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#NATO is comprised of 30 countries and spends $1.174 TRILLION annually 💣 💥

#US is responsible for $811B of that, or 69% as we outspend ALL other countries by $448B 🇺🇸

Member countries are expected to spend 2% of their #GDP by 2024 but many are not on track…
In this graphic (2019) #NATO spend is compared to the rest of the world… 🌎

At that time #NATO spending was about 117% of that from non-member nations ⚖️

#NATO budget has only increased to now represent 57% of all global military spend 💪🏼

🪡 2/X
$40B heading to #Ukraine would represent ~4% of our annual #NATO contribution… 💸

But as Ukraine is not a member nation, it is unlikely this money will be considered in 2022 contributions to #NATO… 🌐

See how the $40B breaks down in link:…

🪡 3/X
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Mask mandates are dropping fast! Yet too many states are STILL in school mask mandate purgatory.

Let’s keep a close eye on this…here’s today’s snapshot:

@GovInslee @OregonGovBrown @GavinNewsom @GovHawaii @JohnCarneyDE @MayorBowser #WA #OR #CA #DE #HI #DC Image
Or if you prefer text form, here’s a list of US States with active statewide school mask mandates (as of 2/28/22) >>

End dates:

Maryland - 3/1
New York - 3/2
Rhode Island - 3/4
New Jersey - 3/7
Oregon - 3/19
Washington - 3/21
Delaware - 3/31
California/DC/Hawaii - NO END DATE

Note: Map does not show local school mask mandates which may remain in individual counties/cities/districts

#UnmaskOurSchools #UnmaskOurKids #NoMoreMandates #WA #OR #CA #HI #DE #DC #NY #RI #MD #NJ
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A #journey to unknown! 🥰✌️

Nobody can help you out
It's only you, who can help yourself
To stay up, to stay motivated, to not fall, and to get up stronger even if you fall
You're the only one to lift yourself up
You're the only one to wipe your tears
As only you know what you're going through
Believe me
It's a journey to make you stronger and better
To help you cross bigger obstacles in future
These things won't even matter few years from now
But for now it does, and I understand the pain
But nobody else will, feel the same as you do
So only you can cure it
By putting a smile on your face
And getting back on track with more /confidence and determination
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GOLLUM WAITS TERRIFIED. He tried to bite when he was being loaded in the ACO’s truck and now he’s waiting in #Devore #CA for his fate - CAN BE KILLED ANYTIME. Wouldn’t we all be terrified 😭. Absolutely beautiful, let him live 💔
#foster #adopt #pledge
#A754852 #Devore #CA
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Why is a goofy but well-mannered 2 yo 70 lb #GermanShepherd still stuck at Lancaster #CA ? Intake was 6-9 😲
He's so near perfect & ready to go home. #ADOPT him or #FOSTER 4 rescue STAT! Please #PLEDGE to help get him out. 🙏
#AdoptDontShop Contacts ⬇
You can email your adoption inquiry to
Reference ID A5422575 & include your 📱
661-940-4191… Image
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There is an obscure problem when you join the BIG-4 Advisory or auditing, or consulting side of the profession within the services sector.
Most of the co-workers come from an #Accounting background, which makes things awfully difficult to communicate and interpret.
I remember working with an #Audit Expert, having a BIG-4 background.
The chap didn't understand anything except for debit, credit, and fraud risk.
The assignment required to be sophisticated Actuarial Finance, Mathematics, and Econometric Skill Sets to understand the GAPS.
Hence, the biggest problem in the Financial Risk Management, #ERM, Quantitative Risk Management, and other FE Financial Engineering related risk management processes, when working with a #BIG4 Firm, is the interaction with Accountants and Auditors who have their own Lingua Franca
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Policy can be hard to explain on Twitter, but #AB1139 is trying to tackle an important issue so let's give it a shot.

#CA chose in the 90s to invest in & encourage consumer #solar energy to meet power demand, lower prices by increasing supplies & achieve environmental goals. 1/
Whenever new tech comes out & there are no economies of scale, it’s often expensive. In the 80s my Ma was PISSED when Dad came home with microwave. He spent almost $500. Now you can buy one for under $60. /2…
Solar is no different. That's why CA chose to create a local solar sharing program, called net metering, for people who were willing to install rooftop solar and share surplus power with their neighbors. Even with net metering, however, solar was still out of reach for many. /3
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RQ-4 Global Hawk drone. Off for another $2.5 million 10 hour provocation trip to prank #Russia #Crimea, no doubt

I put the images of the drone which was shot down in the main pics

Like all other flying pests, it was probably the best thing to happen…

RQ-4 Global Hawk drone

$2.5 million for 10 hrs #Russia #Crimea

it's why folks from #CA poop on the streets and the police don't care about the #homeless #addicts in #NewYork

At least two of these fly every day and proves #NATO is an obsolete failure……


RQ-4 Global Hawk drone

$2.5 million for 10 hrs each

05:45 BST 1.5.2021
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Becoming a regular (expensive) feature, costing ≈ $1,000,000 per four hour sortie and a typical day being 10 hours; $2.5 million an outing

One of the reasons the citizens of #CA poop on the street

RQ-4 Global Hawk

FORTE10 11-2049…

#pollution #NO2 ImageImage…

I can't think of anything nice to say

extra long flight which was prohibitively expensive and gained nothing, not even an itsy bitsy bit of nosy-parker intelligence

$4 million

16 hours flying

8 tons of fuel, pollution, CO2 dump and deadly NO2 ImageImage
And today #FORTE12 joined in too - from Jordan

How nice…

if you ever wondered why they take hours circling each time, it's to calibrate, this might amuse you (it did me😎) they've broken at least 2 of them🤣🤣🤣

#operatorError… ImageImageImage
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This is a tricky topic, but discussion needs to begin: Why I won't be attending the #StopAsianHate rally in #yyj tomorrow, a thread. [x/20] #bcpoli #yyjpoli

Anti-racism work needs to happen, but we have to be careful about what's being centered. I had multiple friends text me about this rally, hoping to do something useful. Uncritical local news coverage like this isn't helping either: /1…
“The shooting in Atlanta was shocking,” the Harmony Foundation, a local organization supporting the rally, wrote in a statement. But what is the Harmony foundation?

They don't seem to have much of an internet presence. But a quick search on Linkedin shows this: /2
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Take a last look at ROCKY because he’ll be DEAD tomorrow. 5yo & failed by his family. He’s been waiting in #OCAnimalCare since DEC, now DIES Thursday FEB 18 at 5pm. Longing to be loved, PLEASE help this beautiful boy leave ALIVE.
#A1443830 #Tustin #CA
Rocky has a rescue commitment!
Please keep sharing until he's out of the building. Thank you all ❤️
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ANOTHER TERRIFIED DOG. HENLEY isn’t doing well so #Riverside #CA will kill him. Shutting down, avoiding eye contact, confused, moving away from visitors 😞. NOW LISTED TO DIE. Please help get him out ALIVE. Beautiful 5yo pup who needs to live 💔
Henley is no longer listed. Hoping this is good news for him 😓. Will update when more is known. Thank you everyone, always ❤️
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DUKE hasn’t had any luck finding someone to love him. Adopted NUMEROUS times from #Devore #CA only to find himself back again. This beautiful boy needs help. Pls #foster #adopt #pledge for him to have the chance of leaving this hellhole ALIVE
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.@PILFoundation applauds the .@USSupremeCourt
for taking an important case involving #California’s donor disclosure laws. The Foundation previously filed an amicus curiae brief in support of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s .@AFPhq petition. Image
.@PILFoundation applauds the .@USSupremeCourt

“Donor anonymity is a bedrock American value and its protection is timelier than ever." J. Christian Adams .@ElectionLawCtr Image
.@PILFoundation applauds the .@USSupremeCourt

“If a season of #PoliticalPayback is indeed upon us, #California’s donor disclosure requirement is an ideal weapon." J. Christian Adams .@ElectionLawCtr Image
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Puppy SHILOU is so TERRIFIED he’s unable to walk to playgroup. Found as a stray, he’s a BABY who needs the security of a family to love. He DESERVES it. Please help Shilou find his family 💔
#Foster #adopt #pledge
#Carson #Gardena #CA
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✳️ #TodayInHistory
✳️ #Uganda 🇺🇬
✳️ #December21
✳️ #CA
✳️ 31yearsAgo
✳️ JusticeOdoki


✅ On 21 December 1988 National Resistance Council (NRC) enacted Statute No.5 of 1988 which established a Constitutional Commission to start process of a new Constitution. Image
The mandate of the Constitutional Commission was to consult, make proposals for a democratic permanent constitution based on national consensus. Key members included:
✅ Justice Ben Odoki
✅ D Mudhoola
✅ Makubuya
✅ Dr Waligo
✅ Prof Sempebwa
✅ M Matembe
✅Lt.Col Serwanga Image
📌 The Uganda Constitutional Commission accomplished its work in 1992 (21 months behind schedule) after extending from a March 1991 deadline. On December 31, 1992 Justice Odoki presented a 20-chapter Draft Constitution with a 750-page report to President Museveni in Mbarara. Image
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HENRY gave his heart to his family, only for it to be shattered. Abandoned age 11, devastated & scared, he waits alone in his concrete cell & faces DEATH in #Carson #CA. This gorgeous boy needs a plan, please help him 💔
#Foster #adopt #pledge
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(CA Exams 2020)

Supreme Court to hear a plea seeking adherence to safety guidelines and protocol in place while conducting #CAexams
SC had earlier asked petitioners to discuss grievances with @theicai 's counsel Ramji Srinivasan to iron out issues

Senior Adv Ramji Srinivasan: We are strictly in accordance with MHA guidelines. They needed isolation rooms, but we can't put to risk 5 lacs students by having such rooms as this exam is for 18 days. We can't risk with #COVID patients coming in
Srinivasan: transport and accommodation was sought but that is not possible. We will request that e admit cards be allowed to take hotels etc. We need to ask the @HMOIndia

SC: It will be state specific issue too. Earlier suggestion was made and states agreed..
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From a #CA student on exam related concerns:

- 18 day long exams.

- Clarification required on what will happen if after giving some exams students aren’t able to give remaining exams due to Covid , high temperature, centre comes under contaminated zone etc.
Concerns of CA students:
- Students have to opt out and paper already given by him will become void
- Entry in exam hall will be allowed subject to thermal screening. What if it's normal fever? SOP says in such case students have to opt out. No isolated centres for such students
#CA students raise concerns:

- Many examination centres are under containment zone. Their SOP itself says that exams can't be conducted in containment zones.
- Some of the centres are showing covid care centre. How will exams be conducted there.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: COMBATING THE CLIMATE CRISIS AND PURSUING ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE (Part 4)
Only one party recognizes the urgent existential crisis facing our planet. Only one party believes in science and solutions. 1/21
#Democrats affirm California’s statutory authority under the Clean Air Act to set its own emissions standards for cars and trucks. 2/21
#DemPartyPlatform #CleanAirAct #CA
#Democrats will immediately convene California and other states with labor, auto industry, and environmental leaders to inform ambitious executive actions 3/21 #DemPartyPlatform #ClimateAction #ClimateVoter
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ALL 50 states ALL Info you NEED #VoteByMail
Alternate ways to REQUEST & RETURN #AbsenteeBallot
LINKS to apply #AbsenteeVoting…
Medium article:
& Postcards for each State
Retweet your State!
If #EarlyVoting appeals, you can actually #VoteEarly in all States! Even ones that don't, technically, have #EarlyVoting
(Some by #AbsenteeBallot which you can hand deliver if you prefer.)
If you see a list that says you can't vote early; it's wrong.
All Dates for all States⤵️
Here are the dates that States require a REQUEST for #AbsenteeBallot to be made.
All info, including links to Apply, Alternate ways to return - including & DropBox locations on #PostcardsforAmerica Website:…
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@IncomeTaxIndia @narendramodi fulfils his word to roll out the Faceless Appeal Scheme on 25th Sep on occasion of #deendayaljayanti. Distinguished features of the Scheme are:
1. There shall be National Faceless Appeal Centre , Regional Faceless Appeal Centres and Appeal units
The National Faceless Appeal Centre shall assign the appeal to a specific appeal unit in any one Regional
Faceless Appeal Centre through an automated allocation system
#FacelessAppeals #FacelessAssessment
For every delay in filing an appeal beyond the statutory limit of 30 days, there shall be separate review of the reasons by the Appeal Unit and the NFAC shall intimate the appellant whether the appeal is admitted. This might result into more litigation to ITAT on non-admission.
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Are you thinking about #AbsenteeVoting?
Here's info for ALL 50 states #VoteByMail with LINKS
Plus 1st dates to REQUEST & all alternate ways to RETURN #AbsenteeBallot
(& Postcards)
➡️On Medium
Did you know you can ALREADY apply for your Absentee Ballot in 38 STATES?
Do it NOW!
Spread the Word.
*We can work around 45's attempts to 86 the Post Office.
Let's do this!
*More detailed information for each State on #PostcardsforAmerica website here:…
Not sure how to request your Absentee Ballot? Here's a handy guide for all participating states.
We can work around 45's attempts to 86 #PostOffice
Fight #TrumpChaos
& See #PostcardsforAmerica for more specifics for your State
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