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#Cclproducts (India) is involved in the manufacturing, trading, and distribution of coffee. The company operates primarily in India, Vietnam, and Switzerland. ImageImageImageImage
#Global Coffee Industry Overview: The coffee industry is worth over $100B and continues to grow. Consumption is increasing, with 500B cups consumed annually. India's domestic market is booming due to the third wave of coffee and convenient e-commerce. #CoffeeIndustry
How Coffee Reaches Your Cup: Coffee is made by extracting flavors and caffeine from ground beans with hot water. This releases volatile compounds for aroma and non-volatile compounds for taste. Caffeine provides a temporary mental and physical boost. #CoffeeMaking
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Very proud of this team effort "A regional integrated assessment of the impacts of #climatechange and of the potential #adaptation avenues for #Quebec’s #forests" is now published

A (very long) thread. Buckle up!…

@cflscf @NRCan

First, I would like to acknowledge the work of all my colleagues including Jesus, Annie Claude, Yves, @mariehbrice, @DominicCyr, Louis, Daniel, @GauthierSylvie9 , Pierre, @Guillemette_L , Mathieu, Maryse, Tadeusz, Martin-Hugues, @ethiffault , @Tremblay_Jun and Stephen
Quebec’s #forests goes from northern hardwood with sugar #maple, beech, hemlock in the south, to pure boreal black #spruce forests up north. Natural #disturbances, go from single-tree windthrow or mortality in the south, to large stand-replacing #fires in the north.
3/n ImageImageImageImage
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we aren't used to strict Christian upbringing; it's tough for us to watch. we have to remind ourselves that things aren't what they first seem.

Mrs. Nixon is a strict Quaker; she addresses young @dick_nixon with "thee"—this may sound merely *upsetting* to modern ears.

"thee" and "thou" and "thy", however, are pronouns used to refer to human beings in a general way, i.e. not an excessively *familiar* and specific way. Spanish, for example, has a similar distinction between the general-purpose _usted_ and the familiar _tú_.

in addressing her son with "thee", Mrs. Nixon is reminding her son that she speaks to him as one Christian to another—as one person to another. it's slightly distancing, yes, but it's not meant to be hurtful or punitive, even if it seems that way.

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An avg @dominos_india outlet does the same sales today, as 4yrs ago. It has no option but to keep adding new stores ⚡⚡

I deep-dive into the numbers of #JubilantFoodworks. This is what I learned 👇
The company operates multiple chains like Dunkin' Donuts, Hong’s Kitchen, Popeyes, Ekdum Biryani etc, almost all its business comes from Domino’s outlets in India.

That’s a mature biz & I studied its numbers for last 4 years.
No. of outlets:
🍕 1.8k | 56% up 👏
🍕 It has an avg of 4.5 outlets per city, and this number has been within 4.3-4.7 range since forever
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Let me start by saying this. I LOVE BLACK WOMEN and will defend you with my dying breath as long as the feeling is mutual. What I don't do on my platform is gender bashing. The "I hate all black men" or "I hate all black women" Tomfoolery that serves to divide us.
You don't know all black men just as you don't know all black women so to cast your judgment on a few algorithm videos is no better that what the racist creator of #Dilbert did. @ScottAdamsSays got caught in a biased algorithm and it warped his brain against all blacks.
Don't get caught up in one of these #Divestor algorithms whi get on this platform to keep all of us divided. You do that and their mission is complete. They are poison and you took the bait. Fell for the trap. ImageImageImageImage
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Chapitre 5 : Une communication à la dérive.

Voici venus l’apogée et le dénouement de cette série en cinq volets. Il y sera notamment question des #dérives de la Communication NonViolente. Et attention..

#CNV #management 1/4 Illustration du chapitre 5 nommé : Une communication à la
... on va balancer des #noms !
Et une nouvelle fois, je vous parlerai de ma mère… Décidément, je ne sais pas ce qui me prend !

Comme à l’accoutumée, on finit cet entretien au long cours avec...

#dénoncer #conspiritualité #NewAge #CommunicationNonViolente 2/4
... la Minute stupide. Olivier y fait référence à une mystérieuse marque que les auditeurs et auditrices ayant écouté la série SHOCKING #5 identifieront sans peine. Passerez-vous le #test ?

#jeu #LaMinuteStupide #stupidité #fun 3/4
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Ich bin leider ein sehr skeptischer Mensch. Immer schon habe ich die Dinge hinterfragt, und habe nicht alles geglaubt, was man mir präsentierte.
Es war nicht immer so. Ich glaube, es hat mir der #Scheidung meiner Eltern zu tun, als ich 15 war. Damals ist für mich die (1/20)
heile Welt zusammengebrochen, die uns meine Eltern vorgespielt hatten.
Was war sonst noch alles nur ein #Schauspiel in der Welt da draußen, wenn ich nicht einmal meiner Familie vertrauen konnte?
Ich fand Schule recht einfach. Dinge auswendig zu lernen und wiederzugeben (2/20)
finde ich nicht schwer.
Viel mehr gab es ab diesem Alter das Problem: Warum soll ich das tun?
Was bringt es mir?
Was ist, wenn das alles nur für einen falschen Zweck ist, der mir nicht verraten wird?
Trotzdem begann ich nach dem #Abitur ein Managementstudium und nach dem (3/20)
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#capitalism requires what people call "magical thinking". it requires people to believe that impossible things aren't merely *possible*, but can be done routinely, and turned into a dependable cash flow. #AI / #AGI of the @fchollet / @JeffDean sort is a perfect example.

the very name "#AGI" gives the game away: the #programming boys daydream that they've invented a "general intelligence", a universal thinking machine capable of solving literally any problem—and #capitalism is willing to gamble on that. it's just what #business wants.

remember that the ideal corporation in #capitalism *does nothing*. it produces nothing, it provides no service, it solves no problems for anyone not in the ownership hierarchy—because producing things *costs money* and capitalists hate all expenditures for any reason.

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so! let's talk about the #cryptocurrency phenomenon again. $BITC / @Bitcoin, $ETH / @ethereum, $USDT / @Tether_to, $BNB / @binance — there are a LOT of these #cryptocurrencies out there, maybe even millions of them. and that's a first clue about them and about #capitalism.

(1/x) Image
it's gospel #capitalism that the activities of "the #markets"—capitalist propaganda i.e. #business and #finance and #investment #journalism, not to mention all the #science and #technology journalism that's chiefly #advertising for corporations—are supernaturally powerful.

the central lie is that "the markets" (i.e. the sum total of all monetary transactions by all money-seeking entities in #capitalism) are the best possible mechanism for fulfilling every conceivable human need.

if it's not "on the market", then you don't really need it.

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America's political right-wing has undergone remarkable evolution since the fraudulent installation of @RonaldReagan into the White House in 1980. there's an irony in how the 1980s and 1990s @GOP and their partisans was proud of "right-wing" as a label: Rush is Right!

because now nobody wants "right-wing" or "conservative" to stick to them. instead the game is to pretend that *none* of that political language means anything at all any more—in other words, you can call yourself anything and it means about the same. the @mtaibbi method.

heck, @Sargon_of_Akkad is an extreme right-wing *reactionary*, someone who wants to roll back the social clock to the days of chattel slavery—and he's "centrist" in the same way that @mtaibbi is "independent". they don't *want* the words to mean anything.

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let's talk about #investment.

#capitalism and capitalists' fortunes are built on this practice. all the free-flowing #business and #finance propaganda, churned out in huge volumes for the edification of persons who've devoted themselves to #money, talks about _investing_.

the great bulk of money made in #capitalism goes only to the ownership class; the toilers below them get pennies. those unable to toil get *less* than nothing—capitalism wants such people to be liquidated, hence @charlesmurray and @EPoe187 cook up rationales for doing so.

ultimately this is *why* #eugenics and "scientific racism" exists at all: #capitalism needs some pseudointellectual justification for marginalizing and liquidating all human beings who are unable or *unwilling* to toil for capitalism. this is WHY @Quillette is well-funded.

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Western civilization has failed.

there's no way to avoid this. #COVID19 proved to be the "final straw", as they say—the West's general response to the challenge of the Covid19 pandemic was to abandon its commitment to public health. the next pandemic will scythe us down.

the breakdown in the West's ability to respond to crises of disease has been ongoing—many decades in the making.

#capitalism has been corroding and corrupting the apparatus of Western health care, especially in the United States, which became a vast reservoir of #COVID19.

the needs of *public health*—measures to ensure that ALL inhabitants of a nation receive some acceptable minimum of medical care of all sorts, including mental health care—conflict with the needs of #capitalism: the more _profitable_ #medicine is, the more costly it is.

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the last twenty or thirty years have seen a remarkable intellectual phenomenon: #computer technicians, people whose sole area of expertise is computer #programming and #software engineering and other related disciplines, have come to be regarded as "Renaissance Men".

the "#STEM Lord" is an artifact of this phenomenon. while "STEM" is supposed to comprise mathematics and engineering and mathematics, the typical "STEM Lord" is not well-versed in any of these things—the typical "STEM Lord" is in #computers. they are a *technician*.

that is to say, #computer professionals are people with *limited* educations, who are devoted solely to mastering the intricacies of a certain sort of machinery, namely the modern computer.

men like @fchollet, @JeffDean, @antoniogm, and @ID_AA_Carmack typify the class.

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the egos of these hopeless mediocrities...@walterkirn, @mtaibbi, @jbarro, @mattyglesias, @thomaschattwill, the whole pack of them...

I have, quite seriously, rarely encountered a wider gap between pretension and reality. even @elonmusk seems more grounded at times.

laughter aside...this is a serious issue. @walterkirn and @mtaibbi are but a symptom of a profound *sickness* in Western #journalism, a sickness whose ultimate cause can only be #capitalism—which rewards mediocrity and unfounded egotism in its systems of leadership.

Kirn and Taibbi might as well be "Peter Principle" #management and #executive persons—people who have their lofty positions not because of *skill* but superior social privilege, and because they're more ruthless and cynical in their dealings with other people.

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and really this is what the failure of #capitalism boils down to: capitalists hate *equilibrium*. a healthy planet full of life is a physical system—one of profound complexity, but still, a system in dynamic equilibrium, maintaining an approximately steady state over time.

"steady state", in economic terms, would mean a #business that continues to provide approximately the same services or products over time to a steady clientele—not a *constant* number of clients but one that varies up and down with time, oscillating about a steady average.

and this #business would continue over time to charge about the same for its products or services, and the profit rakeoff going towards workforce and #management pay would also remain about the same. this approximately stable state would be a business at equilibrium.

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Everyone, this is a thread about the work that people at @Enhesa have done in research on EHS legislation, upcoming changes, insights and trends.

Please give a like and a share if you think this can be useful for someone in your circles.

#EHS #EHScompliance #ESG #industrial
There’s been a lot of talk about ramping up energy efficiency in the EU. Now revisions are on their way. Read what to expect in 2023.

Read all about it in this article by @Beatriz Barbieri

#netzero #sustainability #energyefficiency #eu…
EHS regulations spotlight: Serious Accident Punishment Act: Dive deeper into one of today’s standout EHS regulations and what its regulatory changes mean for businesses operating in South Korea.

#EHS #EHSCompliance #Seriousaccidents…
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In our latest #growth report for #Pakistan, we examined, among other themes, the role of #FDI in the country. How much #Pakistan attracts, how much it could attract, the impact on #productivity and on #jobs.

A short 🧵👇…
1) #FDI is a useful source of financing for #developing countries. It is stable, and typically associated w/ #export growth, #job creation and #productivity upgrading. Does that all of that apply to #FDI in #Pakistan? Let's see...
2) #Pakistan's #FDI inflows/GDP (in green below) have been historically low and declining. Image
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#capitalism is essentially *backwards* looking. yes, capitalists attempt to pretend that they're the masters of #innovation and advancement of #technology, the builders of the #future, and all that.

it's lies—mere #marketing. capitalists do not like progress or change.

corporate #management and #executive persons want one thing above all others: guaranteed #money. they want *safe bets*. they don't want #competition or #risk; they want a steady source of "passive income" that always goes up and up.

(this causes #inflation, by the way.)

(yes, I know that #capitalism and the #business community, not to mention all #politics and #journalism these days, blame #inflation on the profligate #consumer—but in reality, inflation occurs because capitalists always want *more #money*; it has to come from somewhere.)

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one of the most curious stories that came out during the 2016 campaign, during which the inept candidacy of @HillaryClinton succumbed to the neo-fascıst movement and @mtaibbi's best friend @realDonaldTrump, was this act of petty corporate theft.

Trump, or rather his tax-shelter @TrumpFoundation (every rich #entrepreneur-criminal has a "foundation" of some sort, useful both for tax purposes and as a place to furnish sinecure jobs to cousins and loyal toadies and so on), was accused of fiddling money from a charity.

@realDonaldTrump's @GOP defenders (*not* including @mtaibbi, whose fandom for Trump and the GOP was predictably late in developing) tried to pretend that Trump or his people couldn't have possibly done such a thing: after all, Trump's already rich! on paper, anyway.

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What manager are you Good 👍, Bad 👎 or Ugly 👺?

Check the traits of 👍👎 👺 Managers and how to improve. 🧵

#management #growth #teams #culture
The most important traits of a manager are

⭐ Communication
⭐ Decision-making
⭐ Emotional intelligence
⭐ Leadership
⭐ Motivation
⭐ Problem-solving
⭐ Support and guidance
⭐ Teamwork and collaboration

We will unpack each of them below 👇
⭐ Communication

👍 Clearly explains tasks and expectations
👎 Uses jargon or difficult to understand language
👺 Yells or belittles team members
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#capitalism optimizes for bad engineering. I don't think there's any good reason to doubt that.

capitalism—thanks to the authoritarian methods of capitalist leadership, and the extreme fixation on profiteering and wealth-hoarding, *cannot* and will not build to last.

the easiest way for corporate #management and #executive persons to increase profits, instantaneously, is by *increasing their skim*. they shave more and more and more off every budgetary item they can possibly think of—capitalists *especially* begrudge paying workers.

the ideal worker, in #capitalism, pays the capitalist to have a job.

this is essentially what "company scrip" is about—and capitalists have been attempting to reintroduce the idea of paying workers with false money via the magic of @jack's favorite thing, #cryptocurrency.

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this amusing image passed our way this morning; it's a rendered image (like most of @elonmusk's publicity materials) of that hideously low-polygon @Tesla truck that will probably never reach market.

I would like to offer a speculation as to why it looks so ugly.

the hideousness of the $TSLA truck is baffling, even taking into account the mind-numbing effects of being in @elonmusk's quasi-religious faction. it's the sort of thing that makes you wonder: "didn't *anyone* of importance denounce this thing during the design process?"

but that question should be the first clue: quite possibly there *was* no real design process. it's possible that @elonmusk really did "design" the appearance of the @Tesla truck the same way Homer Simpson "designed" his perfect car by idly scrawling on bits of paper.

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we aren't sure how it happened or when, or how broad is the scope of the problem, but it seems as though #capitalism and corporate #management decided that there's power in *cult leadership*.

look up "corporate cult" and you'll find a lot! e.g.

Mr. @elonmusk is a public and visible example of this phenomenon of corporate bosses ruling their companies as though they were Jim Jones or L. Ron Hubbard—demanding *personal loyalty* from all their associates, accumulating followers whose faith in their leader is total.

the #ElonMusk cult is unusually prominent and well-promoted; many reactionary-bıgot celebrities like @ggreenwald and @mtaibbi have been furnishing Musk with lavish *service*.

but it can't be doubted that Mr. @elonmusk is only one of a huge crop of corporate cult leaders.

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In 2018, @pfizer had turned to Kathrin and her research team to identify a partnership that would advance mRNA development for a game-changing seasonal flu vaccine. During the #partnership search, she made fast friends with the Turkish-German cofounder and BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin
Pfizer signed a collaboration agreement to codevelop a first-in-class, mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine, aimed at preventing COVID-19 infection. BioNTech received $72 million up-front & was eligible for future milestone payments of an additional $563 million…
In addition, we were going to provide $113 million in cash to @BioNTech_Group by buying equity from the company. The two parties agreed to share all development costs and profits fifty-fifty. If the project failed, @pfizer would bear all the losses alone
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