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1/6) The amazing @lizandmollie make the list
2/6) Asking better #questions makes the world a better place!
@chrisspalton captures a session at the #Levelupweek2021 talks on #questions!

3/6) We work with stories and leadership. We found this #Sketchnote capturing why leaders need stories compelling
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Masalah Conversion atau Landing Page?

Saya biasa dapat soalan ini. Macam mana nak tahu iklan yang ada masalah atau conversion tak menjadi.
Paling senang, tengok 2 data.

CTR adalah click through rate... Image
Maksud lain adakah iklan dapat klik atau tidak.
Makin banyak iklan dapat klik, makin tinggi CTR.

Maka secara automatiknya cost per link click akan menurun.

Kemudian CVR = conversion rate.

Cara kira,
CVR = sales/visit x 100

Berapa kadar pelawat website jadi pelanggan.
Apabila CTR rendah, boleh kata masalah berlaku pada iklan.
Iklan tidak berjaya mendapat klik. Jadi baiki:
+ Creative
+ Copywriting
+ Targeting
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1/ 🧵 Mentor-Mentee topic: MEANWHILES
Mentees often tell me they feel stuck in time with no progress in achieving their goals. This is a Meanwhile. As humans, we want to get through meanwhiles, but they are important times of growth. Don’t rush meanwhiles!

Some thoughts…
2/ When I was in college, a mentor taught me about the 3 major types of meanwhiles.

1. Uneventful Occurrence.
2. Unknowing.
3. Not Yet.

Don’t let fear drive you past the riches of these meanwhiles!

Let’s break them down…
3/ Meanwhiles of Uneventful Occurrence:
Tedium is not just OK. It’s necessary. Ordinary times are preparation for fruit to come. Let the grace of your routine establish sustainable balance in your life…one day at a time…in this we grow.
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Congratulations to all the startups who participated in the 2nd edition of Max Life Innovation Labs!

Announcing our final shortlists for the current edition
Scanbo - Next Generation Point of Care (POC) Platform (founded by Arvind Rajan & Ashissh Raichura)

CoRover (founded by Ankush Sabharwal)

Lapetus Solutions Inc Solutions (founded by Karl Ricanek)

Finarkein Analytics (founded by Nikhil Kurhe).
The winning ideas are tried and tested through a proof of concept, and successful pilots then get an opportunity to convert their offering into a commercial deployment.
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Dr. Cook begins her #CCC50 Lifetime Achievement Award talk with reflection on her own 1st presentation ever as an #ICU fellow- at an @SCCM Congress! She was struck by the interprofessional group of attendees.(Thread)

#NationalWomenPhysiciansDay #WomenInMedicine #clinicalresearch
Her first lesson learned to impart to us.


An early senior researcher said to her early in career:
"I just don't think research is in your future"

Imagine what #CriticalCare world would have lost if she had listened.

#CCC50 #pulmcc #PedsICU
Dr. Cook: Sometimes dialogue is more important than consensus. You have the TRUST YOUR GUT. #CCC50

You're not growing until you're changing. Defining moments for bravery may come along when you least expect them. Be brave. #WomensPhysicianDay #PedsICU #pulmcc #ICU
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@MANOEL17544203 @ptbrasil A nora de Azenate Barreto Abreu, empresária q teria vendido R$ 15 milhões em #leitecondensado ao governo de @jairbolsonaro em 2020, também tem uma empresa c/contratos c/o @govbr federal. Ao todo, a mulher já recebeu +de R$ 7 milhões em repasses desde 2015.…
@MANOEL17544203 @ptbrasil @jairbolsonaro @govbr ÁUDIO-B0MBA!! B0LSONARO PERDE APOIO E CPI DO #leitecondensado VEM AÍ!! via @YouTube
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In light of all our new members of the bar, here's a long, meandering thread about mentoring, and why it's never too late to change your direction: #lawtwitter #lawjobs #mentoring #babylawyers 1/
My first law job was at a boutique international tax compliance firm in DC, in 2007. It was a lot of document review. Then, the recession happened and everyone lost their jobs overnight (sidenote: it really did feel like this happened). 2/
By the end of 2008, I had moved all my stuff and my two cats to Austin, Texas to be the sole associate in a small “door-law” firm run by a lobbyist and a former law school classmate.
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Sigh. Where to begin?

In our longitudinal study we showed that w each additional same gender mentor students had 2x greater chance of staying in the geosciences...

But then again we didn't define success as number of papers published...…
In our 2018 Geosphere paper we illustrated that with each same gender mentor, undergrads who identify as women increased their likelihood of staying in the field (~25% w 0 mentors, ~75% w 3 or more mentors)…
in our 2020 (shorter term) follow up study - we illustrated that students needed to meet #inspirational role models, skills & knowledge to overcome obstacles, & a local mentor…
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#Mentoring a #Value resistant #Generation...

Like most, I've had and still have the privilege of being mentored by some of the best in their sphere of influence. One observation from the experience is that being 'spongy' through the process is an advantage. By that I mean,
to be receptive to the lessons taught and learnt with a view to go and practice. Maybe that has become #OLDschool like many other things in life today.

However, may I say with vehemence; values can never be old school. It is forever, fresh, needful and vintage, no matter
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1/ Women in Critical Care:

👍 Just recorded #ISICEM roundtable w @frubulotta @ElisabethWaele @FlaviaSepsis & Dr. Juffermans. 🎥 🍿 on Sept 16th.

Let’s eliminate prejudice based on gender, sexual pref & color. Here is a Baker’s Dozen of Women ICU Leaders!

#heforshe #medtwitter Image
2/ The first woman leader in Critical Care I discussed was Dr. Christina Jones from UK. She is a Biochemist, Nurse, Masters Social Work, PhD in Psychotherapy.

👊Mother of ICU Support Groups & ICU Diaries. As an expert, she shaped our field!

#sccm #esicm #pulmcc #ICUrehap Image
3/ 2nd world leader in Crit Care presented was Dr. Deborah Cook, from McMaster Univ in Canada. Seminal trials in Ulcer Proph, Bioethics, CCCTG trials, and now edifying us about how to provide healing in the dying process through her 3-Wishes Project.
#endoflife #palliativecare Image
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Mentor-Mentee SCCM CPP Spotlight: Dr. Andrea Newsome Sikora @AndreaSikora

“You should read better books.” 📚

The duality in this statement is a microcosm of mentorship:

You are enough right now & also you are capable of more.

An inspirational thread 👇🏻#PharmICU Image
Mentors have double vision. 👀

Seeing you as you are and may be and celebrate the process of becoming.

Mentors are loyal to the person you are growing into, which reminds Dr. Sikora of Rumi:

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?”
#mentorship Image
We have a personal and professional responsibility to develop mentor-mentee relationships. 🤝

Dr. Sikora states “Mentorship has been a continuous lesson in the values of loyalty, humility, honesty, gratitude, balance, passion, discipline & integrity.”
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OMG! I had an awesome #MedEd breakthrough this week.


And guess what? Consider this #spacedlearning because it all loops back to my Monday meeting with one of my #mentors @dan_p_hunt_MD.

Wanna hear about it? You do? Good! 😁 Image
Okay, so one of the agenda items was about my struggles with clinical teaching during #COVID19.


When I can’t bedside round or have the students or whole team go in due to a patient being a #PUI or #COVID19+, it’s limiting my teachable moments.

Dan suggested I try this:

1. Bring my mini-whiteboard
2. Assign a question to the students while I go into isolation room with resident or intern.
3. Leave them with the board/marker and allow them to rapid fire search on whatever devices or computers.

Cool right?
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1. Lesson begins

Ologbon morawon. Eni togo nio mope oun go. Sugbon te ba wifun eni o go, yoo dija. (The wise people know themselves, it is the daft person that doesn't know he's daft, but when you tell the daft person he's daft
2. a fight will ensue)
This is the way I see people that argue blindly on public forums like SM after several corrections and presentation with facts. Some of them are even arguing with experts that are kind enough to present the facts to them. Nkan to tiniloju gba niyen.
3. Anyone can make a mistake, but you should be able to say "I apologize, I didn't realize I was wrong".
It happened to me here once. I came across a tweet talking about 'elevator baby' on Netflix. In my excitement, I thought it was Anchor baby.
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Successful #publishing cover letters – a thread.

I’ve had several requests for the letter I offered to share the other day. I've now found it and, instead of writing lots of PMs, I think it's best if I just share it here with everyone. #publishinghopefuls #workinpublishing
There’s nothing more infuriating than not getting the call and not knowing why. Often it's down to stronger CVs competing with yours,but the letter can also play a part. I’ve been lucky enough to have people give me tips when I started out so I'm sharing them here...
...together with what I’m now looking for in the letters I receive. It’s not exhaustive and there are other ways to do things. But it gives an idea.

1) Keep it short. An A4 max is ideal.
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Read about our @NatureEcoEvo comment on how to prepare a growing #postdoc workforce in the @nationalpostdoc #POSTDOCket! The nb of postdocs has doubled in 30 years, but faculty positions nearly not changed. We propose 5 key points to better prepare us for a wide range of careers:
1.Align career development with job markets: a survey found that #STEM PhDs lack skills essential for the current #career landscape. #Postdocs need to be encouraged by advisors & departments to invest time in professional development.
#phdchat #beyondprof…
2. Sustain wellness & work-life balance: a happy worker is a productive worker! No #postdoc should lack access to healthcare, sick leave or parental leave, we need more transparency about benefits & recognition of #mentalhealth consequences of short term contracts & relocation.
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Halo, Perseners! Satu Persen mau bagi-bagi buku pengembangan diri nih! ⁣ Image
Ada 5 buku Mindset karya Carol Dweck dan 5 buku Jung's Map of The Soul karya Murray Stein untuk 10 orang pemenang beruntung. ImageImage
Caranya gampang!⁣
1. Follow akun Instagram @satupersenofficial & @BerdikariBook
2. Like postingan instagram Satu Persen ini dan mention 1 orang teman kamu di kolom komentar⁣ Image
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I just found out a medical student I spoke with back in 2018 about pursuing surgery will soon be training to become a surgeon! Another #hijabisurgeon in the making, Alhamdullilah!!!
It makes me so happy to see young trainees pursuing what they love. I feel their excitement and enthusiasm when they talk about their passions. I also sense their fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the immense work ahead, fear of the extra scrutiny for being (fill in the blank).
In this case, this student had the same exact fears I had. Being a hijabi. Being a woman in a male dominate field. Wanting to have a family in a male dominated field. Surgery is hard enough enough as is. Why go through the trouble?
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Dr. Hildegard Nimmesgern, Chair of Comission of #EqualOpportunities in #Chemistry @GDCh_aktuell: Let’s network for success! @IUPAC #GWB2020 #WileyDiversity Image
To achieve #Inclusion #Equality and #Diversity, organizations need to develop the right mindset to transform their working culture @GDCh_aktuell @IUPAC #GWB2020 #WileyDiversity
#Networking is a career #catalyst! #Mentoring and #volunteering offer opportunities to acquire technical skills and emotional satisfaction. CheMento is the mentoring program offered by @GDCh_aktuell. Interested? Find information here:… #GWB2020 @IUPAC
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Last week we started the 10th semester of a grad/undergrad #mentoring program I’ve been leading for the past 5 yrs. We pair students w a mentor/mentee and run events to support those relationships. It’s community building 2 ppl at the time. Our membership nears double digits /1
I talk about mentoring all the time and launching into my last semester with this group has me reflecting on why it has become so important to me /2
What I am realizing is that so many problems in academia that get roughly filed under ‘we need to improve culture’ could be addressed by talking about mentoring more and more intentionally /3
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Welcome to today's session of #HRwithEM, a weekly #TwitterSession #TweetChat to connect, learn and share career development tips and employee experience practices.

#mentoring #mentorship #mentee #mentor
Thank you for joining us this evening. Please identify yourself and the location you are joining from, so we can acknowledge you properly.

#mentoring #mentorship #HRwithEM
Feel free to tweet your question(s) at me with the hashtag #HRwithEM as the session is going on, and I would respond to all at the end of the session.

#mentoring #mentorship #mentee #mentor
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Deutschland kann Integration: Potenzial fördern, Integration fordern, Zusammenhalt stärken. 12. Bericht #IntegrationsBeauftragte der | #Migration #Flucht #Geflüchtete #Integration #BerichteReports #LeseFunde pdf via @IntegrationBund
@IntegrationBund Ausgewählte TOPs im 12. Bericht der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Migration, Flüchtlinge und Integration 1/5 ➔ | #Flucht #Migration #Frauen #Gender pdf via @IntegrationBund
@IntegrationBund Ausgewählte TOPs im 12. Bericht der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Migration, Flüchtlinge und Integration 2/5 ➔ | #Flucht #Flüchtlingsengagement #Ehrenamt #Frauen #Gewalt #Resettlement #Mentoring pdf via @IntegrationBund
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I will be offering free online coaching sessions in November and December. It's my way of helping you to prepare for 2020. Each session will last for no more than 60 minutes.
During the session, I will coach you on any topic you choose. My areas of competence include Product Development, Business Strategy, Start-Up Strategy, Branding, Digital Marketing, Marketing Communications, Management, Career Development, HR, Investing, Life and Faith.
To book a session, please visit…. Once all sessions are booked, that's it. Thanks.

#Coaching #Mentoring #GetSetFor2020
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Welcome to today's session of #HRwithEM, a weekly #TwitterSession #TweetChat to connect, learn and share career development tips, employee experience practices, as well as resolve burning #HR issues and/or questions.
Thank you for joining us this evening.

Please identify yourself and the location you are joining from, so we can acknowledge you properly. #HRwithEM
Feel free to tweet your question(s) at me with the hashtag #HRwithEM as the session is going on, and I would respond to all at the end of the session.
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Registrations are open for the next stream of The Subomi Plumptre Fellowship. Let me tell you about it. In each stream, I choose 20 driven young Nigerians to participate in interactive fireside chats with top executives.
Participants receive classic literature & business books, take part in investment planning classes, support charities and are given the opportunity to visit another country. They also form networks with their peers.
Testimonials from participants suggest a transformation in attitude towards life and career as well as the development of valuable networks and exposure.
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