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A very plausible 2020 scenario Dems have to take seriously:

Trump loses popular vote by ~5 million as Dems narrow deficit in TX, expand lead in CA & flip MI/PA blue

BUT Trump narrowly holds onto AZ, FL, NC & WI and wins reelection by a single electoral vote.
A couple more thoughts on this:

1) Of the states above, AZ & WI strike me as the likeliest to be decisive “tipping point” states
2) FL is trending poorly for Dems & AZ/NC likely to be riper targets
3) If it comes down to one vote, Omaha’s #NE02 more winnable for Dems than #ME02
Here's more or less what this nightmare scenario for Dems looks like in the @FiveThirtyEight Swing-o-Matic (replace Clinton's name w/ whatever Dem you wish):…
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As Green Day once sang: “Do You Know Your Enemy?”

If not, we need to have a talk about the Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPac).

THEY ARE THE ENEMY of the 2018 Midterm Elections and they WILL cost us seats IF we let them.
The CLF is a right-wing SuperPAC spearheaded by Paul Ryan. It’s goal is to lie about and smear as many Democratic candidates as possible.

They have raised more than $100Million from billionaires looking to keep the GOP in power.…
Back in May, Paul Ryan personally solicited billionaire Sheldon Adelson for $30Million for the CLF. He made the pitch and then walked out of the room so that someone else could make the actual “ask”, in order to avoid campaign finance violations.…
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Q2 Fundraising is over, and Democrats did a great job!

But I was chatting with @ybbkaren and an interesting question came up:

With SO MANY great candidates, how do we decide who needs donations the most? Many are worthy, but our personal funds are not unlimited.
So I came up with an idea for my own list of Dems who need $$$ based upon the following criteria:

*They have won their primary
*They are trying to flip “swing” GOP-held seats (per @CookPolitical ratings)
*They are behind their GOP opponents in “Cash on Hand” (per @OpenSecretsDC)
That’s not to say that other Democrats in swing districts are not worthy. They are. But the following, from a strategic $$$ perspective, might be the best place to donate *for now*.

This is the list of those House candidates, and their donation links, based on that criteria:
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The GOP's silence about ripping children from their parents is deafening.

Guess who *is* stating a clear moral position on this...Your 2018 Democratic swing district nominees. I've threaded their positions below. Please RT and follow all. #FlipEverything. Save America's soul.
Katie Porter - #CA45 @katieporteroc
Kathleen Williams - #MTAL @WilliamsForMT
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🚨 Please share broadly! As usual, the Kochs are dumping tons of money into GOP candidates...especially into *critical swing districts* we need to flip.

I've threaded links below to the Democratic challengers in these races. Please RT and support them! /1…
I focused the list of NOMINEES. These are Democrats in swing districts who have already won their primaries and are facing off against Koch-infused Republicans in fall.
GOP Koch Candidate: Peter Roskam
Dem Challenger: Sean Casten @SeanCasten
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Hey #Nebraska!
Here's a THREAD of all your Democratic Candidates!
#NEPrimary winners
Photos, Websites & Voting Info Links!
Voter Registration Deadline October 19.
Register here…
#BlueWaveNE #VoteBlue
#NE01 #NE02 #NE03
#Midterms2018 VOTE NOVEMBER 6, 2018
Registration Deadline Oct 19
Printable Voter Registration Application:
County Clerks offices here:…
Check polling place here:…
#NE01 #NE02 #NE03
Any registered voter may apply for an absentee ballot & vote by mail
Request For Absentee Ballot by October 26, 2018
Absentee Ballot Return Deadline: November 6…
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RT! for #Nebraska Help keep and add blue seats in US Senate, House!

Support our recommended Democrats, & @DemsWork4USA

🙏#NEpol #NEpolitics #NE #Democrats #Progressives #Liberals #Moderates #NPP #NPP2018 #BlueWave #BlueWave2018 #WinBlue #DemsWork4USA
RT! #Election2018 #Nebraska US Senate #WinBlue

Support JANE RAYBOULD #NEsen,& @DemsWork4USA

Stop Fischer. #YesWeCan #FlipItBlue

#NE #NEpol #NEpolitics #Democrats #Progressives #Liberals #NPP #Jobs #BlueWave #DemsWork4USA
RT! #Nebraska #CD2 #Election2018

Support BRAD ASHFORD #NE02,& @DemsWork4USA
Fmr US Rep, State Senator

Stop Don Bacon #YesWeCan #FlipItBlue #WinBlue

#NEpol #NEpolitics #Democrats #Progressives #Liberals #DemsWork4USA
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Hey #NEBRASKA, you get to VOTE in #PRIMARIES on MAY 15, 2018!
#NE01 #NE02 #NE03
Here's a THREAD of all your Democratic Candidates!
Photos, Websites, Twitters & Info!
Voter Registration Deadline April 30, 2018
Register here…
Hey #NEBRASKA, you get to VOTE in #PRIMARIES on MAY 15, 2018
Registration Deadline April 30, 2018
Register here…
Where to Vote
#BlueWave2018 #BlueWaveNE
Registration Deadline Online April 30, Postmarked by April 30, In-person by May 4 at County Clerks offices here:…
Printable Voter Registration Application:
Check polling place here:…
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