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Well this is REALLY interesting.

The #AstraZeneca has been strongly associated with cases of thrombocytopenia and transverse myelitis.

Guess where the animal studies showed that the drug was found (where it shouldn't have been)?

h/t @mimifontaine
So, AZD1222 (AstraZeneca vaccine) was distributed to the bone marrow and major nerve branches (suggesting spinal nerve involvement)

Platelets (the subject of #VIPIT) are made in the bone marrow.

Transverse myelitis is an inflammation of the spinal cord.
The implication here is EXACTLY as predicted, which is that the tissues that are exposed in higher doses, that are not intended targets, are at risk of autoimmune disease, which can be severe or fatal.

For the #Pfizer vaccine the implications for the #ovaries are profound.
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The Real Great Awakening, [12.06.21 10:45]

Satanistic Freak Show on the beach amongst children (Cornwall, UK) Same place where the G7 meeting is being held.


Join @Q17_Awakening
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DVT as a feature of #VITT: unusual in the UK / Europe yet common in Australia - could cases have been missed?

NB this is a loose theory, not an assertion

Here are some observations
On 20 May ATAGI reported a breakdown of types of clot seen in 🇦🇺 VITT cases

Of 21 confirmed + 3 probable cases, DVT was present in 12 (50%)

Even excl. probables + assuming all 3 included DVT, that would mean DVT present in minimum 9 / 21 = 43% VITT cases…
In Europe only 3 / 45 (7%) cases across 4 published papers (Schultz, Greinacher, Scully, Tiede) + 1 unpublished study (Scavone) include DVT according to a paper by M Cattaneo

This is strikingly different from the Australian data - what could explain it?…
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We know that the two Ad-vector based vaccines, #AstraZeneca & #JNJ lead to clot-related complications like cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. We also know these events are referred to as ‘Vaccine induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia’ (VITT). But what lead to these complications? 1/
Now a new explanation for VITT seen with vector vaccines. “Vaccine-Induced #Covid19 Mimicry” Syndrome: Splice reactions within the #SARSCoV2 Spike ORF result in ‘Spike protein variants’ that may cause thromboembolic events in patients immunized with vector-based vaccines 2/
These soluble Spike #variants may initiate severe side effects when binding to #ACE2-expressing #endothelial cells in blood vessels 3/
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Shocking! Can’t the rich countries postpone vaccination of their less susceptible population & donate excess quota of vaccines to the underprivileged, LMICs of Africa?
Need such policies to spare more vaccine doses for the needy. We now have plenty of data on the futility of the 2nd vaccine dose to the pre-infected, seropositive individuals…
This research has relevance to India also.
A single dose #ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine serves as an effective immune booster after priming with natural #SARSCoV2 infection up to at least 11 months post infection.… ImageImage
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1/4We’re stuck in a variant vs vaccine loop. Current UK border control=bandaid solution til IP barriers around max vax production are removed. Indian vax export ban (due to domestic crisis) causing knock-on shortages. Even @BillGates has u-turned to support #IPwaiver @chrischirp
2/4 @Dominic2306 damning revelations on No 10s total lack of #COVID19 strategy further demonstrates why a “wait & see” approach is deadly during outbreaks. @IndependentSage also concerned around #AZ efficacy against #B16172 as some Indian #HCWs testing + after 2 doses @skynewsSam
3/4 @IndependentSage continues to step up & fill the gaping hole in Gov leadership during the largest #publichealth crisis of a generation- pushing for better #globalhealth policy on borders, reforming #TTI vaccine access etc but the UK is risking making the same mistakes again!
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Some #AZ #COVID19 stats for 5/24
Tests: 4,576 | Testing Day Rank: 359
Cases: 450 | Day Rank: 338
Deaths: 0 | Death Rank: 415
7 Day Case Average: 534
7 Day Case Average Change from Peak: -94.6%
7 Day Test Average: 5,786
7 Day Death Average: 12.7
Deaths this week: 8
COVID-19 Patients529 | Day Ranking: 82
7 Day percent Change: -10.9%
Days from Peak: 83 | Percent Change: -56%
COVID-19: 144 | Day Ranking: 385.5
Days from Peak: 132 | Percent Change: -87.8%
7 Day Percent Change: -27.6%
Percent on Ventilators: 38.89%
Doses Administered: 5,761,828 | New Today: 47,342
People with 1+ Dose: 3,259,477 | New Today: 43,794
People fully vaccinated: 2,747,601 | New Today: 15,236
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#Mixing vaccines: Study from #Spain indicates it is likely safe to have taken #AstraZeneca then switch to the #BNT1622b vaccine for 2nd dose—found to be “highly immunogenic & safe.” Neutralization with Pfizer for 2nd dose increased 7 folds 1/
Presence of IgG Abs was between 30 to 40 times higher in people who got the follow-up #BNT1622b shot than in a control group who only received one #AstraZeneca dose 2/…
Meanwhile, the presence of #Neutralising Abs arose 7 folds after a #Pfizer dose, significantly more than the doubling effect observed after a 2nd AZ shot 3/…
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Asombra ver cómo tenemos a tantas personas vacunadas con una 1a dosis de vacuna AZ sin saber qué va a pasar con la 2a dosis

¿Habrá un nuevo giro de guión en el #AZGate ?
Vacunar con otra vacuna en la 2a dosis NO está avalado por la evidencia . El único estudio aprobado en España de intercambio de dosis (2a con Pfizer vs. 1a de AZ) fue presentado ayer y es un Ensayo clínico Fase II luego los resultados tardarán en llegar
Hay otras iniciativas al respecto, pero sin resultados……
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It's fascinating to see @dougducey make several wild & false claims in his thread. @POTUS has already done more in the less than 3 months of his Presidency to address our immigration system compared to the cruel and inhuman approach during Trumps failed presidency. 1/
On day 1, President Biden sent the U.S. Citizenship Act to Congress which provide a path to citizenship, cracks down on smugglers & traffickers, calls for more technology & infrastructure at the border and ⬆️ funding & resources for immigration courts to clear asylum backlog 2/
Under President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, he also secured $110 million in emergency funding to economically support localities, NGOs, and churches currently providing humanitarian care to migrants at the border. 3/
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I’m sorry to say that in a Canadian context, #NACI has caused significant harm in relation to their shortsighted recommendations regarding #AstraZeneca in the context of dwindling supply AND the fact that AZ is approved by Health Canada.
This is an example of how effective communication is literally a matter of life and death. In the UK, rapid roll out of #AZ and lockdown restrictions helped them get out of their mess, yet in Canada we will be modeling acopalytic scenarios while the public remains misinformed.
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#Thread Tribune d’intérêt public

Covid-19 : « Des biais amplifient artificiellement le nombre de cas positifs et faussent la perception de la gravité de l’épidémie » | Via @lemondefr…
Si les décisions concernant la gestion de l’épidémie depuis mars 2020 reposent sur le nombre de personnes admises dans les services de réa d’HP précarisés, et sur le nombre de décès + ou - liés à ce virus, les autorités sanitaires s’appuient également sur le « taux d’incidence ».
Cet indicateur, diffusé et commenté chaque soir par les médias, recense le nombre de personnes testées « positives » au Covid-19 rapporté à une population donnée (100 000 personnes testées).
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Et de 2 !
DGS URGENT Sur la modification du calendrier vaccinal #VaccinationCovid
C’est complexe mais important pour nos pratiques et nos patients donc #Thread ⤵️
1️⃣ Modalités de vaccination (deuxième dose) pour les personnes de 18 à 54 ans inclus ayant déjà reçu une première dose de vaccin AstraZeneca:

Les - de 55 ans ayant reçu une 1° inj #AZ
❌ne recevront pas de 2° dose AZ
MAIS ✅1 dose de vaccin à ARNm #Pfizer ou #Moderna à 12 sem
2️⃣ Délai à respecter entre 2 doses pour vaccins #Pfizer #Moderna

Au 14 avril,les nouveaux RDV auront un délai max de 42 j
Cela ne concerne pas les RDV pris avant cette date‼️
⚠️IMMUNODEPRIMES ,il appartient au médecin de déterminer si un délai de 28 jours doit être maintenu‼️
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Vaccine associated thrombocytopenic thrombosis from the eyes of general practice - a thread 🧵
#CovidVaccine #AZ
The JCVI announcement today recommends to offer alternative #CovidVaccine to AZ in healthy adults < 30 years old (i.e. no underlying health conditions):…
This is following investigation into a blood clotting phenomenon DISTINCT from typical #VTE but clinically similar to heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) associated with thrombocytopenia and unusual site thrombosis (with a preponderance for CVST) post-AZ vaccination
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Thanks to the @CEPIvaccines @WHO @EuWHOEurope #Covax and others, 24,000 doses of #AstraZeneca vaccines arrived in 🇲🇪 last week, and this is just fantastic! But as in other European countries, there is a lot of hesitancy and fear related to this vaccine. 👇🏻 (🧵)
The ministry of health @MinZdravlja made the #AstraZeneca vaccine available to all 65+ old citizens, and this is great news as they are the most vulnerable group that was not eligible for @sputnikvaccine and #Sinopharm vaccines given in previous weeks to people 70+ 👇🏻
The main fear from what I understand is related to the inconsistent recommendations about the appropriate target groups and recent reports of #thrombotic events recorded in several EU countries now. Let’s address the issues one by one 👇🏻
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Vandaag weer een nieuwe aflevering van mijn lievelingsprogramma #NDR #PODCAST Coronavirus Update Folge #80 met @KorinnaHennig en @c_drosten

@HarrySpoelstra @kwinkslager @KrisCuppens @CarlvKeirsbilck @jdceulaer

#AZ cerebrale veneuze sinustrombose…
Werd u verrast door de beslissing om het #AstraZeneca #vaccin voorlopig te staken? Ik wist eerlijk gezegd niets over dit speciale optreden van een #CVST. Dat hoorde ik dus voor het eerst gisteren tijdens de aankondiging. Ik heb daarover dus totaal geen achtergrondinfo.
Men moet ervan uitgaan dat de betreffende instanties meer details kennen dan díe 7 op 1.6 miljoen mensen. De vraag die men zich sowieso moet stellen is “zijn deze zeven gevallen allemaal verdacht”? Zijn er misschien nog andere verklaringen voor deze #CVST ?
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Le saviez-vous ? #LeSaviezVousCOVID
1️⃣La publication du nombre de cas quotidiens sans détailler la proportion de variants n’a plus aucun intérêt sur l’évolution de la pandémie
C’est un indicateur factuel sans + @SantePubliqueFr @GuillaumeRozier @starjoin etc etc
2️⃣L’arrivée des #variants (🇬🇧principalement) va modifier l’évolution et la propagation du #COVID19 d’une part par sa contagiosité et d’autre part en raison de sa présentation clinique différente
C’est donc sur ce nouvel indicateur qu’il faut se baser pour prévoir les tensions 🏥
3️⃣La contagiosité va entraîner une propagation + intense en peu de tps et ce sont ces territoires pr lesquels il faut envisager des mesures adaptées pour stopper la diffusion
Décider pour ceux là d’1 vaccination en urgence est illusoire en raison du délai de l’immunité vaccinale
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@WHO on Wednesday released guidance on who should be given #AstraZeneca's vax & how it will be administered.

See below:
1. It's to be given 3-4 months between 1st & 2nd dose

2. ANYONE above 18years (pretty standard age for adults).
ALSO to be given to older people above 65yrs since there isn't data that shows that new variants will affect the efficacy of #AZ in this age group.

3. Like #Pfizer's, it will not be given to pregnant & breastfeeding women unless they are at risk of contracting #Covid-19.
"We do not have enough information to recommend the vaccine in this group but don't see no reason for it not to be used if the woman is at risk," @WHO's SAGE chair Dr Alejandro craivoto said.

READ MORE HERE @NationAfrica…
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#SouthAfrica on Sunday suspended the use of the #OxfordAstraZeneca vaccine after a small clinical trial suggested that the drug is not effective in preventing mild to moderate illness from the variant dominant in the country.
I spoke to @mosmasika to understand if the new data posed any risk for Kenya which is heavily relying on the #OxfordAstraZeneca vaccine.
He told me: "We should not stop our plans for vaccination just because South Africa has paused #AZ.
We should appreciate that the two countries are experiencing a somewhat different trajectory in terms of numbers and most likely circulating variants."
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I’ve had a couple of requests to update the two-page “executive summary” for leading Dutch clubs, so this thread includes 2019/20 financial overviews for #Ajax #PSV #Feyenoord and #AZ. Note: the Dutch season ended early in April due to COVID-19.
#Ajax pre-tax profit fell €42m from €69m to €27m, mainly due to revenue dropping €37m (19%) from record €199m to €162m and expenses increasing by €17m, partly offset by profit on player sales rising €12m to €84m. Debt now includes €151m financial leases due to IFRS 16.
#PSV revenue fell €25m (26%) from €97m to €72m, as they competed in Europa League, rather than Champions League in prior season. As a result, operating loss widened to €41m, but pre-tax profit only fell from €6m to €2m, due to profit from player sales rising €26m to €47m.
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MARICOPA UPDATE: 51.4/45.78 Trump to Biden with 61,789 votes counted. There are ~238,000 ballots left to be counted. #Election2020 #AZ #ElectionTwitter
Santa Cruz - 56.78/41.87 Biden to Trump with 1,409 votes counted. Statewide margin now 43,779 and 1.41% in Biden’s favor. #Election2020 #AZ #ElectionTwitter
Update: While the margin will continue to tighten, with the updates from this morning it has become unlikely that President Trump can overtake Biden and win #AZ #Election2020 #ElectionTwitter
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BALLOT RESULT THREAD: Pima County - 5,614 ballots 50.8/47.3 Trump to Biden. Overall, this is a strong County for Biden. Good sign for Trump.
Maricopa County 74,547 ballots. 57.6/40.7 Trump to Biden. President nets 12,644. A bit below our 14,000 projection but good progress for the President. #AZ
We expect one more update from Maricopa tonight at 1am eastern. Stay tuned! #AZ #Election2020
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Ultima chiamata per le ns #FFAA e unità dell'#Italia! Decisive, continueranno a prestarsi alla #dittaturasanitaria in compiti non propri (consegnare #banchi, fare #tamponi...) o attrezzarsi velocemente per scongiurare sul nascere #esercitoproxy e #balcanizzazione?
#4Novembre Image
Con attuali compiti "civili" #FFAA non saranno attrezzate e addestrate (numericamente) adeguate per il #fronteinterno. #EsercitoLeva e #RiservaMobilitabile indispensabili come già #Germania e #Svezia stanno attuando.

#AnalisiDifesa #GianandreaGaiani
#Svizzera: dopo l'attacco terroristico di #Vienna, il consiglio di "fuggire, nascondersi e allertare" non è più sufficiente. Alcuni politici si battono affinché gli svizzeri abbiano il diritto di avere con sé un'#arma.…
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Influence policy w/ Postcards for America #PostcardsforAmerica
Elected Officials;All levels. In-depth Actions & Addresses
FB Postcarding Group…
*Has #GOTV #VoteByMail & 50 States Dem Candidates
Check it out!
All Democratic Candidates for ALL 50 STATES #Congress2020, Govs, AGs, SoS
Postcards & Links to Support!…
Ready-made Tweets & Posts for each Candidate here…
ALL 50 states ALL Info you NEED #VoteByMail
Alternate ways to Request & Return #AbsenteeBallot
LINKS to apply #AbsenteeVoting…
Medium article:
FB Album; Postcards for each State…
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