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Good evening! @daniellelorenz (she/her) CJDS Knowledge Mobilization Editor and @UAlbertaEd PhD candidate here to facilitate #CJDSChat!
We are 13 months into a global pandemic; some of us have been vaccinated while others are waiting. We are 13 months into online learning/pandemic learning/not-inside-classrooms learning for most of us. #CJDSChat
I am thinking a lot about the events of Sunday, where protesters/congregants of a particular church that hasn't been following prov. Covid guidelines trespassed on a reserve localish to me (Enoch), attempting to harm & harming folks there.

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@ryanjespersen asked me today why workers in the post-secondary sector don’t get much sympathy from some Albertans when Conservative governments gut PSE funding. #abpse #abpoli @UAGradStudents @The_Gateway @cafaab @TheAASUA
I’m a slow thinker (like slow food), so it took a while for my answer to percolate. Warning: This is a long answer to Ryan’s question! I’ll start with a story. 2/n
@uabpols @NoUofA42morrow @ParklandInst
I grew up in Saskatchewan. After I was hired at @UAlberta in 1991, I went to visit my parents in Saskatoon, by bus. I like to sit at the front, so I can see the road ahead, and the span of the landscape. 3/n
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That the Feb 2021 AB budget sets aside $136m for the "Alberta Jobs Now" program is sadly laughable, given, first, that the sum itself is completely inadequate to the task, and, second, 1/n
#abpoli #ableg #abpse #Alberta
according to the budget estimates, the govt is reducing the operating support for post-secondary institutions by $175m over 2020-21, causing hundreds more lay-offs from good jobs. 2/n @UnionNASA @CupeAB @_AUPE_ @ABFedLabour @TheAASUA #UCalgary #UAlberta #Yeg
600 jobs gone at #UCalgary. 750 jobs gone at #UAlberta. Plus the other 19 public PSEIs (for which I don't have figures). And these are only the jobs we can count, and don't include the ones that will be lost due to the newest budget cuts. 3/n
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Too little, too late, from #ualberta President @BFlanaganUofA.

The Kenney government is not engaged in a "program of reform." It is engaged in a program of destruction. That needed to be declared well over a year ago,…

#abpse #cdnpse #highered

when the govt first introduced its plans to cut #ualberta's budget, across three years, to a degree no great research university's budget has ever been cut.

The senior leadership took no stand.

Instead, they pretended that #ualberta can simply fire lots of support staff,
cut faculty/instructor salaries, funnel thousands of more students through classes, and make students pay higher tuition. Oh, and they hope private philanthropy will save us.

Failure to stand up for #abpse as public good has given Kenney govt the green light to keep on cutting.
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I just finished screening dozens of applications to join our MA programs in Political Science at #UAlberta. Here's what struck me most. (Thread)
Application numbers are up this year. Way up. Especially among people who completed their BAs over a decade ago. The pandemic and economic downturn have a lot of people seeking to return to school. Our provincial govt is slamming the door on most of them.
Some lessons for future applicants, based on the top files I reviewed:

GPA matters, but it's not everything. Meeting the minimum standard is a must. But strong, authentic, targeted letters of intent and reference can go a long way to support a strong application w/ a lower GPA.
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Strip mining Alberta's mountains for coal, polluting our waterways, extirpating endangered species, destroying recreational areas . . . All for what? 1/n #abpoli #ableg
The Grassy Mountain project (Riversdale Corp) promises 385 jobs over 23 years. That's fewer than the jobs lost at #UAlberta alone in the past year because of #UCP budget cuts to post-secondary education. Coal mining licenses are NOT about job creation. 2/n
In 2018-19, the coal royalty brought in $10 million in Alberta, and the cannabis tax brought in $30 million. And cannabis won't leave us with irremediably polluted watersheds and devastated landscapes. 3/n
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Advanced Education minister, Demetrios Nicolaides, contracted a Calgary firm that specializes in the management of oil & gas companies to produce recommendations for the overhaul of the post-secondary education system. 1/n
@CAUS @cafaab @CAUT_ACPPU #UAlberta @NoUofA42morrow
If the @jkenney government intended to treat the universities like fossil fuel corporations, why did it cut our budgets instead of handing out billions in subsidies? 2/2 @ccpa @globeandmail @HuffPostEdu #abpse #abpoli #ableg @660NEWS @ryanjespersen @UnionNASA @_AUPE_ @RyersonCFE
McKinsey is a US-based multinational, with an office in Calgary. The "winning vendor" for the RfP was reported as McKinsey & Co. Canada at the address of the Calgary office.…
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OK, let me see if I've got this straight. Some #UAlberta BoG members passed a motion today that includes a poorly written paragraph empowering themselves to create “metrics” by which the performance of the UofA’s (yet to be formed) colleges will be evaluated. 1/n @NoUofA42morrow
The President is supposed to report monthly on these performance metrics, which don’t yet exist, but will cover everything from 'clinical outcomes' to financial outcomes to ‘excellence in education’. 2/n
Never mind that none of the public board members is a health professional or an education expert and only one is a professor. 3/n
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The Provost put out some Thoughts.

I've fixed them.

Dad always said, speak truth to power.
I say, make power speak the truth.

Quaecumque vera!

#ualberta Image
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The MacKinnon Report of 2019, commissioned by the UCP govt to provide a veneer of academic credibility to the policies it already planned to implement, takes the view that it is the govt's job to decide what the priorities of post-secondary education should be. 1/n #abpoli
The report recommends (p. 42) that "the future [PSEI] funding model ensure a link between provincial macro goals and outcomes to be achieved by post-secondary institutions." 2/n @cafaab @TheAASUA #UAlberta
It is certainly not unreasonable to expect our PSEIs to serve the public interest--a goal that is to be found in their existing mission statements (which the report's authors to not appear to have read). 3/n @UAlberta @ArtsSquared @davidkahane #ableg
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And there it is, everyone. The instrumental view of education, meant to turn university into nothing more than vocational schooling. #abpse #ableg 1/13
This is not good for a number of reasons. First, it will fund some paths more than others, even when we need people in those areas too. An engineer makes more than a lab tech, for example, even though we actually need both those groups of STEM jobs. 2/13
Some areas also naturally generate larger grants than others - in part because our research costs in different fields are different. An archival researcher might need to travel to access certain documents, for example, but that person doesn't need to fund a centrifuge. 3/13
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Getting ready for the @archaeology_aia talk at #ualberta: our own prof Christopher S Mackay, “count like a Roman”
As all good talks do, we start with Latin! How do you “count”? Gestus digitorum, gestus computationis and computation
Romans used Roman numerals and so didn’t “see” the numbers the way we did: so how did Romans count? How do you add subtract etc Roman numerals, esp with no “0”
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A thread on #PhDinCanada application process. This is targeted to those still in Nigeria or outside Canada to a large extent. If you are in Canada, I will follow a different approach.
Here we go....
@OgbeniDipo @BTDTHub
First, PhD requirements.
While the requirement will vary between universities & field of program, but you generally need the following:
1. A master’s degree in a related field, with strong grades and proven research ability and potential. [This is key from my experience]
2. English Language Proficiency scores such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. (if applicable).

Most universities in Canada recognize English as the official language of instruction in Nigerian universities but some have specific universities listed. So you may need to check this.
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