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#MorenoValley #CA
*potentially disturbing*
Bodycam video has been released by the Riverside Co. Sheriff from a fatal OIS on February 6th involving a suspect armed with a spiked bat. Deputies first deployed a taser, but it was ineffective.

/BWC 1
“A woman reported that her son, Jesus Antonio Rodriguez, was ‘under the influence of an unknown substance and being aggressive towards her.’

Rodriguez, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, allegedly grabbed a baseball bat with sharp metal spikes on the end, authorities say.”
“The deputies used a stun gun twice without effect and authorities say Rodriguez was finally shot when he advanced toward them.”

/BWC Enhanced to show bat within striking distance; actively striking.
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#Fresno #CA
*potentially disturbing*
“The Fresno Police Department released on Friday body camera footage from an incident on Dec. 23, 2022, when an officer-involved shooting took place.”

Suspect reversed into occupied patrol car and struck officer resulting in OIS.

/BWC 1
“According to the police department, early morning on Friday, Dec. 23, 2022, officers from the Fresno Police Department responded to a disturbance between a man and a woman at the 7-Eleven located in the 2300 block of South Chestnut Avenue.”

/BWC 2
“Police say Alvarez reversed again, driving towards the third officer. The third officer discharged his firearm, striking him once. He drove forward and struck a parked car that was occupied by a driver who was two months pregnant at the moment.”

/BWC enhanced
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#LongBeach #CA
Video footage released:
“Police were dispatched to the 5200 block of Atlantic Avenue [on March 5th]. for a report of a stabbing in progress.

Upon their arrival, police said they witnessed the unidentified suspect actively stabbing a victim multiple times.”

“Officers attempted to get the assailant to drop the knife, but they refused, at which point officers opened fire. The suspect was hit by gunfire and the attack ended and officers were able to recover the knife.”

/BWC - activated after OIS….
Full critical incident review:
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#Bakersfield #CA
*potentially disturbing*
“The Bakersfield Police Department has released video footage from two officer-involved shootings that happened in December of 2022, as well as January of this year.”

/BWC1, Dec
“In the incident that happened on December 20, 2022, a man armed with a handgun near the railroad tracks at Madison Street and East Belle Terrace was approached by officers at which point an officer-involved shooting took place.”

“The man fled the scene to an area on Daniels Lane where he was shot by officers and was declared dead at the scene. In all, eight officers fired at the suspect. A handgun and knife were recovered at the scene.”

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[1/12] To understand what else is needed to create a financial future based on #blockchain technology, just consider what the #Interledger #Protocol was NOT designed to do. 😉

[A #Thread 🧵] Source:
[2/12] 🤔 What problem does #ILP genuinely address?

Just like the #internet will never agree on a single #protocol to fix everything, the world will never agree on a single #blockchain or ledger [#DLT].

What must be resolved is:
🔹 Addressing
🔹 Fragmentation The Interledger
[3/12] ❗️ To make it easy and #ELI5-friendly here is everything in one picture:

When Alice wants to send money to @bob_way, #ILP will perform all the heavy lifting so she doesn't have to worry about #wallet addresses (#PubKeys) and the like. Source:
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🆘🚨🆘 Downey #CA killed FIVE euth-list #dogs on MLK Day, much more quickly than normal😡 We have to assume the remaining 8 are in danger at any time 😨 Please share, #PLEDGE #ADOPT today 2-5 p.m. More ⬇
#AdoptDontShop #DowneyDogs #LosAngeles
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Past ten months as a business operator in National City, CA.

(tl;dr: 3 Burglaries / 10 Months)

Starring: @alesotelosolis, @NATIONALCITYPD, @JWmetals ?

In April 2022, we moved our business to National City from Otay Mesa.

In the 4 years in Otay Mesa, we had zero incidents.

Within two weeks, there was a burglary for over $100k dollars in assets.

This devastated me emotionally as well as financially.

As someone who has always appreciated the Police Dept, (even in times when they were running out of fans), I knew to call the non-emergency line and file a police report as soon as possible.

The officers were professional and seemed to take my concerns seriously.

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Announcing MISTERBOND'S ROLL OF HONOUR for Mutual Fund schemes under all categories of #Debt, #Hybrid and #Equity.

This will showcase Top 5 schemes in each category.

This should become the #GOLD standard in ranking Mutual Fund schemes on #QuantitativeAnalysis
This will be based on monthly analysis of daily rolling returns in each category and then
12 month average of such monthly analysis
We compile daily rolling returns over different periods based on Asset classes like:
1. Daily 60 mth rolling returns over past 7 yrs for Equity
2. Daily 36 mth rolling returns over past 5 yrs for CreditRisk
3. Daily 12 mth rolling returns over past 3 yrs for Low Duration Funds
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The State Of San Francisco: A thread about the corrupt cycle of Local Leaders, Non-profits and Fentanyl.
By Darren Mark Stallcup, Founder Of The World Peace Movement.
#SanFrancisco #California #USA #TheWorldPeaceMovement
Fentanyl Emergency Petition: Image
San Francisco's fentanyl humanitarian crisis & inhumane street conditions continue to be a political cudgel for the worst offenders, outside & inside of this City. For kids growing up in The Bay Area, it was THE CITY. As in The Greatest City in the World. Now it's dying...
This month, the city closed down its Tenderloin Center in Union Square, a site that all of the people who work in the San Francisco administration knew about a while ago was hosting controlled fentanyl consumption events (but were not supposed to admit to) which enabled fentanyl.
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Wow! #SanDiego Unified Schools @sdschools #COVID #vaccine #mandate has been overturned by #California 4th District Court of Appeal. This feels like an inflection point from vaxx-friendly CA.

Now is the most exigent moment to sue #CA public #Universities with the same mandate.
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GST Registration of a Chartered Accountant #CA was cancelled retrospectively on the basis of copy-cut-paste notice with flaws in Show Cause Notice #SCN and Order has flaws writ provisions of Section 29(2).

The CA approached Delhi High Court then what happened?

Facts of the case:
Assessee did not filed GST Returns for continuous 5 months

A SCN was issued on 01.10.21 giving Assessee 30 days time to file reply why his registration should not be cancelled for non filing of Returns for continuous 6 months and personal visit 5.10.21

On 28.12.21 Cancellation Order was passed where GST Registration was cancelled retrospectively wef 11.07.2017 U/s 29(2) of GST Laws

High Court held:
“the show-cause notice dated 01.10.2021, to say the very least, in parts, is incomprehensible”

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⚠️1/2 Evacuation Warning #Orange County #CA
Effective November 8 4am for Silverado Canyon, Williams Canyon and Modjeska
Information at link for assistance evacuating you or your animals
⚠️2/2 Advertencia de evacuación Condado de Orange
A partir del 8 de noviembre a las 4 a. m. para Silverado Canyon, Williams Canyon y Modjeska
Información en el enlace para asistencia en la evacuación de usted o sus animales…
1/2 #Duarte #CA
Evacuation order for some homes in the Fish Fire burn scar beginning November 7 at 11 PM
Evacuation Center open at 11 pm at Duarte Community Center
h/t .@ai6yrham…
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L’heure du @RevoTips ➡️ Le guide @RevoAvocats du contrôle fiscal en matière de #cryptos 📓 (Part 1)

Quels sont les éléments déclencheurs d’un contrôle #fiscal spécifiques au secteur crypto ?

(1 / )
A partir de cette semaine nous allons publier une série de threads sur le sujet du contrôle fiscal en matière de cryptos.

Cette semaine, on vous parle des éléments qui peuvent inciter l’administration fiscale à déclencher un contrôle fiscal. 🤔
Chiffres clés du contrôle fiscal pour 2021 :

➡️10,7 milliards d’€ encaissés, pour 13,4 milliards d’€ de droits mis en recouvrement

➡️Renforcement du ciblage via #datamining 👨🏻‍💻 👉 à l’origine de 45 % de contrôles contre 32,49 % en 2020
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Gorsuch's question suggests he is willing to limit dormant Commerce Clause to pure discrimination. Seems like Republican Justices did not take #Prop12 case to side with #hog industry, but to increase state's power to pass laws.
Gorsuch compares @NPPC & @FarmBureau to Lochner. That's the #SCOTUS equivalent of saying "come on man."
Also asks why courts should get into policy balancing as required by #BigAg's rule.
Calling it now #Prop12 stands, at least 6-3 (Dems + Thomas, Barrett, Gorsuch).
May get a dissent saying that the Courts should have applied Pike balancing by Alito and Barrett and saying it should survive a motion to dismiss. But, that's it.
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Series A funding is a level of investment in a start-up that follows seed capital funding.

Essentially, the Series A round is the second stage of startup financing and the first stage of venture capital financing.
Series A funding enables a start-up that has potential but lacks needed cash to expand its operations through hiring, purchasing inventory and equipment, and pursuing other long-term goals.

Series A funding is primarily used to ensure the continued growth of a company.
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🪡 1/10 👇🏻 👀

#NATO is comprised of 30 countries and spends $1.174 TRILLION annually 💣 💥

#US is responsible for $811B of that, or 69% as we outspend ALL other countries by $448B 🇺🇸

Member countries are expected to spend 2% of their #GDP by 2024 but many are not on track…
In this graphic (2019) #NATO spend is compared to the rest of the world… 🌎

At that time #NATO spending was about 117% of that from non-member nations ⚖️

#NATO budget has only increased to now represent 57% of all global military spend 💪🏼

🪡 2/X
$40B heading to #Ukraine would represent ~4% of our annual #NATO contribution… 💸

But as Ukraine is not a member nation, it is unlikely this money will be considered in 2022 contributions to #NATO… 🌐

See how the $40B breaks down in link:…

🪡 3/X
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Mask mandates are dropping fast! Yet too many states are STILL in school mask mandate purgatory.

Let’s keep a close eye on this…here’s today’s snapshot:

@GovInslee @OregonGovBrown @GavinNewsom @GovHawaii @JohnCarneyDE @MayorBowser #WA #OR #CA #DE #HI #DC Image
Or if you prefer text form, here’s a list of US States with active statewide school mask mandates (as of 2/28/22) >>

End dates:

Maryland - 3/1
New York - 3/2
Rhode Island - 3/4
New Jersey - 3/7
Oregon - 3/19
Washington - 3/21
Delaware - 3/31
California/DC/Hawaii - NO END DATE

Note: Map does not show local school mask mandates which may remain in individual counties/cities/districts

#UnmaskOurSchools #UnmaskOurKids #NoMoreMandates #WA #OR #CA #HI #DE #DC #NY #RI #MD #NJ
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A #journey to unknown! 🥰✌️

Nobody can help you out
It's only you, who can help yourself
To stay up, to stay motivated, to not fall, and to get up stronger even if you fall
You're the only one to lift yourself up
You're the only one to wipe your tears
As only you know what you're going through
Believe me
It's a journey to make you stronger and better
To help you cross bigger obstacles in future
These things won't even matter few years from now
But for now it does, and I understand the pain
But nobody else will, feel the same as you do
So only you can cure it
By putting a smile on your face
And getting back on track with more /confidence and determination
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GOLLUM WAITS TERRIFIED. He tried to bite when he was being loaded in the ACO’s truck and now he’s waiting in #Devore #CA for his fate - CAN BE KILLED ANYTIME. Wouldn’t we all be terrified 😭. Absolutely beautiful, let him live 💔
#foster #adopt #pledge
#A754852 #Devore #CA
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