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The War in #Yemen is a fight to stop #Iran from dominating the shipping routes and expanding its malign influence.

Our allies #SaudiArabia and #UAE are doing the hard work to keep all of us safe.
We can help the people suffering there, but we cannot allow Iran to win.
Iran has no legitimate interest in Yemen, other than to expand its sphere of influence and to create a Shia corridor of control. Although Iran’s role in Yemen has been underreported by the media, Iran has been funding, arming, and training the Houthis.…
A vital US interest at stake here is to ensure the free flow of shipping through the Bab el-Mandeb Strait. Iran already sits astride the Straits of Hormuz & has claimed recently they control traffic through it.
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There is much discussion about the current war in #Yemen which pits Iran-backed #Houthis against US allies Saudi Arabia & the United Arab Emirates. The vital US interest at stake here is to ensure the free flow of shipping through the Bab el-Mandeb Strait.…
Iran already sits astride the Straits of Hormuz and has claimed recently they control traffic through it. Iranian proxy forces firing Iranian missiles are seeking to control this second vital piece of terrain on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula.
Such control could give Iran the ability to use anti-ship missiles to threaten or shut down both major routes for oil to leave the region. That is an intolerable prospect for the U.S. & our allies & the reason we’re supporting Saudi Arabia & U.A.E. in defeating Houthis in Yemen.
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The administration is studying naming Alhouthis as a terrorist group! Better late than never! But here are 7 reasons why: #terrorism (Thread)
1. Houthis foiled the (already flawd) political process in 2014-15 and took over the capital Sanaa putting the legitimate president and cabinet under house arrest! #Yemen #Houthis #Terrorism
2. Recruiting child soldiers, something I witnessed with my own eyes since the 2000s. #Yemen #Houthis #Terrorism
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Fierce fighting on the outskirts of #Hodeidah. #Houtis forces attempt to control the line Sanaa under the fire of the Arab coalition aircraft #Yemen
Arab coalition control S of #Hodeidah and the development of Tihama and the university area #Yemen
Video: Clashes btwn Arab coalition & #Houthis forces East of #Hodeidah #Yemen
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1. The #Iran Action Group created by @SecPompeo last month released its report. Iran's role in the region, which other administrations overlooked, appears to be under intense scrutiny. #Houthis in #Yemen have been identified alongside groups responsible for attacks against the US
2. The report stated that consequences of #Iran's meddling include its lethal ballistic missiles, which advanced its proxies military capabilities: "Yemen’s #Houthi militants have fired numerous ballistic missiles into #Saudi Arabia, including two directed at Riyadh in May 2018."
3. The report also indicated that since 2012: "#Iran has spent over $16 billion propping up the #Assad regime and supporting its other partners and proxies in #Syria, #Iraq, and #Yemen."
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1. The attack on the Hospital and Fishmarket yesterday, which initially was attributed to an airstrike, was denied by Coalition & revealed to be a result of a series of mortar shelling conducted by members of the #Iran-backed #Houthi militia.

Residents in #Hodeidah CONFIRMED.
2. Although we were all skeptical when the coalition denied the airstrikes, all visual images revealed a consistent pattern of mortar shelling. Residents immediately noted that there was no crater or airstrike damage, instead, they uncovered mortar shells. #Yemen
3. I spoke to journalists, residents, and several US military experts who have confirmed to me that this is NOT the type of damage caused by an airstrike. Yemeni military experts noted the same. Below is a picture from #Houthi TV channel inadvertently indicting themselves.
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#Iran-backed #Houthi attacks on x2 @Saudi_Aramco oil tankers in the Bab el-Mendeb is a really big deal.

All Aramco oil shipments have been temporarily suspended…
@Saudi_Aramco Notably, yesterday’s #Houthi attacks on oil tankers come a week after the #Houthis claimed to have attacked a @Saudi_Aramco oil refinery in #Riyadh with a drone.…
@Saudi_Aramco #pts: #Iran makes no secret of its threats to attack #Saudi oil & shipping, just as it's repeatedly threatened to attack US assets in the region, as Qassem Someimani did earlier:

- “We're ready to confront you; You'll start the war but we'll end it."…
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#Hodeia is last #Houthi controlled coastal city in the #Yemen, city has a large port which it supply line for #Houthi from the #Iran
In last 4 years Iran send huge amounts of money, military advisers which knows the using anti air missile batteries and ballistic missiles.
And #Iran using #Houthis like a weapon. They are hitting their rivals #SaudiArabia with this weapon everyday with ballistic missiles and they are testing missiles and they developing better missiles which they learnt from this war. Also testing the US made Patriots capability
In last 4 years #Iran send huge amounts of money, military advisers which knows the using anti air missile batteries and ballistic missiles. Advisers teach the #Houthis how they can hide and use their missiles and air defences.
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Yemeni troops (pro Hadis and Southern Resistance) are rapidly advancing towards to strategic port city of #Hodeida with the intensive support of the Arab Coalition.
In a few days, they advances more than 60 kilometers through the #Hodeida.
South of the #Hodeida is open terrain without big towns, its make easy to advance through north. #Houthis are fighting better in the mountains and urban areas because they can evade the airstrikes in these areas.

Yemeni troops captured so much open vast areas in few days, its increasing risk of the #Houthi attacks from eastern mountains. They can harass the Yemeni convoys, checkpoints from there and with the sudden attacks they can cut off the Yemeni supply lines.
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#Iran transformed its #Yemen embassy in into a military base, the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday.
Iran’s interference is the source of instability in the Arab world’s poorest nation.…
Arab coalition downs two #Iran-made drones over #Yemen, sources indicate.
April 18
UAE anti-drone units were able to take control over an #Iran-made drone carrying explosives & on a mission to target Yemeni government forces stationed on the country's west coast.
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While some thieves see their hands amputated in #Iran, reports indicate the brother of VP Eshaq Jahangiri, jailed for economic corruption, was able to downgrade his bail from $1.8 billion to $300 million & will soon be released.
#IranProtests rose against such #CORRUPTION.
#Iran - Tehran's Section 8 municipality has ordered street-vendors to pay $1,200 for the 15 days remaining to the Iranian calendar new year or else their goods will be confiscated.
More reason for #IranProtests.
Systematic #corruption in #Iran‌ under the mullahs' rule:
Video shows man opening "Made in Iran" medicine only to find no pills inside...
More reason for #IranProtests to bring about #RegimeChange.
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This is the result of #Iran's role in #Syria.
These three beautiful children on the right are now dead after being bombed in #EastGhouta.
This is #EastGhouta, under siege for 5 years by #Assad in #Syria, held in power by #Iran's regime.
These innocent people are being ruthlessly bombed. Hundreds dead in the past few days alone.
Be the voice of #Ghouta.
Innocent children, like this little angel, are paying the price of #Iran's belligerence in #Syria to maintain #Assad in power for their own interests, and unfortunately, the world's silence in the face of such atrocities of defenseless civilians being viciously bombed.
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#Yemen : pro- #Saleh forces almost expelled #Houthis from the cities of Al-Mahweet, Ibb, Dhamar & the capital #Sanaa , clashes continue in Hajjah, Amran, Sayyan cities & many other villages of countryside
#Yemen : Current situation in #Sanaa
6/12/2017: #Yemen #YSF captured Ziblah village & Jabal Ghubārī in order to isolated #Houthis in a big pocket in #Taizz province
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