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Alright so! Since we know that #ChildTrafficking is real and not just a "conspiracy" let's take a look at why 800,000 children a year go missing in the USA yes only the USA, I tried researching a world # but I guess that's impossible due to other countries not even counting.
1/ Starting with this article because it seems to really #WakeUp people a to the evil that is hidden from us by our own MSM…
2/ So the news from other countries will report on things that ours will not! It's a shame that we are only given news on covid and racism! GOD created us in his image we are all equal! This is the video from the article in Iran.
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1. St John was born 1544 in Dufton, Westmoreland. He was educated at Queen’s College, Oxford. Two years later he became headmaster under the charter of Queen Elizabeth I.

St John became a Catholic Christian #StJohnBoste Image
2. in 1576, left England, and was ordained a priest at Rheims in March 1581.

St John returned and worked as a missionary priest in Northern England.

The government authorities, who were against Catholics, wanted to arrest him. He eventually was betrayed to the authorities.
3. After having celebrated a clandestine Mass in 1594 held at Waterhouse the authorities stormed the building and found St John hiding in a ‘priest hole’ behind the fireplace.

Following his arrest,St John was taken to the Tower of London for interrogation on the rack.
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1. Born in 1863 near Naples, Italy, Alberic joined the Milan Foreign Missionary Society. On completion of his studies and formation, he was consecrated a priest

#StAlbericCrescitelli #priest and #martyr #China Image
2. in 1887 in the Basilica of Saint John Lateran. Fr Alberic was received by Pope Leo XIII and given the missionary crucifix. In April 1888, he left Rome for Marseille where he boarded the steamship to China.

He arrived at his mission in August 1888. The Vicariate of Hanzhong
3. (which is now the diocese of Hanchung and the mission site of Fr Alberic) was almost all non-Christian at the time, with a myriad of problems, including opium smokers who also infected the pious Christian minority.
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1. St John Jones was born in Clynnog Fawr in Caernarfonshire (Gwynedd) into a courageous Catholic family who remained faithful to the #Church even at the height of the Protestant Reformation.
#StJohnJones #Wales #Welsh #martyr #SaintOfTheDay Image
2. When John was a boy he entered a strict Observant Franciscan friary at Greenwich.

When it was dissolved in 1559 [by the Protestant forces] he moved to Pontoise, where he professed his vows. He later travelled to Rome and stayed at the Aracoeli friary.
#Greenwich #London
3. While in Rome John joined the Roman province of the Reformati, a yet stricter branch of the Friars Minor.

In 1591 he asked to join the English Mission. Despite the evident risk to his life, his superiors agreed. He received a blessing and commendation from Pope Clement VIII.
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Christianity arrived in China by way of Syria in the 600s. Depending on China's relations with the outside world, Christianity over the centuries was free to grow or was forced to operate secretly.

#TEC #TheEveningChapel #Saints #SaintoftheDay #StAugustineZhaoRong #Priest
The 120 martyrs in this group died between 1648 and 1930. Most of them (eighty-seven) were born in China and were children, parents, catechists or laborers, ranging from nine years of age to seventy-two. This group includes four Chinese diocesan priests.

#Marytrs #China
The thirty-three foreign-born martyrs were mostly priests or women religious, especially from the Order of Preachers, the Paris Foreign Mission Society, the Friars Minor, Jesuits, Salesians and Franciscan Missionaries of Mary.

#FriarMinors #Jesuits #Salesians #Franciscan
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1. Bl. #PhilipPowel was born at Tralon, Brecknockshire, 2 February 1594, the son of Roger and Catherine Powel. At the age of 16 he became a student in the Temple, London, but went to Douai four years later,
#EnglishMartyrs #priest Image
2. where he received the Benedictine habit in the monastery of Saint Gregory (now Downside Abbey, Bath).

In 1618 he was ordained priest and in 1622 left Douai for the English mission. In 1645, when the Civil War broke out, he retired to Devonshire.

#England #CatholicChurch
3. He afterwards served for six months as chaplain to the Catholic soldiers in General Goring’s army in Cornwall, and, when that force was disbanded,took ship for South Wales. The vessel was captured on 22 February, 1646. Father Powel was recognised and denounced as a priest.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/31/2020-2…

The Privacy Dial - Render-from-betaworks…
Investigation of a COVID-19 outbreak in Germany resulting from a single travel-associated primary case: a case series - The Lancet Infectious Diseases…

#coronavirus #investigation #outbreak #Germany
Because Culture Matters, There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Exit Strategy from Covid-19 Lockdowns | naked capitalism…

#capitalism #lockdown #strategy #culture
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Don't take your eyes off the ball people. Can't allow all these missing kids to disappear while the pedophile network run by politicians distract us with politics.… #pedophile #pedogate #HumanTrafficking Nov/17 UK
The corrupt catholic church control system network of sexual predator priests. need to give account and be prosecuted.… #PopeFrancis #CatholicChurch #priest
Be vigilant people. Traffickers operate out of children hospitals, daycare and foster homes.… #HumanTrafficking
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