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This is your daily pension announcement: I live to quarantine edition! Well pension army, time for a stroll down memory lane... back in 1992 an agreement was struck to deal with the teachers' pension plan unfunded liability. #ABLeg #handsoffmypension
The primary cause of that UFL was the GOA not making (the required) contributions to the plan and instead kicking the can down the road by funding benefits much later. Teachers (being a joint plan) negotiated to pick up 1/3 of the cost. That cost was 1.6% of pay. #ABLeg #notgood
Imagine the shock of teachers when not more than two years later they learn that the UFL had been seriously underestimated. So UFL contributions went up by 100% to 3.2% of every pay cheque. #ABLeg
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This is your daily pension announcement: Red tape for everyone edition!!
Below you will find the great David Climenhaga letting us know how despite creating a "Ministry of Red Tape Reduction" red tape is actually being weaponized by the GOA. #ABLeg #ABEd…
Back in the day I served with the Canadian Armed Forces. The red tape reached legendary proportions. So everybody has to love the "get rid of red tape" campaign led by the Muppet Minister Grant Hunter, right? #handsoffmypension #redtape
Only thing is the GOA, as is so eloquently explained by Dave, is not getting rid of red tape but rather using it as a weapon against people and institutions they don't like.

Hmm...sort of like teachers' pensions. #redtape
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[THREAD] In the second part of my regression deep dive, I explore WRs.

I use a similar methodology as my RB regression deep dive. If you haven’t seen that yet, please check it out in the link below.

Without further to do, here’s my 2019 WR regression deep dive...
Step 1: TD dependency

The table below shows how top 15 WRs would’ve scored without the points from TDs.

This highlights the most TD reliant:
- Golladay
- Kupp
- Parker

And the least TD reliant:
- Woods 👀
- Landry
- Moore
Step 2: TD scoring distribution

Likelihood of TD being scored grows substantially the closer players get to the GL. This is evident in the averages below.

The table shows % of TDs scored within 20/10/5 yards.

Lower % can be viewed as less sticky.
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In light of Erik Prince being lit up by Bloomberg/Reuters/AP/NYTimes for his weird flip flop meeting with Maduro's VP on Nov 19/20 2019. Let's take a little trip inside the war for Venezuela being fought over control of oil. #OroYPlato…
We would think that Citgo is a U.S. company, it is not. Fifty % of Citgo was sold to Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) in 1986, the remainder was snapped up in 1990. Citgo is essentially a parastatal that controls the socialist nation’s existence. 2014 vs 2019 #NotGood
Oil comprises 95% of Venezuela's exports and 25% of its gross domestic product. So whoever controls the oil will control the nation. A socialist nation relying on shrinking oil revenue is Arab Spring on steroids.…
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This is your daily pension announcement: Our Supreme Leader is and always will be JK edition!! Supreme Leader of the DPRA (Democratic People's Republic of Alberta). State motto: "if yer not fer us yer angst us" Just when you thought things couldn't get worse... #theydid #AbLeg
As you are aware, our Supreme Leader was on Facebook Live answering some questions last night. Low and behold our ATRF pension plan came up.

Another round of gaslighting.
#Gaslighting #travistime
His comments were along the lines of "we were just doing our fiduciary duty" in ordering ATRF to exclusively use AIMCo as an investment manager. To be clear it is the ATRF Board that has a fiduciary duty here not the GOA. Can I get another material misstatement up in here?
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Week 10 #dynasty recap thread:
Raiders vs Chargers
- Jacobs continues strong play, no change
- WRs lacking volume, fading
- Moving Waller for positional upgrade

- Rivers struggling of late, selling
- Gordon healthy/in game shape… stock up
- Still buying Keenan, selling MWill
Bears vs Lions
- Best opportunity to move Trubisky
- Holding Montgomery, buying if cheap
- Hold ARob, I guess

- Buy Stafford while out
- Selling the whole backfield
- Buying Marvin, Golladay, Hock
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🤡 (1) Twitter has never been all that friendly to conservatives but more than ever accounts are vanishing, week long twitmo punishments handed out, IP bans, #shadowbans and now big accounts are under attack. Spoiler alert: it’s going to get worse and here’s why... #seanhannity
(2) We all got “the email” the one that basically debunked #RussiaBots but @SenFeinstein & @AdamSchiffCA still wrote a letter (more on that later) BUT did you read the blog $TWTR shared? Because it’s important they informed us they had partners helping now. Who are they?
(3) Let’s start with the big fish, Common Sense Media, based out of San Francisco, hugely funded and owned by James (aka Jim) Steyer and guess who his brother is??
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