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Happy #PanamaPapers anniversary! Often we take these moments to tell you how the investigation led to laws changed, bad folks arrested, money recovered, etc. But this year, we took a different measure of impact… 🧵 1/14
On a personal note (@hamishbr here at the controls), I remember being caught by surprise in the days after the #PanamaPapers by the protests and the resignations... But what really surprises me *now* are the ways the investigation has infiltrated everyday life and culture. 2/14
So today’s story from @michaelwhudson really struck a chord. A couple of young musicians told him that, as highschoolers, the investigation opened their eyes to “how the world works” — so much so that, years later, they named their band Panama Papers.… 3/14
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This year, ICIJ published more investigations than ever before – some were based on new leaks, others responded to unfolding global news events, and many dug into patterns and topics to emerge from past ICIJ projects.

🧵Here’s a recap of our top stories:
When Russia’s war on Ukraine sparked an unprecedented campaign of sanctions against allies of Vladimir Putin, ICIJ reporters mined the #PandoraPapers and other offshore leaks to uncover secret money maneuvers used to secure the wealth of oligarchs and
ICIJ also finished updating the #OffshoreLeaks Database with structured data extracted from the 11.9 million records that make up the #PandoraPapers — allowing the public to explore companies and people that use (and sometimes abuse) tax havens.
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Today, ICIJ is releasing its final installment of #PandoraPapers data, adding information from seven offshore providers headquartered in Hong Kong, Belize, the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Switzerland and Dubai to the #OffshoreLeaks Database. #WPFD 🧵
In total, the #OffshoreLeaks Database now boasts information on more than three-quarters of a million people and companies behind secret offshore structures with links to more than 200 countries and territories, spanning five different major leaks.
ICIJ is publishing this information in the public interest and we’re thrilled to make this data freely available to all on #WorldPressFreedomDay, as the #OffshoreLeaks Database has become an essential tool in the global fight to dismantle offshore secrecy.
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What has the last decade of tax haven leaks revealed about Russian offshore wealth?

A comprehensive 🧵:
Before we begin, it must be said that Russian elites are not alone in hiding wealth offshore. Offshore wealth is a prevalent, global phenomenon, estimated in the magnitude of 10% of global GDP - per @annette_als @gabriel_zucman and N. Johannesen:…
But Russian offshore wealth does have particular features - in scale and nature.

For one, Russian elites hide significant larger proportions of their wealth offshore than large Western states.… Image
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It hasn’t even been three months since we launched the #PandoraPapers with 600 reporting partners but the global fallout has been fast and furious since.

🧵 Here’s an end-of-year recap on the key developments and what we’ll be keeping our eyes on in 2022.
Since making headlines by exposing the offshore financial activities of world leaders in the #PandoraPapers, heads-of-state and other officials have scrambled to hold on to their jobs against impeachment bids, elections, and probes.
🇨🇱 Chilean President Sebastián Piñera was impeached by lawmakers over #PandoraPapers revelations but survived a Senate vote to remove him from office.

🇪🇨 Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso also survived an impeachment effort.
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💡 It’s here! To bring more transparency to the hidden financial maneuvers of the offshore world, ICIJ is making #PandoraPapers data free and available for all to explore in the #OffshoreLeaks Database.
The #PandoraPapers is the most expansive leak of tax haven files in history, containing confidential information from 14 offshore service providers.

Today, we’re releasing structured data from two of those firms: Alcogal and Fidelity.
The #PandoraPapers’ 11.9 million records was the most complex offshore leak ICIJ has ever tackled.

Only 4% of the files were structured. We spent months exploring and analyzing them, extracting beneficial ownership and other information.
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Chinese Spy Wang "William" Liqiang, who just defected to Australia, worked for HK based China Innovation Investment Limited (CIIL). Wang described this as a cover company that several Chinese Intelligence agencies used for operations.#osint #PanamaPapers #China
CIIL appears as an offshore company registered in the Cayman Islands in February 2002 and also traded on the HK stock exchange. The English name for the company is Sino Technology Investment Company Limited. #PanamaPapers #offshoreleaks
Looking at the corporate registry for CIIL, it has a whopping 36 board members, 6 managers, including his boss, Xiang Xin, who Wang claims was "a senior intelligence operative".
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Bill Majcher: Cozy with the Chinese Government and corrupt business leaders, and happy to help them defraud innocent Chinese people out of their life savings. Taking everything he learned as a money laundering cop in Canada to help autocrats and scammers. What a Canadian hero!
Thanks to a tip from a concerned citizen, there is info suggesting Majcher was involved in a massive fraud scheme. #OSINT #Bellingcat #offshoreleaks
Now, thanks to @icijorg and the #PanamaPapers, we bring you Majcher's involvement with GNET Group PLC, which @MajcherBill was a director of, and defrauded a lot of working people out of their money through a Ponzi/Pyramid/fraud scheme. Keep reading...#CORRUPTION #offshoreleaks
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Family Klan Mob


W all girl trouble going on,
have 2 ask about boys.
Cuz there's weird
all over this group of arty folks.

#Art #HumanTrafficking
#OSU #MOB #TOC #LesWexner
Mysteriously wealthy
Jeffrey Epstein
seems 2 have captured
attention of billionaire
Leslie Wexner
as Epstein is notes as
managing Wexner's billions.

Oh dear.
Epstein + Maxwell
invlvd in
sexual assault
at Wexner's OH estate?

🗣️"Les. Do u have comment?'🎤…
Summer of 1996

Epstein arranges 4 artist
Maria Farmer 2 visit
Wexner's mansion
in New Albany, OH.
[she was accompanied by 2 bros.]

Farmer says Maxwell + Epstein
sexually assulted her,
+ Wexner's security team
refused 2 let her leave.👈😱

Fuqqing philanthropist art collectors.
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