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It should surprise no one that the #ERCOT grid isn't fixed. There's a good chance there will be outages at some point over the next 3 days. Here's a look at what's going on.
1/🧵#txlege #txenergy #energytwitter
A LOT of thermal power plants are out for maintenance (~16GW) & Friday, more broke: 6 gas plants = to ~3GW, roughly an Austin worth of power. I'll get into why power plants are breaking below.
#txenergy 2/…
Here are four key things to remember as Texans spend the weekend obsessively checking @ERCOT_ISO’s dashboard to see how the grid is holding up. 3/…
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Personal news: this week, I am formally filing my dissertation and graduating from my PhD at @ERGBerkeley. My dissertation focuses on how we can better plan for the future of our #electricity systems given the existing and emerging stressors that they are facing.
Today, electric power systems must rely on increasing amounts of renewables, power new loads like heating & transportation, and keep the lights on even as #climatechange makes that more difficult. And policymakers, regulators, & the public are holding electricity systems to ...
... goals of operating safely, reliably, cost-effectively & sustainably & serving users equitably. These new realities increasingly require accounting for technical needs alongside policy goals & critically evaluating how we plan & make decisions in the electric sector today.
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In the midst of this historic May heat wave, the @PUCTX meets this morning. Should be some interesting discussions of ongoing market design changes, transmission, etc. Tweet thread with a few updates below.
Agenda and livestream here:…
#txlege #txenergy
Staff filed a memo to implement #SB1281 on #transmission in #ERCOT. Commissioner Cobos says its important to alleviate congestion "Today's economic problem is tomorrow's reliability problem." We need to get these projects going.

Staff memo here:…
Commissioners and staff having a discussion about how resiliency fits into reliability metrics.

Cmsr Glotfelty said "transmission is hard to build, takes a long time." He knows of what he speaks.
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This Saturday, ERCOT expects 69.3GW of demand, an insane amount for a weekend in early May.

Temps likely to be ~92-93 in DFW and Houston, 95 in Austin, 100 in Midland & 104 (!) in Laredo. These would likely be records (or near records) for May 7.
#txlege #txenergy #txwx 1/5
I believe the previous record demand in May is ~67GW & all time summer peak is 74.8GW. That we would reach that much demand on a Saturday in May is extraordinary. Usually demand is much lower on the weekends. Extreme weather from #climatechange is already happening.
#txlege 2/5
#ERCOT expects 20GW of thermal plants to be offline. Wind expected to be @ 12GW & solar's likely to break a record ~9GW. I expect every battery on the grid will be ready for peak @ 5pm. Still, there will likely be tight conditions. Buckle up.
#txlege #energytwitter 3/5
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A mini-thread on my and @JesseJenkins working paper, Electricity Markets under Deep Decarbonization (…).
Hardly a week goes by without someone on #energytwitter speculating that proliferation of zero-marginal-cost variable resources (read: wind and solar) will mean the end of power markets as we know them. After all, how can you base everything on marginal costs when they are zero?
The simple answer is that fuel isn't the only type of marginal cost: the demand side of the market has opportunity costs and storage resources have intertemporal arbitrage opportunities. Even if all supply resources have zero cost, we would still see non-zero prices.
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Hey! Producer @DanielWoldorff here. So I knew that prices of #lithium, copper, nickel, etc. have been going up.

Major headlines have covered this. But I had no idea how wild some of these swings were. 🧵 #EnergyTwitter…
Looking at you, #lithium. The price of one form of lithium skyrocketed by over 400% in 2021.

On @CatalystPod we talked to @kurtzhouse about what's behind a market that's going bonkers and what it means for the energy transition.…
Kurt works at @KoBold_Metals, one the companies that stands to benefit from this growing demand.

KoBold uses AI to characterize and discover sources of metals.
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Is humidity control just for warm-humid weather? Or can you grow mold in winter?

A little thread for the part of #energytwitter that hasn't seen the bigger picture of #buildingscience.

First, if you think you're immune to moisture & mold problems because your climate is dry in summer, let me invite you to take a look inside your fridge. What's inside that container in the back that you've forgotten for a couple of months.

Extreme example: Family in Kansas had a poorly insulated building enclosure. They kept the inside relative humidity at 50% while outdoor temperature was -5 °F.

Yes, that's ice on the walls & ceiling inside the house. Here are the details:

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I've seen a few comments lately questioning heat pumps climate mitigation potential.

Here's a thread clearly up some confusion and debunking some myths.

🧵 #energytwitter
Myth #1 - Heat pumps use electricity and our grid runs on coal. So heat pumps emit more CO2 than gas furnaces.

This is a similar argument people make against EVs.

In both cases they are wrong.
It's true that most electricity in the US is generated with fossil fuels.

But heat pumps are 2-3x more efficient than gas furnaces.

The result is much lower emissions almost everywhere in the US.
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In the last few years heat pumps have become more popular.

And for good reason. They can save people money, cut carbon, and make your home more comfortable.

This week I wrote an article about how they actually work.

🧵 #energytwitter…
At the simplest level:

A heat pump is an appliance that can heat and cool your home.

But what makes these things so cool is the fact that they can do it 2-4x more efficiently than any other heating and cooling system.
For homeowners, that means utility bill savings of ~$700 per year and $10,000 over 15 years on average.

For our planet that means way less greenhouse gas emissions.
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🚨 It’s an honor to share my first article in Applied Energy, w/ @yannick_perez , S. Gabriel and G. Mathonnière titled « Nuclear fleet flexibility: Modeling and impacts on power systems with renewable energy »… #energytwitter 😇👇👇👇👇👇 🚨
Our paper focuses on two major PWR flexibility features rarely implemented in simulation models:
1) Maintenance and refueling outages schedule
2) Minimum power increases at the end of PWRs' irradiation cycles
We propose novel modeling formulation for both constraints.
1) Reactors must be shut down at regularly to carry out maintenance or refueling operations.
The placement of these outages is optimized by operators to maximize availability during peak demand.
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Hello #energytwitter! Very pleased to announce the first major publication of my PhD career, in collaboration with @JackNorbeck and my adviser @JesseJenkins: "The Value of In-Reservoir Energy Storage for Flexible Dispatch of Geothermal Power."
Read the full paper in Applied Energy at…, and a preprint version and short Research Digest at our ZERO Lab Zenodo:…
Geothermal power is a major potential source of firm, renewable electricity. Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) in particular could unlock up to 5 TWe of generating potential in the United States alone. But does geothermal have a role to play in future electricity systems?
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The final version of our paper
"#Storage requirements in a 100% #renewable electricity system: extreme events and inter-annual variability"
is now published in Environmental Research Letters 🎉
Joint work with @QvistStaffan…
@IOPenvironment #energytwitter
Regarding 100% renewable electricity systems, prolonged periods with persistently scarce supply from wind and solar resources have received increasing academic and political attention. Our article explores how such scarcity periods define energy storage requirements.
We contrast time series analysis with system cost optimization model, based on a German 100% renewables case study using 35 years of hourly time series data ➡️ Much more data than in usual energy system analyses
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I've been getting a lot of requests to explain what's going on with oil/gasoline prices rn, so I made a plot of weekly average gasoline prices and WTI spot prices (both from @EIAgov) going back to May 2020 with some key dates. (1/7) #oott #energytwitter
First, notice how correlated the two trends are. Remember, according to EIA as of January 2022 56% of the cost of gasoline was crude costs:… (2/7)
There are 3 things going on: COVID, domestic politics, and international politics. Look at the increase in prices from November 2020 through January 2021. This corresponded w/ anticipated change in presidential administrations (& more COVID relief $$) (3/7)
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High oil prices suck. I know. With that said I see a lot of misinformation regarding how oil markets work, our production, Russia's production, etc. Perhaps this will help people sort through the noise.
1. The first thing to know about oil is that it is set on a GLOBAL market. What does that mean? That means there is, effectively, one price. So, any supply disruption, anywhere, affects that price and therefore prices in the US.
Even if we produced 2x what we consumed, if there is a war that raises oil prices in EU, the price in the US will rise. So, if someone claims that increasing our production will insulate us from oil P shocks like we are seeing now, they don't know what they are talking abt. Sorry
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Ex-@PUCTX Chair DeAnn Walker is testifying in Brazos Electric Co-op's bankruptcy proceeding. They just took a break after the the Judge (I think) basically warned Walker to be very careful about what she says next.

They start again at 10:10.
I say "I think" because I couldn't tell who was talking but clearly there was an insuation that either PUCT Chair Walker was perjuring herself or admitting to breaking a law or something equally bad...
#txenergy #energytwitter #txlege
Might have been the Plaintiff's Attorney and not the Judge with the warning...
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Yesterday Auke sparked an #EnergyTwitter discussion with @JesseJenkins @DrChrisClack @hausfath @xiaowang1984 with this database of 700 global 100% renewable studies, exhorting folks to read them before bashing 100% RE. So I read some of them, and found some weird things. (THREAD) Image
This database of studies is apparently in review so not fully available yet, but @ChristianOnRE was gracious enough to share a few studies in response to my request. Tagging him here to give him the chance to reply in case I'm misinterpreting something.

First, the 100% renewable country study for Mongolia does not in my view qualify as a robust analysis. Not intending to call out a junior researcher from Mongolia here, it's a fine paper exploring a policy question, but there's no Methods section or original modeling/analysis. Image
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First off, I do NOT expect outages this evening. I could be wrong but despite the graph below, w/ temps in the 40s in Houston, there shouldn't be any issues tonight.

But this highlights why storage and dispatchable demand response are needed in ERCOT right now.
Demand is high bc inefficient heat is driving the peak higher than expected. Because we have very little committed, paid residential #demandresponse, and most of that peak is residential demand, there's little ERCOT can do about it. This is a policy failure. #txenergy
Note that the mismatch between supply and demand is not large, and doesn't last very long. If we had more storage and more dispatchable #demandresponse, this wouldn't be an issue at all.

@maggie_glynn1 did a great job explaining this:
#energytwitter 3/…
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Want to know more about why AGL - Australia’s biggest climate polluter - has been in the news so much this week?
@mcannonbrookes's recent bid to take over the company is the result of a long line of business failures. Here's a 🧵: #auspol #energytwitter
To start, a reminder - @AGLAustralia is our country’s biggest climate polluter.
AGL alone is responsible for almost one tenth (8%) of our annual domestic greenhouse gas emissions. To protect our climate it is imperative AGL shifts its business model.
There has been ample opportunity for AGL to transition its business model away from the destruction of our planet. Instead, AGL has resisted change and ignored the clear shift in the global energy market, consumer expectations - and scientific warnings.
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Too late, too expensive, too risky and too uncertain. That, in a nutshell, describes NuScale’s planned small modular reactor project. 🧵(1/9) #nuclear #energytwitter #nuclearcosts
Communities and utilities are being lured to buy electricity from NuScale’s planned #nuclear reactor at the promise of a relatively low price of $58/MWh. But that’s only an estimate—and a flawed one at that. via @pfannyyy (2/9)…
The #UAMPS power sales agreement for this nuclear project is essentially a blank check. Buyers who stick with the project will be on the hook for the actual costs and expenses of building and operating the reactor, which we predict will far exceed $58/MWh. @SmartEnergy1 (3/9)
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.@MaraKAbbott just wrote a great guide to induction cooking for @carbonswitch

Here's a thread with some takeaways and an explanation of why induction stoves are so awesome.

🧵 #energytwitter…
First off, many people hear "electric cooking" and think coils and unresponsive ceramic stoves.
When we're talking about induction cooking, we're NOT talking about these things:
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There's a lot of misleading claims on the internet about heat pumps in cold climates.

Many people think they stop working below 30 or 40F

But heat pumps can work efficiently as low as -25F.

So here's a thread debunking 3 myths about cold-climate heat pumps.

🧵 #energytwitter
Before diving into the myths, it's helpful to understand how a heat pump works on a cold day.

While it might not seem like it, on a cold day there’s actually some heat in the air outside.

That's true until the temperature reaches absolute zero (–459.67°F)
A heat pump basically captures that heat and moves it into your home.

So rather than create heat directly by burning gas or electricity, it uses a little energy to run some gadgets that *move* heat.
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There has been a lot of buzz today about the 9th Circuit decision in Ellis v Salt River Project as a big win for rooftop solar. A thread.… @SRPconnect #energytwitter
SRP is often criticized for having the worst DG policy in the state. This case is a class action suit over their new E-27 rate plan for DG customers in adopted in 2015. It increased rates for solar customers by 65% and resulted in a 50-96% drop in new DG apps. PG 7
Ellis' case was tossed at the trial court. He alleged claims related to state law, equal protection, and antitrust. The state law claims were also tossed on appeal because he did not provide proper notice of an intent to sue.
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1/ New paper: Comparison of 9 energy models focussing on flexibility options. First of 3 papers that came out of @BMWK #Modex #FlexMex project. Great effort led by H.C. Gils of @DLR_de! We at @TransEnerEcon contributed with #DIETER, kudos to @KittelMartin!…
2/ Using fully harmonized input data, we separate the effects of different modeling approaches e.g. for demand response, battery-electric vehicles, hydro reservoirs, and transmission. Among the 9 models involved, there were particularly large differences in modeling DR and BEV.
3/ Given the breadth of test cases and and outcome indicators investigated in the comparison, it is quite hard to come up with a single catchy headline finding for #energytwitter, I'm afraid...

Typical results graph ⬇️
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I've got some heat pump #EnergyTwitter data to share. I monitor the electrical usage of my heat pump, but I haven't been able to measure the amount of heat it's producing, which means I haven't known how efficient it is.
It turns out that I was running it really badly. A 🧵
I've had the fan set to "auto" and a "set it and forget it" thermostat program. That's the usual advice to keep the heat pump running in the middle of its range.

The dots are 20-minute snapshots in time, with the heat pump running more or less steady state. 2/
Manufacturer's specs are adjusted for my altitude (6,700 ft, 78% of nominal).

We have three mini-split heads, of which we only ever use two for heating. "Auto" and "Max" are fan speed settings. "One" is just the living room. "Both" is running the living room and basement. 3/
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