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29 Feb
"despite over 80,000 infections worldwide (most of them in China), the world still doesn’t have a clear picture of some of the most basic information about this outbreak."… #pathogen #management #bigdata #DataAnalytics
1/ "In recent days the #WHO has complained that China has not been sharing #data on infections in health care workers. Earlier this month, the editors of the journal #Nature called on researchers to 'ensure that their work on this outbreak is shared rapidly and openly.'”
2/ "the lack of consistent, reliable & regularly updated #information on the key measures of this outbreak is startling. In an era when we get flash-flood warnings on phones & weekly influenza #statistics from every state, why is #data on the new #coronavirus so limited?"
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27 Feb
"Restrictions imposed to control the virus — & public panic — have transformed #Italy’s commercial & financial capital in a way some Milanese fear will result in a deep & lasting economic blow."… #Milan #ItalyCoronavirus
1/ "Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte this week said the economic blow to Italy could be 'very strong.'”
2/ “'If the virus spreads, and it will spread, I think any local or national politician would have to take very drastic action, and that will virtually halt the economy,' said Roberto Perotti, an economist at #Milan’s Bocconi University, who was #workingfromhome this week."
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2 May 19
"A team of scientists on Wednesday reported that the #fossil belonged to a 160,000-year-old #Denisovan, a member of a lineage of mysterious, #Neanderthal-like humans that disappeared about 50,000 years ago."… #Sapiens #Tibet
1. "The new fossil demonstrates that #Denisovans were remarkably hardy, able to endure harsh conditions on the Tibetan plateau, at an elevation of 10,700 feet, with only simple stone tools."
2. "The find also suggests that these #Denisovans may have evolved genetic adaptations to high altitudes, and that living #Tibetans may have inherited those genes thanks to interbreeding between Denisovans and modern humans in prehistoric times."
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