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Zion v2 - a #Bitcoin #Web5 App is here!…
Please click the “Skip Access Code” if you don't have a code create your Decentralized Identity

Our step-by-step guide is available if you have any questions on how things work
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Here goes my attempt at being a threadoooor for @cheqd_io (ticker: $cheq). A 🧵

So what is #cheqd and why should it excite you?
It's become a commonly known truth that in the age of Web2 - WE are the product. Our data is held by companies the companies we interact with online, ostensibly for KYC purposes.

It's expensive to hold and keep secure and makes for crappy UX for users.
This data is often misused, sold or simply lost by the companies holding it, creating huge issues for users

Laughing man explains the struggles here:

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Over the past 6 months, I've spent over 500 hours studying how #Bitcoin will change the world.

Here 👇 is my TOP 5 of the most exciting developments for 2023.

>> MEGA THREAD 🧵 << Image
1. The Lightning Network.

This comes as no surprise to those familiar with Bitcoin. The Lightning Network is already the killer app for #Bitcoin as MoE.

Orange-pill your friends by showing them the wonders of LN and explaining to them how it works simply and clearly! 👇
2. Web5

Most bitcoiners don't yet understand the magnitude of #Web5.

Half of the Web's problems can be solved by the advent of Self-Sovereign-Identity.
And the other half by Decentralized Web Nodes.

👇 Enter the 🐇 🕳️
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The #Web5 is a revolution.

It’s powered by #Bitcoin, but most bitcoiners don't know anything about it.

Here 👇 is what you have to know 🧵 Web5 Simply Explained
What is #Web5?

Web5 is a new set of Web standards that aims to return ownership of Data and Identity back to the individual.

It does so by leveraging the power of decentralized protocols like #Bitcoin
The Problem with the Web today is that it is centralized.

This impacts your digital life in 3 crucial aspects:

• No free speech
• No property
• No identity
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What is Zion?

Zion is a social media that aims to revolutionize the way people connect, chat and pay each other.

It leverages the power of #Web5 and #Bitcoin to build an incensurable, tamper-resistant network.

Here 👇 is why you should pay attention 🧵 Zion the Web5 Social Network
Zion was launched in August 2021, but recently announced that version 2 of its network will be built in #Web5
What does it mean to build in Web5 *in practice*?

Glad you asked!

First, it means that your account will in effect be a Decentralized Identifier (DID) that you own completely.
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Current Problems of #Web5

#Web5 is going to shape the Internet in a way that gives users the freedom to choose for themselves.

The freedom to manage our Data and Identity as we see fit.
But as with anything ambitious, there are problems to overcome.

Here 👇 are some of them 🧵 Image
I am going to divide the problems into two categories:

• Technical
• General
Technical Problems

If you are interested in the technical aspect, the best way to understand these problems is to get your hands on Github.

Here are the links:

👉 SSI sdk:…

👉 SSI service:…

👉 DWN sdk:…
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#Web5 Roadmap

Being an open-source project, the #Web5 can only have an open roadmap.

Here is what has been done ✅ and what there is to do 👇🧵 Image
1. Announcing Web5

On July 10, 2022, Web5 was publicly announced as an open-source community initiative.

After the work in 2021 and early 2022, it was finally time to open the gates and take this project to another level thanks to the contribution of the community.
2. Initial Implementations (current phase)

Good intentions are not good enough, the work is what matters.
Devs from around the world, come and see for yourself:

👉SSI sdk:…

👉SSI service:…

👉 DWN sdk:…
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tbDEX - The liquidity protocol of #Web5

tbDEX bridges the worlds of legacy money and digital money, by providing a framework for establishing social trust.

Here 👇 is how it’s done 🧵 Image
1. No Atomic Swaps

But first, let me tell you the bad news: there will be no atomic swaps.

This sounds terrible but the reality is that no interface with the fiat monetary system can be trustless.

The endpoints on fiat rails will always be subject to laws and regulations.
2. Negotiating trust

Not being trustless → requires trust

How is such trust built between strangers without any centralized entity?

With Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials!
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Privacy-preserving (and digital identity) tech needs to become a lot more like sex education or drug education campaigns. This thought came to me during #RWOT11 @WebOfTrustInfo

A lot of digital identity and privacy is fear-based, on how Bad Things Can Happen With Your Data.
1/ Many people *don’t* care about zero-knowledge proofs or private and secure identity because…it’s complex and boring (for many audiences). So, preaching that people should Really Care About Tracking doesn’t fly because a lot of people *like* ads.
2/ I do myself. Normally I’m armed with 3 different ad/tracking blockers but if I’m buying something expensive, I’ll turn them off and *browse with intent*, hoping to get a targeted add with discounts. Or add something to a shopping cart, hoping to get an email with a coupon.
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There’s multiple things to slice-and-dice here…

By default, a lot of CeFi (and as seen with @dYdX, some DeFi protocols) default to “traditional KYC” because, let’s be honest, the developer experience to integrate a check from Onfido etc is far easier and well understood.
However, the *user* experience of traditional “selfie-scan-check” KYC is universally bad.

Nobody wakes up and is excited about “Ahhhhh, today’s the day I’ll go through another KYC process 🌞”
And so almost inevitably, the DeFi space “hates KYC” because this is precisely the kind of broken process that they dislike from TradFi.

The sad thing is that KYC isn’t even very effective at preventing behaviour like money laundering etc (from @sytaylor…)
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Aloha, cheqmates!🍹 We’ve had another great week at cheqd, let’s quickly recap.

📰 In the news 📰

cheqd have recently been mentioned in @TechBullion, ‘Understanding Decentralized Identities (#DIDs) and Why They Matter for Web 3.0 Mass Adoption’ 🥳

cheq out the article here… 😎

And @fraser_again was featured on @TechNative, discussing why #NFTs & #SBTs aren’t the best solutions for #digitalidentity.

Read more here… 👈

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Is Web5 just a repackaged SSI ( 🧐

With @Jack Dorsey’s announcement of #Web5 right after @VitalikButerin’s introduction of the soulbound tokens (#SBTs), the decentralised web has been buzzing and making waves in the mainstream media.

Although these are two separate announcements, both have driven considerable attention to the decentralised #digitalidentity technology – self-sovereign identity, which, we argue, has been repackaged as Web5.

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@skiffprivacy ,@Dmailofficial and @cryptpad could be the next #Gmail alternative in the #web3 space and here is the big WHY

#web3community #web3ashewovibes #Crypto #Crypto #BTC

A thread
While #Gmail and #Proton is currently the most trusted of all communication apps based on their past records, @skiffprivacy ,@Dmailofficial @cryptpad are not doing bad with their development in few years,they are Innovations that have credible usecases and possible adoption
@skiffprivacy is a privacy first end to end encrypted and open source collaboration mail with massive development going on the project .

Here are some of the #usecases, limitations and possible adoption level I can spot ,there are may be more

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Você já conhece a #Lightning⚡️ como solução de segunda camada do #Bitcoin para roteamentos.

Você já conhece a segunda camada do Bitcoin para IDENTIDADES?

Nossas IDs estão no caminho da soberania.

O CPF digital já nasceu sobre o Bitcoin e são MUITO melhores que #NFTs para isso!
O protocolo para emissão das DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers), é o Sidetree, um protocolo aberto tanto quanto o Bitcoin e a Lightning também o são.

Você pode ler mais à respeito aqui:

São a identidade de tudo: de pessoas e objetos, abstratos ou não.
Você pode ver as DIDs como melhores que as NFTs para controle de acesso e identificação pessoal.

1) São suas mesmo, não estão no servidor de alguém como as NFTs estão;

2) Como você roda seu node, não depende de ninguém para usá-las.

3) Não podem ser vendidas.
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Jack Dorsey (@jack) just launched #web5 with @TBD54566975. So what is Web5?

Here's what little we know about why and what @jack is building 👇🏼🧵
@jack @TBD54566975 If you've been spending any time in #web3. You know that @jack has been a hardcore Web3 skeptic and #Bitcoin maxi

@jack @TBD54566975 So what is he doing with Web5?

Basically in short, its supposed to solve what web3 purpotes to solve but actually do it.

Trying to be a so called open-source public good instead of a VC-backed pseudo-centralized solution.
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#web5 is a genius marketing move to capture #SEO for what is mostly self sovereign identity #SSI but the key part is, it's the basis for #decentralised #twitter which we saw the first hints of at internet identity workshop #IIW

Some more thoughts👇

1/ First up, this is exactly the publicity that #SSI has been missing for global adoption!

There has been a great and growing community beavering away on this for years but the dam is finally breaking on awareness and adoption.
2/ @blocks' #web5 project is being built by longstanding leaders in this community like @csuwildcat.

They're also members of both Chain Agnostic Standards Alliance and @DecentralizedID (as is @cheqd_io). This means it's going to be built in the right way…
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