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Let's pick out a few key points of the #COVID19 coup

The State should mobilize ALL digital means of control IN PERPETUITY so, should it decide you need to avail yourselves of some 'safety measure', it can 'locate you w/out delay & provide you with "assistance"' 1/n
Such "assistance" can be 'extremely finely targeted - eg, by exploiting #genetic data & #medicalrecords'
Backing this up, you'll be self-reporting your status in real-time via 'connected objects' & imaging cameras allowing #PreCrime - sorry - 'preventative intervention' 2/n
'Teams' can be 'positioned' to isolate people using smartphone tracking.
'Control - if necessary accompanied by sanction' is 'precisely where digital technology' is the 'most EFFICIENT'!
Efficient in the manner that whips, clubs & attack-dogs are 'efficient'.
#COVID19(33) 3/n
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#eIDAS 2.0 interesting snippets thread starting here.
identity solutions falling
outside the scope of eIDAS, such as those offered by social media providers and financial
institutions, raise privacy and data protection concerns
proposal expands the current eIDAS list of trust services with three new qualified trust
services, namely the provision of electronic archiving services, electronic ledgers and the
management of remote electronic signature and seal creation devices.
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Sometimes you don't know whether to laugh or cry (with laughter).

By the time #VaccinePassports are ready, they will be absolutely pointless! Because, as we've said all along, once enough folks have been #vaccinated there'll be no need for them...… Image
...'cos that's the whole *point* of #HerdImmunity (done the right way), unless the Government's going to start demanding we have #MMRpassports, #FluPassports and the like?

This latest bit of #COVIDtheatre just turned into #farce - unless, of course, there's an ulterior motive..., for example, @DCMS's current push to get everyone to adopt its risible #DigitalIdentity "#TrustFramework":…

or @GDSTeam's "#SingleSignOn", the architecture of which looks suspiciously like a #NationalIdentityRegister:… Image
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No biological risk score data? Then no access, a digital lockdown awaits.



The only way the social-engineers will truly let us out is with the powerhouse marriage of #biometric & #blockchain digital health & identity systems, aka @ID2020 aka #VaccinePassports.

I was here in July 2020, when I started reading about the long running plans by the @wef to develop digital identity-based services for health, travel etc. I often searched for the phrase’s ‘Immunity Passports’ or ‘Health Passports’ without finding many matches.

For me there were tell-tale signs that the real agenda was progressing in the background while the masses were debating over testing, cases & masks. For me this was all background noise, so I took a journey to find out the true intensions behind the #COVID19 drama.
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I am thinking about #digitalidentity and how your personal data is required and used by official and commercial systems

Basic data protection requires it be accurate, reliable and purposeful.

So if they record my sex it shouldn't then be mixed up in a category that's not sex
Current systems which mix up sex and self identified gender cause all kinds of risks and problems, which get worse with interoperability
What would good ID look like in relation to sex?

Are these 5 system characteristics adequate?
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Mastercard Sub-Thread Part 2:


Vaccine Passports are #Industry40 #blockchain #digitalidentity solutions, which are now rolling out worldwide. They are not for a virus, they are, for much more than that & will form the next level of 'full-spectrum-dominance' over humanity.

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) & Mastercard are partnering to explore the possibility of making their digital health pass solutions interoperable.…

In May of 2020, the ICC launched its ICC AOKpass, a blockchain-powered digital health passport that enables travelers to present their #COVID19 test results at border control without compromising personal data.…
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Mastercard Sub-thread:


Vaccine Passports in essence are #Industry40 #blockchain #digitalidentity solutions, which are now rolling out worldwide. They are not for a virus, they are, for much more than that & will form the next level of 'full-spectrum-dominance' over humanity.

In May 2020 @Mastercard officially joined the @ID2020 Digital Identity Alliance, whose Partners Include: @Microsoft @gavi @RockefellerFdn & @Simprints

This partnership would to accelerate access to & the adoption of digital identity solutions.

The partnership was dedicated to enabling everyone to have access to a viable & trusted form of legal identity.…
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A rant about #trust following the terrific discussions at #IDPolicyForum yesterday and today.
1/9 "Trust" of course is talked of everywhere. In #IDPolicyForum, a speaker bounced around from cryptographic trust, hardware roots of trust, and an anecdote about trusting the conference organiser because they were introduced by a mutual friend.
2/9 The trouble with this discourse and widespread use of the label is that it over-states what cryptographic "trust" is all about. It inflates lay peoples’ expectations of what #digitalidentity technology delivers.
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'What should Biden do in #DigitalIdentity?' panel, @RossNodurft carefully draws a distinction between [the prospect of a] "National ID" versus a "national approach to digital identity". Hear hear!! #IDPolicyForum
In Australia, any mention of national approaches to digital identity as national infrastructure sadly gets bogged down in the spectre of a dreaded National ID. #IDPolicyForum
MyPOV: One way to position a national *approach* without scaring people with a national ID is to remember how retail banking is standardised. All bank cards work in an identical fashion but each is different. There is no single bank account. #IDPolicyForum
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Up next @RepBillFoster of the #FosterBill #IDIA2020 and his optimism for congress to make policy progress on #digitalidentity for American citizens. #IDPolicyForum
'90% of Americans have access to smartphones' -- @RepBillFoster #IDpolicyforum #digitalidentity #infostructure
Congress now overwhelmingly supports a national unique health identitifer (or at least overturning the ban on a health ID). Dealing with the opioid crisis is a driver. @RepBillFoster #IDpolicyforum
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Super Thread:

The Digital #NewNormal Part 10:

#COVID19 is to usher in a new age of Health #DigitalIdentity alongside #ID2020 and #Industry40.

#COVAX Image

Speculation about "Digital Immunity Passports” were treated as Conspiracy Theories, but now the @WHO is mandating Digital Immunity Passports to allow people who receive the Coronavirus Vaccine to travel internationally.…

For those who have done basic research will find there are no pathogenic viruses. They do not exist, what exists is the biology and electricity of the human body.

When our terrain's electrical system becomes unwell, we are prone to infections & feeling unwell. Image
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The first UK lockdown began on 16th March 2020.

3 days later this article appeared.

Bill Gates pointed to major changes for ordinary people that could have privacy and civil rights implications.

What did he say?…

“Eventually we will have some 'Digital Certificates' to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it,” said Gates.

Gates also called for a “National Tracking System”.

This was the first official hint as to what was planned. Image
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#Subex is setting the market abuzz with many brokers talking of relisting above 20 Rs - which is across a major 8 year breakout level of around 18.50

#CrunchMetrics #IDCentral #DigitalTrust #IoT #IoTSecurity
Will be see a dream run in #Subex post relisting given fundamentals are fast improving for both business operations and balance sheet

See embedded thread for brief history of its turnaround.

#CrunchMetrics #IDCentral #DigitalTrust #IoT #IoTSecurity #CyberSecurity
Typo-plz read “Will be” as “Will we”

I think we will 😊-next 2yrs at #Subex should be similar or better to what #TanlaPlatforms achieved in same time since #Karix acquisition in Aug2018

Cash books are ringing at Subex with good visibility

So watch this space for M&A/BuyBack!!
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"We must move on from Neoliberalism in the post-COVID era. The 'Great Reset' offers an opportunity to re-evaluate sacred cows, defining the pre-pandemic era: the coming #Industry40 and the digitization of countless economic activities."…

"The #COVID19 crisis is going to accelerate a number of changes and transformations in human society. Notably, the pandemic is expected to significantly accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution."…
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I'm doing a "virtual" visiting scholar stint w/ @ubcMedCHES this week. Today was a day full of exciting new connections & great discussions.

Ended my day with a talk: "Digitizing Health Professions Education via #SoMe

I am now going to TWEET my lecture as a #tweetorial. Image
I began by situation myself as the current Assistant Dean of #FacDev within the @MacHealthSci Faculty. Much of my content would eventually revolve around what I've learned from #FOAMed and how it's translated to our recent digital transformation of @MacPFD. ImageImage
Shout out to @sherbino who opened my eyes to @Twitter as a community of practice for myself as a clinician AND an educator. The #FOAMed, #MedTwitter, and #MedEd tweeps have been instrumental in helping me develop as a practitioner, scholar, and now faculty developer. ImageImageImageImage
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The Digital #NewNormal Part 7:


#COVID19 #DigitalIdentity #ID2020 #GreatReset #NHSCOVID19app #HealthPassport #ImmunityPassport
#CommonPass #COVAX

In Jan 2020 The @wef published a document "Reimagining Digital Identity: A Strategic Imperative"…

"For healthcare players, a patient-led connected health experience offers more targeted and sustainable treatments even at home, reducing the cost of processing health records and of hospitalization, and opening the door to truly personalized, targeted healthcare"

This is the digital future we need.

"We stand at a pivotal moment in the creation of our digital world. We urge leaders, practitioners and experts from all sectors and countries to contribute to and support these processes"…
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The #HudumaNamba Case Appeal: A Thread 

In January, the High Court stopped the implementation of #NIIMS

The government can only move on #HudumaNamba *after* a comprehensive regulatory framework is in place to address exclusion & data privacy Image
The court was clear: even processing and using the data collected needed the regulatory framework first

It's not yet in place

(Yet PS Kibicho said millions of #HudumaNamba records have been cleaned & matched - a clear violation) Image
The #HudumaNamba judgement highlights risks to #privacy, data protection, and inclusion & struck out use of DNA & GPS - a significant win for the rights of all Kenyans

But other aspects of the judgement must be challenged to ensure stronger #humanrights protections
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🟢 What is the State of the European Union #SOTEU debate? It's an important moment of #EU #democracy, when MEPs hold the @EU_Commission to account, checking on work done & the #FutureofEurope.

🎞️by @Europarl_EN

#NextGenerationEU #EUGreenDeal @boell_stiftung @boell_EU_USA
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The ruling class has weaponized the power of both #fear & #conformity against us. That #Covid19 is the catalyst to usher in a new global architecture, that is, the #4IR, is not conjecture, not "conspiracy theory", but a fact. Full compliance & social license are required.
The ruling class has conspired to usher in a new global governance w/ #Covid19 as the pretext. WEF-UN-World Bank; a global consolidation of power, well underway. It is understood that the transition will cause unprecedented suffering. The only thing they fear is revolt. #SDGs
Children as human capital #data to be commodified on #blockchain linking behaviour to benefits.

The human population to be controlled "via #digitalidentity systems tied to cashless benefit payments within the context of a militarized #5G, #IoT, & an AR environment. @Philly852
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Hmm. I wonder if this one's as vague and hand-wavy as its #DigitalIdentity strategy?
It doesn't start well, with @OliverDowden failing even to acknowledge what he's talking about is in large part PERSONAL data, with rights attaching - which he also fails to mention.

Nor that the Government has taken extraordinary data processing powers during the pandemic...
...and yet has *still* managed to screw things up itself. Repeatedly. Refusing to share data with those who need it. Failing to be transparent, or even lawful in how it handles tens of millions of citizens data.

If this is what @DCMS calls "ethical" then we're truly screwed...
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My chapter (from a collection edited by @chrisdburr & @Floridi) is now online 🥳…

TL;DR: stop talking about 'digital identities' on social media. They're really 'corporatised identities', designed to monetise and shape our online interactions.

To justify introducing this new 'corporatised identities' neologism, I start the chapter by discussing the two ways in which we can express ourselves on social media. Specifically, I distinguish @zephoria's 'digital performances' from @blurky's 'digital artefacts'.

Armed with this distinction, I go on to argue we should differentiate corporatised identities – poor approximations of our actual digital identities, inferred and extrapolated by algorithms analysing our expressions of digital identity – from digital identities proper.

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This week on faculty of @DigPedLab has been rich. Planning and facilitating a course that participants experience as welcoming, encouraging and worthwhile has led me to some deep thinking about what we mean when we say 'teaching and learning.' #digped 1/
Often the folks who decide to become teachers are people who enjoyed largely positive school experiences. Raise your hand, if you were 'good at school', teachers. 🙋🏾‍♀️Given that, we may see many practices (grades, exams, standardized outcomes) as necessary and/or desirable. 2/
It can be hard for us to imagine school without the rituals and habits we grew up understanding as central to being able to determine our 'readiness' for college or work life. Perhaps better said: readiness * could be determined.* 3/…
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Your #socialdistancing at work - to advance the #greatreset of servitude & oppression.

#IoT #DeepLearning #AI #Algorithms #4IR #SmartCities #Surveillance


#Data is the new oil.
The illusory dream of corporate responsibility...

The Corporation, 2003: What the study illustrates is that in the its behaviour, this type of "person" typically acts like a dangerously destructive psychopath without conscience."
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