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Alberta’s coming into a provincial election this May. It's already ugly. Poor & even false information abounds. But it doesn't have to. Not for you. Get your #AlbertaContext here! #THREAD #abpoli #cdnpoli #ABElection #yyc #yeg
Does it all really just come down to #BuildThePipeline or #BooCarbonTax? The answer, as always, is it’s more complicated than that. The world is going through immense changes, #AB as much as anybody. Who we pick for a leader will have to navigate through some critical years /2
CONTEXT 1: AMERICA FLIPS THE TABLES. In 2015 America shifted the whole world’s energy paradigm. We've not yet recovered. We might not ever. America just went from being our prime (SOLE) oil *customer* to one of the world’s top oil *producers* /3…
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Next up, @BashirMohamed is here to tell us about Edmonton - but his story started in Kenya. #nerdnite #yeg
In 2016, an Edmontonian at a red light shouted the n-word at Bashir, a cyclist, which he video recorded, and it exploded.

Many people said that wasn't the Alberta they know. But are we sure about that? #nerdnite #yeg
The Edmonton Bashir moved to looked pretty darn white, but he started to dig into the black history of Edmonton, and Alberta. #nerdnite #yeg
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Was this the first time @edmontonjournal put menstruation on the front page? But @NoWomanWithout is the second #yeg non-profit formed recently to collect menstrual products (see also All Cycles YEG).
It's part of a growing global discussion #yegcc #ableg…
Women and trans folk in shelters aren't the only ones impacted. Low-income girls who can’t access enough products are likely to miss school. Any woman surprised by an unpredictable period in public faces a desperate scramble. #yegcc #ableg (2/...)
New York City made emergency tampons/pads free in schools, jails and shelters. @TorontosMayor declared last May 28 "Menstrual Hygiene Day" and several university campuses now stock backup product. #yegcc #ableg (3/...)

(Didn't ask @doniveson his plans 😏)
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The illegal federal political contributions from #SNCLavelin were to both federal parties back in 2004-11

All the funds have been repaid to the federal treasury by the respective national parties, both of whom disavow any knowledge of the scheme

@StephenHarper appointed gov't employee remained on payroll despite links to illegal fundraising

Former #SNCLavalin VP #NormandMorin was named by PM @StephenHarper to the port authority in 2006!!

#Cdnpoli #Abpoli #Ableg #Alberta #Yyc #Yeg
The #CPC gov appointment of #ArthurPorter to Canada's intelligence oversight agency after allegations surfaced the he was involved in a kickback scheme in #Montreal involving #SNCLavalin.

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1. “I’m not racist but...”

We’ve all heard the phrase, we all know what it REALLY means, and in light of recent events at 2 #yeg mosques I’ve been asked to make a statement as an elected official.

It may different than what you expect.

2. First, do I condemn this hate and all Islamaphobia? Yes. Of course. As should we all. But that doesn’t solve the problem, does it?

All it does is shout at the symptoms. That’s not how we heal wounds. Just shouting at hate won’t heal racism.
3. Let’s get to the root of the problem and confront a truth. We have seen politicians & pundits light the flames of blame & “otherness” & paint a target on a group of people for their own gain. Is it truly a surprise, then, when someone in their audience sadly takes action?
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if @sandela and @NoLore's recent shout-out to the "ladies in edmonton" isn't referring to @bronwentucker, @GabbyGelderman, and I then we need to meet these other "ladies in edmonton" ASAP to start planning the general strike against Kenney

hmu ladies of #yeg.
@sandela come to #yeg for the general strike!!!
we'll get fried chicken
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Edmonton rolled out a juicy bonus this month for local homeowners looking to upgrade windows, furnaces and insulation.

But I’ll let you in on a secret. No one thinks this is a silver bullet.… #yegcc #yeg #ableg
#yeg will top up the carbon-tax rebate by an additional 20% for furnaces, windows, insulation... (as it does for solar).
But the bump-up is expected to convince all of 300 homeowners to take action this year (that's 300 of 300,000 eligible properties).
#yegcc #ableg
More is needed and the math shows why.
Read details on the upcoming pilot to get homeowners access to low-interest loans, paid off on the property tax bill.

Also, can we fix how electrical bills currently discourage conservation? Thoughts?… #yegcc #ableg
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STATEMENT: I cannot even begin to explain what the last 24 hours have been like… I received my first death threat (a man told me I should be hanged)… (1/8) #yeg #ableg #cdnpoli
I’ve been harassed relentlessly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter… I’ve been told I should be fired and disbarred… (2/8) #yeg #ableg #cdnpoli
And—I’ve been called every name in the book (including: a “liar”, “nasty”, an “idiot”, a “low life”, “deplorable”, a “fraud”, a “pyscho”, a “pinhead”, “creepy”, a “fag” and an “asshole”). (3/8) #yeg #ableg #cdnpoli
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1/ If after reading all the accusations and evidence surrounding @jkenney's illegal activities, you still want to vote for him, you aren't looking out for Alberta's best interests. You're buying into lies, cheating, and deviant behavior at Alberta's cost #ableg #abpoli #yeg
2/ @jkenney has proven time and time again that his interests come before Alberta's. He came here campaigning to be the #pcaa leader while still receiving his MP pay from Ottawa. He's paid others to run suicide campaigns to dirty up his rivals to ensure a win. #ableg #abpoli #yeg
3/ @jkenney promised Albertans that he would stay humble and earn every vote, but we're learned he's done just the opposite. He's cheated, lied, paid people off, ran illegal campaigns, and took illegal donations. #ableg #abpoli #yeg
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#Ottawa has not failed #Alberta!!

Watch this video from Oct 15th explaining why #ABoil prices were on the decline.

#BNN US refineries, which have been offline during maintenance work, may help explain the recent decline in Canadian #Oil prices

#Abpoli #Ableg #Cdnpoli #Yyc #Yeg
#CtvNews🎥@JustinTrudeau "In order for a pipeline to come online this week, it would have to be started effectively, under the previous #CPC Gov, & we know that didnt happen, because they didnt have the right approach on pipelines"

#Abpoli #Ableg #Alberta #Cdnpoli #Aboil
Bill C69 or C48 did not delay these piplines. Failed environmental assessments & a lack of sincere #Indigenous consultations caused these delays.

#KeystoneXL (Court delays)
#TMX delayed (IC)
#EnergyEast cancelled
#NorthernGateway delayed (IC)

#Abpoli #Ableg #Alberta #Cdnpoli
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So white Canadian 30-something journalist is freaking out about used needles in their not quite gentrified quickly enough #yeg neighbourhood where they got a ridiculous deal on their house? Is that what I missed today? Well, fuck. 1/?
Welcome to our neighbourhood. I moved into Alberta Avenue in 1994. When we built a playground in St. Pat's school yard a few years later, I organized the weekly raking party where we hauled out syringes and condoms on Saturday mornings. 2/
We raised our children and built a community while the rest of the city looked down on us. We fought for funding and support and we turned it around. Immigrants, FNIM, folks like me who had no where else to go stuck it out. And we turned it around. 3/
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1/ #abpoli #ableg I feel like there are 2 Albertas right now, and they don't or won't see each other. But I feel like I have a foot in both worlds, so I'm going to take a crack at explaining them. The 1st AB is the one where #yyc is the 3rd best city in the world to...
2/ get a job, and where the economy is growing faster than anywhere else in Canada. The recession was short and relatively painless, and it's basically over now. This is #yyc and #yeg. The 2nd AB is the rural areas I grew up in and lived in until 11 months ago...
/3 There, the recession started in 2014, and it's still going strong. Its places where unemployment year over year went up 147% from 2014 to 2015 and where EI ran out for most laid off #patch workers 2 years ago. I saw the writing on the wall and...
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Outside Liberal MP Randy Boissonault's office with striking @cupw workers opposed to Back To Work legislation due for debate in the House of Commons #yeg
Canadian Labour Council: "We will never forget what the @cupw workers have done for the labour movement."
Striking worker with a protest donut. #yeg
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.⁦@aaronpaquette⁩’s restated motion on free public transit now on the board.
He clarifies this is not immediate, not for this budget. #yegcc #yegtransit
"It's just a study," says @aaronpaquette.
City is already looking into many elements, including fare policy, but hasn't dug into economic impact of transit. #yegcc is building a city on this; "we should have a deep understanding of what this essential service is." #yegtranist
.@bevesslinger is questioning the use of this. It seems that city officials are already doing most of this work. The new piece is really economic impact.
Transit head Eddie Robar suggests this should come back to council after it approves the new route maps. #yegcc #yegtransit
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Opinion columnists aren't journalists.
People... know that, right?

Like, a journalist, especially a freelancer who has to round out the budget, may write an op-ed from time to time... but that op-ed is still not journalism.
Last time I shit-talked the cops for VICE my editor was grilling me on fact checking to the point where I had to cite the exact line in court documents to support an assertion

my last op-ed, the editor just reworded a few clumsy sentences

not the same type of work
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Speaking of white supremacists in Edmonton, who wants to meet more #yeg Soldiers of Odin?

Meet Todd Chatters.
Todd Chatters claims on his Facebook profile to be a labourer at O'Hanlon Paving. At @/trash_fabulous on Twitter he pinned a tweet of a rather nasty injury on his cheek he says came from a 5-inch grinder.
This same injury can be seen in his softsoap interview with Jeff "Definitely Not a Nazi I Just Hang Out with Them" Sharpe, uploaded by Youtuber user "Holy War" on September 4. The gash is better healed over, but still visible on his left cheek, which matches his pinned tweet.
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We're talking a lot about cost increases in #yeg from 2006 to 2016. I want to share some numbers associated with physical growth in that period.

Time for a math thread #yegcc
Since 2006 developed land has increased by 8,500 hectares. And that's from agricultural/reserved land. No roads, schools, services.
A May 2011 report from the city of Edmonton pits the annual operational cost per hectare AFTER neighbourhood completion (that is all capital and operational costs for service installation done with) at $56,772 per hectare.
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I think it's time to center the #civility debate on Canada.

Calls for 'civility' have always been used to limit racial justice for Black-Canadians.

This can best be illustrated by a local example - of how Black Mothers in Edmonton stood up against segregated pools in 1924. #yeg
Borden Park is an important community space on Edmonton's East-Side. It hosted our cities first Zoo, a roller coaster, and one of our cities first swimming pools.

In 1924, Mrs Paston went to the pool with her child. But, they were denied entry because they were Black
Determined, she organized other Black residents and formed a committee. They wrote the following letter and appealed to City Council.

They said the decision "smacks so true to the form of hateful Ku Kluxism that discounts worthy people simply because of race, creed and color."
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Today for Father's Day, I'd like to pay tribute to my father, Ruthven Shepherd, who passed away Thursday morning w/ all of us at his side:… #ableg
Dad grew up in Trinidad, 4th of 10. He loved electronics & working w/ his hands. He learned to build bread boxes out of coconut oil tins & sold them to get $2.50 to buy a do-it-yourself crystal radio kit. He stole a telephone handset to craft a speaker. #ableg
He went on to vocational school and took pleasure in learning various trades (woodworking, metalworking, electrical) alongside regular classes. He was in the top 10 students in every subject. Top student in some. #ableg
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This photo surfaced yesterday of a teacher in Black face at Strathcona Christian Elementary

I'm disappointed this flew under our radar. Let me use this thread to explain why Blackface is racist and why action needs to be taken. #ableg #yeg

Black Face originated in Minstrel shows.

For context, minstrel shows were racist and were meant to depict black people as “dim-witted, lazy, buffoonish, superstitious and happy-go-lucky.”

You can see some examples below.
One infamous minstrel show was Jump Jim Crow. It mocked a physically disabled Black slave and was performed widely

'Jim Crow' gained a pejorative meaning amongst Black people and was used to describe laws of racial segregation. You may recognize the pose from ‘This is America.’
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