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You have hit on a pertinent point of ideology of concern to actual “progressive” conservatives, who are now discovering the true nature of Kenney’s “unite the right” government. Progressives believe in less government and fewer taxes. Neolibertarians like Kenney believe .../2
in reducing tax-supported public services for residents (education, health, parks) so taxes can instead be funnelled to subsidize private Corps. who will make a profit selling us the services that we already pay for through our taxes. Because we would clearly be stupid .../3
as citizens to pay for the same service twice, the gov. must first gut the services so that citizens demand better and actually believe they will get better by paying out of pocket to move themselves up in the line. How does gov. gut the services? I’m glad you .../4
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We are on your side, Doctor. Most people in Alberta are. We actually appreciate everything you are doing. We won’t just pretend to support you when it’s convenient, like UCP are doing now. This gov. has a agenda and doctors are in the way of it. The agenda is ... /
to take a non-profit, publicly-funded health care system and turn it into a multi-billion $$ profit-making industry by privatizing it (a bit at a time-they can’t go too fast or it will be obvious) and turning it over to corporate overlords. ... 2/
#abhealth #abpoli #ableg #abed
They are doing the same with public education, also hoping people won’t notice until it’s too late. In Canada, including Alberta, we have a lot of natural resources that the U.S. 1% have been pillaging and plundering for profit. Now eyes have turned to ... 3/
#abpse #abed #ableg
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I’ve spent a lot of hours lately researching choice in education (at all levels). I’ve been trying to decide who wins in the neo-libertarian world of Milton Friedman adopted by the UCP. I can clearly see that it is neither parents nor students. #abed #abpse ...2
In the hope that choice meant a better education, improved results, more employability and special attention for kids with special needs, two decades of U.S. experience with failed voucher-systems (where money follows student) show “choice” was never for parents. ...3 #ableg
Choice in education has not lead to better student outcomes in the U.S. A multitude of studies prove it. Go online and see. Competition in a quasi-privatized, fractured system has only led to profit for the very rich or a sustainable faith-base for certain churches. ..4 #ableg
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1/ A thread about postsecondary education and remote delivery in the time of COVID-19 restrictions, especially in #Alberta. No agenda here, just being infomative (I hope). This has political overtones because #abpse is shaped by provincial policy, but it applies across Canada.
2/ In March, the COVID-19 crisis meant postsecondary institutions were faced with moving most courses to remote delivery to finish the term.

"Remote delivery" didn't mean the course became an online course. It only meant the term would be finished using electronic means where
3/ possible. It made sense: converting a course to being an online course generally takes more than a year. The principles can be quite different, and the role of the instructor/tutor can be different too. If an instructor is in the middle of a term and teaching 4 courses, they
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Premier Jason Kenney is pushing tens of thousands of Albertans into unemployment amid a deadly pandemic by cutting crucial supports for Alberta students.

#25klaidoff #ableg #abed
On Saturday afternoon, the UCP released a brief statement indicating that funding for educational assistants, substitute teachers, bus drivers & others was being withheld from schools during the pandemic.

In total, Kenney is cutting $128 million from the school system.
NDP Education Critic @shoffmanAB noted many students are already struggling as they adjust to learning at home. Now, there will be substantially fewer supports to help them.
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We’re waiting to get started at the University of Alberta where President David Turpin and Andrew Sharman, vice-president of facilities, and operations will be answering questions about the COVID-19 situation and U of A’s response. #yeg #abpse #abhealth
Here we go. Turpin is starting off with comments on the budget, which is still on the works. $110 million has been cut from their budget, resulting in major changes he said
The cuts are going to have major impacts, Turpin said. Given the numbers going forward they are anticipating layoffs at around the 600 level but they’re working with the govt in the hopes of saving 200-300 jobs
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Interesting article that underscores the need for Universities and colleges to make graduates’ employment outcomes a top priority. #ableg #abpse…
Some interesting facts from the article:
"McKinsey has found only 9% of Canadian employers indicate they are in frequent contact with education providers and 20% indicate that they have no contact."
"A 2015 study from McKinsey & Company found that, whereas 83% of educators feel youth are prepared for work, only 34% of employers and 44% of youth agree."
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Re. #abpse performance measures:
In its research for the Mackinnon panel, KPMG included a table on "Innovative Models" in PSE.
Tying funding to labor market outcomes was at the top. "Known/Identified Results" was marked "N/A." "Further Information/Source" was "Fraser Institute."
Under the table is this note: "This information does not represent KPMG’s advice or opinion."
Source:…, pp. 126-127
In other words, according to the _government's own commissioned research_(!), @demetriosnAB is embarking on an experiment that has _no_ evidence of having worked elsewhere, but __is_ supported by the partisan and not-credible Fraser Institute.
Ugh. #abpse
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And there it is, everyone. The instrumental view of education, meant to turn university into nothing more than vocational schooling. #abpse #ableg 1/13
This is not good for a number of reasons. First, it will fund some paths more than others, even when we need people in those areas too. An engineer makes more than a lab tech, for example, even though we actually need both those groups of STEM jobs. 2/13
Some areas also naturally generate larger grants than others - in part because our research costs in different fields are different. An archival researcher might need to travel to access certain documents, for example, but that person doesn't need to fund a centrifuge. 3/13
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The 2019 budget makes a game effort to hide its austerity with duct tape and chewing gum but it’s a fundamentally brutal document where the poor, post-secondary students and public servants eat it so Jason Kenney can help out the rich. The highlights below #ableg
Vape taxes coming spring 2020. AirBnB folks will have to pay the hospitality levy in spring 2020 as well. The price of a carton of smokes is going up by $5 at midnight. #ableg
Everyone but the rich eats it in this budget but public sector workers, post-secondary students, and people on AISH and rental assistance get it the worst. You'll notice the cruelty is reserved for the least likely UCP voters. #ableg.
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The UCP government has been in power for 100 days.

As the official opposition, we have some questions.

#100daysofKenney #AbLeg
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