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🐍 #Script en #python para crear contenidos con imágenes y vídeo por #IA en #WordPress con tecnología de #Openai (#GPT)

Mediante un fichero csv generas un contenido por cada keyword adjunta.

Os cuento el proceso que sigue el script👇
(enlace al final del hilo). Image
Lo primero que realiza es un análisis de qué es lo que está posicionando en top 10 para la #keyword sobre la que se va a trabajar.

Se revisan los #titles, #descriptions, #h1, #h2, #h3, #h4, #h5 y #h6.

Todo este análisis se hace por separado, y luego se une.
Después de definir la partes principales y la #estructura, se empieza a desarrollar el texto por partes.

Desarrollar el #texto por partes tiene su motivo.

Si le doy la estructura completa a la #IA, responde siempre con un sólo párrafo normalmente.
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Diversity is an ongoing commitment, fostering inclusivity requires continuous effort & awareness. Let's make #WordCamps more representative & inclusive!
#RepresentationMatters #WordPress
A 🧵 following up the #WCLisboa #Diversity panel w/ @zetaraffix & @JhamileAbuabara
🌟 Proactive Outreach & Engagement:
Reach out to underrepresented communities, organizations and individuals, encouraging them to submit talk proposals and participate in the speaker selection process to amplify diverse voices on stage!
💪 Mentorship Programs:
Establish #Mentorship programs to support and guide individuals from underrepresented groups who are interested in speaking at #WordCamps. Pair them with experienced speakers who can provide guidance, feedback, and support throughout the process.
🧵 3/12
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I'm many kinds of writer - novelist, journalist, activist, editorialist, screenwriter - but at core, I'm a #blogger. Every bit of interesting stuff that crosses my path gets turned into a blog post, which gets lodged in both a #WordPress database and my mind. Jean-Leon Gerome's painting...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

There, the ideas rub up against other interesting stuff and crystallizes into longer, more considered pieces:…

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Creating an #inclusive #WordPress event (#WPDiversity):

❤️ diverse speakers
🧡 diverse leadership team
💛 accessibility accommodations
💚 prioritize safety and respect
💙 make speakers, volunteers, and attendees feel welcome and valued

But how, you ask? Learn at our workshop!
Organizing Diverse & Inclusive WordPress Events:
March 16, 2023…

This workshop is for #WordPress Meetup and #WordCamp organizers, and anyone who wants to champion this environment in WordPress:
We will have a special guest to help answer your tough questions, @camikaos who focuses on Diversity and Inclusion in Talent Operations at Automattic.

Register now:…

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Though I didn't know it at the time, Jan 29, 2020 was my last day at #BoingBoing; as it happens, that was nearly exactly 19 years after my *first* day at Boing Boing. 1/ William Blake's watercolor of Cerebrus, the three-headed hel
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Though it was a tough decision, it was the right one, and while I'm no longer helping to write the site, I'm still an ardent reader, a co-owner, and a well-wisher.

I started writing Boing Boing at the age of 30. When I stopped, I was 49. That's a lot of living. 3/
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Someone recently asked how to #optimize a #WordPress website. Let's begin 🧵:

1. Don't use anything created by Syed Balkhi;
2. If you sell stuff via WooCommerce, best to create a separate WordPress installation (until they hire me to fix their shit);

More 👇
3. Don't optimize scripts. In fact, turn off concatenation:

define( 'CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false );

4. Turn on OpCache in PHP. Tweak it via user.ini if you're on a shitty host (the next tweet shows contents).

More 👇
opcache.enable = 1
opcache.fast_shutdown = 1
opcache.interned_strings_buffer = 16
opcache.max_accelerated_files = 7963
opcache.memory_consumption = 192
opcache.revalidate_freq = 5
opcache.validate_root = 1
opcache.huge_code_pages = 1
opcache.jit_buffer_size = 256M

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«Lo de automatizar cosas suena bien... pero no sé qué podría automatizar yo»

¿Te suena? Lo he escuchado mil veces y quiero ponerle remedio.

1 RT🔂 = 💡1 idea de proceso automatizable

🔥Vamos a ganarle la batalla al reloj🔥

¿Jugamos? Tengo 109 ideas preparadas
@salonsoweb 1.
¿Y si mañana Zuckerberg te cierra Instagram?
💡Idea de backup: cada vez que subes una foto, mándala automáticamente a Dropbox.

Ya que estás, guárdate también ese texto molón que has añadido para que no se pierda como lágrimas en la lluvia...
@salonsoweb 2.
¿Y si pudieras leer un #podcast?
✅Detecta nuevos episodios
✅Descarga el audio desde el feed
✅Pásalo por una API de transcripción
✅Guárdate el resultado en un fichero de texto
(suena más loco de lo que es)
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Today I discovered a bug in a #WordPress plugin update that had a tremendous negative performance impact.
Luckily the solution was an easy one to fix, but I've gotten some question about how I found out where the issue was, so I thought I take you along on some performance debugging steps I always take.

First off, I work with both local development sites as well as staging sites.
This means I work with two other version of the site besides the production site itself. This is how I discovered the issue before the update was deployed to the live site.

I'm using the same tools for all three environments.:

– Two WP CLI extensions:
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Did you know LCP makes up for 25% of the Google Lighthouse score of your #WordPress site? That's a huge chunk that when optimized correctly gives

Let me explain what Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is, and what you can do to improve it:
If you're reading a book and the most interesting part of the book, the hook, takes too long to get to, it can make reading the whole book less enjoyable. So much so you'll not want to finish it.

LCP is like waiting too long for that part.

Similarly, if the biggest and most important part of a website takes too long to load, it can make the whole website experience less enjoyable. If the wait is too long, people just stop waiting and move on.

How to fix this? Here are the most important ways to fix this:
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¡Atención SEOs! ¿Luchando con problemas de crawl-budget y urls sin tráfico, en tu sitio con más de 4000 urls? Descubre cómo hacer una limpia eficiente en menos de 2 segundos, sin plugins ni tapujos en este hilo #SEO #Crawlbudget #Optimizacion #Wordpress  👇
Aunque existen varios métodos para eliminar publicaciones. Aquí te mostraré cómo hacerlo de forma eficiente sin necesidad de conocimientos de programación. Hay dos métodos infalibles, utilizando WP-CLI (requiere un poco más de habilidad técnica) y el otro... 👇
Que es el que vamos a explicar es a través de nuestra base de datos PhpMyAdmin, lo primero es acceder a nuestra base de datos, para ello sino recordamos los credenciales hay que irse a nuestro wp-config.php. Te muestro una imagen de ejemplo para ayudarte a encontrarlo 🔍
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Arranca la 1a #WordCamp del año en todo el mundo ¿dónde? Como siempre, ¡en Zaragoza! #WCZGZ23. Muchas gracias a @RaiolaNetworks por apoyar este eventazo 😘 Te cuento en este hilo un resumen de la jornada en tiempo real Image
Ayer se inauguraron las actividades de #WCZGZ23 con un estupendo ContributorDay. Hubo un monto nazo de mesas y de gente participando 😍 Muchas gracias a @Arantxasgg por la foto 😘 Image
Para comer, la organización de #WCZGZ23 se trajo un food truck al que le faltó poco para que se lo llevara el aire 🤣 Image
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Looking for a new job and I had this problem.

I work under NDAs and don't have a lot of my actual work as a technical writer I can point to and say - "This is mine."

I asked around and realized it was a common issue.

But most 'sample' portfolio ideas made me cringe.

A 🧵👇
Suggestions I found online were to write a how-to article as a technical writer.

Their ideas:

· How to make a PB sandwich 🥪
· How to fold a paper airplane 📃
· How to tie a tie 👔
· How to post on FB ⁉️

I didn't want to write any of those.

Also, they were stupid.
So I dug a little deeper and found some better ideas for sample papers and articles I could write. I was thinking about it ...

Then I had a bright idea. 💡

What if I turned something I know how to do into a true project?

Something that I could get excited about?
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Letting go of stuff you no longer need. No better time doing that than end of the year!

I’m a gatherer of things. That’s my modus operandi.
However, as much as I like to collect things, I’m also keenly aware of the power of letting go.

Here's 16 things you can let go of:
1) Screenshots of things you no longer need. Check your screenshot folder on your machine. And phone.

2) Domain names your never going to find the time (read: priority) to pursue and turn into actual projects. Just let them go.
3) Draft posts in your #WordPress Dashboard. Ideas you haven’t touched in a loooong time (think years). Go ahead and delete them.

4) Whatever is in your Downloads folder on your machine. Full of everything? Time to develop a better filing strategy!
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1/ Why am I so bullish on #MultiversX formerly @ElrondNetwork and the team?

Let me paint a picture 🌠

Imagine your current top performing ⛓️ as a building. A skyscraper even. 🗼

Let’s use #Eth and #Sol as an example

They are some of the worlds largest and most impressive…👇
2/ BUT the foundation they are built on cannot sustain much more growth without support

Support in the form of L2’s or powerful computers to validate the network

They are nearing their limits or will be soon hence #ETH 2.0…

Problem with this as we have seen is…👇
3/ that trying to rebuild the foundation to support more growth, ie. #ETH 2.0 takes YEARS and a TON of work 🛠️

This is NOT ideal and will create future bottlenecks 😬

Many will argue the case for L2’s here but they have their faults and issues as well

That’s for another 🧵…
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About DukiyaHost Limited

1. Who we are
2. What we do
3. Our Products & Services
4. Our policies
5. Contact us

#DukiyaHost #webhosting #Domains #domain #SEO #cloudhosting #WordPress #VPS #Dedicatedservers

Retweet and share widely.

Let's go👇👇

Thread 1/10
Who We are
DukiyaHost is a Web Hosting Company offering Shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Servers) & VPS cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, Domain name registration, renewals and transfers, Dedicated IP addresses and SEO services.

Thread 2/10 Image
You can visit our website and learn more about DukiyaHost and all that we do.

Click here👇

Thread 3/10 Image
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7 WordPress habits to earn $75,436+ every year
H #1: Consistently create high-quality content that provides value to your audience.

- This will help you attract more visitors and potential customers.
H #2: Utilize SEO techniques to improve your website's visibility and search engine ranking.

This will make it easier for people to find your content.
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About DukiyaHost Limited

1. Who we are
2. What we do
3. Our Products & Services
4. Our policies
5. Contact us

#DukiyaHost #webhosting #Domains #domain #SEO #cloudhosting #WordPress #VPS #Dedicatedservers

Retweet and share widely.
Let's go👇👇

Thread 1/10
1.) Who We are
DukiyaHost is a Web Hosting Company offering Shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Servers) & VPS cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, Domain name registration, renewals and transfers, Dedicated IP addresses and SEO services.

Thread 2/10
You can visit our website and learn more about DukiyaHost and all that we do.

Click here👇

Thread 3/10 DukiyaHost website homepage available at https://dukiyahost.
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Creo que todos estamos flipando con #ChatGPT estos últimos días. Ha ido todo muy rápido y han salido ya webs, integraciones, extensiones…

He estado un poco desconectado estos días y he necesitado hacer un recopilatorio con 10 herramientas para exprimir ChatGPT/GPT3

Ahí van 👇
1️⃣Perplexity Ask: Interfaz de búsqueda que mezcla OpenAI GPT 3.5 con Bing para responder directamente preguntas:

2️⃣¿Quieres recurrir a #ChatGPT desde cualquier lugar? Con esta extensión para Chrome puedes. Escribe tweets, revisa emails, errores de código…

Por @gabe_ragland
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Page speed is of key element when building a website. Here are some plugins you can use to optimize your website speed. Image
1.Siteground Optimizer
-This free plugin helps you purge cache easy at a go. No need to clear cache on individual pages as compared to other plugins.…
2.Bulk smush image optimizer
-This free plugin will allow you to compress images on a website. The dashboard is easy and you can now bulk smush over 100 images. Very fast and effective. However, use before uploading images to your media library.
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[THREAD] N’ayez pas peur de migrer vers #Shopify !

Un #CMS qui a fortement évolué ces dernières années en renforçant son équipe de senior #SEO. Le produit est encore tant décrié par les #agences SEO. Voici mon retour d'expérience !
Arguments principaux des clients : Solution simple, complète et pas chère : Sans développement, le CMS propose beaucoup de solutions natives ou avec des modules complémentaires paramétrables sans coder.
Équipe restreinte : Un #webmaster suffit à faire 95% des actions techniques. Plus besoin d’énorme équipe IT pour faire évoluer la solution et gagner en visibilité organique.
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7 Wonderful No Code Apps in 2022

#NoCodeApps #NoCode Tools
#Bubble introduces a new way to build software. It's a no-code tool that lets you build SaaS platforms, marketplaces, and CRMs without code.
#Wappler is a low-code software, that allows you to visually build responsive websites, mobile and desktop apps with no vendor lock-ins and complete hosting freedom.

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Ahora que he "casi" dormido unas 3 horas voy a publicar este hilo de cómo hago yo las migraciones de webs por si a alguien le puede servir de guía.
🔴 Disclaimer : Este es el método que yo normalmente sigo. Puede que no te guste, puede que sí. Puede que tu tengas otro método de hacerlo. Pero yo este método lo he usado cienes de veces y problemas 0.
Así que si estás interesado puede seguir leyendo. Si no te puedes ir a tiktok a ver unos bailecitos de chicas/o o sino ver lo último que ha publicado @elonmusk en Twitter.
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Si eres un amante del #BlackHatSEO y de las #Websautomaticas no te pierdas este...

HILO #SEO #WordPress con los 11 mejores plugins para webs automáticas de WordPress:

1. Text spinner

Text spinner es un sencillo pero eficaz plugin que te permitirá generar un spintax en base a una palabra clave dentro tu WordPress mediante un sencillo Shortcode.…
2. Page Generator

Page Generator PRO es sin duda el santo grial de las páginas web automáticas en WordPress.

Gracias a este plugin de pago podrás generar URLs de forma automática con spintax complejos y configurar diferentes variables en el.…
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🔥Suite à l'achat d'un site sur @NextLevelLink, j'ai décidé de partager sur ce #Thread les différentes étapes que je vais mettre en place pour remonter le site et le rentabiliser. (#SEO, #ROI,#Content )

Si tu veux suivre l'évolution, c'est par ici :
👇 Image
Quelques détails sur le site acheté :
✅Site acheté le 03/11/2022 à 13h26
✅Archive du site reçue le 03/11/2022 à 14h52
Il sont rapides chez #NextLevel 👍
L'installation sur un hébergement
(dans mon cas) se déroule parfaitement.
Il suffit de suivre les instructions données dans les tutos fournis dans le mail de

Le site était opérationnel en quelques heures, le temps que les DNS migrent.
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