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JFK had two caskets. Three if you count spare cadaver of J.D. Tibbett

Less than 45 minutes after assassination of JFK Tippit was shot dead on 10th & Patton Ave

Lee Harvey Oswald was initially arrested for the murder of Tippit. 7 hours later police charged Oswald w/ killing JFK
Learn more about this man of mystery J.D. Tibbet. Why did DeepState need extra corpse…
most circulated picture of him is 2decade old ARMY photo as a strapping young man w/ an Elvis haircut

However he was shot at 39 years of age and uncannily resembled JFK
1:40:00 mark - 2:15:00 mark to learn more about how Tibbet's cadaver was used to reconstruct JFK's skull & face postmortem.
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02/21/19 Jeffrey Clarke steps down as CEO of Eastman Kodak Company. #Resignations @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @almostjingo…
Who else is on the board? Some heavy hitters…
FedEx Plunges 2.5% after President and COO Bronczek Resigns #Resignations @MadAddictSport @CarrollQuigley1…
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Throwing this out there, to bring to forefront of groupthink consciousness again.

Remember: “ASSETS SEIZED...” #EO 12.21.17. Or, “Watch #resignations,” “follow the money/wives...”

#Panic looks like a lot of things; & surely as market violatility.

#Q #QAnon #Fed
I agree. Or deals being made as assets seized, put into holding patterns, or even total devaluation because of some companies/platforms not withstanding corruption purge, or false Bull-market in some cases to prey on fear or out of DS panic (I.e. commodities & gold spike.)
I think that even the #StockMarket will indeed, weather #TheStorm. But my hope is a “transfer of wealth out of a store rooms of hidden darkness” in the process. (Isaiah.) Some things must be shaken.
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1. Big decode: “#StealthBombers and #StupidQuestions”: @POTUS just gave us a hint! Abby Phillips asks, “Do you expect Whittaker to rein in the #Mueller probe?” He replies, “That is such a stupid question.” Mueller is the #StealthBomber!!! Here’s why:
2. First, news is, #Mueller’s ready with some indictments. Take it from the #FakeNews publication with the most executive resignations, whose office was raided by the Manhattan district attorney’s office. #Newsweek They ought ya know about indictments, right??
3. Bo may know Football and Baseball, but #Newsweek knows #Resignations and...…
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Malcolm Turnbull resigns as Australian Prime Minister and now long-standing MP Julie Bishop resigns too. Something is brewing. #Resignations Clinton Foundation connections? Colluding to undermine a fair, democratic US election? #Qanon @potus #auspol
Q Drop 1928: "joint effort w/ our (x) primary foreign directed by HUSSEIN [WH] in coordination w/ HRC, colluded and conspired to RIG THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 2016 in an effort to install HRC, frame POTUS" #auspol #qanon @POTUS…
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1) I guess some of the Hawaiians had to go.
I think I understand that the commute from DC to Hawaii ports is difficult.…
@POTUS #WeThePeople #GreatAwakening #QAnon #QResearch #Resignations
Staying informed is crucial, please share as much as possible.
#WeThePeople need access to new better infrastructure, @POTUS.
Enjoyed the shows. Hope to see more soon.
#QAnon #GreatAwakening #QResearch
Is this TMI? OMG, I am SUCH A FANBOY and want to share with friends.
CHat l8tr.
3) Sauces:
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1. #QAnon's drops can require some time for personal analysis and input from the many good people digging. Here's my summary of key intel from the last week+ (1/19 - 1/27) of #Q drops. For Twitter efficiency, I will provide the direct link to the related posts as I review.
2. Chuckie Schumer was put on notice by #POTUS that his role in #Treason is known. Did you notice how # Schumer sulked away to the corner after his failed shutdown effort?…
3. Read this whole #Q post as it has so much meaning. "Will Sessions drop the Hammer?" HAMMER refers to the very secretive NSA spying program. The same tools used to spy on #Trump will be their undoing.…
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