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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/26/2020…
The faulty science, doomism, and flawed conclusions of Deep Adaptation | openDemocracy…

#adaptation #ClimateChange #science
The dog that hasn't barked (yet) in US-China relations | TheHill…

#US #relations #China
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Oh my GOSH
1st new #Neanderthal skeleton in +20 years

This is BIG stuff: plenty of bits & pieces found in that time plus vital re-examination of old claimed burials, but what's been missing is a new mostly-complete find we can use 21stC methods on

[off to read paper]
Might tweet as I read 😁

But note: Shanidar is a tricky site and there's long been evidence of both potential intentional body deposits, AND natural rockfall as ways #Neanderthal bodies got into the ground.
Plus there's a lot of individuals but while some are close to each other spatially (and relative to unexcavated area of this humungous rockshelter, all are clustered in centre), they're not all from same period in time.
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"A team of scientists on Wednesday reported that the #fossil belonged to a 160,000-year-old #Denisovan, a member of a lineage of mysterious, #Neanderthal-like humans that disappeared about 50,000 years ago."… #Sapiens #Tibet
1. "The new fossil demonstrates that #Denisovans were remarkably hardy, able to endure harsh conditions on the Tibetan plateau, at an elevation of 10,700 feet, with only simple stone tools."
2. "The find also suggests that these #Denisovans may have evolved genetic adaptations to high altitudes, and that living #Tibetans may have inherited those genes thanks to interbreeding between Denisovans and modern humans in prehistoric times."
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Right I can't bear #Brexit so am treating everyone to a GIGANTIC THREAD on TRADE- #Neanderthal-style.

Hold onto your handaxes!
DID #NEANDERTHALS TRADE? An excellent question but extremely hard to answer (even for early Homo sapiens) because it relies on a lot of assumptions about how Neanderthal society was organised.
We’ve got two ways in:
- how things were moved around
- how people moved around
The biggest & best-studied category of artefacts to help us look for #Neanderthal trade is lithics: stone tools. Decades of research on where rock was sourced vs. where it ended up shows everybody, including Upper Palaeolithic H. sapiens, mostly shifted stone small distances.
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