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Last night I arrived in Texas w/ my @HispanicCaucus colleagues for an important trip to investigate the Trump administration’s harmful #RemainInMexico policy. We’ll be observing conditions for asylum seekers on both sides of the border today. Follow along here. #DemsAtTheBorder
Crossing the border to Matamoros, Mexico, where families are being sent to stay in dangerous conditions while seeking asylum under the Trump admin’s #RemainInMexico policy. #DemsAtTheBorder
I’m extremely concerned about the conditions asylum seekers are staying in and how long they have to wait to make their case. #DontLookAway #DemsAtTheBorder
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Thinking of families forced to endure the worst in their greatest time of need

Thinking of the vile betrayal & hostility for human rights & refugees by our own govt

Thinking of children I met last Dec & all forced to #remaininMX, vulnerable to abduction & torture
I constantly think about horrific Credible Fear cases I heard.

I think of this administration’s calculated negligence, abuse & their outright disregard for international law.

I think about the nativist, eugenic, disposable way our people are talked about & violence it’s wrought
Darlyn Cristabel Cordova-Valle was 10 when detained by US Border Patrol Mar 1 ‘18. She alerted of chest pains & 3 days later was transferred to HHS where she was kept for ~7 months

Her death in govt custody took 8 months to explicitly disclose #sayhername…
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#RemaininMexico (or #MPP) horror show of today episode


... but something does not add up
according to thread mom was granted withholding of removal (mandatory form of relief under the INA) as IJ found that she faces more than 50% chance of political persecution if returned to Venezuela. This is an extremely difficult relief to obtain because of the high burden 1/
Dad is a legal permanent resident (has a green card) but we do not know the basis for the grant. If he was granted asylum these should have been follow to join cases so not likely that it was the basis. Perhaps employment based. 2/
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#BREAKING @splcenter drops another bombshell report on Stephen Miller and his *extensive* connections with white nationalist hate group @CIS_org.

Why is this so important? Of course Stephen Miller is a white nationalist, right?…
Ramped up #ICERaids.
#TPS loss.
#DACA revocation.
#RemainInMexico protocols.
The #MuslimBan

Miller is often credited as architect of 45's immigration policies, but these policies didn't just appear in his mind overnight. He had lots of help, going back a long way.
The Center for Immigration Studies was founded by white nationalist/eugenicist John Tanton. If you follow me, you know I've been seeking to unseal the private #TantonPapers for 3 years.…
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Ok. This is gonna be the start of the mega-thread for the trip.

I start this thread with excitement, nervousness, humility, and with intention.

We introduced ourselves and “invited” folks to join us spiritually. I brought #Pittsburgh’s religious leadership with me. My hope is that we can become motivated to engage deeper in this work, starting with myself.
Next, we continued with stories from the border and a broad overview of some of the legal situations here. #Metering, #MPP (Migrant Protection Protocol), and the situation with #MexicanRefugees. More on that as we get our legal briefing later tonight.
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NEW -- @USCCRgov has released a groundbreaking report revealing the depths of cruelty of the Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant agenda, including the detention, #FamilySeparation, #ZeroTolerance, & #RemainInMexico.

#DontLookAway – read the full report:…
@USCCRgov The USCCR report found that the Trump Admin:
❌ Created a humanitarian crisis
❌ Separated families & traumatized children
❌ Discriminated against Latino migrants
❌ Inflicted inhumane, prison-like conditions
❌ Denied justice & legal rights

#DontLookAway #JusticeForOurChildren
@USCCRgov The Commission shares the accounts of migrants who suffered under the Trump Admin’s policies.

Upon arriving in the US, migrants were humiliated, shouted at, and held in horrific conditions.

They waited in ICE custody – cold, hungry, and without medical care or translators.
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I’m observing a peaceful protest of asylum seekers forced to live in squalid conditions in Mexico. They have blocked off Gateway International Bridge to protest the Remain in Mexico program. These are the people our government is keeping out #EndMPP
Mayor of #Matamoros is asking people to leave the bridge. Mexican military standing behind us. No one is listening to the protesters complaints of kidnapping and hunger. They’re just asking for protection.
Children started shouting, “We want to study, we want to study!” They’ve been unable to live safely in Mexico and live a normal life. Their entire lives, hopes, and dreams are on hold.
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Good Morning everyone! This @NicoletteGlazer twitting as a guest to my mom's account coz Twitter think blocking trolls is automation or twitting about Admin's appalling immigration policies & practices is harassing. So this is twitter version of moving into ur parent's basement.
@NicoletteGlazer Well it is worth the embarrassment because it is a big, big day at the 9th Circuit today. Both the Asylum Ban and #RemaininMexico (MPP) are up for oral argument back to back and it WILL be epic.…

thread by @NicoletteGlazer
@NicoletteGlazer 1/ Here we go. Asylum Ban I is first. Panel is Judges Fernandez, Fletcher, and Paez. Good but tough panel.
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I'm next on the docket ... so will tweet the highlights of the decision after I am done. But stay tuned this one is something else!
Heeyey! I go in for a quick hearing and in the meantime #ImmigrationMonday, I see, has hit us again. Much to chew on but as I promised here is the 4 on Judge Tigar's reinstated nationwide injunction in EastBay Sanctuary II litigation.
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@TalKopan first broke the news of the EOIR replacement of in-person interpreter w a video advisals. I just read the scripts for detained and non-detained cases and they are so F*ing misleading. Just wow!
First, advisals are unduly long & complicated. Substantively they are mucho problematic. For example both detained & non-detained are told they have to select country of removal. They dont. In fact, selecting country of origins could be used as a factor undermining fear of return
Second, advising ppl that if they are ordered removed they would be removed to the country sected convey a misleading choice. If you are from Guatemala but just select to be removed to France, is just not gonna happen.
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It may be a holiday today but the dreaded #ImmigrationMonday is still upon us and it brings a report by @BorderKindness of another prison immigration camp in the works but this time in Mexicali 🔽🔽🔽

Based on @BorderKindness tweet it appears that this new "fenced/Razor wired" deportation camp is coordinated efforts between CBP/DHS & Mexican authorities, ergo the "planning meeting" and it could very much be a result of the 45-day review of the US-MX june 7 immigration plan. 1/
But after reading and re-reading this tweet, this makes little sense unless there is another piece (meaning immigration initiative, agreement, or policy change) that has been secretly put into effect and we dont kniw about it. Here is why ... 2/
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I’d like to think I’m a reasonably well-informed consumer of news about the #MigrantPersecutionProtocols and #RemainInMexico

The things I’m learning at #AILAAC19 from advocates appearing in these hearings daily and serving people subjected to these policies are next-level evil.
.@ImmDef reports of regular family separations, and attempted family separations.

Imagine being told to leave your 12 year-old alone in Mexico because ICE didn’t file the Notice to Appear in Court for everyone in your family. Or being told your infant can come but you can’t.
.@taylorklevy discusses a 7 year-old in court bleeding from the head after getting attacked in Mexico. Didn’t get access to a nonrefoulement interview.
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If you sense looming anxiety in the #immigration world, it might not just be the chaos of the southern border. We are also waiting for many, many, MANY shoes to drop...

The final public charge regulation.

The proposed reg was published on October 10, 2018, & comments closed in December:…

As recent DOS numbers preview, this reg could usher in BIG, BIG changes.
A ruling on the #RemaininMexico (#MPP) preliminary injunction.

A hearing in Innovation Law Lab v. Nielsen happened Friday. The ruling could come out any day now.…
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1/ THREAD: New details on the Trump #remaininmexico #asylum plan out now, and it's so much worse than I was expecting. This is an illegal, immoral, unconscionable human rights disaster in the making. Let's talk about what this is and how it's going to get people killed.
2/ Context: Asylum seekers in Tijuana and other border towns are being "metered" by an illegal system which requires them to take numbers on a list and wait their turn (sometimes months) to lawfully enter the US to seek asylum. This is already bad enough.…
3/ Even before Trump, the nativist right was obsessed with the idea of making #CentralAmerican asylum seekers wait outside the US for the many years that it can often take to get these cases to a final hearing. This administration was all too willing to give it a try.
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(Ya empezamos). A las siete de la mañana es súper urgente es decir que se va a respetar a los "más necesitados". "Sabemos aunque duele hasta decirlo los más pobres entre los pobres son los indígenas de México". Y que va a ayudarlos.

No hay cómos. #ConferenciaPresidente
Ay no, va a hablar otra vez de Ayotzinapa. (Vaya que le dolió eso en la #tomadeprotesta). Informa comisiones y nombramientos. Nada nuevo bajo el sol. #ConferenciaPresidente
(Desarrollando un nuevo respeto a los colegas que vienen y cubren esto todos los días).
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