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With @ONE_news_Malta’s latest lie about @occupyjusticema and the non-existent “Erika Mizzi”, @PL_Malta & @MaltaGov launch yet another assault against this civil society group. First it was “political links”, then it was “dirtying monuments”, then “violence”, then “hate”... 1/
This latest one now goes for a toxic line of querying funding source / donations.

Very Orbán in Hungary or Law and Justice in Poland.……

But what’s even cuter is when members of the “Kap Retweeters” relish it.

So we have @Pl_Malta point it’s fingers at civil society for the planted head of the opposition’s marital woes, who with his back against the wall joins their narrative. Now I guess we have phase 2.

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You realise there’s something rotten in the state of #Malta when a political party in government starts turning its guns on critical private citizens. Essentially wearing down dissenters. Here’s an example. 1/
First an MP @RosianneCutajar singles out a comment by a private citizen, Godfrey, for a comment on social media criticising her shenanigans in parliament including booing at opposition members or giving speeches rubbishing a murdered journalist 2/
He says she’s essentially acting like a fishwife in parliament. What does Rosianne do? She sues for libel for being called that twisting its idiomatic meaning into her being called a “whore” (a dictionary ended that) 3/
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It's that time of the year again. #Malta list of new "citizens" (#GoldenPassports for 2017) published, all sorted by first name (not surname) & jumbled with non-IIP citizens:…

This is the list as a sortable & searchable spreadsheet:…
Some names worth looking into following a quick PEP / Sanctions check:

1/ Abdul Dawood & family -… or…
2/ Michael James Tomlinson
3/ David Hamilton
4/ Mohammadu Adamu -
5/ Sergey Vladimirovich Ivanov -…
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In case anyone is wondering what to get @RosianneCutajar for Christmas, I’d recommend (a) a couple of solid dictionaries, (b) a treatise (preferably in very simple & plain language) on the role of dictionaries & (c) a reality check as a stocking filler. 1/
Here’s @RosianneCutajar. Rosianne is a tool (not a particularly sharp one) in Muscat’s toolkit that he whips out for comic relief / sympathy / distraction.

An insidious circus sideshow. This is her latest advertorial “opinion piece” in the ever obliging MaltaToday 2/
Rosianne has a past which she is somewhat ashamed of. Which is fine, we all did stupid stuff 3/
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1/ @MaltaGov doesn’t really have a choice

2/ @VeniceComm was asked by @coe for opinion to assess whether #Malta should be added to the “bad boy” list (hence #1)

3/ perspective- left to its own devices @MaltaGov thinks a shrine to a murdered journalist is a threat to #ruleoflaw
Here’s the Minister of Justice of #Malta referring to #DaphneCaruanaGalizia’s memorial as a threat to the rule of law:…
Here’s a bunch of other disinformation by @MaltaGov about the state of the #RuleofLaw in Malta:…
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Thread: #Valletta2018 was an international cultural & moral catastrophe, demonstrating the complete lack of accountability with which the @MaltaGov operates.
.@JasonMicallefPL Chairman of Valletta2018, tasked with promoting culture & media freedom, repeatedly and publicly attacked and ridiculed assassinated journalist #DaphneCaruanaGalizia on social media & ordered the removal of banners calling for justice for her murder.
On the 6 month anniversary of the assassination #DaphneCaruanaGalizia, @pen_int & + 250 writers led by .@MargaretAtwood & .@Elif_Safak wrote an open letter to .@TimmermansEU to protest the actions of .@JasonMicallefPL & call for his resignation:
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Naturally, #Malta's phony regulator of the Henley #GoldenPassports Scheme recommends removing the one source of scrutiny of the programme by the fourth estate - publication of names.

Just one of the gems in the latest report by the IIP "Regulator":…
Other gems include:

1/ The regulator grumbling that banks are treating the scheme and its dodgy applicants as high risk for money laundering:
2/ The bulk of applicants are Russian / Ex-USSR (craftily bundled up as "European") and Chinese:
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Funny you mention #JosephSchmitz in today's video, @GeorgWebb , on the #whistleblower - because that is exactly who George #Papadopoulos was sitting next to at his famous photographed meeting with Trump in the Trump campaign !

(thanks to @ScottMStedman for photo)
[2] #JosephSchmitz was a former inspector general of the US Department of Defense and a former executive with #Blackwater


* A member of the Sovereign Military Order of #Malta (great place to meet #JosephMifsud )

* Sister is #MaryKayLetourneau,…
[3] And the new video from @GeorgWebb on #JosephSchmitz , and the new whistleblower #DennisNathanCain ( #Cain ).

Is the whistleblower for real , or is this just #TheSwamp setting up one guy to take the fall for the rest of #TheCabal ?

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9 maps show how different #LGBTQ rights are around the world…
#Homosexuality is no longer outlawed in the majority of the world, there's still a long way to go in terms of acceptance and equality for #LGBTQ people.
Religion is an un-ignorable factor in the maps. While the majority of the world has legalized homosexuality, the countries where it is still outlawed are concentrated in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa — areas with majority-Muslim nations.
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Nave #Diciotti e i 177 #migranti ancora a bordo: proviamo a fare chiarezza?

(SPOILER: non sarà per niente facile)


#Malta sostiene che il barcone con 190 #migranti ieri notte non fosse in pericolo (distress), e che per questo motivo quando era in loro zona SAR lo MRCC maltese non abbia coordinato salvataggio ma solo affiancato barca e prestato assistenza.
Secondo Malta, questo è sufficiente perché La Valletta non debba indicare un proprio “porto sicuro” per sbarcare i #migranti raccolti dalla nave #Diciotti.
Ma la realtà è ben più complessa.
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Cornered rat Trump lashes out & strips JB’s of his SC, but was too cowardly to notify DNI Coats.

Smacks of Nixon’s enemies list.

Distraction from O’s scariness!

Lordy there are tapes, many tapes!

Everyone in the WH is scared s*tess O taped them saying X!

CC: “You [DJT] admitted on Twitter that your son, son-in-law, and campaign manager met with Russian spies in your building to obtain “dirt” on your opponent. That “dirt” was the product of a felonious act carried out by GRU. That, by definition, is “collusion”

Ghouliani’s lifelong ties to the mob via Father & Uncle & decades long ties to the RUmob...

1999: Ghouliani mayoral campaign donor S.Kislin is linked to the RU mob

Ghouliani to Mueller: 'Write the damn report”

Mueller thinks ‘Careful what you wish for RUdy.’
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#TeamPutinTrumpChina’s love/hate obsession with Venezuela. Hint: oil, 💰 & so much more.


📌RU & China launch Gold/Yuan based New Oil Desk.
💰The VZ Players💰

Putin, Xi, Trump, Cons Think Tanks, Citgo Oil, PDVSA, Trump Inauguration, Thomas Barrack, Gates, DonJr pals Gentry Beach, Wadie Habboush, Flynn, Bannon, Pence, Lewandowski. BitCoin, Sanctions, business opportunities, refugees, drones & pirates, oh my!
Venezuela has rich resources of gold, nickel, iron ore, steel, diamond, alumina, coal, bauxite, asphalt, natural gas, and petroleum.…
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Kurzer Faden zur #Aquarius: Das Schiff von »SOS Mediterranee« ist das größte Schiff der #NGO-Flotte im #Mittelmeer. Während sich die kleineren Schiffe der #SchlepperNGOs auf das reine Aufgreifen der Migranten fokussieren, fungiert die #Aquarius als Fähre in europäische Häfen.
Nachdem vor 48 Stunden ein Anlegeverbot für ital. Häfen ausgesprochen wurde und auch #Malta die Aufnahme verweigert, soll das Schiff jetzt nach #Valencia/#Spanien fahren und dort anlegen. Die sozialistische Regierung Spaniens hatte das selbst angeboten.
Derzeit berichten die Medien über neuen Regierungskurs Italiens und verurteilen die Umsetzung des Wählerwillens (satte 70% für weniger Migration!).

Innenminister #Salvini hat harten Kurs gegen illeg. Migration angekündigt, nachdem Italien i.d. letzten Jahren geflutet wurde.
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Again, from my investigation, I have concluded w/ high confidence that #Goldstone was working for a foreign intelligence agency — most likely Britain’s #MI6 — & was operating as an off-the-books liaison asset to @FBIWFO NS/CI (which is essentially @CIA’s domestic arm).
… I‘ve been warning about #Goldstone long before these revelations, which indicate a purposeful attempt to lay a false trail for a #TrumpRussia “collusion” narrative. This is what @FBI counterintelligence does (sometimes): they entrap & frame people.
… it‘s 100% transparent what #Goldstone was trying to do. Whoever was running him & telling him what to say (#MI6? @FBIWFO NS/CI? @CIA?) was engaged in extremely illegal activity: a plot to overthrow the elected United States government.
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