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#ClimateLitigation developments in Australia: Uncle Pabai & Paul, First Nations leaders from the Torres Strait, are taking the Australian Govt to court for its climate failures. They're asking for a court order requiring the Govt to increase its climate mitigation efforts 🧵 Image
1/ This legal action, supported by @GrataFund, is a historic tort law case against the Australian Government, targeting its failure to protect Indigenous communities - who live on low lying islands in the Torres Strait - from climate harm.
2/ The case has been brought by Uncle Pabai Pabai and Uncle Paul Kabai who will argue that the Australian Government has a ‘duty of care’ to protect their island homes. Image
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Today is a landmark day for #ClimateLitigation, for #HumanRights & for #ClimateJustice.

For the 1st time, the @ECHR_CEDH is holding two public hearings in #Climate cases.

CIEL's @duycks is in Strasbourg 🇫🇷 attending the hearings, follow him for updates from the ground.

What are these climate cases?

@KlimaSeniorin, @DamienCAREME & @Y4CJ_ are calling on the court to hold States accountable for not doing enough to protect their citizens from the impacts of climate change.
These are unprecedented hearings because the European Court of Human Rights will
👉 Address the duty of states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
👉 Clarify the link between #HumanRights and the climate crisis,
👉 Clarify States' obligations to #ActOnClimate.
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1/30.📢NEW BRIEF: “What happened at #COP27 on #LossAndDamage and what comes next?” which details #COP27’s outcomes on issues related to #LossAndDamage and ways forward as we look to #SB58 and #COP28.

Full brief here:…

See some key takeaways below🔽 Image
2/30. Ahead of #COP27 the key issues that were expected to be discussed included:

1⃣Establishing a #LossAndDamage finance facility (or fund);

2⃣The operationalisation of #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage;
3⃣The integration of #LossAndDamage into the New Collective Quantified Goal (NCQG) on #ClimateFinance;

4⃣The inclusion of #LossAndDamage in discussions under the #GlobalStocktake of the #ParisAgreement;
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What are the implications for other coal mines of the landmark climate & human rights litigation recommending Clive Palmer's Waratah Coal Mine be rejected? Some thoughts building on yesterday's thread about the Drug Dealers Defence.
If President Kingham's reasoning had been applied to the Wandoan, Alpha, Adani coal mines in 2012, 2014 and 2015, each of those mines would also have been rejected.
While neither the Wandoan or Alpha coal mines proceeded due to the poor market outlook for coal making them uneconomic, the Adani Coal Mine did proceed #Adani…
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At #COP27 the Italian Prime Minister stated that “Italy will provide its fair share”. Glad you brought that up @GiorgiaMeloni - as climate scientists have already calculated Italy's fair share, the amount of emissions that 🇮🇹 should reduce to do its part to tackle climate change: Image
1/ In order to do its fair share to tackle the #ClimateEmergency and keep 1.5°C within reach, Italy should pursue a 92% emissions reduction by 2030/1990 levels. This percentage was identified by @CA_Latest climate scientists in a report published in 2021:
2/ However, evidence shows that Italy's efforts are inadequate:

🔴Government agency @ISPRA_Press notes that Italian GHG emissions are on the rise /2020 levels (04.2022).

🔴@EU_Eurostat also states that emissions have been increasing in Italy /pre-pandemic levels (05.2022).
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🎇⚖️PATHBREAKING CLIMATE JUSTICE WIN TODAY! The #UN Human Rights Committee finds that Australia violated its #humanrights obligations by failing to take adequate climate action and requests full remedy for impacted Torres Strait Islanders…
A thread 🧵1/19
2-📌The case is particularly important in the context of an emerging groundswell of judicial victories for #ClimateJustice as it breaks new grounds with regards to the duty of the States to provide remedy in the context of climate-related #LossAndDamage
3-🗣️Let us celebrate the courage and boldness of plaintiffs and lawyers who brought their complaint to the UN after decades of inaction by the Australian government. This case will have ripple effects beyond what one can imagine today.
👏@SMarjanacCE @MferiaTinta @ClientEarth
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#ClimateLitigation developments in Italy 🇮🇹 What happened at the hearings held by the Civil Court of Rome in #GiudizioUniversale, the case targeting Italy’s failure to fight climate change? 🧵Thread: Image
1/10 In the course of the trial, lawyers for the plaintiffs submitted evidence on both the gravity of the climate emergency and the inadequate measures taken by the State: inaction exposes people to dangerous climate change and triggers a violation of fundamental human rights⚠️
2/10 However, the State described the climate case brought by @ASudOnlus as “an intrusion” undermining the power of political institutions. It claimed full immunity for its conduct, i.e. the impossibility for the Court to evaluate the lawfulness of its climate action.
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Kan man sagsøge sig til en grønnere verden? @WillRohdeMadsen og jeg har brugt lidt af sommeren på at diskutere klimasøgsmål. Nedenfor er nogle indledende tanker 👇#eudk #dkgreen #climatelitigation @thinkeuropa
1/10 Vi ser en stigende tendens til, at NGO’er sagsøger virksomheder og stater i Europa for ikke at leve op til deres klimamålsætninger og forpligtelser #eudk #dkgreen #climatelitigation
2/10 Vi har de seneste år set en række strategiske klima- og miljøsager prøvet ved europæiske domstole. Sagerne har lagt vægt på virksomheder og staters juridiske ansvar for at nå klimamålsætninger og overholde forpligtelser #eudk #dkgreen #climatelitigation
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#climatelitigation #GlobalSouth 👇🏼🧶
Conectas Direitos Humanos, a Brazilian NGO, filed a civil climate action against BNDES (Brazil's Development Bank) and BNDESPar, the bank's investment arm responsible for managing its shareholdings in Brazilian companies held by the bank.
This is the world's climate litigation case against a national development bank!
Although BNDESPar, which is publicly owned, follows an Environmental and Social Policy for Operating in Capital Markets, which bans support for companies with a track record of environmental crimes and modern-day slavery, this policy does not include climate criteria.
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#ClimateLitigation developments in Italy 🇮🇹
Today the Civil Court of Rome will hear arguments in the climate case #GiudizioUniversale, targeting the Italian State's failure to adequately protect its residents from dangerous climate change.🧵Why this case matters:
1/ It’s the first time that civil society launches a legal action targeting Italy's structural failure to reduce GHG emissions. The case was filed on behalf of 162 residents, 17 children, @ASudOnlus + 23 other NGOs, with the support of movements such as @XrItaly and @fffitalia
2/ On the basis of the Italian civil code, they ask the Court to:
▫️Establish that the State's climate inaction and significant delay = unlawful conduct.
▫️Order the State to reduce GHG emissions in compliance with the long-term temperature goal of the #ParisAgreement.
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#Norway´s #ClimateShame and the impossibility of getting a good and just #COP26 outcome ... a brief #thread

Accounting for exported emissions, #Norway has fourth highest per capita emissions in the world after Kuwait, Brunei and Qatar.

Much higher than Russia, USA, China, UK!
Norway also happens to be one of the richest countries in the world with a GDP per capita that is in the top 3 or top 10, depending on which ranking you look at.

In addition, it has an #OilFund with money in the bank worth more than 300% of GDP, the largest #SWF in the world.
We have a (temp) seat in the UN security council, fancy iourself as a major player in foreign affairs, have tried our hand at peacemaking with moderate success & are, on a per capita basis, one of the biggest contributors to development aid

We think we are fair-minded & benign!
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Did you see all the recent developments in #climatelitigation in @SabinCenter's global database? In case you missed them, here is a summary of what happened in the past 2 weeks:
🇩🇪 Lots of new cases in Germany:
First, two cases targeting auto companies.
The first one is against BMW:
🇩🇪 The second one, against Mercedes-Benz:
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Did you follow all of the new cases added to the @SabinCenter climate litigation database? Check this thread to see if you missed any development in global #climatelitigation? 🧵
Starting with the cases recently added to our database:

An ICSID tribunal found Colombia 🇨🇴 breached an FTA due to its protection of the páramos ecosystem - essential in carbon sequestration.

🇧🇷 Brazilian court in Rio Grande do Sul finds that thermal power stations are required to assess potential climate damage in EIAs.

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The @IPCC_CH #ClimateReport is out today. Courts around the world have cited to IPCC reports to find that nations and corporations must reduce emissions and otherwise take #climateaction.
In Urgenda, the Dutch Supreme Court wrote, “When giving substance to the positive obligations imposed on the must take into account broadly supported scientific insights . . . Important in this respect are...the reports from the IPCC.”
Also in the Netherlands, in its decision ordering Shell to reduce its emissions 45% by 2030, the Hague District wrote, “The global effects of climate change are apparent from the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.”
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📌Exceptional week for #ClimateLitigation: people around world working to leverage power of the law to hold govs accountable & advance #ClimateJustice!
➡️in THREAD below: short tour of developments in past days: many decisions pending but some very positive progress already👇1/9 Image
1/ 🇳🇴 Norway: Supreme Court hears game-changing challenge by @Greenpeace & @NaturogUngdom vs. Arctic oil based on right to healthy environment as protected by Constitution. new dvp re: lack of transparency cld be turning point
#peoplevsoil #klimasøksmål…
2/ 🇫🇷 France: State Council's public rapporteur gave last chance to gov to demonstrate compatibility of policies with climate obligations as gov failed so far to demonstrate that is has not “wrongfully faulted” on climate
#GrandeSynthe #LAffaireDuSiècle…
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🚨BREAKING: Minnesota @AGEllison just announced a consumer fraud climate lawsuit against Exxon, Koch, API. Asks: restitution for harms, internal research receipts and a corrective MN public education campaign on climate change. More @EENewsUpdates later #climatelitigation
You can peruse the complaint here 👇(lots of visuals and receipts in there on deception claims)…
Reminder: Mass AG Maura Healey has a similarly flavored climate/consumer protection lawsuit currently in the works in state court, with recently-added claims relating to the COVID-19 pandemic 👇…
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