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Tonight Major Kellie Brennan told committee former CDS General Jonathan Vance fathered two of her children #cdnpoli #CAF
Global News reached out to Vance in February about the allegations. When asked if he was the father of one specific child by name, Vance said: “I am not.” When asked whether he was the father of another specific child by name, he said, “I don’t even know who these people are.”
Full story from @amandacconn here on Major Brennan telling committee she had two children with Vance and Vances’s comments to Global News…
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Today Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan's former Chief of Staff Zita Astravas had been called to testify at the defence committee loking into sexual misconduct in the CAF. Instead of Astravas, Minister Sajjan is appearing. #cdnpoli #CAF
Astravas was the staffer who contacted PCO about the allegations against Vance in 2018.

Opposition MPs say that Liberals are "ignoring the house" and "contemptuous" for substituting the Minister for the former Chief of Staff.
NDP MP @r_garrison says he looks forward to speaking about the concept of ministerial responsibility with Minister Sajjan since he is pointing to that to justify staff not appearing, there are questions on ministerial responsibility after Sajjan refused to accept evidence
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#Breaking a Canadian soldier has died after being shot during a live fire training exercise in CFB Wainwright. #CAF
Have been on a level 5 live fire range at Wainwright a few times... my heart goes out to his family. LAV rollovers not uncommon but a soldier being shot during live fire training is much more unusual.
This is a 3VP (Third Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry - 3 PPCLI) exercise but the soldier killed was a reservist attached to the Patricias from the Royal Westminster Regiment.
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Today the Canadian Armed Forces released their "comprehensive misconduct response strategy." This is part of their ongoing attempt to stop sexual misconduct in the military following the Deschamps report. I sat down with VCDS LGen Mike Rouleau on it over the phone today #CAF
Report will follow shortly with @amandacconn. Asked about what the new report will achieve that the old approach didn't, the metrics on sexual misconduct have shown the CAF having major challenges in making change, how does this address that?
Asked about the role of the military justice system and whether it has sufficiently changed its approach to sexual assault. Was problem area for the CAF and why the CDS introduced admin discharge as punishment - concern about inability to get change from military justice system
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Mi è venuta voglia di un #tweetelling sulla #Ndrangheta in Lombardia (e non solo), su #Caianiello, sulla politica che si avvale dei "facilitatori" ndranghetisti e su come questi infiltrano TUTTI i partiti/movimenti.
Integrerò inchiesta #Reportrai3 con alcune novità sorprendenti. Image
Il tweetelling sarà lungo e articolato.
Chi legge vedrà come la ndrangheta pervade la politica italiana e come la stessa sia solo per una minima parte un fatto di violenza. E' invece controllo di consenso e fenomeno antropologico, non solo calabrese e italiano.
Video @reportrai3
La vicenda del voto di scambio a Lonate Pozzolo tra l'ex sindaco Pdl Rivolta e la locale di Ndrangheta fece da antipasto all'inchiesta Mensa dei Poveri su Caianiello.
Poi un anno venne l'inchiesta Krimisa su omicidi di Ndrangheta.……
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Statistics Canada has just released its report on sexual assault, sexualized behaviours and discriminatory behaviours at Royal Military College in 2019. I will tweet some of the findings. #CAF
Stats Can found that "most (68%) Canadian military college (CMC) students witnessed or experienced unwanted sexualized behaviours" and the most common types were "sexual jokes, inappropriate discussions about sex life and inappropriate sexual comments about appearance or body."
52% of women attending the college experienced unwanted sexualized behaviours, so did 31% of men
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Back in October the Prime Minister's plane rolled into the side of a hanger at Trenton (air base) and crunched the nose rendering it unable to fly for months if not well over a year (still not back in the air). The final report is now. #CAF #RCAF
At the time RCAF sources told me they suspected a lack of proper training and potential errors by the contracted civilian ground crew. The report released by the RCAF says investigators found "training was informal and lacking emergency procedures" #CAF #RCAF
The report found that while the parking break was put on, chocks were only placed under some of the aircraft's wheels (not all), and the chocks were "not authorized" by DND in the Technical Support Arrangement they had with the company. #CAF #RCAF
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Mañana #CAF tendrá que tomar un decisión importante: si continúa o no adelante con la construcción del tranvía en Jerusalén. El día 1 de junio comenzamos esta campaña para presionar a la dirección y mostrar nuestro desacuerdo con el proyecto. #CAFBajateDelTrenDelApartheidIsraeli Image
En 12 días, hemos enviado más de 3.000 correos electrónicos al presidente del Consejo de Administración de CAF, Andrés Arizkorreta, pidiéndole que #CAF rescinda inmediatamente su contrato para el JLR, porque el proyecto supone una clara violación del derecho internacional. Image
En 12 días, decenas de ciudadanos y ciudadanas de Euskal Herria y otros territorios hemos llamado a las sedes de #CAF para pedir explicaciones sobre el proyecto y denunciar que su socia israelí Shapir figura en la lista publicada por la ONU de empresas cómplices con la ocupación. Image
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Many seem to think the military "report" was intentionally commissioned to be released. Nope. This was the #CAF doing what it often does (and many are grateful in this case). Documenting conditions and challenges. It was a BIG surprise to military folks Premier Ford released it.
It was also a big surprise to many to hear Prime Minister Trudeau address it. As one source said a generation of officers who grew up in Afghanistan know the importance of documenting and sending it up the chain. They will not face allegations of looking the other way.
This was the troops doing their job and reporting what they saw. It was command making sure they checked in with the troops. It was documenting the conditions and challenges to the mission and then it was sent up to General Rouleau at CJOC and the CDS, then to politicos
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If you're wondering why troops became whistle blowers... they were deeply concerned nothing was going to be done about the conditions they were reporting. They didn't understand why the federal govt had not moved given the May 14th letter.
Military left one of the homes last night, many troops are worried about what is going to happen. These #CAF troops don't go counter cultural and talk to a reporter easily. But they know those in LTC facilities don't have a voice. Soldiers are now their voice.
UPDATE: 39 of the troops serving in long term care homes have now contracted #COVID19. Deeply concerning in light of the allegations @globalnews about the lack of PPE and improper use of it and infection control protocols between staff and residents.
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Update: #CAF sources were told the report on conditions in long term care homes were sent to Minister @BillBlair on the date of the letter, May 14. My sources say they cannot verify receipt. PMO and Blair's office both say Min @HarjitSajjan had it first, Blair got it Friday.
So I'm not sure what happened to that letter between when it was signed on May 14th and when it landed on Minister @HarjitSajjan's desk, but govt states it was not given till @BillBlair until the 22nd when he alerted Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau.
The federal government did not notify the province of the letter via @BillBlair until very late Sunday evening (around midnight according to provincial sources) after receiving it on Friday. #cdnpoli
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Docs obtained by @globalnews have following deeply disturbing allegation from troops on one LTCF "observation of an incident appeared to have contributed in patient death (code blue due to choking due to feeding while supine...)"… #CAF #COVID19 #cdnpoli
A provincial source tells me Premier Doug Ford is referring this death to the Coroner's office for investigation.
In another home "Forceful feeding observed by staff causing audible choking/aspiration, forceful hydration causing audible choking/aspiration"
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#Breaking@globalnews⁩ has seen docs and spoken to military members who allege abuse and neglect at care homes in Ontario. This story was a two week process. After we started asking qs PM says he will release the report later today. #cdnpoli #CAF…
Military sources tell Global News that the letter warning Minister @BillBlair's office was sent May 14th. I have a copy of the letter dated May 14th. Public Safety has just called me to say they did not receive a copy until May 22nd. Have asked for date on their letter...
Minister @BillBlair's office has reached out to @globalnews they say the only received a letter from Minister @HarjitSajjan's office regarding allegations on Friday. Blair's office says they immediately brought the letter to the PM's attention. They also say province notified Sun
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Captain @_jenncasey is being brought home to Halifax on Sunday at 5pm ADT. She died in the Snowbirds crash Sunday. Capt Casey's family has asked those watching the homecoming ceremony and motorcade in person to wear red & white for the Snowbirds &maintain physical distancing #CAF
Potentially helpful info: A lot of folks have been calling this a repat/repatriation. It's not. That's when troops die outside the country and are repatriated home. That's why you see the military referring to this as a "homecoming ceremony" instead. Capt Casey died in BC. #CAF
I also think it is particularly generous that Captain Casey's family have invited the media to be there and Canadians. This is a terrible moment of private grief they are generously sharing with the country. Fitting for Jenn who was such an amazing PAO.
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Spike in the number of Canadian troops working in LTC homes who have contracted #COVID19. There are now 28 troops who have tested positive. The number of infected troops has doubled since @globalnews reported on Monday that 14 personnel had the virus. #CAF #coronavirus
Veterans advocates are raising concerns about whether troops have received adequate training and protection to be working in the homes. This spike in cases will renew those concerns. #CAF #veterans
If you'd like to check the numbers out for yourself you can here… the military is now posting them. Our initial report earlier this week came from a concerned member of the #CAF not official release which is new #Veterans #COVID19
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Snowbirds press conference beginning now. Both commanders walk out in masks, remove them to speak. They being with condolences to Captain Casey's family and well wishes to Captain MacDougall #CAF
#BREAKING LCol Mike French begins to lay out the timeline of what happened. LCol French says the two person crew both ejected from the aircraft #CAF
LCol French: Captain Casey absolutely loved this job. She had just received a coin to recognize her efforts and she was being nominated for the CDS' commendation #CAF
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This is Captain Rich MacDougall who was seriously injured in today’s @CFSnowbirds crash. He ejected from the plane and landed on the roof of a house. Friends tell me he is a skilled pilot and talented in many ways. Can confirm he has a great singing voice! #CAF
Captain MacDougall recently sang the national anthem for the Snow Birds and also appeared on Canadian Idol back in the day. Impressive performance of @jtimberlake on that show. Very few ppl can be so good at such vastly different things
Here is Captain MacDougall with his plane @CFSnowbirds #CAF
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Global News is reporting Captain Jennifer Casey, the Public Affairs Officer for @CFSnowbirds has died in the plane crash in Kamloops according to multiple sources. Her family has been notified of this tragedy. #CAF #RIP
Captain Casey was an absolutely spectacular human being and those of us in the media will very much miss working with her.
Making this tragedy even more agonizing, Captain Casey is from Nova Scotia a province that is reeling from the mass shooting there and the crash of the #CAF Cyclone helicopter "Stalker" from @HMCSFredericton
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#BREAKING Global News has learned the military believes one of the @CFSnowbirds planes may have crashed near the Kamloops airport. Condition of the flight crew not yet know #CAF
This photograph was sent to us by a witness (hadn’t seen the other photos on twitter yet) when the plane went down. Witness who does not wish to be identified said they saw some kind of ejection @CFSnowbirds #CAF
Tragically this is the second crash for the @RCAF_ARC in just over two weeks. The Cyclone helicopter callsign Stalker went down April 29th #CAF
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Sad news: the military has announced the missing five airmen and sailor are believed deceased in the Cyclone crash into the Ionian sea. The search and rescue mission has now become search and recovery meaning they have exhausted the possible survival window for victims #RIP #CAF
To be clear: five people in total. Four airmen and one sailor.
The #CAF is small - everyone is one maybe two degrees apart. A lot of people are going to be hurting with this news. That hope of a miracle dashed. Heart goes out to all who knew them.
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Missing crew members from the CH-248 Cyclone crash:
Captain Brenden Ian MacDonald, Pilot, originally from New Glasgow, NS
Captain Kevin Hagen, Pilot, originally from Nanaimo, BC
Captain Maxime Miron-Morin, Air Combat Systems Officer, originally from Trois-Rivières, QC
Sub-Lieutenant Matthew Pyke, Naval Weapons Officer, originally from Truro, Nova Scotia
Master Corporal Matthew Cousins, Airborne Electronic Sensor Operator, originally from Guelph, Ontario
These names have been released by DND this afternoon as officially missing #CAF #NATO
The military statement says that HMCS Fredericton and NATO allies are still searching for the missing crew members. Sub-Lieutenant Abbigail Cowbrough died in the crash.
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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says a helicopter belonging to HMCS Fredericton with six souls on board. One casualty was recovered, the other five crew members are missing. The Prime Minister hails them as heroes. PM refers to current time as a season of grief #CAF #cdnpoli
CDS Gen Jonathan Vance says the flight data and voice recorders have been recovered and a flight is being dispatched to bring them back to Canada for analysis. At this point the cause of the crash is unknown.
HMCS Fredericton will continue its search for its missing crew members who CDS describes as enduring a time of agony. There will be an investigation into what caused “Stalker” the call sign on the Cyclone, to go down.
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Global News has learned the military is in communications lockdown following reports that the helicopter on HMCS Fredericton has gone missing Canadian military helicopter crashes off the coast of Greece: reports - National |… #CAF
The reports right now are in the Greek media saying there has been a crash. I am told there will be a statement from the Canadian Armed Forces coming shortly. HMCS Fredericton has been deployed on Op Reassurance as part of a NATO deterrence mission. She deployed in January.
NATO has confirmed that there has been an incident involving a helicopter from a ship under NATO command to Global News, but did not identify the member military operating the helicopter.

NATO says a search and rescue mission is underway.
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Today on @TheWestBlock Minister @melaniejoly joins on an independent inquiry into the RCMP response on Nova Scotia, stopping illegal guns coming across the border, and whether they are looking changing the criminal code to specifically deal with intimate partner violence #cdnpoli
We'll also ask when we can expect to see federal guidelines about reopening the economy, and whether there's money coming for tourism. Plus will Canadians be allowed to vacation in national parks this summer with some provinces planning to reopen provincial parks?
We'll also sit down with Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe @PremierScottMoe to take a look at that province's plan to reopen the economy which kicks in on May 4th. How will the phased approach work and is he concerned about too much too fast?
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