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1. Globalist Puppet Boris pretending to care about Climate Change whilst giving out programming signals #Cop26 #WizardofOz ImageImageImage
2. Previous climate comm was code red, now they have followed the yellow brick road to Green. Expect programmed individuals to be triggered by this... #trafficlights… #climatechange #insulatebritain #XR
3. What a coincidence, just 9 hours ago Rihanna in green... #climatecomms #climatechange Image
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1/ Telegrammed by Dr Malone on this week's NIH admission that #Fauci DID sponsor Gain Of Function Wuhan Covid experiments. Dr #FauciLied is now throwing Peter Daszak under the bus.
"I predict that this is going to get really ugly now." 👇
3/ "Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance broke its reporting rules when conducting bat coronavirus research, with critics immediately contending this means the Wuhan lab collaborator had indeed been conducting gain-of-function research and NIH lied about it."…
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Planetary Situation Update

The Resistance managed to clear the vast majority of Chimera #undergroundbases and made a significant #blitzkrieg breakthrough there on February10th and now holds the upper hand in planetary subterranean domain… ImageImageImage
#LightForces have also managed to clear practically all negative #quantum #superposition exotic weapons and technologies of the #Chimera, and have dissolved the so-called “#Schwab quantum matrix etheric #scalar #technology” which was the main energy field behind the #GreatReset Image
Now that this #Schwab-matrix has decomposed, the whole dark plan of the #Cabal is slowly falling apart
#Dragon forces on the surface are very active behind the scenes and are taking active #countermeasures against the #Jesuits and their #GreatReset plans…
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Dr Fauci , the Jesuit, reassures his 'African-American brothers and sisters' that #Moderna #vaccine was developed with help of a black doctor - a woman who once claimed #coronavirus was a 'genocide' and doctors were 'letting black patients die'.…
Secret History of the #Jesuits
These religious men, -who pretend to love God, "will resort to murder, incite revolution and -wars if necessary to help their cause.…  
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Feast of St Joseph Pignatelli (d 1811) “second founder” of the Society of Jesus. He was among the Spanish #Jesuits roused by soldiers after midnight on 4/2/1767 to learn that all Jesuits were to be expelled from Spain. The same had occurred in Portugal and later France.
The total suppression of the Society followed in 1769 when Pope Clement XIV, under pressure from Bourbon princes, disbanded the Society. At once 23,000 Jesuit priests were dispensed from their religious vows. There was an anomaly. The decree had to be delivered to each community.
Empress Catherine the Great refused to allow bishops in White Russia to deliver the brief. Thus, in this corner of Europe the Jesuits survived. Pignatelli received permission to affiliate with this province. Thus, without setting foot in Russia he became the only Jesuit in Italy.
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1.Got my mind blown by #DrKatherineHorton's video in this great thread, she is a targeted individual & her video on the #JesuitEducationalEstablishments is mindboggling!…
2. She was a fellow at #StJohnsCollege at #Oxforduniversity, has a Phd in #particlephysics, worked at #DESY & #CERN, & was targeted by the British Intelligence as a test subject for #targetedenergyweapons. Her bio is here:
3. Katherine rightly recognized, that the #OxfordUniversity logo depicts a #garter, as in #TheOrderoftheGarter, which is the inner circle of the #Committeeof300- i.e. the top dogs, the 0.1% ImageImage
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Foreign conspiracy against the liberties of the United States 📚year 1835
The Leopold Foundation in #Austria 😉
#USA  #Jesuits  #Vienna  #conspiracy  #Liberty…
THE LEOPOLDINE FOUNDATION - The American Catholic Historical Researches - New Series, Vol. 1, No. 4 (OCTOBER, 1905)…
Count Coudenhove was connected to the Leopoldine Society, an organization established in Vienna for the purpose of aiding Catholic missions in North America. The Leopoldine Society was founded in 1829 in #VIENNA.…
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June 8, 2015

#Cintamani is a sacred stone which came from Sirius star system.

Millions of years ago, during a Galactic superwave, a planet orbiting #SiriusA exploded.

Its fragments traveled in all directions, some of them reaching #Earth after long journey through interstellar space. Image
In the last 26,000 years, the positive #Agarthans were guardians of Cintamani stones.

Throughout the history, they have given pieces of #Cintamani to some of those individuals who had the maximum potential positive influence on the human history. Image
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Gaston Roberge SJ (1935-2020), Jesuit from #Calcutta, has been among India’s acclaimed #film scholars. Born in Montreal, he joined the #Jesuits in 1956, studied film at @UCLA, came to India in 1961, and was ordained priest in 1967. He passed away on Aug 26 in #Kolkata @SXC_Kol.
In collab with filmmaker #SatyajitRay, #GastonRoberge founded #Chitrabani — the only independent film library in Calcutta, in 1970. From here, Roberge pioneered film studies from early 70s. His friendship with Ray led to a creative effluence b/w each other’s film theory&practice.
Roberge’s #scholarship influenced numerous filmmakers & theorists in #Bengal & India. He authored numerous books on film & media; some of which include: Chitrabani(1975), Mediation(1978), The Faithful Witness (2000), Cyberbani(2005), Media Dancer(2008), Indian Film Theory (2011).
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Christianity arrived in China by way of Syria in the 600s. Depending on China's relations with the outside world, Christianity over the centuries was free to grow or was forced to operate secretly.

#TEC #TheEveningChapel #Saints #SaintoftheDay #StAugustineZhaoRong #Priest
The 120 martyrs in this group died between 1648 and 1930. Most of them (eighty-seven) were born in China and were children, parents, catechists or laborers, ranging from nine years of age to seventy-two. This group includes four Chinese diocesan priests.

#Marytrs #China
The thirty-three foreign-born martyrs were mostly priests or women religious, especially from the Order of Preachers, the Paris Foreign Mission Society, the Friars Minor, Jesuits, Salesians and Franciscan Missionaries of Mary.

#FriarMinors #Jesuits #Salesians #Franciscan
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#LeeWarren #PLIM #REPORT #Volume 11#1
When have the most inhumane acts occurred in time?
Was Nazism born of secret societies and the occult?
Was Hitler under demonic influence?
Was Stalin controlled by demons?…
#World #Leaders & the #Occult #EVIL #Satanic #System

World leaders gathered around a moving luminescent #pyramid in a circle with symbols. They wear a lapel pin of an unholy triangle, the #illuminati pyramid

World Leaders #Wearing Illuminati Pyramid Pin
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Yesterday commemorated Jose Rizal’s vision for #PhilippineSovereignty. I am asking all our followers to RT these messages. Rizal was a Patriot executed by Spain for speaking out for Filipino freedom. He was a European educated writer, thinker & leader of the Revolution.
#Rizal identified with the people & sought for the identity of the original Philippine people. His vision helped forge a nation. But U.N., U.S. & NGOs still treat Philippines like a colony.
It is like the #OpiumWars in China. British & other Europeans forced China to grow Opium & allow its people to consume it. Addiction & corruption destroy national character. Chinese rose up; killed for resisting enslavement to opiates. Now Western agencies doing it again!
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One great achievement ♟of the last few 100yrs was the perception that we’re the prime of civilization; that sophisticated humans only emerged a few thousand years ago. The result (conveniently)is very few Q’s about “his-story”:
🔹In many places, Roman ruins were found floors underground. Why? Plausibly? When many other old ruins are not?
🔹Many buildings & streets have been excavated, only to find other structures UNDER them, that no one knew was there, nor could explain plausibly.
🔹Folks drive past man-made hills, never questioning what lies within, as they don’t even realize they’re not natural.
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