa May" resigns as #DECLAS #Spygate begins
👉Obama, Brennan, Clapper spied on @POTUS with the help of the UK to circumvent US FISA laws
👉Head of GCHQ Robert Hannigan resigned
👉May #PANIC…
@GenFlynn #QAnon #FridayFeeling #MemorialDayWeekend
Joe Biden Reportedly Involved in Controversial Early Stages of 2016 Russia Probe
Barr commented the intelligence community’s early handling of the Russia investigation was first handled at a “very senior level”…
@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #MemorialDayWeekend
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Killed during Operation Mountain Thrust in Afghanistan, 21 June 2006:

SSG Patrick Lybert
SFC Jared Monti
SSG Heath Craig
PFC Brian Bradbury

SSG Pat Lybert was 28. He planned to return home to Wisconsin to help take care of his special needs brother.
SFC Jared Monti was killed trying to save the life of one of his men. He would be awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously.
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On this #MemorialDayWeekend, @SenJoniErnst is thinking about three of the fallen:

Army Spc. James C. Kearney III, 22, of Emerson, Iowa; KIA Nov. 1 2004 in Salerno, Afghanistan, from injuries after his convoy was attacked by enemy forces using rocket-propelled grenades.
2/ Army Sgt. James L. Skalberg Jr., 25, of Cullman, Ala., KIA June 27, 2012. in Maidan Shahr, Wardak province, Afghanistan, of wounds caused by an improvised explosive device.

3/ Major Laurent Lee Gourley, U.S. Air Force, whose plane was shot down over Laos in August 1969. His remains were buried in 2002 in the Villisca Cemetery.

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On this #MemorialDayWeekend, @RepGallagher is thinking about 3 of the fallen:

1LT Nate Krissoff, 25, of Reno, NV, KIA December 09, 2006 from wounds sustained while conducting combat operations in Anbar province, Iraq.
2/ Gunnery Sergeant Ronald Baum, 38, of Hollidaysburg, Pa.; KIA May 3 by hostile fire in Anbar province, Iraq.

3/ Captain Michael Tomai, died at the age of 30 on Sunday, May 12, 2013.

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❤️🇺🇸 #MemorialDay2019 The President and First Lady are at Arlington National paying tribute now since they will not be here on Memorial Day.
~President Trump Delivers Remarks on Supporting America’s Farmers and Ranchers
via @YouTube
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On #MemorialDayWeekend @RepRussell is thinking about Mark Paine and Ian Weikel, with whom he served on the Saddam Raid on 13 Dec 2003. Roommates at West Point. Now buried head to foot forever at Arlington.
2/ Capt Ian Patrick Weikel, 31, KIA 18 Apr 2006 in Iraq.
3/ Captain Mark Paine, 32, of Rancho Cucamonga, California, KIA October 15, 2006, in Taji, Iraq.
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<Thread> #MemorialDay is my least favorite day of the year, and it has been for at least 14 years. I want it to be a day where I honor the lives of the brothers & sisters I’ve lost by celebrating with my friends & family, but I’m not there yet. And I’m not sure I ever will be. 1/
Im working on it. I know that every last one of them would want me, and all of us, to live & celebrate life & make the most of every fleeting minute we have with our friends and families. And they’d want us to be happy this weekend. 2/
But I never am happy on Memorial Day. I feel loss & pain & guilt & shame. I think about my brothers & sisters the whole weekend, and so often throughout the year. I wish they were still here with us. I miss them every day, but especially this weekend. 3/
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I'm trying to put together a playlist of music that would fit the #gothright #Gothnationalism vibe
Songs that empower the individual, remind us our strength, and what we are fighting for & what happens if we fail
To start
Grendel - Fall like Rome

Next a band I just can't get enough of, more furture pop then goth but if you want a band the spurs on the soul VNV Nation is the band
And this song should be a anthem to the #Gothright & all who under stand the greatness man can achieve
Streamline by VNV
Alrighty, next up the #GOTHRIGHT playlist is a song that speaks of the loss of a cultre and believe system, and destrusion of a way of life, something we need to very aware of and on guard against. Please enjoy
Faith and the Muse Battle Hymn
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