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Today is #WorldKindnessDay.

While the world of politics involves a lot of debate and disagreement, this doesn’t mean it ought to turn a blind eye to gratuitous attacks and pile-ons.

But try telling that to this government. 1/
People blame social media for the unkindness that dominates our political discourse. But the tone is set at the very top and in this Government, positive examples of kind and responsible - or even civil - political discourse are rare. 2/
Example: Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has engaged in notorious Twitter mud-slinging, even encouraging a pile-on on @SadiqKhan because he dared to weigh in on hate speech. 3/16…
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कोण जाणे पुन्हा कधी गाठभेट होई...?
एकदाच ओंजळीत दे ना जाई जुई.........

खरं तर या ओळी एरवी केवळ एका हळव्या प्रेमप्रकरणा नंतर... ताटातूट..विरह.... ...एवढ्या पुरत्या जाणवतात..
पण आता..? या क्षणाला...? या दिवसात ???
#WorldKindnessDay ++
शुभ सकाळ🙏😊
खरंच...कोण जाणे पुन्हा कधी गाठभेट होई... भाऊ..बहिणी, भाच्चे..पुतणे... रोज भेटणारे मित्र...ऑफिस मधले सहकारी...अगदी स्वयंपाकाच्या मावशी...ड्रायव्हर....ही रोजची घरातली माणसं.....कधी भेटतील आता.? माहित नाही...++
म्हणूनच कायम वाटतं.....प्रत्येक भेटीत आदराने..मायेने दोन शब्द बोलायला हवेत...काहीही खर्च होत नाही चांगलं बोलण्यात....कशाला उगाच भांडण ? वाद ?...आपलीच तर असतात माणसं...!! तुम्ही ज्यांना रोज भेटता त्यांना सांगायचं आहे तुम्हाला ? की तुम्हाला आठवण येते आहे त्यांची....?++
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Today is #WorldKindnessDay so what is kindness?
In India kindness is also stuck in hypocrisy, this is how:
- Giving away a torn jacket that your kid has outgrown to a poor kid is not kindness it is discarding your junk.
-Giving your house help stale roti is not kindness.
- Speaking politely to people who work for us is not kindness, in civilised societies it is called manners.
-Planting trees is not kindness it is environmental responsibility
-Not exploiting other beings is not kindness but minimum to be eligible as human.
- Considering a person with disability as your equal is not kindness but their right.
- Donating to some social organisation to save tax is not kindness.
- Respecting a diverse opinion is not kindness but being a sensible grown up.
Kindness is something one does selflessly.
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In honor of #WorldKindnessDay, we thought it would be nice to spread some love to our @NHL friends

A thread:
@NHL You are the best sport in the world
@NHLFlyers No mascot is as terrifying and fun as @GrittyNHL
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How kind are people in different parts of the world? In 2015, @Gallup asked a sample of ~1000 people aged 15+ in 145 countries, whether, in the past month, they had given money or time or helped a stranger. Here's some of the 2015 results #WorldKindnessDay…
🇲🇲 92% of people in Myanmar donated money to charity, largely down to the country’s Buddhist practice of Sangha Dana, which encourages donations. This practice is shared by Thailand, which came second. Malta came third and the UK fourth
🇲🇲 Myanmar also topped the poll for volunteering – 50% of people in the country volunteered their time. In 2015, Myanmar was the first country to score highest in two measures of giving since the survey began
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1/ On #WorldKindnessDay let's talk about two ideas in alleged tension, both of which should be re-framed by their relationship to kindness. (1) "Political correctness" and (2) #civility
PC is always a complaint. Civility a demand. They're used as weapons of the status quo.
2/ When people complain about political correctness they're saying opportunities for kindness are oppressive. POC, LGBT, women, or disabled say "X language is unkind. It hurts us and it's a symbol of oppression and dehumanization." Reaction: you threaten my freedom.
3/ Freedom for what? To hurt your neighbors, to treat them as less human, to put them in their places, to retain your own discursive place at the top, a bull in a china shop. Make no mistake: complaints about PC are objections to human decency. That's it.
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Our hearts are w/our neighbors suffering because of the #CampFire in Butte County right now. Having been evacuated for 18 days from our home during the #CarrFire, I hope this thread on what we learned might be helpful in the days and weeks ahead. 1/
It may be days or weeks before you learn the fate of your property or are able to return. If you are insured, don't wait to contact your insurance company and establish a claim. This is for two reasons: 2/
First, your policy likely provides coverage for the duration of the evacuation (and sometimes beyond as was our case b/c of loss of use of our home). Some insurance policies will expense a set amount of $$ per day. Others want receipts. Some will front you cash. 3/
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It's #WorldKindnessDay
@nickynoo007 made the brilliant suggestion to #KillBrexitWithKindness
Here's my *stab*: thank you #Brexit for honing my power point skills. In gratitude, I'm posting my top-20 most popular anti-#Brexit/#StopBrexit memes (in no particular order).
1. One of the more recent ones on @DavidDavisMP hypocrisy over his failure to release the Brexit Impact Reports or sector studies or whatever they are, which he testified existed in "excruciating detail"
Release the #BrexitImpactReports #StopBrexit #revokeA50forthwith #FBPE
2. Never has this one on the #Tory Kakistocracy seemed more relevant with @michaelgove throwing #NazaninZaghariRatcliffe under a bus on #Marr to throw a political lifeline to his dangerously incompetent buddy @BorisJohnson
#StopBrexit #exitfrombrexit #revokeA50forthwith #FBPE
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