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Freemasonry👹👁 Hidden hand/checkerboard. I'll do osiris another day. #GreatAwakening #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall
1) the checkerboard means they are pawns put forward to manipulate the grand stage(world). Like pawns.
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Samaritans Purse is treating the children in NYC! Listen👇
It’s happening in Central Park NYC. Her RN mom says it’s horrible...pray!

There’s a Alice in Wonderland statue there. Is it 1 of 🧙🏻‍♂️🧙🏻sick signals? Are there are tunnels by there? @dnajlion7 @Linda_Paris @MishelDbytes
💥 Please 🙏🏼for the 👧🏼👶🏾👦🏻🧒🏽👶🏼being rescued by Samaritan’s Purse. They’re in Central Park. Listen☝️

Her mom is an RN volunteer & says it horrible!

She’s requesting urgent 🙏🏼for kids & those caring for them!!!!
@FreedomforceR @777KAB1 @cjtruth @KarluskaP @cjtruth @QBlueSkyQ
The #USNSComfort🚢 is close to Central Park, where the caller☝️says her mom who’s a nurse is there with Samaritan’s Purse treated the rescued children.

She says it horrible!😭

📝 the Alice in Wonderland statue...tunnels?

@Linda_Paris @FreedomforceR @LisaMei62 @777KAB1
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OMG, I see a half dozen #pedophile symbols. You have the pedo swirl, butterflies, Flowers & Gardens, Obama’s Christmas Tree, etc...#SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall
Leaked #FBI file
Check out this chidlren’s hospital. #Epstein’s handler’s wife, Abigail Wexner, is on the board. Look at the upper left hand corner. DO YOU BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCES?! #OhioState tie as well 🤯 💥 BLOW THIS UP #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall
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#BobDylan #MurderMostFoul #JFK
Coinkidink? I think not. I’ll be back with thoughts about it when I have the 👉🏻17👈🏻 minutes to listen to it 😏
Listen 👉🏻
2. EYES! 👀🧐 It’s NOT 17 minutes long! Everyone is reporting it is, it’s not. 👉🏻YouTube video shows exactly 16:56 = 711. This is important! Exact numbers are important.
IF we say it’s 17, it’s even reversed. 🤔 💭 ...
#MurderMostFoul #BobDylan
3... which is weird because right before I got suspended I started to see and note 117. Which is reversed 711. Of course I couldn’t tweet and log those because I was in twitmo 🤨.
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Eine Geschichte über böse Menschen, die uns lange verführten:

Eine Droge, gewonnen aus Adrenalin. Für die richtige Adrenalin-Ausschüttung ist aber Panik nötig bei Menschen oder Folter. Einmal gekostet, Sucht, Adrenalinjunkee.
Synthetisch gewonnen in Wuhan
Aber wo bekommst du jetzt die ganzen panischen Menschen her? Warum sollten die in Kliniken gehen?
Da können 60Ghz nachhelfen (Sauerstoffaufnahme im Blut wird behindert).
Nun trifft man sich und testet ein Szenario dafür #Event201
Daraufhin und vorher werden/wurden aber Massnahmen getroffen, aus militärischen Kreisen, aus Treue zu ihrer Religion und weil 9/11 -Fake schon schlimm genug war.
Nun vergiftet man in dem Labor die Droge und versetzt sie mit
Cobalt-Vanadium-Eisen-Ferrit (CovFeFe in Fachkreisen)
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Nice mascot for Temple University.

#SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall It's everywhere.

"The owl of the night makes the eagle of the day." founder Russell Conwell, Baptist Minister.

Surrounded by vampires and we didn't know it.

#qanon #owls #temples…
Office of Provost, Temple University.

#qanon #owls #vampires

Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.
Follow the Owl & Y head around the world.
Identify and list.
They don’t hide it.
They don’t fear you.
You are sheep to them.
You are feeders.
Godfather III.
#wellhellzbellz #Rice #owls #qanon

Don't even look

Rhodes scholars
Nobel prizes
Artificial Heart

Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology.

😱😱😱 #qanon…
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#Madonna sings about being out of pasta in this video.

The other day, she typed on her #Corona Typewriter...
“I could murder a bowl of Pasta”

#Pedogate word for Pasta = Little boy.

#EliteComms #Illuminati #coronavirus #Qanon
Here is the video of #Madonna typing on her #Corona typewriter. Many strange typos and #Illuminati symbolism in this video.

#SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall #Qanon

I'm sorry, this is the other part to the video by #Madonna. This is the one that shows the #Illuminati symbolism and what she's typing.

#SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall #Qanon

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Look who's trending number #1… interesting times 👀

#trending #truthbomb #TheGreatAwakening #DidYouKnow #QAnon
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03/10/2020 Rare white giraffes killed by poachers in Kenya

Symbolism comms - I'll attempt to decode it.… #QAnon
So to get to the message we have to first go through animal comms in general.
Many animals have obvious attributes that lend themselves to sending message. What makes a Giraffe unique? A lot of things.
The defining characteristics of giraffe's are being born with long necks allowing them to eat from tall plants (Burisma) gold colours (wealth) So a good example of a "Giraffe" would be Hunter Biden who due to being born son of Joe gets super rich.
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#TomHanks is gonna go down soon. He’s skating a thin line with his bosses. Why do you think they are making him post pedo trophies? ya. That’s what these are.
He worships Lucifer.
#Cannibalgate #Pedogate #Hanxgate #HanksGate #Pedowood #PainComing ✝️🇺🇸 ⚖️
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Early 2000s

LDS Church was in Saudi Arabia building water treatment plant for leper colony, according to wife of General Authority.

GA's son was Mitt Romney's top aide, on Ann's medical board.

WTF were they in Saudi Arabia in such an isolated place?

#QanonLDS #MormunMafia
Church claims to be doing missionary work around the globe. Absolutely NO REASON to be in Saudi Arabia when ppl weren't free to mention religion, proselyte.

200 temples, $100Billion Ensign Peak ..

#EnsignPeak #wellhellzbellz #QanonLDS #MormunMafia #CIAfront #CabalChurch
Church sends retired couples all over world. Friends were sent to Turkey. Can't proselyte there.

Couple had to come up w/own humanitarian projects. Wife felt it was pointless. Church asked them to extend time.

Does missionary system double as a CIA front?
Members R in the dark
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What's deeper, darker and associated w/Epstein?

Did Q just tee up temples?

Time to reboot info.

The Cult is ancient, has many branches.
Connecting the dots is a mind-blowing journey.

Human sacrifice is their keystone, i.e. holds it together.

Pinned at bottom.
Scroll through my #bluewhite thread.
Good to understand how BIG the Cult is.

It's ancient, worldwide and crosses religions.

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#Technocracy Rising:


n. A government or social system controlled by technicians, especially scientists and technical experts.

n. government by technical specialists.
Zbigniew Brzezinski called this the 'Technocratic Era' whereby governments could utilize technology to produce a more "controlled" society:

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1. Explaining The D.C. Owl thread
So, how did the owl that Q pointed out, get there?

The short answer is 1901-1902… This was right after the previous president was killed and Theodore Roosevelt was put in power. Let's go down an interesting rabbit hole.
So Theodore Roosevelt, in symbolism comms this image really sums up what he is to history. He killed the elephant. But it goes much deeper than that.
He was John McCain's idol…
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1. New 🧵 #MaxSpiersRIP 🙏🏼

Patriots, if you aren't familiar with him, meet #MaxSpiers 💥

I recommend you read through the thread then watch the entire interview. #KeepYourMindOpen 🧠

Ready for 🤯❓

Down the rabbit hole we go!🐇🕳
2. Here is the full video below. I will also post it at the end. You can view it here (there is also a part two which I'lll add later).

This thread will go over some of the highlights in the order in which they are discussed in the interview.

3. #MaxSpiers had a lot to tell us. Sadly, like #SethRich he's gone.

Here is an article about his end days. Then we will move on to the content of the video which is the topic of this thread.…
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Lots to dislike about 2020 Superbowl half-time show.

This was blatant child-trafficking symbolism.

Billy Graham was with Worldvision.
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Symbolism Will Be There Downfall!! Take a look at the information we’ve been given that mentions Owls!!
#SuperbOwls #SuperBowlLIV #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall
#QAnon #Owls
What does the "Owl" represent to certain cults?
#SuperbOwls #SuperBowlLIV #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall
#QAnon #Owls
Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.
Follow the Owl & Y head around the world.
Identify and list.
They don’t hide it.
They don’t fear you.
You are sheep to them.
You are feeders.
Godfather III.
#SuperbOwls #SuperBowlLIV #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall
#QAnon #Owls
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01/12/2020 Pickering nuclear 'incident' triggering mass emergency alert in Canada was sent in error

Symbolism comms: So a ton of people in Canada got an Emergency Alert. Why?

Let's begin the decode #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall… #Qanon #8kun
07/19/2017 Ontario Municipal Board OK's plans for Durham Live in Pickering
Do you get understand the message yet? As in an emergency alert set up thru that name back in 2017 near a Nuclear Plant to warn about a "Durham" going "Live" #JusticeIsComing…
Perhaps this will make it more clear - clearly they knew Trump would use him thus they set that up before he was even nominated to anything. He has since been tasked with very important things, but even more interesting than that... #QAnon
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The fellowship of the rings

Gemstones, ancient gods and #symbolism.
Why is this relevant?

Some hypothesis

#WWG1WGA #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #DarkToLight #Trump #DrainTheSwamp #DeepState #QArmy #SheepNoMore #UnitedNotDivided #MEGA @realDonaldTrump
Q posted these pics on 12/07/17
Q drew our attention to HRC's ring by posting the q asked by an anon
“what is that ring?”
I am not aware that Q has ever answered this question, am I correct?
I started to reread the drops, but it may take a while.😅

in the meantime, let's see what we have here.
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So, digging a little more on this. Focus on Queen Vic Monument but links to others too;
The Victoria Memorial is a monument to Queen Victoria, located at the end of The Mall in London. On 26 March the decision was announced to locate the Memorial outside Buckingham Palace and
slightly shorten The Mall. It was estimated that the work would cost £250,000 and decided that there would be no grant given by the Government to the construction. Funding for the memorial was gathered from around the British Empire as well as the public. Following the public and
national donations towards the funds, there was more money collected than was necessary for the construction of the Victoria Memorial. Funds were therefore diverted towards the construction of Admiralty Arch at the other end of The Mall, and redevelopment to clear a path directly
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03/26/2019 MISS THE RING Pope Francis bizarrely refuses to let churchgoers kiss his Papal ring by repeatedly yanking his hand away in meet-and-greet

Ok, so Symbolism comms - why would the pope do this? #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall… #Qanon
02/26/2019 Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell found guilty of child sex charges…
Timelines are important - this went public 1 month before thus the comm is likely related to the scandal. A message of sorts to relevant parties. #GreatAwakening
Before this happened Q said of the conviction.

#3 in the pecking order.
Define 'pecking' [animals].

"pecking" interesting word choice in this context.

Kiss Vs Peck (animal)?

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Hoaxes & Lies Perpetrated on Americans
Many of the elites of our world wish to control and own everything and to that end they have told some big lies. Here's some of the bigger ones.… #Qanon #GreatAwakening #CoreysDigs
Spygate and the Russian-collusion Narrative
Intelligence agencies, and many outside of our government, all colluded to take down our elected President. This in itself shows just how real Deep State is.… #SpyGate #RussiaHoax #SteeleDossier
Spygate/Russian-Collusion Narrative #FusionGPS -
- One of many threads I have in this feed on the same topic.
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Trump Tweet Comms -
He celebrates his 187 District Judges - It's been making news rounds and it's a special number in comms.
187 = Penal Code for Murder - it's clear something big is going on this week I haven't properly decoded yet.
Spacey Tweet Comms-
Kevin Spacey has a new video he tweeted out- and it's him stoking a fire while talking about "killing them with kindness" - Given Trump promoting the 187 - this makes for curious timing. #KevinSpacey #GreatAwakening
It'd be different if Spacey was more verbose - but his last vid was a year ago & it was full of comms I decoded. Long story short: He flipped and based on comms it was allowed due to him having the goods on someone really really big. #Qanon
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1. Stormy The Cow Thread
12/14/2017 'Stormy' the cow lassoed on highway after 2nd escape from church natitivty scene
Consider the timing: what major story started just after this?… #Qanon #GreatAwakening
03/06/2018 Stormy Daniels sues Trump, says 'hush agreement' invalid because he never signed

Reconcile with prior tweet, consider what might symbolize in comms a well endowed stripper. An animal known for "milk"… #GreatAwakeningWorldWide
As you can see from this Drudge link… Stormy Daniels begins appearing in news stories 2 months after that Stormy the Cow story. On Drudge alone there's 150+ links to Stormy Daniels stories. #QAnons
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