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Interesting question was raised by .@no2censorship since when is using a pen name illegal?
many prominent/historic figures used pseudonyms specially facing dictatorships
@Jack @Twitter @yoyoel pls activate @HeshmatAlavi #FreedomofSpeech
here are some historic/prominent pseudonyms
Benjamin Franklin pen-names:
Anthony Afterwit
Busy Body
Caelia Shortface
Martha Careful
Polly Baker
Richard Saunders
Silence Dogood-Used 2get work published
.@Jack .@yoyoel .@twitter would u ban Franklin for pen-name as u have @HeshmatAlavi?
John Adams used the pen name Humphrey Ploughjogger to publish his letters in the Boston Evening-Post
.@Jack .@yoyoel .@twitter would u ban him for pen-name as u have @HeshmatAlavi?
#WeAreAllHeshmat #freeAlavi
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Through an orchestrated attempt,#Iran lobbyists have come to the aid of the regime to silence @HeshmatAlavi,a vocal activist which has shed light on nature of the regime&its pawns
here👇 we will shed light on the nature of this orchestrated attempt to censor the voice of truth
a hit-piece by @MazMHussain ran in .@theintercept in effort to tarnish image of @HeshmatAlavi
unable2undremire facts put forth by Alavi,he put aside journalistic standards,in attempt2present murky pic of #HeshmatAlavi as a persona that"doesn’t exist"
but who’s his source?
Article sites Hassan Heyrani, Reza Sadeghi as source for its accusations
To make article more presentable also quotes Khodabandeh & Zahiri. But who are these individuals,what is their relation & what purpose do they serve?
#FreeAlavi #WeAreAllHeshmat #HeshmatAlavi
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@schwerin_von 1. #HeshmatAlavi ist eine reale Person, die mithilfe hervorragender journalistischer Arbeit über die fatale Lage des #Iran berichtete und es immer noch tun wird, er ist ein Anhänger der #MEK , der einzigen iranischen Oppositionsgruppe, welche die Stimme des Volkes repräsentiert
@schwerin_von 2. Seine Forderungen an die USA wie auch an die #EU beinhalten lediglich härtere Sanktionen gegen das terroristische Mullah Regime, kein Krieg wie Regime-Befürworter das verbreiten. Durch einen Komplott (Intercept) seitens Regime-Lobbyisten wurde sein Account kürzlich gesperrt
@schwerin_von 3. Meine Frage an Sie Herr von Schwerin: wieso berichten Sie nicht über die tagtäglich stattfindenden Hinrichtungen im #Iran, anstatt einen ehrvollen Journalisten, der sich genau diesem Übel entgegengesetzt hat, anzuprangern?! #WeAreAllHeshmat #FreedomOfSpeech #FreeAlavi
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@jrezaian, the known #Iran apologist/lobbyist, just wrote a piece in The Washington Post against @HeshmatAlavi.

The reason is obvious. Heshmat debunked his articles & Jason never had an answer for his arguments.



There is no doubt that @jrezaian of the @WashingtonPost is an #Iran regime apologist/lobbyist.

Despite being jailed by this regime, Rezaian calls for the U.S. to actually trade with the mullahs!


It’s quite obvious where @jrezaian gets his talking points from:

None other than @JZarif, the foreign minister of #Iran’s regime.
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Frustrating how @TwitterSupport suspends #Iranian dissidents like #HeshmatAlavi while #IranLobby is enjoying the #FreedomOfSpeech, press & safety in #USA using full name, picture & verified @Twitter accounts.
Obviously their families in #Iran are also safe thanks 2 their lobbying
When @jack Dorsey, @ev-an Williams & @biz Stone founded @Twitter in 2006 it began as a toy for online flirtation but during the #IranElection in 2009 it suddenly turned to a serious platform for #Politics representing #FreedomofExpression & #FreedomOfSpeech in #Iran
People in #Iran used anonymous @twitter accounts to tell the world about what is happening in the streets of #Tehran in real time. This is exactly what #HeshmatAlavi was doing especially during #IranProtests in Dec 2017 until his account was suspended.
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1- #WeAreAllHeshmat, we will not let #HeshmatAlavi's voice silenced by #Iran's psychoneurotic regime via its apologists and lobbies!

#HeshmatAlavi: "Iran Oppressing Dissident Voice"…
2- "Iran Oppressing Dissident Voice"
"The signs of a campaign that resulted in my Twitter account being suspended shows the organized & coordinated nature of an effort by the regime in #Iran...
#FreeAlavi #HeshmatAlavi
3- ..... its apologists/lobbyists in the West and supporters of the Tehran appeasement policy.
This, first and foremost, makes it clear that the #Iranian regime – relying on execution, torture, and crackdown to oppress the Iranian nation - ......
#FreeAlavi #HeshmatAlavi
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The #Iranian dictatorship's advocates& #Iranlobby are jumping up&down,trying to make use of a wrong suspension of @HeshmatAlavi, an activist's @Twitter account to spread new propaganda against #MEK. #HeshmatAlavi,debunks the hit piece in @theintercept here…
The point is that while #Iranlobby is screaming about #HeshmatAlavi's real identity not being revealed(to protect his family against the @Iranian regime's reactions)none of them have anything 2say about the content of articles that expose their agenda 2serve #Iran's dictatorship
Take @jrezaian an infamous apologist of the regime in #Iran clearly echoes regime's concerns from #HeshmatAlavi's articles: "All of these outlets, and several more, have published articles by Alavi that claimed the #MEK is the main opposition to the current Iranian regime."
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Iranian regime MOIS is hunting one of the most prominent activists abroad to discover his identity! To those who want to know #HeshmatAlavi’s real identity, on behalf of all who
followed Heshmat’s excellent exposures, we will never allow his real identity get exposed! @yoyoel
#HeshmatAlavi started his
excellent reporting in 2014.
Within a few years, he wrote numerous articles and published them in the most prominent
publications such as Forbes, The Hills and more. His articles were so factual that VOA published a few in Farsi!
In recent years, #HeshmatAlavi
did an extensive research on the Iranian regime’s lobby, mostly NIAC, and the
apologists who enjoy close ties with this infamous organization, such as politicians
and so-called reporters.#FreeAlavi #WeAllAreHeshmat @jack @yoyoel #FreedomOfSpeech
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