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#Iran naval threat - "The pressure, the coercion, the activity against merchant ships comes & goes, & surges depending on circumstances" @USNavy Office of Naval Intelligence Commander RADM Michael Studeman told @INSAlliance Wednesday
"#Iran continues to make UAVs & other unmanned capabilities like hotcakes. We've even seen a new drone carrier that they're building" per RADM Studeman
#Iran-"We have to be very mindful, not just in terms of their ballistic missile program development, trying to develop anto-ship capabilities but the whole #IRGCN, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps & what they are building & how they are using their forces" per RADM Studeman
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The governor of #Aden in the Sana'a government comments on America's pressure on Riyadh regarding the war

A southern leader in the government of #Ansar_Allah, the “#Houthis,” commented on the American pressure on Riyadh regarding obstructing the cessation of the
1/2 Image
war on #Yemen.
The governor of #Aden in the Sana'a government, Tariq Salam, said regarding the #American pressure on #Riyadh, that the latter must overcome America's pressure in its insistence on continuing its war on Yemen.
Salam said that Riyadh “is the only one who
bears the cost of this exorbitant war for its general conditions, which will certainly double during the coming period if it does not incline to peace that is in the interest of #Yemen, #Riyadh, the region and the world as a whole.”
The statements of the southern official
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NEW: US seizes 2,116 AK-47s from a #Iran|ian fishing boat on its way to #Yemen in the #GulfofOman

Per @US5thFleet, the boat, intercepted back on January 6, was crewed by 6 Yemeni nationals & was on a route traditionally used to smuggle supplies to the #Houthis
Per US, the shipment of the AK-47s violates @UN Security Council resolution 2216 & also int'l law

The boat & the crew, minus the weapons, will be repatriated
“These threats have our attention" per @US5thFleet Cmdr VADM Brad Cooper

"This shipment is part of a continued pattern of destabilizing activity from #Iran
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1. The level of callousness in which #Yemen's conflict is depicted is truly insulting to Yemenis. This article published by @thehill is poorly researched & amateurishly written w/out fact checking. It's full of misinformation & unquantifiable statements.…
2. In reporting the number of civilians killed by the Saudis, authors manipulated the information and made an inaccurate citation from a UN study choosing to attribute the entire war casualty estimate of 337K to #Saudis, and not the 15K reported UN estimate.
3. The authors of this article have completely failed to fact-check the numbers and information presented. In fact, the same source they reference undermines their own claims & reveals the misinformation included in the article. Ignoring casualties committed by #Houthis is biased
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A recent development in the saga of the Marwan 1, an IUU fishing vessel that once was part of the "Somali 7" slave-fishing operation detailed by @ian_urbina.

A few days ago, it was caught smuggling weapons and ammunition. (thread)…
On 1 Dec 22, the Marwan 1 was interdicted by the USS Lewis B. Puller in the Gulf of #Oman. Onboard were >1 million rounds of 7.62mm ammo; 25,000 rounds of 12.7mm ammo; nearly 7,000 proximity fuses for rockets; and over 2,100 kg of RPG propellant. ImageImageImage
The Marwan 1 had been docked in Bandar Abbas, #Iran (27°08'49.3"N // 56°12'11.8"E) on 25 Nov 22 (sat imagery analysis courtesy of @IJM). Bandar Abbas has emerged as the preeminent loading point for weapons consignments destined for the #Houthis. Image
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🚩A month ago, the truce expired in #Yemen due to inacceptable last-minute Houthi demands to have the salaries of members of their “government” and even “armed forces” be paid through oil revenues.

A thread 🧵
The truce lasted six-months and helped ease the humanitarian crisis in the country. Shipments of fuel increased, regular flights to and from Sana’a reopened Image
The Houthi on the other hand did not uphold their end of the bargain, failing to reopen roads to the city of #Taiz. A recent deadly road accident in the dangerous mountain roads near the city shows the price of such failure. ImageImageImage
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My fifth paper for @GI_TOC has just gone live!

Over eight months, we catalogued 425 weapons and over 3,200 rounds of ammunition in 13 illicit markets across #Somalia.

The research showed that assault rifles were priced approx. $90 higher in southern Somalia than in the north.

The pricing data constitutes tentative corroborating evidence of a north-south illicit supply chain, with weapons becoming more expensive the further south they travel. Image
Over 60% of documented weapons were of apparent #Chinese manufacture, with an additional ~20% manufactured in #Russia (Soviet Union). Image
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Meine Lieben.
Ich bin zurück, nun kann´s mit Twitter-News weiter gehen.
Ich habe wieder unglaublich viel Material zum #UkraineKrieg , das ich erstmal sortieren muss. Ein Thread dazu kommt daher vsl MORGEN.
Heute ein Thread zu zwei anderen Konflikten: Jemen und Karabach👇
In den letzten Tagen ist der Konflikt zwischen dem #Yemen und #SaudiArabia deutlich eskaliert.
Die #Houthis haben saudische Ölanlagen mit Dutzenden Drohnen attackiert.
Teile der Anlagen sind komplett niedergebrannt.
#Saudis flogen Luftangriffe als Vergeltung.
Die saudische Flugabwehr präsentierte sich wieder mal als recht löchrig.
Einige der Drohnen konnten wohl abgeschossen werden, etwa zwei Dutzend kamen dennoch durch.
Das Ganze ist durchaus erstaunlich, da Riad eigentlich über moderne Flugabwehrsysteme aus den USA verfügt.
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🇸🇦 🇾🇪 Conflit #Yémen : Les #Houthis ont diffusé des vidéos sur la bataille avec les forces loyalistes soutenues par la coalition Arabe dans la province de Hajjah, au nord-ouest. Les Houthis ouvrent la voie vers l'axe de Abs. #THREAD ⬇️

💥 📹 Vidéo des affrontements sur le front
L'attaque des Houthis a eu lieu dans le district de Hayran et à la périphérie de la ville de Bani Hassan dans le district d'Abs.

Les combattants houthis ont capturé 26 kilomètres carrés, dont des dizaines de positions des loyalistes.
Les villages capturés par les Houthis :

Al-Dhahr, al-Akashiya, al-Naqrameh, Jerb al-Muhajm, al-M' ataf, al-Manjura, Beni Kina, al-Sharqi, al-Funduq, al-Qarya al-Bayda et al-Shabakah.
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"Aí, maluco, #Biden achou mesmo que a gente aumentaria a produção de #petróleo em 2022, só para os #EUA pagarem menos de U$5 no galão de #gasolina... Viajou na maionese!".
#MBS e #MBZ não estão nem aí para o desespero dos EUA e #Europa. Não faz sentido algum para os dois déspotas aumentar a produção e reduzir o preço do barril para algo próximo a U$130.

Eles querem o barril a U$300. Bom para #ArábiaSaudita e #EmiradosÁrabesUnidos.
Bom para a #Rússia (que está prestes a dominar a #Ucrânia de #Zelenskyy e avançar). Bom para a #Venezuela e #Canadá. Ótimo para a #Noruega. E perfeito para a #China.

Nenhum dos esforços diplomáticos de Biden deu certo nessa seara em 03/2022.
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A few other #peace & #security #intlaw situations going on in the world that have slipped off the radar because of #Ukraine....
#UNSC imposed an arms embargo on #Yemen's Iran-aligned #Houthis. #UAE was accused of 'making a deal w/the devil' to secure #Russia's vote.…
@RapporteurUn released report naming #Russia, #China, #Serbia as supplying arms to the #Myanmar #Tatmadaw, & called for states to comply with #UNGA res asking states not to supply arms to Tatamadaw.…
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Palestinian fear the response from #Saudi_Arabia and the Gulf states to the #Islamic_Jihad's rally in support of the #Houthis

Following the chants in #Gaza against the Saudi royal family and in support of the Houthis, #Iran's loyalists in #Yemen, the Palestinian... (1/5)
Authority, #Fatah, and #Hamas hurried today to issue statements renouncing and condemning the Houthis:

#PA: We condemn the Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and support our Arab brethren. We reject any violation of Arab symbols.

Fatah: The... (2/5)
position of the Palestinian leadership has always been not to interfere in the internal affairs of Arab states. We welcome all the Arab peoples who stand in support of the Palestinians.

And perhaps the most interesting reaction of all was Hamas'. Hamas controls the... (3/5)
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Update #Yemen .
Die #Houthis und die Saudi-Koalition lieferten sich einen schweren Schlagabtausch.
Die Huthis attackierten Anfang der Woche Tanklastenwagen und Depos im Industriegebiet von #AbuDhabi , Hauptstadt der VAE.
Starke Feuer brachen aus, mind. 3 Menschen starben
Im Gegenzug flog die Saudi-Koalition (der die VAE auch angehören) schwere Luftangriffe auf die Hauptstadt vom #Yemen #Sanaa .
Laut dpa wurden mindestens 12 Menschen getötet.
Angeblich sollen bei den Luftangriffen auch Krankenwagen und Rettungskräfte attackiert worden sein.
Bemerkenswert ist jedes Mal, wie wenig die Flugabwehr der Saudi-Koalition gegen die primitiven Drohnen und Raketen der #Houthis unternehmen kann.
Solche Angriffe auf die Infrastruktur der Saudi-Koalition passieren mittlerweile fast schon routinemäßig👇
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#UAE ambassador to US Yousef Al-Otaiba: “Several attacks — a combination of cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and drones — targeted civilian sites...Several were intercepted”

Looks like the #Houthis weren't lying about ballistic missiles being used.…
The odds are high that this attack was once again directly from Iran, like the 2019 ARAMCO strikes.

Saudi Arabia refused to blame Iran for those, and the UAE will cover for Iran now, like it always does.
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#Iran-backed #Houthi militia is now involved in at least two attacks resulting in injuries+death of #Pakistan citizens in #KSA+#UAE. In May 2021, Houthis targeted #Jeddah within hours of the arrival of PM #ImranKhan+First Lady [see: ] /1
Apart from killing a #Pakistan citizen, the #Houthi attack on @AdnocGroup facility targets an energy partner of six largest Pakistani oil & gas companies [See ]

[ADNOC statement ]
#Pakistan has so far avoided directly criticizing #Iran-backed proxies in the region in order to avoid altercations with #Tehran and its feared #IRGC/QF paramilitaries. But now #Houthis increasingly pose a direct threat to Pak interests in the #Gulf. /3

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Update #Yemen .
Der überraschende Einsatz von Kampfhubschraubern durch die #Houthis löste in der Saudi-Koalition eine zeitweise Schockstarre aus.
Nun schlugen die Saudis aber zurück.
Innerhalb weniger Wochen vernichteten sie schon den dritten Kampfheli der Huthis.
Zur Erinnerung
Vor einigen Wochen setzten die #Houthis plötzlich Mi-35-Kampfhelikopter gegen die Saudi-Koalition ein.
Der plötzliche Einsatz von Kampfhelis ließ die Frontlinie zeitweise einbrechen, weil die Saudi-Söldner komplett überrumpelten wurden
Offensichtlich veranstalteten die Saudis nun eine regelrechte Jagd auf die Kampfhelikopter, um sie möglichst schnell auszuschalten.
Später intensivierte Saudi-Arabien seine Luftschläge auch an weiteren Abschnitten der Frontlinie gegen die #Houthis .
#Yemen #Jemen
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Update #Yemen .
Die #Houthis haben zum ersten Mal seit 2015 einen Kampfhubschrauber gegen die Positionen der Saudi-Koalition eingesetzt.
Ein Mi-35 der Huthis attackierte überraschend die pro-Saudi Söldner.
Woher die Houthis plötzlich einen Mi-35 ausbuddelten, bleibt unklar.
Der Angriff geschah jedenfalls so überraschend für die Saudi-Koalition, dass einige Abschnitte der Frontlinie in der Region #Marib eingebrochen sein sollen.
Die pro-Saudi-Söldner und Truppen sind nun mal nicht gewohnt, einen Gegner mit Luftwaffe vor sich zu haben.
Anfang des Monats gelang es den #Houthis außerdem, eine saudische F-15 mit einer alten sowjetischen "Kub"-Fluabwehrrakete zu erwischen.
Es heißt allerdings, der Jet habe seine Flugfähigkeit bewahrt und konnte zum Landeplatz zurückkehren.
F-15 gelten als ziemlich robust.
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My fourth paper for @GI_TOC has just gone live.

It describes how guns (specifically, Type 56-1 rifles) supplied by #Iran to the #Houthis are turning up all over #Somalia.

Some highlights 👇 (thread)…
@GI_TOC field researchers documented over 400 weapons in illicit markets across #Somalia. Almost 10% of these consisted of Type 56-1 rifles believed to have originated in arms transfers from Iran to the Houthis.
The Type 56-1 rifle is a Chinese-manufactured copy of the Soviet AKMS assault rifle, first produced in 1956.

Since August 2018, thousands of Type 56-1 rifles have been seized during maritime interdictions of arms-trafficking dhows believed to have been supplying the Houthis.
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This excellent article tells the history of #Yemen [AND of oil tankers] through the prism of the FSO Safer, the floating, imminent ecological and humanitarian catastrophe that the #Houthis are using not only for leverage but also as a potential bomb.…
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Warning !!! Graphic Content 🔞🔞🔞
Today Yemeni media reported that 10 individuals from #AlHudaydah related to the targeted-killing of Saleh Al-Sammad in 2018 were executed by #Houthis in #Sanaa.
It is not clear how these individuals were involved in the targeted- killing of Al-Sammad but it seems they have been acted as informants on Al-Sammad'ss whereabouts in 2018. Image
Saleh Al-Sammad one of the top officials of #Houthis on April 19th 2018 was killed when a UAE airforce CH-4 drone tracked his vehicle and later a #RSAF fighter jet destroyed his car with a guided munition.
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In less than an hour from now, this 17-year minor along 8 others will be publicly executed after unfair trial by Iran-backed #Houthis on baseless charges.
#Yemen ImageImage
Al-Tahrir square ,Sanaa this moment, where Iran-backed Houthis are preparing to carry out execution of 9 people inc a child. Image

Houthis begin carrying out execution now. Image
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Update #Syrien .
Die Kurden haben ihre Angriffe auf türkische Truppen und pro-türkische Söldner deutlich intensiviert.
Nahezu täglich kommen neue Videos, wie sie mit Raketenangriffen, Sprengsätzen und Scharfschützen feindliche Stellungen attackieren.
Details im Thread 👇
Zunächst zur Erinnerung.
Kurdische Gruppierungen attackieren seit nun einer Woche nahezu täglich (pro-)türkische Stellungen in #Syria .
Zuletzt vernichteten sie einen Stützpunkt sogar mit einer Untergrabung.
Mehr dazu hier👇
Sie setzen dabei alle möglichen Mittel ein.
Besonders oft lenken sie Panzerabwehrraketen in die Stützposten von pro-türkischen Söldnern.
Von Ankara gibt es dazu meist keine Stellungnahmen, weil es keine Soldaten der regulären türk.Armee sind, sondern "nur" Söldner.
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#BREAKING: Houthis target the port of Mocha with missiles and drones - Al-Arabiya
#UPDATE: #Yemen’s Vice President: The #Houthi attack on the port of Mocha is a crime
#UPDATE: The manager of Mocha port said the #Houthis fired four missiles and three exploding drones at the port, damaging recently repaired infrastructure and starting a fire that destroyed goods
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#LIVE: Hans Grundberg delivers his first briefing to the Security Council in his capacity as new @UN Special Envoy for #Yemen (@OSE_Yemen) Image
#LIVE: @OSE_Yemen: The epicenter of the military confrontation has shifted over time with combatants taking turns on the offensive. Since early 2020, the focus has been on the #Houthi's #Marib offensive in which thousands of #Yemenis have lost their lives Image
#LIVE:@OSE_Yemen: The UN and the international community has been clear in its message: The #Houthi's offensive on #Marib must stop Image
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