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🚨⚠️ This is important ⚠️🚨
Bear this in mind for the next few days until the election (thread).
In the next few days the Tory's millionaire backers will be buying up social media space at a ridiculous rate. We need to do everything we can to counteract this, here's how:
1. Don't give the Tories social media oxygen. Don't react to their posts. Don't comment on their posts. And definitely DON'T share them. Arguing with them or reacting with an angry face else just ensures more people see it.
2a. Follow your chosen candidate and their local party on all platforms and if possible set notifications so you are alerted every time they post. Your job now is to boost their posts so more people see them without having to pay for it as the tories are doing.
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#California #Voters Did you vote by mail?

Want to know if your vote has been counted?

You can do so here:…

Once you get to the site, click the link to your county and enter your date of birth and the last four digits of your license.

I am happy to report that my vote counted! #IVoted

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I just voted & was told, along with everyone else at the polling site that we're reg. to vote by mail but none of us are! Even our voter cards say we're not. We had to fill out paperwork & were told our votes won't be counted for 2 weeks.
#VoterSuppression @KUSINews @carldemaio
There was also a number of polling site violations taking place. Such as taking pictures & the line standing behind booths so our ballots can be seen by everyone. People were sitting all over the floors voting too. 🤦🏼‍♀️
#BeAVoter #ElectionDay2018
On a side note, I'm on crutches and unable to put any weight on my foot. The only ♿ booth was being used by non ♿ while I stood for 15 min on one leg waiting for a woman to finish voting. #ElectionDay #vote
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🗳 Today is the day! 🗳

✅Vote for your healthcare
✅Vote for those who are marginalized
✅Vote against bigotry
✅Vote for reproductive rights
✅Vote for truth
✅Vote to check the #CultureOfCorruption

✅Vote for democracy


Today, #BeAVoter
✅Check your voter registration
✅Check your polling location
✅See a sample ballot for your district, including all fed and local candidates

Check it all with

Be prepared. Make a plan.
Today, I’m driving in 2 carpools in 2 different states to #GOTV.

It’s not to late for you to make a plan!
Call your friends & family.
Any busy ones need a little push to the polls?

Make voting a fun group activity! Get breakfast! Talk about the issues!
Invite them to #BeAVoter!
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🚗🚙 Need a ride to the polls in Tennessee THIS TUESDAY NOVEMBER 6TH? 🗳

☎ Call @NashvilleDems 629-888-3237 or 615-479-8320.

📱In Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis call 833-508-RIDE (7433).

💙 Don't forget @Lyft and @Uber are offering free rides.

#BeAVoter #WaveCastTN
❓Not in one of the counties listed above and need a ride? 🚙

📞 Call your local Democratic Party or one of your local candidates. You can also call @TNDP at 615-327-9779.



#BeAVoter #WaveCastTN
🗳 Have a problem at the polls in Tennessee on Election Day? Remember you can ask for a provisional ballot or a different machine if yours has a malfunction.

📱 For help, call @TNDP #ElectionProtection anti-#VoterSuppression hotline at 855-844-8683.

#BeAVoter #WaveCastTN
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Your vote is precious. It’s how you stand against cruelty. It’s how you preserve democracy.

Marginalized people are fighting GOP voter suppression nation wide. Students in black colleges. Native Americans in ND.

Don’t take the awesome power of your vote for granted. #BeAVoter
I just printed up my sample ballot, and set text reminders for myself. I’m prepared, and I can’t wait to #BeAVoter on Tues.

How about you?

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In the past few days, Trump admitted why he lies. He lies for political & personal gain. Big surprise.

Trump is transactional. He believes you’re either winning or losing, and he’ll say anything to win, no matter who it hurts.

We have a word for that. EVIL. #BeAVoter
Trump’s admissions:
👉He calls the press the enemy of the people to rile up GOP voters. He doesn’t care about the danger it puts them in, because it helped him win the election. Irresponsible.…
👉He admits that he lies, but tries to tell the truth when he can. When it’s politically expedient to him.

Translation: Trump only tells the truth when he can gain something out of it. If he gains more from telling a lie, he ALWAYS WILL.…
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As the midterms approach, I’ve been thinking a lot about Robert Mallard, who was lynched in Georgia 70 years ago this year for having the audacity to vote. #Midterms2018 #BeAVoter 1/
African Americans who were 10 that year - and would have been fully able to comprehend the event - will have the chance to vote for an African-American woman to be governor of Georgia. That is amazing #Midterms2018 #BeAVoter 2/
But it also highlights how so much of what we take for granted wasn’t the case within the memory of people still very much with us. Heck, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was 15 when Robert Mallard was lynched. #Midterms2018 #BeAVoter 3/
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Millennials: surveys say about 55% of you will vote in the midterms, but if you really #GOTV, you could determine this election.

Not an exaggeration. This could be the most important election of your lives, and many key issues are super important to you. Let’s talk.
A thread /1
🗳Want affordable health insurance, with preexisting conditions? No bankruptcy from medical bills?

Dems gave us Obamacare, with zero GOP votes. The GOP voted 70+ times to repeal. They cost insurance of 13 million by repealing the ind mndate. They promise to finish the job. /2
My story. I was a healthy 34 year old until one day I wasn’t. It was before Obamacare had taken effect.

I was insured with a low cost plan, the type the GOP champions as a replacement for Obamacare.

I was financially ruined.
It could happen to you. /3

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🔷🗳️Please vote for Bill Nelson @NelsonForSenate! Rick Scott Ad Claims He Supports Protecting Pre-Existing Conditions, but Past Actions Suggest Otherwise…
Listen to Scott's wording here: "I support forcing insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions." What he's leaving out is that he'll support forcing companies to cover pre-existing conditions IF & ONLY IF they can jack up your insurance premium.

💥Rick Scott supports letting the insurance company jack up the premium to the point where you can't afford it anymore. Either that or you suck it up and pay for it anyway. Either way, the insurance companies win.


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Ending birthright citizenship is a distraction, but shows how warped the GOP view of America has become.

There are only 21 million naturalized citizens in the US, .06% of the pop. We’re almost all birthright citizens.

The GOP just wants to leave out the brown people. #BeAVoter
Goes without saying that Trump lied. Ending birthright citizenship is a clear violation of the 14th amendment, could not be achieved by exec order or by Congress.

To watch Republicans clamber all over themselves to back him up, just a lie to motivate racist voters. Astounding.
Silver lining:
Steve King (R-IA) is losing ground to J.D. Scholten @Scholten4Iowa in the polls. King (45) to Scholten (44), just one point off.

The chairman of the House Republican Election Committee has denounced King. 👇

The Trump racism strategy is failing.
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OK, this goes out to all the young people still wondering if voting is worth it, despite the horrors of this past week and this past 2 years. Yes, your 1 vote, out of thousands or even millions, matters. Here's an example why. Imagine a Dem and a Rep running in your district /1
of 100 residents/voters, and the Rep always wins, about 60-40. So does your Dem vote even matter if your candidate is going to lose? YES. The winner has to represent all 100, not just the 60 who voted for him/her. So how does the winner know what the 40 want? Who they are? /2
By their vote. Compare, if the vote were 60 to 0, the winner has no idea who the 40 are that didn't vote or what they expect from their representative. But if those 40 do vote, their voices are heard. And that winner has the info needed to represent. And if he/she fails, then/3
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At least 8 gunned down this morning in the midst of worship in a Pittsburgh synagogue. Monstrous hate crime.

They join 30,000 Americans killed by guns each year. 75% of Americans want common sense gun reform.


How much do 30,000 lives cost?💵
12 people plus 3 police officers shot. At least 8 dead. During a worship service.

The gunman shouted anti-Semitic slurs. Armed with an AR-15 rifle, and multiple hand guns.

How much longer till we come to our senses? #BeAVoter…
75% of Americans want common sense gun control.

94% want mandatory comprehensive background checks.

81% banning bump stocks.

73% banning high capacity clips.

72% banning assault weapons.…
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Ignore the polls and get out there and #Vote on November 6th. Relying on polling is a relic of a time gone by.
I’m not saying looking at @FiveThirtyEight’s model and charts and stuff isn’t cool, because it is and provides some insight. But no matter what the numbers say, it’s most certainly NEVER an excuse to not #Vote because you feel your peeps are a “lock”
Need nothing further than to point to 2016. Which by the way, @FiveThirtyEight didn’t really have wrong, but the “selected not elected” mindset existed before 2016. Why else would over 100 million people choose NOT to participate in their civic duty to choose their leaders.
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🍑Lucy McBath @LucyWins2018: Mother, Wife, Businesswoman, Activist for Social Justice.

🗣️You might recognize her from the 2016 #Democratic Convention: she represented Mothers of the Movement, a group of women whose African American children have been killed by gun violence.
🍑She intended to run for the #Georgia Legislature, but after the Parkland #Florida shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, she decided her aspirations weren’t high enough. #NeverAgainMSD #BeAVoter
🍑She’s running for Congress in George’s 6th District and could use your help because she’s in a tight race. She’s running against the SAME NRA-backed, A-rated Republican that Jon Ossoff ran against in a runoff election in June 2017. Ossoff should have won back then.
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This week, Trump declared to the world that he is a nationalist. He likely doesn’t understand what that means, but many Americans reacted in horror, with good reason.

The right articulates nationalist views in the context of anti-globalism. What do these terms mean?
A thread. /1
Nationalism is not the same as patriotism. Patriotism is a sense of pride in one’s country, and a fellowship with one’s countryman, and acting in their benefit.

Nationalism is a perpetuation of fear and hatred of those outside of your perceived racial and cultural identity.
Nationalists do not recognize all who reside within the borders of their nation as fellow nationals. Nationalism includes the idea of “blood and soil,” the idea that a nation belongs to one particular racial and cultural identity, and others don’t belong. It is racism.
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Congress has the power to override SCOTUS decisions thru statutory amendment or enactment

E.g, in the 1976 case of GE v. Gilbert SCOTUS held that firing or disciplining pregnant employees was Not an unlawful form of sex discrimination under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

In response, Congress enacted the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, which prohibited termination or discipline of pregnant employees on the basis of pregnancy (among other provisions).

#WhyElectionsMatter ♀️
Another example—
In the 1980 case of City of Mobile v. Bolden, the SCOTUS held that discriminatory intent must be shown regarding changes to voting practices that disenfranchise minorities in order to demonstrate a violation of the U.S. Constitution and Voting Rights Act of 1965.
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A few years ago, I was hospitalized & diagnosed with a serious chronic ailment at 34 years old.

I was insured with a low cost, less comprehensive plan, the type the GOP champion as an ACA alternative.

I was billed $70,000, ruined financially. It can happen to you. (Thread) /1
At the time, the ACA had been passed, but was still months away from being implemented. I knew there was something wrong, but I feared being diagnosed and losing the ability to get the better, more comprehensive HC plan I feared I needed. So, I tried to hold off for the ACA. /2
This is a fear many Americans faced before the ACA, being diagnosed with a preexisting condition that would destroy their chances of getting affordable, comprehensive health insurance. /3
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TUESDAY 10/16 - Voter Registration Deadlines


Time to make sure you can #BeAVoter Register, or confirm your registration is active. Details in thread/

10/16 is the deadline to register by mail or online.

*DC does offer same day registration. But why wait?*…

10/16 is the deadline to register by mail, in person, or online.…
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That's how our country got started

The Boston Tea Party-civil disobedience

The Daughters of Liberty-boycotts

The Continental Congress-making their voices heard

Protest is in the DNA of ALL Americans.


#BeAVoter⁠ ⁠
But it's important to remember that they weren't protesting against people. Rather, they were fighting for ideals.


We in the #Resistance are fighting for the same concepts.
Everybody want tax cuts. We want them to be EQUAL so they help everyone

Everybody needs healthcare. We believe JUSTICE demands that it's affordable for all

Everybody in the US came from elsewhere seeking FREEDOM. We believe this generation of immigrants deserves the same chance
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But seriously, this #Khashoggi story is scary. Jared Kushner is biffles with the crown prince and his father in law calls the press the “enemy of the people.” We need answers to this.
Like, people are over here listening to Kanye West give a soliloquy in the Oval Office while Kush sits there smiling to the camera. This is the news story today. Swift vs West II.
A hurricane hit Florida that Florida has never seen before. In OCTOBER. And the lower third is a Kanye quote that says Drumpf “saved the planet” days after the UN said we’re all dead in 20 years. Not 2,000, not 200, 20.
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The Saudi Crown Prince ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, journalist and US resident, at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. US intel knew about the danger and did not warn him.

Our President’s business ties to the Saudis are worth more than an American life. #EmolumentsClause
Khashoggi’s body was dismembered with bone saws to dispose of it.

US Intel had word of the planned murder and did nothing to warn Kkashoggi. No statement from the WH condemning the murder.

This is what lack of leadership looks like. Are you furious?…
The #EmolumentsClause is meant to protect us from Gov officials prioritizing their wealth above American lives.

GOP thinks a Pres with wealth entangled in foreign nations is good. Tell it to the family of an American sawed up by them.

Your life means nothing to then. #BeAVoter
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USA Today published an OpEd by Trump yesterday. WaPo fact checker says almost every sentence is a lie.

Here are the facts:
👉The Trump admin is arguing in court to end protections for Americans with pre existing conditions. If they win, millions will lose health insurance.
👉GOP supports privatizing Medicare and starving of funds over time. Trump’s corp tax cut includes provisions that deplete Medicare’s revenue system.
👉Dems propose expanding medicare benefits for Seniors. Some propose a Medicare-For-All plan for seniors and non seniors alike.
The GOP can’t run on their #GOPTaxScam because it’s wildly unpopular.

They can’t run on healthcare because their plans would steal healthcare from millions of Americans.

All they can do is lie.

The truth is, you can’t afford for the GOP to win.
Take your stand. #BeAVoter
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The GOP is not a serious party.
They have sold you out to their paymasters, the Koch Bros. Your needs mean nothing to them.

Want affordable healthcare, a living wage, a fair tax code, or a livable planet in your lifetime?
You can’t afford the GOP.

Make your stand. #BeAVoter
The GOP is not a serious party.
Having ballooned the natnl debt with a $2 trill tax cut for billionaires, they plan to double down with a 2nd $2 trill #GOPTaxScam

They want to pay for it by repealing the ACA, SS and Medicare. You can’t afford the GOP.

Make your stand. #BeAVoter
The GOP is not a serious party.
They stir up fear of refugees, what will they do when the tropics are uninhabitable?

The GOP concede a 7 degree global temp, 10 ft sea rise by 2100. They claim nothing can be done. They lie. You can’t afford the GOP.

Make your stand. #BeAVoter
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