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I thought I would share my personal experience of how I realized I was dyslexic. Everything started when I first came to UK to do my A-levels. I always struggled with writing but never understood why. In Russia back in 2007-2009 dyslexia wasn’t recognized as widely.
So when I came to UK, teachers in my school assumed all my struggles were due to the English language barrier. I couldn’t understand why my spoken English was so good but my writing English didn’t match it. It was so strange for me.
Then my school provided me with English tutor, who couldn’t recognize my dyslexia either. I do understand why not because I was only in UK for a year at this point and as international student chances of me being dyslexic were low.
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One of my side-projects is a website on how to write better papers, mostly for social scientists. Here is a thread with the posts you can find there #writingcommunity #academicwriting #postdoc #PhDthesis #AcademicTwitter #researchpapers #PhDChat /1
My most-viewed post is the one on how to write simply – how to cut the crap, that is. I was inspired by William Zinsser’s ‘On writing well’ (highly recommended!). A workbook accompanies the post with exercises on how to simplify your own text.… /2
I plan a series of posts on writing different parts of a paper: the abstract, the conclusions, etc. For now, here's a piece on how to get a nice title for your paper…. (Laughed out loud with the terrible titles academics, myself including, come up with..)/3
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A thread on why I run. Self-care in academia. #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #AcademicWriting
I returned from my maternity leave a few weeks early to submit grant proposals…for fear/the unknown of the financial implications of COVID-19 on my research program and team.
In the past few weeks, I have led the writing of 5 grants (2 still in a submission portal as the funding agency changed the deadline as I was uploading my final files...😢).
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(1/4) Looking for statistical test option in SPSS to conduct RM ANOVA w/ covariates with non-normally distributed dependent variable (normalization procedures do not normalize). #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #spss #Statistics #academicWriting ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Dependent variable: continuous, not-normally distributed
B/w subject factor: Intervention arm (3 groups)
Covariates: continuous
Sample size: N=135

(3/4) Thoughts on Quade's test?…
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Woke up so ready to get back to writing! I’m definitively finishing this sub-section today, but I would be thrilled to make major progress into the next sub-section too. Knowing how long this main body section (with 3 sub-sections) will be helps figure out the shape of the rest.
Current shape of the chapter is a beefy intro, a big body section with 3 sub-sections & then either a smaller section then a conclusion, or I move the ideas for that smaller section into the book conclusion & go straight into the chapter conclusion when I finish this section.
A lot of folks who have read my first book, #BodymindsReimagined, have commented on how clearly organized/presented the writing & argument is in it. That’s meaningful to me bc I spend A LOT of time working on chapter structure. The order & style of presenting an argument matters!
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Academic writing - a thread

This fall I have taken a course in academic writing. I have learnt a lot and to synthesize some of my lessons I have made a manifesto - ideals to live by and points to remember.

@AcademicChatter #academicwriting #AcademicTwitter #phdchat This is my manifesto presented in graphic form. All the points in the thread are listed here. Read the whole thread to read all the points in this image.
1. Write every morning until 10. Then reward yourself with a 10-minute break. Yes, even the days you don’t really want to.
2. Start writing, even though you feel you need to read more. You’ll know better what you need to read, once you start writing.
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Good morning bbs. We are so close to the weekend! Today I’m attending a protest & having lunch with a colleague so my work #goals are minimal:
-Complete reverse outline process to re-organize my book chapter

Don’t know what a reverse outline is? Ooh baby are you in for a treat!
Thread on #writing & #revision: A reverse outline is a way to see the structure of what you’ve written in a draft in order to reorganize it. You start by marking up a pdf or print copy of your draft & numbering every paragraph. My book chap has 33 paragraphs.
Once you’ve numbered, make a list from 1 to whatever number of paragraphs you have. Re-read each paragraph & write a short summary (a phrase, not even a sentence) describing what each paragraph is about or doing.
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Day 2. Still pre-conference. I must confess that while taking notes today, I sincerely wondered to myself: how will I condense this much information in a way that its essence is not lost? So much was said; so much needs to be done. Oya grab your seat. @LagosStudies #lsa2019
The first panel was the Gender and Academy II. Panelists were Yetunde Zaid, Lynn Schler, Bamidele Wale-Oshinowo, Oyeronke Oyewunmi, Mojubaolu Olufunke Okome (@mojubaolu) and Taibat Lawanson (@TaibatLawanson) The first question shows that mentorship comes in various forms.
Who was your first mentor?:

"My first mentor was my Ph.D. supervisor. He was good @ treating students equally&that gave everyone a sense of confidence when starting out with their career. It distilled any competition that we might have&developed a sense of community.” Schler
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Fantastic session on publishing by @rosemdee yesterday, with great questions and discussion from the participants, both remotely and in the room. A recording will be online in due course, but here are a few super-useful take-home points:

#AcademicWriting #phdchat #ECRchat
Most people have imperfect conditions for writing (i.e. not weeks and weeks of uninterrupted space!), so you you have to make use of what you've got.

#AcademicWriting #phdchat #ECRchat
In the shorter spaces of an hour or so, don't try to write - unless you are able to write well in little bursts - but do things that support writing, like reading, or planning the structure and narrative etc.

#AcademicWriting #phdchat #ECRchat
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How to write a PhD in six months, a twitter thread from remarks by @MeganhMackenzie @Usyd_ssps at our writing sprints #phdchat #academicwriting
You must be openminded, optimistic and realistic. @MeganhMackenzie @Usyd_ssps #phdchat #academicwriting
If I want this to be done, let's have a "come to Jesus" moment. @MeganhMackenzie @Usyd_ssps #phdchat #academicwriting
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