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#YEMEN:#Sanaa Reacts to Coalition’s Statements about Ports, Airports, Salaries.

The National Salvation Government in Sana’a has said that the opening of ports, airports and employees’ salaries are fundamental rights for the Yemeni people and not a concession or a favor from
anyone, calling on the Saudi-led coalition to lift its blockade.
Commenting on statements by Saudi-led coalition loyalists, Abdul Malik al-Ajri, a member of the national negotiating delegation, said: “They consider ports, airports, salaries and services as a concession!
First, this is not a concession from you, it is a fundamental right of the people.
Secondly, the aggression is the one that besieges the ports, closes airports, controls gas, oil, electricity, most land ports and 80% of resources, and it is the one who has to lift its
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#Sanaa.The enemy is determined to detonate the situation.
“The coalition of aggression is not preparing for a path that establishes peace in #Yemen and the region. The enemy’s failure to abide by the humanitarian truce obligations is in itself a prelude to detonating
1/2 Image
the situation,” the member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed al-Nuaimi, said as he was being interviewed by the Al-Masirah channel.
The coalition of aggression continues to obstruct flights to and from Sanaa International Airport, and continues to detain fuel ships
1/3 Image
and prevent them from reaching the port of Hodeidah during the extended period of the truce.
In addition to non-compliance with the terms of the agreement, Al-Nuaimi stressed that the coalition of aggression is preparing for a new phase of war and siege, which was confirmed
1/4 Image
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#YEMEN:Parliament condemns continuing crimes against travelers in coalition-occupied territories.

#SANAA- Yemeni Parliament renewed its condemnation of the crimes of against travelers, committed by the US-Saudi aggression and its mercenaries, in Tor Al-Baha in Lahj gover.
1/2 Image
Representatives denounced the two crimes of killing Akram Al-Azazi, a child traveling with his father, by bandits in Tor Al Baha district, and the driver Khaled Abdullah who was removed from his bus and killed for refusing to hand over sums of money.
They condemned the
1/3 Image
targeting of another citizen in Qataba district of Dhalea governorate, by snipers of the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression’s mercenaries in Al-Zayla area in Maris of Qataba district, in flagrant violation of sponsored UN truce.
The Parliament considered the continuation of these
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#YEMEN:Due To War, Siege 1,620,000 Yemeni Workers Lost Jobs
On May 30, 2022

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance for Planning and Statistics Affairs in Sana’a revealed that the repercussions of the seven years of the coalition Saudi – Emirate and siege on the
workforce in Yemen.

Ahmed Hajar confirmed that a million and 620 thousand workers lost their jobs as a result of the coalition Saudi Emirate and siege.

Hajar indicated that nearly three million of the workforces in #Yemen are in a state of unemployment and did not find job
opportunities due to the coalition #Saudi #Emirate and the siege, noting that 38% of the workforce in #Yemen was deprived of sources of income and the effects of this are rising daily.

For his part, the Undersecretary of the Central Statistical Organization for the
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#YEMEN:Al-Ajri accuses the coalition of outbidding the #Taiz case.

#SANAA, May 27-Member of Sanaa delegation for political consultations, Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri, expressed his fear of the coalition's desire to keep #Taiz as a pending issue.
Al-Ajri said in a tweet on Twitter:
"Previously, they rejected all local initiatives, now they might repeat it with our team initiative,because they want it as a material for humanitarian bidding in international forums.
Al-Ajri added:"The aggression countries see to the city,
which has been a source of nuisance since the sixties, so so they imposed the stabbers and militias subjected it to bad torment".
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#YEMEN:Al-Razami: We have proposed initiatives to relieve suffering of the citizens in Amman negotiations.

#SANAA, May 27 (YPA) – Major General Abdullah Yahya Al-Razami, the head of Sana’a Military Committee to discuss violations of the UN armistice and monitor the ceasefire
In a statement, Abdullah Yahya Al-Razami affirmed that the committee has put forward more ideas to open roads in #Marib and #Dhalea provinces to relieve the suffering of the people of these provinces , which is being caused by the Saudi-led aggression forces.

“We are still waiting for progress in the initial steps and for the other side to accept the opening of roads in the first phase and take these serious and practical initiatives and prove that it really wants good and alleviate the suffering of the people of #Taiz and the
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#YEMEN: #Sanaa sets its conditions for extending the UN armistice

Today, the Sanaa government announced its conditions for extending the United Nations truce declared in Yemen, stressing the need for the Saudi-led coalition to abide by the implementation of the terms of the
1/2 Image
truce in force, before extending it.
Member of the negotiating delegation of the Sanaa Authority, Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri, said in a press statement, "The performance of the aggression countries in the armistice is not optimistic, and they did not implement its most important
1/3 Image
provisions in the two weekly flights."
He added: "The spy flight did not stop, and we warned the United Nations that any breach would be dealt with, and we are still exercising restraint."

He continued, "We have not yet discussed the issue of extending the armistice with
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#Sanaa Military source:Coalition is violating the UN armistice in #Yemen with 5,319 violations in 52 days

The coalition forces continued to violate the humanitarian and military truce in Yemen under the auspices of the United Nations for the 52nd consecutive day, with 5,319
1/2 Image
A military source in #Sanaa confirmed that the coalition forces committed, during the past 24 hours, 135 violations, represented by 6 violations of the hostile warplanes in the airspace of Al-#Jawf Governorate , and 40 violations by the flight of armed and spying
1/3 Image
reconnaissance aircraft in the airspace of the governorates of #Marib, #Taiz, #Hajjah, Al-#Jawf, #Saada, and #Sana’a. Al-Dhale'e, border fronts.

The source confirmed that the coalition forces have established fortifications around the city of Ma'rib, while two violations
1/4 ImageImage
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#YEMEN-#Sanaa forces announce downing of second coalition aircraft within 24 hours

Sanaa forces announced on Tuesday that they had shot down the second Saudi-led coalition aircraft that violated the truce within 24 hours.

The spokesman for the Sanaa forces, Brigadier
1/2 Image
Yahya Sarie, confirmed that the air defenses managed to shoot down an armed spy plane belonging to the Saudi Air Force at dawn today on the border front off #Najran, while it was carrying out hostile acts, in violation of the UN armistice.

He pointed out that the operation was carried out with a locally made surface-to-air missile, and details and type of aircraft will be published at a later time.

This comes less than 24 hours from the shooting down of a Chinese-made CH4 armed spy plane belonging to the
1/4 ImageImageImageImage
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The new Saudi failure lies in its inability to install the Al-Alimi Council in the city of #Aden, to be the new facade. as planned.

The problem of the new Presidential Council lies not only in being an illegitimate council in the Yemeni law and constitution, but also in
the terrible number of internal contradictions between its rival components throughout their areas of control in the southern governorates, in addition to its military and political weakness, and its lack of any real popular base to support its position. , as it leans on
hypothetical and fragile rules.

In light of the strong opposition shown by the transitional to the Presidential Council, and Zubaidi's refusal in front of the cameras to take the constitutional oath with regard to unity, Mohsen and Islah moved the "al-#Qaeda" card, to
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#Sanaa: UN Security Council is ready to welcome any ruler installed by #Riyadh for #Yemen, even if it has been declared insane.

Sanaa, through a member of its negotiating delegation, Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri, criticized the statement of the UN Security Council, which welcomed the
recent measures taken by #Riyadh to transfer power from President Hadi to the so-called Presidential Council. Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri said in a tweet to him:
"It is not surprising that the UN Security Council welcomes the Saudi transfer of power from Hadi
to Rashad, as it is ready to welcome any ruler installed by #Riyadh for #Yemen, even if it is declared insane or incompetent, they would welcome. Legitimacy in their view since 2011 is a matter decided by the outside and Saudi Arabia specifically as the legitimate guardian
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Over 3 million cluster bombs dropped on #Yemen since 2015
The National Committee and the Executive Center for Mine Action in Sana’a has organised on Monday an event on the occasion of the International Day for Awareness of the Risks of Mine and Cluster Bombs under the slogan
“Mines and cluster bombs are a humanitarian disaster.”

Director of the Executive Center for Mine Action, Brigadier General Ali Safra, confirmed that “#Yemen is the first country in terms of recording cluster bomb victims in the world, according to the report of the
Secretary-General of the United Nations and the reports of humanitarian and international organisations.”

He said:“Despite the efforts that were made to get rid of mines through international support and planning to declare #Yemen free of them in 2017, the six wars in #Saada
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#Yemeni Blood for #Saudi Oil

the Saudi-led coalition launched airstrikes on the capital Sana’a and the port city of Hodeida – a key entry point for humanitarian aid – early on Saturday.

The strikes on Sana’a reportedly killed eight civilians…
UK Education secretary, Nadhim Zahawi:

"This is not something that should be taken lightly, that someone can go into a country illegally, and start bombing civilians, and feel that there is no there is no response from the global community"
Video of UK & USA backed Saudi Attack on Saana

via @LoveWorld_Peopl
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More than 1,000 dead in seven years: Cluster bombs… the silent killer of Yemenis

Mar 12, 2022

Entesaf Organization for the Rights of Women and Children - (Report)

Cluster bombs, #US, #British and #French, are stalking the lives of thousands of #Yemenichildren.
Although the Executive Center for Mine Action in the capital, Sanaa, was able to destroy about 1.8 million cluster bombs from the remnants of the #Saudi-#Emirati aggression during the past years, the number of victims of these internationally prohibited bombs is rising
on a daily basis, not only among civilians, But also among the many deminers who are constantly losing their lives.
In this context, official statistics obtained by Al-Akhbar indicate that this type of lethal bomb has killed and wounded 3,810 civilians during the past years
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The coalition of aggression is suffocating the Yemeni people with an unprecedented fuel crisis

Intsaf organization

The catastrophic repercussions led to the unprecedented crisis of oil derivatives, which continues for the third month to stifle the capital,
#Sanaa and the free governorates, as a result of the escalation of the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression’s siege and piracy on fuel ships.

The repercussions and manifestations of the fuel crisis that the countries of the coalition of aggression made in the middle of the
year 2020 AD by detaining the derivatives ships did not end…
completely, until the ball resumed early this year and cut fuel supplies to the free governorates in conjunction with the escalation of its air raids on civilians, service facilities and infrastructure.

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#Angelina_Jolie's Reaction from her 1st Visit to the Yemeni Capital #Sanaa!
A photo is worth 1000 words..
#StandWithYemen #AngelinaJolie
@joliestweet #EndYemenSiege Image
To #Angelina_Jolie
It is as if you slipped into #Yemen and slipped out of it. The Arab and international media did not feel you, nor did they care about your highness of human goals or the shedding of your tears.

I will tell you the truth, my dear.
-The #WarOnYemen supported
the economies of large and small countries, international organizations and international media institutions.
The #WarOnYemen revived the arms factories from their stagnation.
The #WarOnYemen created jobs for the unemployed in all developed, developing and backward countries,
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#YEMEN:#Sanaa warns Saudi and threatens to target its sensitive economic facilities.

The prominent leader of the Ansar Allah movement (Houthis) and head of the National Reconciliation Committee, Youssef Al-Fishi, confirmed that the response to Saudi Arabia's continued
1/2 Image
detention of oil derivatives ships destined for the port of #Hodeidah, will be by targeting sensitive economic facilities.

Al-Fishi said in a post on the (Twitter @YoussefAlFish)
platform: "Our people and their leadership will not be silent about this unjust blockade, and if
oil derivatives ships do not enter the port of Hodeidah, the targeting with missiles and marches of sensitive economic facilities will inevitably come."

It is noteworthy that the coalition has continued to detain the Caesar ship,
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#YEMEN:In a new development the defenses of Sanaa, the third American plane was shot down in #Haradh within days..!
On Monday, Sanaa forces announced that they had shot down a US plane, the third in a matter of days.
The official spokesman for the Sana’a forces, Brigadier
1/2 Image
General Yahya Saree, said that the US-made “Skan Eagle” plane was shot down earlier today while carrying out “hostile” actions in the sky of #Haradh District, on the Yemeni border with Saudi.

The plane is the third to be shot down within three days,
as Brigadier Saree @army21ye had revealed during the past two days that two planes had been shot down, one of the Eskan Eagle type, while flying in the #Juba district, and the second of a MQ1 type in Al-#Jawf Governorate.

The increasing fall of the
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Hadi puppet government's decision to raise gas prices draws fierce condemnation in #Yemen

The Yemeni Ministry of Oil and Minerals has condemned the Saudi-led Hadi government’s decision to raise gas prices without any justification and without taking into account that
1/2 Image
gas is a locally produced product.

During a press conference for the Ministry of Oil and Minerals and the #Yemen Gas Company in front of the United Nations headquarters in the capital #Sanaa , the Ministry explained that the rise in gas prices is due to the price doses
imposed by the coalition-backed government in exile.

“The new rise is a further increase in the suffering of this steadfast people in the face of aggression,” the Ministry said.

“The rise in gas prices by the pro-Saudi government comes without any justification and without
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The forces of the #Saudi-#Emirati coalition are witnessing an unprecedented decline recently, after all their military papers have expired, and their last bets have failed to subjugate the Yemeni national forces, in light of the Sanaa forces continuing to control the
details of the confrontation at all levels.
Undoubtedly, the declared goals of the coalition forces failed from the first moment of the war on #Yemen, for many considerations. Over the past seven years, the coalition factions and “legitimacy” have written down the largest and
worst record of defeats in modern history, and the strategy of Hadi and Islah forces has shifted from the slogan “we are coming.” Sana'a", to the defense of Saudi cities.
What the Sanaa intelligence recently revealed about a secret agreement between the leadership of the
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#AnsarAllah's first comment on the coalition's threat to prepare for a new military operation on the capital, #Sanaa

The prominent leader of the Ansar Allah movement and the head of the National Reconciliation Committee, Youssef Al-Fishi, commented today on the
coalition's threat to carry out a large-scale operation against the capital, Sana'a.

Al-Fishi said in his tweet on Twitter that these threats reveal deliberate intentions to commit crimes against civilians.

Al-Fishi added, "The statements of the aggression coalition
about its preparation for a wide operation, and what he said only served the language of force, and the rest of his ridiculous statements; Its aim is to justify the perpetration of more massacres against civilians, after he exhausted all his strength during seven years,”
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Sana'a living through violent attacks similar to the 1st days of the war in 2015. Air raids hitting capital Sanaa, whose population >4 mn with F16,F15 war jets. More than 60 martyred,120 wounded in a central prison in Saada.

In #Hodeidah, 6 martyrs, incl 3 children,18 wounded, most of whom are children, is the latest toll of the coalition’s crime in Al-Mowasalat neighborhood. All that in complete Internet outage in #Yemen after coalition bombed Yemen’s only Internet provider located in Hodeidah.
Since Wednesday Jan. 19, the coalition has launched more than 100 airstrikes on the #Sanaa's neighborhoods. According to eye witnesses, the intensity of the explosions caused by the raids & the black smoke that rose heavily, indicate the use of internationally prohibited bombs.
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Update #Yemen .
Die #Houthis und die Saudi-Koalition lieferten sich einen schweren Schlagabtausch.
Die Huthis attackierten Anfang der Woche Tanklastenwagen und Depos im Industriegebiet von #AbuDhabi , Hauptstadt der VAE.
Starke Feuer brachen aus, mind. 3 Menschen starben
Im Gegenzug flog die Saudi-Koalition (der die VAE auch angehören) schwere Luftangriffe auf die Hauptstadt vom #Yemen #Sanaa .
Laut dpa wurden mindestens 12 Menschen getötet.
Angeblich sollen bei den Luftangriffen auch Krankenwagen und Rettungskräfte attackiert worden sein.
Bemerkenswert ist jedes Mal, wie wenig die Flugabwehr der Saudi-Koalition gegen die primitiven Drohnen und Raketen der #Houthis unternehmen kann.
Solche Angriffe auf die Infrastruktur der Saudi-Koalition passieren mittlerweile fast schon routinemäßig👇
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Dozens of civilians killed and wounded in #Yemen #Sanaa following a barbaric bombing last night that hit civilian homes, the airport and the communication system, cutting all comms/Internet in clear violation of international laws. #YemenBlackout #Yemengenocide
During last night, #SaudiArabia bombed also Saada and Hodeida provinces in #Yemen causing tens of killed and wounded.
Destroying the communication system serve to hide the atrocity of the attacks, where the perpetrators count of the world silence.

Share the news #YemenBlackout
#SaudiArabia carried out More than 800 air bombing against #Yemen this month only.

The last bombing carried out last night in Hodeidah killed 17 civilians, of which 4 children.

Killing civilians won't give the Saudi-Emirates any victory. #YemenBlackout
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