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Family Klan Mob


W all girl trouble going on,
have 2 ask about boys.
Cuz there's weird
all over this group of arty folks.

#Art #HumanTrafficking
#OSU #MOB #TOC #LesWexner
Mysteriously wealthy
Jeffrey Epstein
seems 2 have captured
attention of billionaire
Leslie Wexner
as Epstein is notes as
managing Wexner's billions.

Oh dear.
Epstein + Maxwell
invlvd in
sexual assault
at Wexner's OH estate?

🗣️"Les. Do u have comment?'🎤
Summer of 1996

Epstein arranges 4 artist
Maria Farmer 2 visit
Wexner's mansion
in New Albany, OH.
[she was accompanied by 2 bros.]

Farmer says Maxwell + Epstein
sexually assulted her,
+ Wexner's security team
refused 2 let her leave.👈😱

Fuqqing philanthropist art collectors.
Maria Farmer

▪️26 at time of assault at Leslie Wexner's OH estate
▪️Studied at NY Academy of Art
▪️1st person who reported Jeffrey Epstein 2 FBI 📌
▪️Affidavit added 2 Virginia Giuffre's lawsuit
▪️'NOW is right time 2 SPEAK'

#Dershowitz hard pass.🤣
9 E 71st Street, NY

Wexner purchased
Birch Wathen Prep School

"Sold" 2 Jeffrey Epstein

'People have said
it's like we have
1 brain between 2 of us:
each has a side'.
~J. Epstein, 2003📌
Epstein said 2 manage $15B
4 clients.

Leslie Wexner is only 1 public about
Epstein's involvement w his finances.

Who else was/is involved w Epstein?

DYK, Epstein has logged 600hrs/yr
in his various planes as he scours
world 4 investment *opps.
Epstein managing Rockafeller money?🤔

The Coney Island Hot-Dog,
Jeffrey Epstein
always has entourage:
chefs, yoga instructors...

Good 2 know,
Epstein 'is an enthusiastic member of
Trilateral Commission +
Council on Foreign Relations.'📌

'I've known Jeff 4 15 yrs.
Terrific guy.
He's a lot of fun 2B w.
It is even said he likes
beautiful women
as much as I do,
+ many of them R on younger side.
No doubt about it;
Jeffrey enjoys his social life.'
~Donald J. tRUmp

Philanthropist Epstein
"Epstein invests in people."📌
'At a party at Ghislaine Maxwell's house,
1 is just as apt 2 see Russian ladies of the night
as 1 is 2 see Prince Andrew.'

Then there is 2-time drop-out
Epstein teaching at Dalton School,
hired by Bill Barr's dad.🤦‍♂️

U can't make this sh¡t up.

It all is connected. #MOB
Epstein bails on Dalton Prep,
moves 2 Bear Stearns w his
wealth of degrees.

CEO Jimmy Cayne
certainly was/is huge
fan of Jeff's.

Cayne put Epstein in their
*special-products division
offering certain tax-advantageous tranny's.

Hiya Hank.
UR Greenberg is hanging out. #AIG #MOB
Conditions 4 investing w Epstein
were steep: $1B gets u in the door.

Epstein's offices located:
▪️Manhattan [Villard House, Home 2 Le Cirque]
▪️New Albany, OH📌
▪️St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Member who else lives
in New Albany, OH;
Leslie Wexner👈
Wexner became an Epstein client 1987.📌

'It's a weird relationship.
It's just not typical 4 someone
of such enormous wealth
2 all of sudden
give his money 2 some guy
most people have never heard of.'

Wexner creeps me.
I think of the young girls
shopping at Limited stores.😱
More details on this cray.
9 E 71st Street, NY📌

▪️purchases $13M, 1989
▪️spends millions on gutting + *renovating📌
▪️'turns it over' 2 Epstein in 1995📌

▪️closed-circuit TV
▪️heated sidewalks
Erm. $$$🤔

#KompromatFactory upgrades.🤦‍♂️
Gurl. Please.💃

"Epstein cleaned everything up
[New Albany development]
as well as serving Leslie Wexner
in other capacities, such as
facilitating visitS 2 Wexner's home
of the crew from 'Cats'
+ organizing a Tony Randall
song-and-dance show put on in Columbus."

Jeffrey Epstein
collects scientists.

Epstein spends $20M/yr on them.

Gerald Edelman,
Neurosciences Institute in La Jolla.
"Epstein is concerned w basic ?:
Is it true the brain is not a computer?"📌

Stephen Kosslyn, Harvard
Martin Nowak, Princeton

"Epstein will put some calls N2
his private banker at JPMorgan📌🤔
2 get reading as 2 how wealthy investors,
R reacting 2 mrkt's movements."

Time 2 fly 727
B4 taking big position,
Epstein flies alone📌
2 do some *research.
Jeffrey Epstein Begins *Sentence


It is NOT a prostitution case, NYT.
Never was. FY

"Spent millions on a project
2 develop a thinking + feeling computer."📌

"Spent millions on music
intended 2 alleviate depression."
[Is there a chip implant?]
"I deserve anything I want,
I can have anything I want,
+ I can afford it."
Sounds about right.

Jeffrey Epstein
Michael Jackson

"Gulliver's playfulness
had unintended consequences.
That is what happens w wealth.
There R unexpected burdens
awa benefits."
Jeffrey Epstein's
problems really began in '05.
14 y.o. tells police about *massages.

Epstein, of course,
trashes credibility.

Police present state attorney w evidence,
asking 4 charges against Epstein
4 sexual relations w minors.

Epstein's legal team, Starr + Dershowitz
Epstein's only client
willing 2 disclose
is Leslie H. Wexner.

Epstein 'provides specialized form of
superelite financial advice.
He counsels people on everything
from taxes + trusts
2 prenuptial agreements + paternity suits
+ even provides interior decorating tips 4 prvt jets.'
Jeffrey Epstein has a Germ Phobia📌

Don't they all?🤣

Doesn't like bad weather.
Tells pilots 2 avoid flying thru chancy weather.


The control freaks
who have 2 keep
2 hands on the wheel.
Looks who's getting married!

Guess it's time 2 produce the heirs?

Bring in the fembot!

Abigail S. Koppel, 31
married Leslie H. Wexner, 55.

Y now fancy wedding?

Abigail's daddy
opened 1st NY
El Al Israel Airlines
tkt office📌

Jeffrey Epstein
would charge clients
a reported $25/yr.

Epstein's wealth built on
a bizarre relationship w📌
single acknowledged client,
Abercrombie & Fitch creator,
Leslie Wexner

#VictoriaSecret ?

Manhattan gossips
have wondered if
Epstein + Wexner
relationship romantic.📌

"Women who take husbands
not out of love but out of greed,
2 get their bills paid,
get nice hs + clothes + jewels;
these R whores in everything
but name."
~Polly Adler

'Little Black Book'
of Jeffrey Epstein's.

Leslie Wexner +
I mean 'wife',
Abigail Wexner,
gots lots a telephone numbers
inside Epstein's little book.

The Limited
Victoria's Secret

Does Leslie switch?🤔
Or did JE frame him?
So. Who the FUQQ is Leslie Wexner?
Chairman + CEO, L Brands
Forbes estimates $4.7B worth

Reconsider purchases from:
Victoria's Secret (1982)📌
Bath & Body Works

Began in 1963 w The Limited,
a grt place 2 find young girls.

Big OSU donor.
Getting to know
'Les is More' Wexner

Just eye candy 2 catch some of his swag.

New Albany estate, OH
834 5th Ave, NY, duplex
Limitless #SuperYacht


9 E. 71st Street, NY


John Stefanidis
works w
Abigail + Les Wexner.

Several projects.
"Picasso always helps me paint"
[dark, dank, scary colors]
~ John Stefanidis
referring 2 71st St
Eyes Wide Shut mansion.

If ya know me,
ya know Paul
loves some

Leslie Wexner's
316ft yacht
Value $100M
Currently 52nd largest
#SuperYacht @ 315ft

💸💸Time 4 obligatory FEC check.

💸💸Leslie H. Wexler

💸💸Abigail S. Wexner
Quick snapshot of
Leslie H. Wexner
Abigail Wexner

*Open Secrets


Are the secrets really open, Leslie?

Les Wexner,
Jeffrey Epstein,

Bet Jeff knows the secret.
Paul has a saying:
'UR not a real Power Jew
unless u hit the presses.'


Est Leslie Wexner has
donated > $500M including #OSU

OSU Board of Trustee
Chairman of Board

Philanthropy Art Underwear!

Wexner skeeves me.
Always apprec a *foundation
working w Zionists.

Wexner Foundation

2003, doc by pro-Israel activists
+ The Israel Project

Spells out *tactics Israel +
its US advocates should use
2 maintain support 4 Israel +
its hardline policies.
More philanthropy by
Leslie + Abigail Wexner.

Guess where?

How'd u guess?


“Their support 4 this effort,
along w their continuing support 4
Wexner Israel Fellowship Program,
is making enormous difference
in preparing leaders 4 years ahead.”
This is kinda nutters,
but I always keep ears + eyes open.

Never know...

"Child Slave Master Zionist Billionaire
Les Wexner and more Part 1"

I Tried 2 Warn U About
Sleazy Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein
n 2003

When Vicky Ward profiled Jeffrey Epstein 4 VF,
allegations of his attempted seduction
of 2 young sisters were excised from final piece.

Hidden Source of Wealth
Unorthodox Lifestyle
Those who touted the name
Jeffrey Epstein

▪️Marshall Rose, real estate developer
▪️Alan 'Ace' Greenberg, Bear Stearns
▪️Leslie Wexner

Wexner trusted Epstein so much,
he had given Epstein carte blanche
2 insert himself N2
both Wexner's family
+ business affairs

Y so close?
"Epstein not what he claimed 2B"

Oh dear.
Jeffrey + Bear Stearns

Regulation D violation,
[Fed Res puts limit of 6 trans/mo
on certain transfers + withdrawals
from ur savings or money mrkt acct.]
which sent Epstein packing.

Vicky Ward
directly asked Epstein
about sisters
+ 16 yr old girl's

Epstein: 'Just the mention of 16-yo girl
carries wrong impression.
I don't see what it adds 2 piece.
And, that makes me unhappy."
Updated response from Graydon spokesperson:

"Epstein denied charges at time
+ since claims were unsubstantiated
+ no criminal investigation had been initiated,
we decided not 2 include [the rape victims]
in what was a financial story."🤔😂🤣
VF? Stop!
The underaged sister's
Epstein raped would go unheard of.

"He has a way of spooking u."

"When [babies] been released home
some mos later,
I went out to my 1st party.
There was Jeffrey Epstein,
sucking a lollipop.

'Vicky,' he said, "u look so pretty."

Merv the Perv Alert
Moving on.

Leslie Wexner

Earned reputation in 1970s + 1980s
as 1 of country's top collectors of
▪️Franz Kline
▪️Mark Rothko
▪️Jean Dubuffet
▪️Willem de Kooning

Wexner began "trading out"
his lrgr roster +
collected Pablo Picasso.📌
Early 80s,
Wexner went 2
Chicago art fair
+ saw Picasso drawing
of seated woman.

"[Picasso] true founder of
modern + contemporary art.
That idea intrigued me.
I was also taken by how often
he reinvented himself."📌

Wexner may have a "Picasso Complex"🤔
Ya w me?
Leslie Wexner
is all about here + now.

It's here if u wanna listen,
but 4 someone who collects
sophisticated artwork,
he sounds a bit fay.

Listen 2 his stories.
Mama's boy.
Conflict w father.
Aunt who gives him $5K
4 women's clothing store
The Limited
Happy Couple of Philanthropists

Abigail Wexner
Leslie 'Les' Wexner

Transfigurations -
Modern Masters from
the Wexner Family Collection

Money laundering
+ artwork.

Ever heard of painter,
Nelson Shanks?

Let me fill ya in.

His best known wrk
probably portrait of
Diana, Princess of Wales,

Painter, teacher + art historian
influential in revival of
Classical Realism in U.S.

Many influential
people painted.
American Artist,
Nelson Shanks

Margaret Thatcher (1999)
Pope John Paul II
Luciano Pavarotti
Ronald Reagan


Even did Bill Clinton
inserting Lewinsky shadow.
Oh dear.

Portrait starts court feud.

Nelson Shanks
1 of America's most distinguished artists,
has upset
Leslie Wexner
Ghislaine Maxwell,
daughter of drowned tycoon,
Robert Maxwell.

The collector, Wexner gets sued 4 unpaid bills!

U.S. District Court,
E.D. Pennsylvania

Abigail Wexner
Ghislaine Maxwell
Jeffrey E. Epstein
Leslie Wexner
Paywall: ecf.paed.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/DktRpt…
Early 2000
Shanks was contacted by Maxwell,
who said she was acting on behalf of Wexners.
She inquired whether Shanks would consider
accepting commission 2 paint
Abigail Wexner + 4 children.

Assured he was specifically
requested by Wexners,
by Maxwell.
Conversations btw
Shanks + Maxwell culminated in mtg
btw Shanks + Abigail Wexner in NY 3-15-00.

Abigail's asst,
Karl W. Koon set up the mtg.

Exhibit A - Shanks Flt Itinerary
Exhibit B - Photos taken at Wexner OH estate
Exhibit C - 5-3-00 Shanks 2 A. Wexner Ltr
invited Wexner's
2 see portrait while in prog,
they opted not too.

Exhibit D - 5-4-00 Shanks recvs body measurements
Exhibit E - 5-16-00 Shanks 2 Maxwell - cost $325K
Exhibit F - 10-23-02 Shanks 2 Maxwell - cost of frame $14K
Exhibit G - 4-01 Shanks send image 2 Wexner
Abigail no likey.

Let the BS excuses fly!

Again, here R sophisticated art collectors,
having problems w Shanks.

Do ya think Princess Di
called 2 say she didn't like the pose?

Commissioned and Tendered Upon Completion!

Fork over the cash, Wexner billionaires.

U.S. District Court
CASE #: 2:02-cv-07671-CN
Doc 32

Reply 2 defendants' motion
4 protective order 2 quash
notice of depositions +
supplemental memorandum
of law in connection w plaintiff's motion
2 compel discovery responses.
Doc 32

Doc 32

Letters from
Shanks' lawyer
Jeffrey Hofferman
defense attorny
Lawrence J. Fox


Doc 32


Letters from
Shanks' lawyer
Jeffrey Hofferman
defense attorney
Lawrence J. Fox

Doc 32


Letters from
Wexner, Epstein, Ghislaine
defense attorney
Lawrence J. Fox
Shanks' lawyer
Jeffrey Hofferman

What assholios.

You'll clearly see how uncooperative
defense has been thru-out
U.S. District Court
CASE #: 2:02-cv-07671-CN
Doc 36

And like all sleazy mob fuqqs,
they *settle a few days B4
discovery begins.

All exhibits locked.
No further info. avail.

Again, I find it all 2B
very transparent.

Les Wexner,
CEO, Victoria’s Secret
+ teen brand Pink,
says shoppers want 2 visit stores
'2 experience environment + feel products.'

Let it all burn down.

His fascination w girls
needs 2 B shut down.

But, what about boys?
834 Fifth Avenue, NY


Have I mentioned Italian mob?

Leslie Wexner had a much younger wifey
+ an even younger male assistant 📌💃
last time we ran N2 him.
Purchased 6 bd doo–plex fixer upper
in 1997 4 $9M.

Popular bldg among sketchy.
9 E. 71st Street

"Jan 1996,
Les Wexner
hadn't spent 2 mos
in stone mansion,
even tho he bought it 7 yrs earlier."
~ Jeffrey Epstein

Y do u need a
hidden lead-lined bathroom?📌

834 Fifth Avenue, NY


Leslie Wexner
purchases duplex from
Eduarda Crociani.📌

Who dat?

834 Fifth Avenue, NY

"Conservative [design].
It's like going N2 a grand
VA home or English men's club
in certain rooms."

Sits there empty

Leslie Wexner
78th St Mansion used 4 office space, later sold $32M

Abigail Wexner
15 Central Park West $13.1M

834 Fifth Avenue, NY

Leslie Wexner
purchased from
Eduarda Crociani.📌
otherwise known as
Edy Vessel,
Italian actress.
otherwise known as
Edoarda Vesselovsky
She gives me more
Russian than Italian.

Once married 2 fugitive
Camillo Corsiani
Lockheed pay-off scandal.
Asst DA Llario Martella ordered arrest of
Camillo Crociani,
resignes as Pres of Finmeccanica,
state holding co 4 Italian engineering firms.

Quit after learning board was about 2 fire him
4 Lockheed links.

Former chief of Italian Air Force
+ prominent Rome lawyer arrested
in connection w reported $1.6 million bribe
by Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
4 sale of 14 C‐130 Hercules planes in 1970.

Camillo Crociani, Italian head of state metal concern.

So, Camillo + Edoarda Vesel Crociani
high tail it 2 MX +
out of reach from Italian law.
Camillo Corciani dies late 1980[?]

Crociani Dynasty:
Children sent 2 trial.

Former president of

In walks Calabrian|Sicilian mob!👈
Following years of hearings +
trial that lasted almost 3 mos,
court found in favor of estranged sister
Cristiana Crociani +
her two daughters, Delia and Livia Delrieu.

"Golden hell" living w
Have a feeling what the story is about.

Paradise Papers,
i soldi degli appalti per la sicurezza vanno offshore:
in tasca ai Crociani
Un miliardo occultato in isole esotiche. Usciti da una società fondamentale per la difesa dell’Italia."

Corciani |
Camilla Crociani-De Bourbon Des Deux Siciles

Offshore banking √


Family Photos

The daughter Mob,
I mean Mom,
wanted 2 inherit wealth 2,
Camilla Crociani,
Duchess de Calabre
and husband Charles de Calabre.

Leslie Wexner
involved himself
w negotiating w
Edourda Vessel Crociani
who looks more + more
RUssian w each day.
Leslie Wexner
has mentioned severed ties
w Jeffrey Epstien in 2007/9ish?

But, I certainly don't know how
Les was able 2 live w/out more Epstein?

"How sex traffickers
use modeling contracts
2 lure young women."
Researcher reports
Soviets created
child-trafficking rings in west
4 blackmail.

General Secretary Yuri Andropov
wanted 2 subvert West
by creating child trafficking
+ pedophile networks
2 blackmail business leaders + politicians.


Would ya?
Could ya?

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