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NEW: Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has been calling around to GOP donors in recent days and telling him that he's preparing to enter the already-rollicking #OHSen primary "soon".…
LaRose told me this afternoon he hasn't made a final decision on running, but he acknowledged the calls he's making and the money he's raising for a 527 that as of now is not registered with the FEC.…
“I am preparing to, hopefully soon, announce my candidacy for this office,” Frank LaRose said in a voicemail left for one prospective donor last week. #OHSen…
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Happy #InternationalWomensDay!

@ActBlue breaks its policies to let wife beaters, pedophiles, and sexual harassers to raise tens of millions of dollars

Follow along to see why #OHSEN @SherrodBrown, #GASEN @ReverendWarnock, and more have to go…

REMINDER: My @FreeBeacon reporting got @ActBlue to boot @andrewcuomo while he was running for reelection as #NYGOV

ActBlue's policies are clear--there is no room for Dems accused of sexual misconduct on it

@lachlan's reporting at the time:…

REMINDER: @ActBlue kicked a teenager who was a Democratic nominee for state legislature in Kansas off the platform because he sent revenge porn when he was *in middle school*

It was clear based on that precedent that @andrewcuomo had to go…

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As @HenryJGomez first reported this morning, former #OHSen candidate and current State Senator Matt Dolan (@dolan4ohio) has sent this letter to Ohio county GOP chairs in response to activists and party leaders encouraging him to challenge Democratic Sen. @SherrodBrown in 2024.
Of the 6 GOP candidates who ran for #OHSen this year, @dolan4ohio was the only one to reject Donald Trump's lie that the 2020 election was stolen.

He invested $10M+ of his family fortune into his race & finished 3rd in the primary.

My profile from March:…
In his letter, @dolan4ohio repeats his desire for the @ohiogop to put forth "substantive candidates not personalities and election deniers."

He says focusing on anything besides @SherrodBrown's voting record "places our chances of reclaiming the seat, and the Senate, at risk."
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“I’m running in 2024. And I run to win,” Ohio @SenSherrodBrown tells me.

I spoke with the veteran politician about the future for Democrats in Ohio, his thoughts on @TimRyan's #OHSen loss, and how he plans to work with Sen.-elect @JDVance1.

Ohio @SenSherrodBrown told me “there’s no question” a Democrat can still win statewide in Ohio — even though not one did this year.

He says he can win a 4th Senate term because “people recognize that I get up every day and fight for the dignity of work.”…
Ohio @SenSherrodBrown on @TimRyan losing the #OHSen race to @JDVance1:

“I think Ohio’s a hard state. McConnell came in and sort of buried him at the end with a lot of money. And the governor’s race wasn’t close. The dynamics in Ohio are difficult.”…
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NEW the #OHSen front — but for 2024: Matt Dolan emailed county GOP chairs in Ohio this week, hinting at his interest in challenging Democrat Sherrod Brown. "In recent days, I’ve been encouraged by the calls, emails, and texts I have received ..." he wrote.
Dolan finished 3rd in this year's Senate primary, the only one who didn't cozy up to Trump and who said 2020 was on the level. "What we witnessed nationally should convince us the country is ready for substantive candidates not personalities and election deniers," he wrote.
Sherrod Brown has said he's running again in 2024, and the list of Republicans looking to run for what will be one of the GOP's top targets that year could be long: Secretary of State Frank LaRose, Attorney General Dave Yost, businessman Bernie Moreno (who briefly ran this year).
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Congratulations on your victory tonight @JDVance1!

J.D. Vance is a courageous and thoughtful pro-life advocate and we look forward to working with him to protect LIFE in the U.S. Senate! #OHSen #LifeWins22 1/ Image
“You're the extremist on this issue.”

J.D. Vance clearly demonstrated the contrast between his own common sense pro-life position that most Ohioans support, with Tim Ryan’s record of flip-flopping and out-of touch abortion extremism: 2/
Ohio chose commonsense policy over abortion extremism:

My grandmother was an old school Democrat who believed abortion should be safe, legal & rare. But that's not Ryan's view. He voted for a bill to allow abortion at 40 weeks for any reason.
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What is the best song about each swing state for tomorrow? Putting together a playlist
For #NCSen: Raise up! Take Your Shirt off, Twist it 'round your head! Spin it like a helicopter by @DaRealPetey
@DaRealPetey For #OHSen, a namesake song for @TimRyan's hometown, Youngstown, which is incidentally becoming redder and the song kind of explains the desolation that motivated the WWC to vote for Trump.
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📍 Avon, Ohio

#OHSen candidate @JDVance1 is kicking off Election Day Eve with an event in Lorain County.

“The biggest threat to American security in my lifetime is this terrible crisis at the southern border,” Vance says, as he delivers his usual stump speech.

~60 people here. Image
As the #OHSen race winds down, I asked @JDVance1 what block of voters has been the toughest to get through to.

“…a lot of the Trump base is still very hard to get through to, in part because they don’t trust the press — in my view, rightfully so.”

He also says suburban women.
In Avon, I asked #OHSen candidate @JDVance1 what he says to voters who like outgoing-@senrobportman’s dealmaking style on Capitol Hill and wonder if Vance will replicate it.

“I’m running to get things done. And that’s the way in which I think Senator Portman really is a model.”
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Second to last stop of the day here for Tim Ryan in Medina, solid turnout at around 100
This flag is a bit of a hit at the Ryan rally
The Medina Dems are plugging an election night watch party with “free pizza, beer, and pop.”

Rally is on a delay because Ryan is running late
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📍Gahanna, Ohio

After attending a church service with #OH03 Rep. @JoyceBeatty, #OHSen candidate @TimRyan is heading north to a campaign event in Medina.

He has IBEW bikers escorting his bus.
As the #OHSen race comes to a close, I asked @TimRyan what block of voters has been the toughest to get through to.

“People who didn’t vote Democratic for the last few cycles in Ohio. But I think we’ve penetrated that in a very, very big way by making this race about Ohio.”
If @TimRyan wins the #OHSen race on Tuesday, national Democrats will likely talk him up as a potential 2024 presidential candidate.

His message to Ohioans?

“I’ll be serving a full six-year Senate term.”

“And if you bring this up in front of my wife, I’ll kill you,” he joked.
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NEW RRH Polls of 3 districts:

🔴 @yestoyesli (R) 47%
🔵 @RepSpanberger (D) 47%

🔴 @alekskarlatos (R) 45%
🔵 @ValHoyle (D) 45%

🔴 @madisongesiotto (R) 44%
🔵 @EmiliaSykesOH (D) 46%
In #VA07 we found Youngkin very popular (+17) and Biden not (-11). Spanberger leads with those who have already voted; Vega will be relying on strong Election Day turnout. Spanberger leads in Stafford County, Vega in Spotsylvania.
In #OR04, Biden is underwater (-9) despite carrying our sample 50-41 in 2020. Undecideds lean young, blue collar, and rural in this tied race. Hoyle does not have as large a lead in Lane County (Eugene) as one may expect.
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Bad day in the press for @JDVance1


“Like countless outsiders before him, Vance has exploited and misrepresented our region without a thought for the people or the land left behind.”…
“Vance's fraudulence is discerned in the fact that while he celebrates Catholicism as a vehicle for his sociocultural vision, he departs from the teaching of the church on a host of issues, from immigration to labor rights to climate change.”…
Vance, Mortal Enemy of Women’s Rights…
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People keep saying if @TimRyan ran the race he is running in 2018, he'd win by a lot. Well, half a million people have voted and the electorate looks even better than 2018.

Let's take a look at what is going on in the Buckeye State based on who has voted so far... 🧵 #ohsen
510k people have cast their ballot. At the same point, 13 days before the 2018 election, 464k people had voted.

Running 10% ahead of the best midterm electorate Ohio has seen in decades is a good start but it gets even better when you look at who are the people who have voted.
In 2018, at this point, modeled Republicans were outpacing modeled Democrats by 6%. This year? Modeled Democrats are outpacing modeled Republicans by 4%.

Not only are more people voting, the people who are voting are more favorable to Democrats than in 2018.
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NEW: The Washington Post reports that the large Ukrainian-American community in OH, traditionally Republican-leaning voters, are backing Tim Ryan for Senate due to JD Vance’s pro-Putin stances.
#RepublicansForTimRyan #OHSen
“ Irena Stolar has voted Republican for over half a century, from Richard M. Nixon to Donald Trump. But in the midterms, Stolar, 73, said she will cast her first vote for a Democrat. Originally from Ukraine, Stolar refuses to support J.D. Vance..”
“Anna Barrett, president of the credit union, said she will vote for a Democratic candidate for the first time in her life. “I certainly could not support Mr. Vance based on what he has said,” she said. Like others, Barrett has been working around-the-clock to fundraise...”
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We've shifted three races since our last temperature check in the Senate @SplitTicket_:

#OHSen: Likely R -> Lean R
#WISen: Tossup -> Lean R
#NHSen: Lean D -> Likely D

With that said, we wouldn't bank on an upset here, and these are not core battlegrounds…
@SplitTicket_ The environment looks materially better for Republicans now than it did a month ago, especially on a statewide level. I don't think anyone can realistically argue otherwise. This update has two shifts to the Dems and one to the Republicans, but the overall picture gets more R.
@SplitTicket_ Why? Because the one tossup opportunity that is getting moved goes in the GOP direction. We don't expect Republicans to win NH or Democrats to win Ohio...but we never really expected that to begin with, so this shifts the median outcome to be more Republican.
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Tim Ryan to J.D. Vance in opening minutes of tonight's #OHSen debate: "JD, you keep talking about Nancy Pelosi. If you want to run against Nancy Pelosi move back to San Francisco and run against Nancy Pelosi."
J.D. Vance has a habit of bringing up Ryan's ads all the time and basically reinforcing their message. He just did it again by mentioning the ad where Ryan talks about how he and his wife don't always agree.
The words we've heard most so far in the #OHSen debate:



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🧵 on #JDVanceIsRotten #OHSEN:
In 2017, a new, privately owned company called AppHarvest announced plans to build a huge, ultra-high tech greenhouse in Pike County, KY. Prior to the announcement, AppHarvest CEO Jonathan Webb & his financiers had been working behind the scenes /1
They wanted to raise capital for the venture. What they had was an idea with a "compelling" story.

Part of what was so compelling about the story on offer from Webb was that it fit in nicely with mass, liberal and conservative, “concern” with Appalachia. /2
In 2017, every Tom, Dick and Harry with a keyboard wanted to blow smoke about the “problems with Appalachia” and “Trump country.” /3
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#OHSen debate between Democrat Tim Ryan and Republican JD Vance is underway in Cleveland. It will be divided into topics with five minutes of discussion - that was proposed by Ryan and agreed to by Vance.
First question to Vance: you've said the economy is already in a recession. Do you think some stimulus money is well spent?
Vance: Some is, but some is putting fuel on the fire of problems. I believe we've gone in a fundamentally bad direction, Ryan has voted 100% of w Dems.
Ryan: the federal infrastructure bill, which was supported by R Sen. Rob Portman, is opposed by Vance. CHIPS Act also a good bipartisan thing. We also need to increase production of natural gas. Vance has invested in Chinese companies, where supply chains have gone.
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Trump's MAGA, Inc. SuperPAC has filed its first $4.81M of independent expenditures with the FEC:

#OHSen $1,393,168
#AZSen $1,100,052
#GASen $916,043
#PASen $787,754
#NVSen $615,115…… ImageImageImage
Trump's MAGA, Inc adding another $3.8 million in ad reservations spread across several states, bringing its general election spend to $8.6 million.
Adding this to last week's tracking and its FEC filings, Trump's MAGA, Inc. spending should now be at a bit over $11 million distributed across five races.

#AZSen $2.83M
#OHSen $2.39M
#PASen $2.36M
#NVSen $1.85M
#GASen $1.8M

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We're going to be moving the Ryan/Vance matchup in #OHSen to Leans Republican soon at @SplitTicket_. I want to be clear: we think Vance is a clear and obvious favorite to win here. It's just that we think Lean R is a better reflection of the state of play than Likely R is.
@SplitTicket_ Polls in Ohio are not good. This is not a secret. Everybody knows this. But if this was *any normal state*, we would have had the race at tossup. Ryan continues to pull leads in public polling well into late September, even when DeWine leads by 20+. That's not a Likely R race IMO
@SplitTicket_ The fact that it's Ohio, where polling misses and fundamentals strongly indicate a Republican win, mean that it's at Lean R (and a very strong Lean R, at that). But Vance is likely to underrun Trump by a decent bit if things continue at this rate.
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Trump's MAGA, Inc. unleashing a light drizzle in two US Senate races, spending $1.3M in #OHSen and $829,000 in #PASen. Image
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Lots of chatter tonight about this @AP story on #OHSen candidate @TimRyan (D) and $27,000 in campaign donations he has received since 2007 from "drug distributors blamed for key roles in the [opioid] crisis."

Dems criticizing it; GOP sharing it widely.…
The report states that over @TimRyan's 20-year career in Congress, $27,000 of the $50+ million he has raised in campaign donations have come from three drug distribution companies that have helped fuel the opioid epidemic.
The @AP report mentions that throughout the #OHSen race, @TimRyan has criticized @JDVance1 (R) for an opioid-focused nonprofit he launched that didn't end up accomplishing much...and involved a doctor with ties to Big Pharma.…
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📍 Perrysburg, Ohio

#OHSen candidate @JDVance1 (R) is at his first of three events today with @DonaldJTrumpJr.

Vance told the crowd not to believe @TimRyan’s TV ads that bill him as a moderate.

Trump Jr. hits on everything from the border to Hunter Biden to electric vehicles. ImageImage
📍 Caledonia, Ohio

#OHSen candidate @JDVance1 and @DonaldJTrumpJr made their second stop of the day here.

Vance said Democrat @TimRyan is trying to run as a “Donald Trump Jr. Republican.”

Trump told the crowd, “Don’t let your neighbors actually think [Ryan’s] a moderate.” ImageImage
📍 Columbus, Ohio

#OHSen candidate @JDVance1 finished his tour with @DonaldJTrumpJr at a Back The Blue Rally.

Vance has been endorsed by the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police.

Lots of talk about crime, drugs, the border, and defunding the police. ImageImage
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“Tomorrow, @TimRyan will make a major campaign announcement in Warren, as he continues to campaign across the state and share his plans to reinvest in Ohio.”

Scheduled for 8:45am ET. #OHSen
That "major campaign announcement" #OHSen candidate @TimRyan teased last night?

A new campaign bus named the "Workers First Express."

"This week, the Workers First Express will be making stops in Dayton, Lima, Toledo, Columbus, Mount Vernon, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Amherst. Additional events will be announced in the coming days and weeks," @TimRyan's #OHSen campaign says.
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