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Update #Yemen .
Die #Houthis und die Saudi-Koalition lieferten sich einen schweren Schlagabtausch.
Die Huthis attackierten Anfang der Woche Tanklastenwagen und Depos im Industriegebiet von #AbuDhabi , Hauptstadt der VAE.
Starke Feuer brachen aus, mind. 3 Menschen starben
Im Gegenzug flog die Saudi-Koalition (der die VAE auch angehören) schwere Luftangriffe auf die Hauptstadt vom #Yemen #Sanaa .
Laut dpa wurden mindestens 12 Menschen getötet.
Angeblich sollen bei den Luftangriffen auch Krankenwagen und Rettungskräfte attackiert worden sein.
Bemerkenswert ist jedes Mal, wie wenig die Flugabwehr der Saudi-Koalition gegen die primitiven Drohnen und Raketen der #Houthis unternehmen kann.
Solche Angriffe auf die Infrastruktur der Saudi-Koalition passieren mittlerweile fast schon routinemäßig👇
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#YEMEN :Oil tanker arrives in occupied #Shabwah province to loot over 82 million dollars worth of #Yemeni petroleum

by Emad Almarshahi Oct 20, 2021

The US-backed Saudi coalition continues to plunder Yemen’s oil wealth as it imposes a suffocating blockade on millions of
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#Yemenis and wages a starving economic war.

An official source in the Ministry of Oil and Minerals in #Sanaa said that a a new case of looting of #Yemeni oil has taken place, this time totalling a value worth more than 100 billion Yemeni riyals.

A crude oil tanker ship named Seascout has reportedly arrived at Bir Ali port in the occupied #Shabwah province, with the goal of looting 950,000 barrels of crude oil, a source told Al-Masirah News.

The Seascout is preparing to carry nearly 105,000 tons of crude oil,

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#YEMEN:Military spokesman issues fiery remarks from #Bayda.
Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman @army21ye General Brigadier Yahya Sare’e gave a press statement on Thursday, in which he praised the victories of the Army and Popular Committees in Bayda province during Operation
#Al_Nasr_Al_Mubin .

During his inspection visit to the Army and Popular Committees in Aqaba al-Qantha, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e confirmed that the victory deterred #Al_Qaeda and Daesh members, sponsored by #Saudi Arabia, the #UAE and the #US.
Sare’e explained that hundreds of kilometers of the occupied #Yemeni territory was cleared within four days of the second phase of Operation Al-Nasr Al-Mubin, all the way to Aqaba al-Qantha overlooking the fronts of #Bayda and Murad in the
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Violent explosions rocked one of the main military bases for Hadi and Islah militants in #Abyan, southern #Yemen, on Saturday, as they managed to move deeper into the #UAE-backed southern Transitional Council (#STC)’s strongholds.

These explosions showed an indication that
the #Emirates had intervened by launching airstrikes on this base.

Southern activists said on social media that the explosions occurred early inside the headquarters of the 103rd Brigade located in Jahin area south of Lawdar district,
They confirmed that warplanes were heard
flying over the city and watched drone planes also roaming the airspace.

During the past few hours, the camp has received reinforcements of Hadi’s forces from #Shabwah and #Marib provinces, and is currently used as an advanced base to manage the battle against the
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#YEMEN:Over 1 million barrels of #Yemeni petroleum stolen by #Saudi-led forces after seizing shipment

The Yemeni Petroleum Company (@ypcye) in Sana’a has on Wednesday revealed new cases of looting of Yemeni oil wealth, alongside the continuation of piracy on oil derivatives
ships paid for.
The official spokesman for YPC, Essam Al-Mutawakel, said in a press statement that the ship Helen arrived on Tuesday at Radhom port in #Shabwah province, carrying one million barrels of crude oil that is set to be sold for 72 million dollars by the
occupation forces, in a new case of looting of the wealth of the #Yemeni people.

Al-Mutawakel criticised the silence of the United Nations towards such acts, saying “While the oil derivatives ships are pirated and the oil wealth of the Yemeni people is looted, we do not see
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#Yemen New Batch Of US Marines Arrive To #AlMahrah

Al-Mahrah received on Sunday, a new batch of US Marines, in a move indicating that United States is planning to a long-term presence in this province.

It has military bases and strategic locations under its supervision on
international shipping lines in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.

Local sources that a military plane landed at Al-Ghaydah airport early, which is being used by #British, #Saudi, #Emirati and British forces as a military base on the Arabian Sea, noting that the new

It is not clear what is the mission of Americans to come for in the province that is far from the scene of confrontations with #Sana’a or even the so-called “war on #alQaeda,” that the organization takes the oil-rich areas in #Shabwah, #Hadhramaut and #Marib, as its
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#French warplanes have on Wednesday carried out sorties in the Gulf of Aden, off of #Yemen’s southern coast, #Yemen News Portal reported.

This coincides with a fierce conflict between several parties over the Balhaf LNG plant, which is owned by France’s Total, which holds
more than 39 percent of its shares and is currently controlled by the #UAE, while China is entering as a vital port operator in the Arabian Sea.

Air traffic maps in the Gulf of #Aden showed #French military aircraft flying off the coasts of Abyan and #Shabwah.
The aims of the #French moves, which follow the French parliament’s questioning of the government over the #UAE’s conversion of the Balhaf facility in #Yemen into a prison and torture facility, are as of yet not officially known.

However, its timing indicates that it is
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#alQaida "further entrenching in regions beyond its historical stronghold in #Afghanistan" per latest @UN report

"It exploits the tarnished #ISIL [#ISIS] brand & societal fractures to enhance legitimacy & gain local traction & recruits" per the report
#alQaida "is covertly active in 12 #Afghan provinces & Ayman al-#Zawahiri remains based in the country" per @UN report based on member state intel

Total number of AQ core fighters in #Afghanistan est. to be 400-600
#alQaida core leadership "maintains close contact w/the #Haqqani Network" per @UN report, which adds AQ's #Zawahiri met w/Yahya Haqqani in Feb. 2020 "to discuss ongoing cooperation"
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Lets be CLEAR here
There is NO ceasefire
#Saudi #UAE #UK #US #HRW #EU #UN #UNSC #Yemen #YemenCrisis

Here is why👇👇
Here is some of #Saudi #UAE led CO violation of the ceasefire on 15/DEC/2015 1st pic.
#Yemen #UK #HRW #EU #UN
July truce was used by #Saudi #UAE CO to invade #Aden &S #Yemen
In last hours coalition R conducting a massive attack in Marib,Aljawof&Harad
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