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Get ready for a seismic shift in the #blockchain landscape with #Verus' #PBaaS release on May 21st!

While its solutions may be complex, taking the time to understand them will be well worth it. 1/x

#crypto #evolution 🧵👇
@MikeToutonghi and his incredible knowledge and great ideals, combined with @Jl777News and @lyonsnicholas1, make this project something special. As ex-VP of Microsoft and founder of .NET, he created the internet of values to address the vulnerabilities of the current internet 2/x
#Verus has won the #Fidelity Inspiration Award, but it's not well-known in the media. This award underlines the genius of this project. 3/x…
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ZK proofs to be embedded in EU law! The European Parliament has officially included use of zero-knowledge proofs in its negotiation positions for the trilogues with the Council on the regulation of digital identity & related 🇪🇺 apps #privacy #digitalidentity #ZeroKnowledgeProofs Image
Unless the Council firmly objects, zero-knowledge proofs will be in EU law on digital identity & future EU apps, giving individuals greater control over their personal data, increasing trust in digital transactions, & facilitating cross-border interoperability of EU eID solutions
Zero-knowledge proofs allow the validation of a given statement based on electronic attestation of attributes held in a user's digital identity wallet without revealing any data related to those attributes to the relying party. #cryptography #digitalprivacy
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(1/11) Is #Blockchain an enabler for sustainable future? Fasten your seatbelts as we’re all set to embark on a deep topic voyage. 🧵 Read more at:… Image
(2/11) 💻 #Blockchain is a shared #ledger or repository that computer #subnets may access. It is similar to a #database, but it is secure and #decentralized. #Cryptocurrency systems like #Bitcoin use blockchains to keep a secure and decentralized database of transactions. 🔐
(3/11) 💡Blockchain eliminates a #centralized command structure, allowing #data sharing among parties without needing a centralized system or administrator. It is #secure and #data can't be corrupted or destroyed by anyone with access to the main database. #FinancialTechnology
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If you haven't heard and learned about CSRQ-SM software yet, your alt media or so-called resistance info source isn't what they want you to believe, they aren't on the side of the people. Period. It's that simple. And chilling. 🧵

We're a few steps away from their slogan "you'll own nothing..." to become reality‼ To eventually stop CSRQ - this Great Reset financial and social score software/system - to be deployed in our very near future, much more people would need to be aware of its existence‼ Image
Much more people would need to be aware of its existence, testing, about the classes within, and majority of Sovereigns already massively moving their fiat money onto their accounts with USDR currency. Mind blowing evil & bloody nightmare‼
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State of Control (2022 - Deutsche Untertitel)…

#StateOfControl #BillGates #UrsulaVonDerLeyen #Überwachungsstaat #DigitaleIdentität #EU #DigitaleWährung #ID2020 #DigitalIdentity
State of Control (2022 - Deutsche Untertitel)…
Diese Doku kann ich empfehlen. Die Untertitel sind allerdings wahrscheinlich nicht manuell erstellt und enthalten kleine Fehler. 😉
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We've noticed a lot of drama re-emerging with the @DCMS IDVT (Identity Verification Technology) & the use of IDSP's (Identity Service Providers) which is something that we & @TruthTalkUK covered since 2021.

Some call it 'the end of freedom', but let's revisit what it is: Image
Since April 2022, landlords, employers & DBS checks may be conducted by using a IDSP to verify British or Irish citizens ID credentials.

The 'objective' is to improve mobility & to enhance security rather than using less secure methods. This *maybe* useful for remote workers. Image
The most important thing to note - not only is the scheme *not mandatory*, but other methods of verification must be made available for onboarding such as doing so in person e.g. landlord/employer or using the relevant UK Govt gateway in the process, e.g. DBS. Image
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Eli Lilly, were caught up in the Iraqi oil-for-food bribery scandal that the UK’s Serious Fraud Office’s investigation was described as “one of the biggest the organisation has ever carried out.”……

A UK government probe into whether GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca and Eli Lilly & Co bribed the Saddam Hussein administration in Iraq may expand to other companies, the Serious Fraud Office said.…
This is part of the ongoing twitter Psyop for Digital Identity. Eli Lilly is no stranger to stock manipulation.
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Aloha, cheqmates!🍹 We’ve had another great week at cheqd, let’s quickly recap.

📰 In the news 📰

cheqd have recently been mentioned in @TechBullion, ‘Understanding Decentralized Identities (#DIDs) and Why They Matter for Web 3.0 Mass Adoption’ 🥳

cheq out the article here… 😎

And @fraser_again was featured on @TechNative, discussing why #NFTs & #SBTs aren’t the best solutions for #digitalidentity.

Read more here… 👈

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🎫 Ledger-agnostic AnonCreds in Utrecht with cheqd and @AnimoSolutions 🎫

We’d love to invite you to join us on 19 Sept in Utrecht as part of @WebOfTrustInfo pre-event to hear from @ankurb & @TimoGlastra!…
Come and chat about the truly unique work we’re doing on ledger independence in #AriesFramework #JavaScript and the standardisation of #AnonCreds with the CTOs
@ankurb, cheqd and @TimoGlastra, Animo!

At this event, we'll discuss what will need to happen for the broader adoption of self-sovereign identity (#SSI) and go in depth about the technical work currently being done.

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Is Web5 just a repackaged SSI ( 🧐

With @Jack Dorsey’s announcement of #Web5 right after @VitalikButerin’s introduction of the soulbound tokens (#SBTs), the decentralised web has been buzzing and making waves in the mainstream media.

Although these are two separate announcements, both have driven considerable attention to the decentralised #digitalidentity technology – self-sovereign identity, which, we argue, has been repackaged as Web5.

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We're thrilled to share that we're live on the #UniversalResolver! 😃 🥳

The Universal Resolver is a tool run by Danube Tech that enables interoperability for #DIDs by providing search and resolution (access to the results) of DIDs across networks.

More 👇
It's directly related to the work that has been done by the @WebOfTrustInfo and @idworkshop communities around a Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure (#DPKI) and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs).

@WebOfTrustInfo @idworkshop Which support different “methods” for registering identifiers on decentralised systems such as the @Bitcoin blockchain, @Hyperledger, @ethereum, @IPFS, and others.

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This week the #HudumaBill2021 is in Parliament for its 2nd reading

The Bill is proposing the largest changes to Kenya’s ID system since independence. What exactly does that mean for you?

Huduma Bill 2021: A Thread 🧵
@MzalendoWatch @KaranjaMatindi @David1Mutai @thekhrc @MyKenyaLaw @klrcKE @nisisikenya @TheYouthCafe @Haki_na_Sheria @Olez #HudumaBill2021 would become the single law supporting the issuance of birth certificates, ID cards, passports, and death certificates - as well as Huduma Namba

The existing laws for these processes would all be repealed
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🖥️So, how many accounts & passwords do you have?
👀Research by one company finds that the average US citizen has more than 150 accounts & passwords to manage.
Crazy, right? 🧵👇
(1/4) #digitalidentity
2/ Many of us are trading #privacy & #security for convenience by handing over our personal data to big platforms that make it easier to log on...keeping our data along the way.
👉 Isn't there a better way forward?
#SSI #identity
3/ THIS THURS 3/31: Join us for an intro to #Decentralized Identity, and how this area of tech may help us keep our personal data, well...personal.
Hear from experts @whanamura @IdentityWoman, @lambo @GETJolocom's @IreneAdamski.
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Feb 23 2022: "#WHO facilitates 194 member states to introduce digital #vaccination certificates... WHO will make it easier for its member states to introduce digital vaccination certificates in the future... It is intended to serve as a standard procedure..." #DigitalID
"#WHO is therefore supporting member states in building national & regional trust networks & verification technology. The WHO's gateway service also serves as a bridge between regional systems. It can also be used as part of future #vaccination campaigns..."

"Digitization keeps the world running. Digital #vaccination certificates like the EU's are key to this...The gateway will interact w/ other parts of the system already developed by WHO...This will also give hints for regional & national setups to be followed by the implementers."
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Small print. #DigitalID is to make #Ontario "one of the world’s most digitally advanced jurisdictions". $20 billion opportunity based on data from from various sources, including #DIACC (Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada), McKinsey & WEF.

#Canada #Ford #Trudeau
Initiated in 2012, "DIACC members work in partnership w/ the Govt of #Canada." "In October 2020, the govt Ont. revealed 'Ontario Onwards: Ontario's COVID-19 Action Plan for a People-Focused Govt'. The very first item on the action plan revolves around the creation of #digitalID."
April 20, 2020: Thank you, PM Justin #Trudeau & Minister Chrystia #Freeland... We are encouraged by your decision to recognize #digitalID as an enabler of our economic growth... At the core of this [digital] infrastructure is a secure #digital identity,"

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29/ l’Inde 🇮🇳 développe sa solution fédérale d’identité & portfolio numériques, appelée ‘One Digital ID' : passeport connecté 💉, ID régalienne, données personnelles pour les commerçants aka « Know Your Customer » , etc……
30/ Synthèse d’un discussion d’experts privés d’#ID4Africa sur leurs visions de ce que devrait ou pourra être l’identité numérique à l’ère du #Metaverse
31/ voyez comme la « Bête » numérique avance : le #passSanitaire devenu #PassVacinal pouvant se prêter, son durcissement avec une authentification, voir une identification légale est envisagé par les sociétés servant les gvts, ici en 🇩🇪 avec @ARIADNEXT…
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"Muuh, Bobby, what's up with the #Novak scandal/ @AustralianOpen?"

This is for sure not a #PsyOp, right @DjokerNole?

@novakfoundation supports social impact markets, digital child labour for hedge funds, the #4IR @wef- agenda.

@ProfKlausSchwab approves.…

Credits for above tweet actually belong to @WWakeUpTime.
Poor @DjokerNole is now isolated at Melbourne Airport.
Will @ProfKlausSchwab/@wef intervene at @AustralianOpen? Is this all just a CheapThrills #Astroturf-#PsyOp for the mainstream normie to seed some Scripted Reality 'predictive programming'? "No Vax, No Winner Cup"? Poll below. ImageImage
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24/ Apple prépare gentiment son futur iOS update à l'intégration des documents d'ID officielle 🇺🇸 dans son Wallet, lancement tranquille prévu pour 2022... #IDNum…
25/ Nouveau coup de projecteur sur les acteurs et motivations du projet @ID4D et @Digital_id2020 d'identité numérique généralisée ici :
26/ convergence annoncée de l'#identité numérique et du passeport vaccinal et son #QRCODE façon #PassSanitaire : les gentils pays du Nord 🇪🇺 en tête de la surveillance numérique, sur la pente du PCC 🇨🇳 #idnum #orwell
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"...the end of physical ID? How #digitalidentity verification could help accelerate #compliance... Portugal, France, #Germany, Switzerland & #Austria are implementing changes to #laws around NFC tech to enable digital identification verification."…
Nov 5, 2021: "#Austrian Airlines Introduces #Biometric Recognition System for Contactless Boarding"

"Since the #facialrecognition technology is not affected, passengers can keep their FFP2-mask on, which is mandatory inside the terminal."…
Nov 8 2021: "Austrian FMA permits automated biometrical customer identification"

"The use of #biometrical identification is becoming increasingly important during digital transformation"

#4IR architecture
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#Alberta - You would have to be blind to not see that the fear/jab campaign is the entry point to digital identity - a imperative of #4IR architecture / global digitalization.…

You can #lockdown & jab - but the crisis is in long-term care. #LTC

"Quietly making an appearance on the #Google Play & #Apple App store Tuesday, the #Alberta govt introduced its new AB Covid Records Verifier.
Starting Nov. 15, the #QR scanner will be the only accepted proof of #vaccination..."

The #Vaccination Credential Initiative / #VCI / #SmartHealthCards includes 294 additional corporations & institutions including #Apple, #Walmart, #Google, & the Province of #Ontario.

#GoodHealthPass #ID2020



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Sept 29 2021: On sidelines of 76th session of the UN Gen. Assembly, the #G7 Partnership for Women’s Digital Financial Inclusion in #Africa. #Gates

Framed as inclusion - in reality, entry point into #debt economy for billions w/ absolute compliance.


#WorldBank, July 22, 2021: "Building on existing international norms, the ID Principles were first developed and published in 2017 by a group of orgs committed to supporting the development of identification systems"

#SDGs #digitalidentity #ID4D

#blockchain will further chain impoverished:

"Our loan officer is that SIM card in the device that can shut it off remotely," ... "We know that it's important for them to keep their lights on at night, so they can be counted on to keep paying."

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Trudeau is a fascist.

#BuildBackBetter with a "#Freedom-As-A-Service" economy, global in scale.

#Trudeau serves ruling class/global finance - NOT citizens.

Nothing to do w/ health. This is the implementation of #4IR architecture.


PM #Trudeau & Deputy PM Chrystia #Freeland:

"Those who are unwilling to disclose their #vaccination status or to be fully vaccinated will be placed on administrative leave without pay as early as Nov 15, 2021."

#Freeland: member of the #WorldEconomicForum's Board of Trustees.
Of the 27,890 deaths WITH covid in Canada (Oct 5, 2021), 15,417 deaths have occurred in long-term care facilities. #Privatization

"Canadian military reported residents died of #neglect, not #COVID19" (CBC).

12,473 deaths w/ covid outside #LTC.
That's 0.032% of population.
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Learning thread.

"By 2030, our goal is to enable access to #digitalidentity for every person on the planet." — 2017 ID2020 Summit

2014: ID2020 public-private p'ship

2016: ID2020 Alliance: Accenture, #Microsoft, #Gavi, #Rockefeller, IDEO

2021: #ID2020 launches #GoodHealthPass Image
#ID2020 is very quiet having published a single video in 10 months - the #GoodHealthPass launch event (Feb 11 2021 w/ 2,452 views). Equally restrained is the Twitter account created Jan 2021, w/ a mere 384 followers - & 12 tweets. ID2020 Twitter is also on hiatus. #Strategy ImageImageImageImage
"Urgency - While standards-development processes typically move slowly, a cross-sector effort is urgently required to bring #goodhealthpass solutions to market in 2021 & to scale globally – with the same urgency applied to #vaccine development." Image
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