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White slavery: how pirates and nomads oppressed Europeans - A thread
1/ When we talk about slavery, caravans of black slaves along the Mississippi appear before our eyes. And also ships with "ebony" that sail from the west coast of Africa to the New World. But history remembers how proud and freedom-loving Europeans became slaves.
2/ Slavery in North Africa
In those years, when not a single inhabitant of Spain or England had even thought to go in search of a better life in the American colonies, slavery had long flourished on the Mediterranean coast.
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"Judeo-Christian" values

#BlackLivesMatter #WhiteLivesMatter
"Judeo-Christian" Values
"Judeo-Christian" Values
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Yossi Gurvitz: When #Israel Is Mighty - #NoahideLaws
It's not often a Jew will admit what some of us in the West already know, but which the majority of the West is in denial about (video by David Sheen 🕎)

#talmud #WhiteLivesMatter #blacklivesmatter
Rabbi Elyahu Kin of Los Angeles who claims that Germans are among the descendants of Amalek. And still to this day, rabbis subscribe to the notion that Germany is Amalek (Jews, are commanded to wipe out and erase the memory of)…
Deutschland / Germany - you are Amalek!
Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a prolific author has written books on the subject of Amalek.
“There is no real purebred Amalek today since, according to the Talmud, King Sennacherib mixed up the nations”. #MassMigration…
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Si je dis "All lifes matter", je suis une raciste,
Si je porte mon drapeau, je dois m'en excuser,
Je ne suis pas autorisée à aller à l'église, mais je peux les brûler.
Je ne suis pas autorisée à ouvrir mon propre business, mais je peux détruire celui des autres,
Si je suis en bleu, avec un flingue et un badge, je suis un porc raciste.
Mais si je détruis ma ville, je suis considéré comme une manifestante pacifique.
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History teaches, plans to destabilize local Police Forces to be replaced by "NATO/UN" security forces filled w/ G4S (UK/Pak) and Dyncorp (CIA) recruits to include:

-Mobile Homan Squares (Chicago)
-Gang Rapes (Haiti)
-Color of Law Hit Squads

Remember Homan Square, where Chicago police 'disappeared' 7,000 people?…
How about the 15 year old male stripper Dyncorp brought in to throw a “bacha bazi” party for the Afghan Security Forces they were training?…
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61. Nate's #whiteprivilege was to survive the accident in the first place.

Hi friends:

Here are all ~120 videos from my collection of whites getting attacked & beat on. ~410 MB total. I only shared 61 of them.

Download & keep spreading the truth on all your social media platforms!
63. Bonus: Actual "White Privilege"
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The time for "white" people to stand up for their rights is now. History, death tolls and suffering has been perverted to fit a false narrative. Let us begin at the beginning, with facts.

Slavery dates from the daw of time, and the Bible when Moses freed his people from Egypt 1
The first slaves imported into the US were white, from Ireland. They were also children.

There is an existing form of slavery around the globe today, and it is that of sex trafficked children. Millions of children go missing each year.

Global elite are complicit.
Slavery was abolished in the US in 1865, 155 years ago. No one alive today was a slave or slave owner of adult, black vs white slavery. NO ONE.

The civil war was fought by white men to free black men. It has the single highest death toll of any war. "Debt" was paid. 
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#WhiteLivesMatter is trending...

And, I figured it wouldn't be mannerable if I didn't pay the Lil' Nazis -- a visit!

I feel like Maeve.
I feel like the AFRICAN father of WESTERN Theology:

I feel like throwing my Afro-European identity around...

I feel like Oya and Thor had a black baby...

I feel like an Afro-Westerner

I feel like using Thor's hammer and Oya's Wind.

I feel like Mr. Dumas.

I feel like the black General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas -- and his famous, black son -- Alexandre Dumas.

I feel so very black.
I feel like E pluribus unum; like an Afro-European!

I feel like the Dumas family. I feel like looking down on #Europe 🇪🇺 -- from the multicultural safe-space - heaven; saying, "Viva La France" ....

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L'arnaque #BlackLivesMatter en quelques tweets ⤵️
#BlacKLivesMatter ne manifeste JAMAIS quand des noirs sont tués par d'autres noirs alors que c'est l'écrasante majorité des cas (93%). Mais UNIQUEMENT quand ce sont des blancs les meurtriers.
Les meurtres de blancs par des noirs sont bien plus frequents que l'inverse mais ne font pas la Une des medias. Doit on pour autant faire des manifestations sur base raciale ? #WhiteLivesMatter ?
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I am here to tell everyone why America will never FALL, Why try as they might they can never destroy us about why is meant by #AmericanExceptionalism it does not mean we are better than you. We are the best of you & we know that there are other like us who are not American's our
Ancestors from All over the world their hard work even made it possible for some of ours to get here but ours are the ones who actually had the strength & faith in God to make the long hard journey to build it with our own sweat & Blood. The Game is Over Now we won &
#whiteoutwednesday #WhiteLivesMatter trending after their counter parts were yesterday Twitter is a Deep State propaganda platform to stupid to know that we see their attempt to start a race war. Get the rest of the people on the street? Anything to stop the #Trump2020Landslide
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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About the Ahmaud Arbery controversy:

Once again whites must answer as a race for wrongs done against blacks, yet the MSM and their anti-white lapdogs will never recognize the crimes committed against US as a race. OUR victims get NO riots, NO coverage, and NOTHING ever changes.
You probably don't know who the girl pictured above was, because her story never made big headlines. Her name was Emily Jones, age 7. She was stabbed to death while riding her scooter in the park by a Somalian immigrant imported into the UK. NO riots, NO outrage.
Here is another story that is all too common. A white family butchered by a black in their own home. You never saw their picture.
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White Boy attacked by 5 “Asians” in #Dewsbury with an IRON BAR last night knocking his teeth out & breaking his jaw. Where’s the MSM coverage? @TheSun @piersmorgan @SkyNews @BBCBreaking @BBCNews @susannareid100 @itvnews Don’t #WhiteLivesMatter? YOUR SILENCE IS DEAFENING‼️
Twice this post was removed from Major/Minor Crimes in #Batley #Dewsbury & #Kirklees Facebook page! Why are they trying to sweep it under the carpet? Why isn’t there a media outcry? Was he the wrong colour? ((🤬))
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THREAD - Have been trying to determine exactly what is so toxic about #Cult45 recently. I understand disenfranchisement pre-2016, though #MAGA has now evolved into something much more diseased:
For over a year, myself & many others have been constantly mocked & force-feed sick propoganda in the ultimate act of Pathological Mirroring, accused of being fragile whiny crybabies,
"Libtards", "pussies", "snowflakes", "queers", "feminazis", "coastal elites", "communists", "animals", "cosmopolitans", laughing at genocide & rape, mocking the disabled, LGBT. Pick your poison.
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