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ULTIMORA: Svelate le pericolose manovre marittime di Malta!

Testimonianze e video raccolti da #AlarmPhone suggeriscono che le Forze Armate di Malta (@Armed_Forces_MT) abbiano messo in pericolo la vita di 101 persone alla deriva, prima di facilitarne l’arrivo in Italia. 1/12
L’11 aprile, 101 persone in fuga dalla #Libia erano quasi giunte a #Malta, e le AFM le hanno messe in pericolo per prevenirne l’arrivo sull'isola. Secondo i sopravvissuti, gli ufficiali delle AFM li avrebbero minacciati con pistole. Il nostro report: 2/12…
Le 101 persone avevano contattato #AlarmPhone, ma avevamo perso i contatti dopo la chiamata. Ci siamo poi chiesti come questo gommone sovraffollato avesse navigato per 500km da Zliten, est di Tripoli in #Libia, fino a #Pozzallo. 3/12
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Impossível não assinalar a apreensão de 45kg de cocaína no porto de #Manzanillo (#Colima), por parte da #SEMAR (Sec. de Marina-Armada de #México), numa carga proveniente de #Guayaquil (Ecuador) com um detalhe muito particular: alguns dos 40 pacotes, tinham o símbolo do #Benfica
A carga chegou a #Manzanillo (#Colima) via #Guayaquil (#Ecuador), através de um navio-cargueiro de nome #LongBeachTrader, com bandeira de #Malta apenas desde 2018.

O navio foi construído em 2007 e pertence à frota da #WaiHaiLines Ltd, empresa de #Singapura.
Mas o que tem de especial este "acaso" de alguns deste 40 pacotes com cocaína terem sido apreendidos com o símbolo do #Benfica?

"La ruta de la cocaína, #Guayaquil-#Manzanillo", notícia de 24Jan2020, via @DiarioAvanzada.

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++ Attack on migrants at sea? ++

The ~70 people in distress near #Malta called us moments ago & said: “We have an emergency here. Malta military came and cut cable of motor. Water is in the boat. Malta military said ‘I leave you to die in the water. Nobody will come to Malta.’”
They called again saying: "Please help us! We will die. We will die in the water. We will die in Maltese waters. The Malta military ship number is P52, the number of the ship. Please we will die. Now we are 5 days in the water and the water is in the boat now. Please help us."
We cannot reach the people in distress anymore. We hope this is a sign that public pressure worked & Malta was forced to take them aboard. Malta’s AFM vessel P51 had approached this boat already yesterday but disappeared, as the migrants reported at 17.32h CEST on 08/04.
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MAR 7 #CoronaVirusUpdates MD THREAD 1: First two #Florida DEATHS.. Both had traveled outside US. NOTE if using ARCGIS MAP (See next tweet, both #Iran and #Italy have not reported in days, and #NoKorea never has.) Use WIPES
MAR 7 #CoronaVirusUpdates MD THREAD 2: eg by Ret MD NOTE Ppl have #COVID19 and are infectious, as with colds for about 2 days. Reports of 2 Baggage screeners (TSA) At #LAX and 2 at #Heathrow WIPE YOUR LUGGAGE HANDLES. Remember cases in #Houston from #Egypt #NileCruise @AMSA_News
MAR 7 #CoronaVirusUpdates MD THREAD 3: Here is link to MAR 6 THREAD via @threadreaderapp .. SEE AND SHARE. @MelanieNathan1 @waymon @sfpelosi @goodasyou @bilerico @davidbadash @DavidMixner AND ALL #ActUp Activists @maddow @AC360
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OK - now starts is #Iran- #Venezuela (& #Malta?) trial US v. Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad. Defendant is an Iranian banker charged with moving $115M in violation of US sanctions. Inner City Press covered the run up and now live tweets - thread
@MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @sdnylive @herszenhorn @DavidCasaMEP @mcaruanagalizia @occupyjusticema @EVTVMiami Open statements:
Assistant US Attorney: It is illegal for US banks to send dollars to Iranian companies. How did the defendant do it? Smoke and mirrors. He disguised their Iranian identities with citizenship purchased in a Caribbean Island.

[St. Kitts & Nevis.]
@MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @sdnylive @herszenhorn @DavidCasaMEP @mcaruanagalizia @occupyjusticema @EVTVMiami AUSA: Because of the serious threats that Iran posed against the US, sanctions were put in place. Virtual all business dealing with Iran are prohibited. The defendant knew about these sanctions. He even lived here in the US for a time.
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NEW: Africa’s richest woman @isabelaangola claims to be a self-made billionaire. Today, we reveal the inside story of how she made her fortune while leaving #Angola one of the poorest countries on earth.

Read #LuandaLeaks:

📹: @shirafu
If you're new to Angola, the dos Santos family and their connected history, then this is the place to start.

By @antoniocuga and @Indigo_Light. #LuandaLeaks
@antoniocuga @Indigo_Light Months of reporting based on a #leak of 715,000 documents obtained from @PPLAAF reveals two decades of unscrupulous deals and enormous wealth moved through offshore centers. #LuandaLeaks
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1/ Classic start to a Northern train journey: 24 min delay due to "awaiting a member of staff" & the train to MCR airport is rammed incl. a group of rowdy lads singing Vera Lynn "We'll meet again" & drinking cans of Bud Light at 8:30am 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ #EUsupergirlTour ✈🇬🇧
2/ Then the "Direct" MCR airport service randomly decides it isn't going to the airport after all (don't they realise people have flights to catch?!)🤦🏼‍♀️✈
Funny: I have to plan 1hr contingency time for train Fckups when I travel to Northern airports.
I don't have to in London🤔
3/ Next stops on the #EUsupergirlTour 🇪🇺:
I was considering not tweeting due to "grifter holiday" trolling - then last night I received an email requesting the use of some footage I filmed in #Latvia for an educational documentary for a Non-profit...
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@FitzgeraldFrncs @helenadalli I'm guessing that she didn't mention this to you -…
@FitzgeraldFrncs @helenadalli Her husband harassed a journalist - @muscatcar on a case she reported on. The case involved a company of which @helenadalli and her husband owned a 99% shareholding.
@FitzgeraldFrncs @helenadalli @muscatcar One cannot help wondering how high her commitment and ability to fight for press freedom is seeing that she was unable or unwilling to do so in this matter.
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⛔️🚢 #Malta, confermate le aspettarive dela vigilia: si cercherà di redistribuire il 90% dei soccorsi in mare nel Mediterraneo centrale.

Il che equivale all’8% del totale degli sbarchi in Italia.

Il 92% di chi arriva resterà in Italia.…
⛔️🚢 #Malta, è un passo avanti?


Nel corso del precedente governo abbiamo strapppato promesse di redistribuzione per il 4% degli sbarcati.

Oggi saliamo all’8% (nel grafico, il “best case”).

Ma è un progresso effimero, più segnale politico che vera “solidarietà”.
⛔️🚢 La cosa più importante, e che in troppo pochi stanno sottolineando: sì, ci sarà incentivo per Malta e Italia a classificare gli sbarcati come “soccorsi”.

Ma anche incentivo uguale e contrario per i paesi del nord 🇪🇺 a NON soccorrere nessuno, per non dovere redistribuire.
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What if I told you that this OPM aide’s tweet (location & time stamp) demonstrates that during #tailsend, @michelle_muscat either (a) outswam not only @MichaelPhelps sprinting but a shark at a steady 9 kph for a gruelling 9 km or (b) cut her 14 km swim short (by ~7 km)? #talltale
Hope that caught your attention. This thread will sum up the evidence that @Michelle_muscat’s claim that she swam 14 kilometres for #tailsend is absolute rubbish that deserves to be framed alongside Kim Jong Il’s claim he invented the hamburger. 2/
In case you are wondering why this deserves attention, after all Michelle did claim she swam 14 km “for charity”, I have one word for you - truth.

You should always defend it or the lies tend to add up. 3/
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Holy crap, @Michelle_Muscat swimming time is up there with the world greats. We know she swam 14 km because from @TelevisionMalta to @marigoldmalta boasted about it:
We also know, thanks to @lukedalli88 & co going live on Facebook, the almost exact start and end times: 11.40am CET to 4pm CET.

4 hours 20 mins for 14 km in open water with a tough force 4-5 NW wind.
4 hrs 20 mins in seconds is 15,600 seconds for 14,000 metres. So @Michelle_Muscat swam at a constant rate of 14,000/15,600 or 0.897 m/s for 14 kilometers.

That’s 3.2184 km/h by the way.
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RSF Secretary-General @cdeloire is intervening from the plenary floor at #DefendMediaFreedom in London. Opens by noting the World #PressFreedom Map is getting darker every year, with only 9 percent of the world population now living in countries with a good press freedom climate.
.@cdeloire points to visible and invisible prisons for journalists. Counter-models are emerging that work against #pressfreedom. We are at a tipping point, and business as usual is not working. Business as usual will kill democracy. #DefendMediaFreedom
.@cdeloire calls for action in cases that haven’t been mentioned: @raif_badawi in #SaudiArabia. Cumhuriyet journalists in #Turkey. #DaphneCaruanaGalizia in #Malta. And Julian #Assange, whose case has worrying implications for protection of journalistic sources #DefendMediaFreedom
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Alle 4 di stamattina la nave ALEX di #Mediterranea è arrivata al limite delle acque territoriali italiane, a 12 miglia da Lampedusa, ma un Decreto dei Ministri di Interno, Difesa e Trasporti ci vieta l'ingresso.

Prosegue sotto:
Il Decreto è illegittimo: perché non può applicarsi a una nave che ha effettuato una operazione di soccorso a tutela della vita umana in mare. E perché non può essere vietato a una bandiera italiana ingresso nelle acque del proprio Paese.
Alle 5:17 ci ha scritto RCC Malta offrendo come "gesto di buona volontà" la disponibilità del Governo maltese allo sbarco sull'isola delle 54 persone a bordo della ALEX.
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As #espionage & #Eurovision coincide, here's #Albania the 1st finalist in this #history thread.
(Also for my #Australia readers seeking relief from #ausvotes as you start your Saturday, it's impressive you convinced them your continent counts 😎)
Next: #Азербайджан #Евровизија
For #Eurovision #Азербайджан and #Spying studies, here's an article from @warisboring about Azeri #aviation being well-placed to use my #Soviet favourite (Foxbat) to work #intelligence against my #USAF (Blackbird).
Zoom zoom 😎💕…
Next up for #Eurovision finalists with an #espionage twist is #Denmark, whose #Spying #Police (PET) scored a serious scoop in turning Colonel Oleg Gordievsky, the #Russian rezident (lead KGB controller), which later inspired actual #JamesBond plot points:…
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#Censorship - #Zensur:
- #NetzDG
- #Uploadfilter (#Article13, #Article17 will be used to filter out opinions!)
- New #Internet-#Filter in #Russia (this week)

#Journalists: Killed or prosecuted:
- #Khashoggi
- #DaphneGalizia (#Malta)
- #Assange
2. #WorldPressFreedomDay - Russian #Journalists killed just in 2018:
- #MaksimBorodin (reports on RUS mercenaries in Syria)
- #DenisSuvorov
- #SergeiGrachyov
- #YegorOrlov

#FreePress #Russia #Putin
3. #WorldPressFreedomDay - Russian #Journalists killed just in 2017:
- #YevgenyKhamaganov
- #NikolayAndrushchenko (like many beaten to death)
- #DmitryPopkov (shot after report on police corruption)
- #AndreyRuskov

#FreePress #Russia #Putin
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My latest for ⁦@BylineTimes⁩. Justice for Daphne: Passport Investments Company Replies to Accusations of a ‘Faustian Pact’ with Cambridge Analytica #DaphneCaruanaGalizia…
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1. «Caruana Galizia [@mcaruanagalizia] also used the occasion to call for a change in Malta’s libel laws, so that the burden of proof doesn’t rest entirely with the journalists being sued for libel.»

#DaphneCaruanaGalizia #Malta #JournalismIsNotACrime
2. «“For example, all my mother’s libels have now been passed on to her heirs, but the magistrate and plaintiffs know we cannot produce the key witness, because she has been killed."» #DaphneCaruanaGalizia
3.«“Because of this, under Maltese law, we will lose the cases upon default because the burden of proof is on us.”.“The plaintiff need present no evidence, just file an application without any evidence and they’ll win by default.This is the structural problem with Malta's (...)"»
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1. @gulnozas: "Our main goal at CPJ [Committee to Protect Journalists] is that the masterminds are named and brought to justice. We believe that the independent inquiry into the case would help to achieve that goal." #DaphneCaruanaGalizia @pressfreedom

2. @gulnozas: "Unfortunately, we haven´t seen any political will on the side of the Maltese authorities, including the prime minister, to start such an independent investigation." #Malta #JosephMuscat

3. @gulnozas: "The prime minister Muscat continues with the defamation lawsuit against Daphne, despite the fact that she hasn´t been alive for a long time. The case is now against her son, who is also an investigative journalist, Matthew Caruana Galizia". @mcaruanagalizia
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People really need to focus because there is a scheme underway in #Malta to bury two crimes. These crimes go all the way to Castille. Ignore the noise that @MaltaGov & @PL_Malta have become so adept at creating & focus.

Naturally these relate to @keithaschembri 1/
Besides the high profile #17Black & #Egrant, there are 2 magisterial inquiries meant to be underway. They have been underway now for just under 2 years & there is no reason why they should be taking so long other than due to interference & behind the scenes efforts @ burying 2/
Which inquiries & crimes are these?

- Kickbacks in relation to the sale of #GoldenPassports from Brian Tonna to Keith Schembri via Pilatus Bank
- Kickbacks & laundering of proceeds paid to Adrian Hillman by Schembri the disgraced & planted ex-head of Times of Malta 3/
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“I came to the issue of vexatious defamation suits including #SLAPPs following the assassination of #DaphneCaruanaGalizia when we noticed the disappearance of news stories about #Pilatus bank - which she was investigating - from news websites in Malta,”
Many news outlets, threatened with potentially ruinous vexatious lawsuits by Pilatus through their London law firms, had removed this content.
The practice of #SLAPPs circumvents due legal process and effectively silences media reporting where the client has enough money to pay London law firms to make these threats. It fundamentally undermines any right to a fair trial.
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“Collaborative journalism projects like the #DaphneProject send a strong message to the enemies of transparency and the free press:

Even if you kill the messenger, you cannot kill the message,”

#JusticeForDaphne #UNCOVERED #IJ4EU
“The .@MaltaGov refused 40 requests for interviews from the #DaphneProject. This is unacceptable from an EU member state,” @laurentrichard0.

We recently highlighted the lack of media access to .@JosephMuscat_JM & his cabinet in our joint mission report:…
“It is essential that the EU ensure all MS are fulfilling their obligations & put additional pressure on #Malta to uphold media freedom by insisting.@JosephMuscat_JM & his cabinet grant access to critical journalists & respond to #FOIA requests,” @laurentrichard0
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