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Today (now) LIBE Group in the EU Parliament will debate a proposed law which will require total surveillance of ALL online communications and messenger services of ALL EU persons.

#privacy #childrape #surveillance #ethics #law #trust #confidentiality
As a survivor of child sexual and physical abuse, I would never have had the confidence to tell my story if I didn’t have access to confidential communications channels.
It took 25 years for the Police to finally investigate and prosecute my case, leading to multiple convictions for sexual assaults against myself and 27 other boys at my boarding school.
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Mermaids is an important & respected charity supporting Trans & non-binary youth in Britain. Today it is going to court to fight the most infamous anti-LGBT designated hate group, in these islands. They are fighting the good fight & standing up for human rights. Good luck!
You can follow this critical case for human rights here:
This action comes in the light of a systemic anti-LGBT hate campaign by the British government & the British & Irish media. It is astonishing that a far right group, set up to promote discrimination against LGBT+ people, has charity status. More here:…
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What is so complicated about having a processing centre in Calais as offered by France? That way the vast majority of refugees whose applications for asylum are approved could arrive in the UK ready and willing to find work and become huge benefit to the country.
In many cases they have family links here. Built in support systems. The insanity of the Rwanda idea is that it is designed to stop traffickers. By punishing the victims who would be deported without being heard, even though the majority would be granted asylum? The refugees?
How is that in any way acceptable? Where are their human rights? The UK has lost its moral compass. Atrocious thinking. It has to stop. #RefugeesWelcome #NotInMyName #Shameful #ToryDisgrace #JohnsonOutBeforeHeDoesMoreDamage #compassion
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UPDATE 🧵: 7 people still with tickets for Rwanda 2day. 2 Iraqi Kurdish, 3 Iranian, 1 Albanian & 1 Vietnamese. All have some form of legal action taking place 2day. But this is a race against time #StopTheFlights #StopRwanda #StopThePlane #Rwanda50 #NotInMyName (1/10)
One only got decent legal representation YESTERDAY - all had enormous difficulties finding representation in detention. It is a LIE to say they have had chance to make their cases - there is no time, everything is in English & getting a solicitor is no easy task (2/10)
1 is in Brook House, the remaining 6 are in Colnbrook. 2 have expressed suicidal thoughts to us. 1 reports scaring all over his body from torture. This flight is inhumane & must be stopped #StopRwanda #StopTheFlights #StopThePlane (3/10)
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There are some uncanny similarities between the authoritarian Government of #Rwanda, & the increasingly authoritarian UK Government.

To manage their image abroad, authoritarian states try to advance a favourable narrative about themselves. They do things like hire public relations firms to produce positive content, disseminate propaganda themselves & cultivate friendly foreigners who can speak on their behalf.
But they also try to silence, obscure, or discredit criticisms of their rule.

They try to “spin” negative news stories, sow discord or paranoia in activist communities at home & abroad, & repress their critics.
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The Autumn 2020 data is hugely unreliable. Remember, at that time, schools were setting up Covid test centres in their sports halls, managing bubbles, delivering remote learning whilst in person teaching + deciding whether to code an absence as Covid 'X' or not?!
Pre-pandemic, Autumn 2019, those missing 50% of the term was 60,244. 40% of those absences have no recorded reason.
Autumn 2020 data is even more patchy because: C19, not fit for purpose registration codes (subjective + nebulous + variable depending on school culture).
What evidence do you have that these kids are the same as those on school to prison pipeline? Pls don't conflate exclusions research with persistent absence, which is misunderstood and woefully under-researched. Why? Because they're truants of course or parents are complicit.
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@RcgpFaculties @MartinRCGP @AoMRC @HelenStokesLam @RCSnews
This statement supposedly from RCs does not represent my views as a Clinical Advisor to the @rcgp. I find it utterly inappropriate for it to have been released after the conclusion of the @NICEComms process.
In fact, I'm embarrassed on behalf of my whole profession, who are allowing a small but vocal minority with vested interests (protecting their own careers) to speak on our behalf. In the context of #LongCovid, many more of us now know the truth about #MECFS.
#MECFS and #LongCovid are not going to be cured by some exercise & CBT, no matter how loudly those who offer them to unsuspecting patients scream and throw their toys around. If you think you've cured someone with these treatments MAYBE YOUR PATIENT LIED TO GET AWAY FROM YOU!
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Remember the Teenager Named #JunaidKhan?

1) Another year has gone by, and Junaid’s family is marking the 4th anniversary of the day when their beloved child was brutally killed. Another year, they continue to wait for justice. Each year, the voices who storm social media with..
hashtags #notinmyname, and #JusticeForJunaid seems to be getting lesser, as the numbers of right-wing hate mongers grows. Junaid, a teenager who was studying to be an Imam, was beaten, allegedly stabbed and thrown off the Delhi Mathura train.
2) He and his two brothers were returning home after Eid shopping in the big city. Junaid was killed and his brothers were seriously injured in the assault that was clearly communal, with vile abuse being flung at the boys and their beards being pulled.
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1/n This thread is not about Medicine, Science or Lung Disease. It’s about what you should ask when when you hear about another cycle of violence in #IsraelPalestine. Written in #Solidarity with the Jews & Arabs who today stand together against racism & hate #TrueHeroes
2/n When people speak about “country x’s right to defend itself” - what you should ask, does the leadership of country x have the right to provoke violence? and do the actions taken really constitute defense or serve another agenda? #KnowWhatToAsk #IsraelPalestine
3/n When they say but “look at the violence in the streets by the minority ” - what you should ask, is what has been done to the minority , how many have been dispossessed, killed without recourse, disenfranchised and for how long? #IsraelPalestine #EndTheOppression
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I just re-read Professor Auer's @stefanauer_hku fascinating research article "Merkel’s Germany and the European Union: Between Emergency and the Rule of Rules".

His article can help us understand Merkel's advocacy of the highly controversial #CAI /1…
Auer writes that "Europe’s many problems are centred around Germany, the reluctant hegemon (Paterson 2011) whose leadership oscillates between acting in the name of the exception and insisting on an apolitical adherence to the rule of law" /2
While he insists that this article is "not just about one particular political leader" he makes clear that "Angela Merkel and her governing style – ‘avoiding politics whenever possible’ (...) – serve as a synecdoche that captures problems inherent in the European project" /3
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In #GeneralMaczek memorial in #Breda today - instead of #BlackFriday #shoppingtime ... Trying to understand why the Dutch needed to be liberated by Polish, Canadian, Americans after Soviets broke the nazi backbone in the East front... 😳
I think I know why, but it's rather upsetting: Dutch cheered #nazi thugs, enthusiastically joined the nazi army when #Hitler attacked #USSR, cooperated willfully on deporting their jew compatriotes to nazi concentration camps (visit Dutch chamber in #Auschwitz ) #HistoryMatters
And then Dutch cheered the execution (without prosecution!) of #nazicollaborators #NSB after the liberation - just as enthusiastically as they greeted #nazi thugs in the late 30s - begin '40s 🤦‍♀️
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Kami Ikut Islam Ramah Ala Rasulullah, Bukan Islam Marah Ala Khawarij yang Penuh Kebencian
(A thread)

Di sepanjang sejarah ada banyak sekte Islam yang memahami ajaran agama secara beragam. Salah satu sekte terburuk yg pernah ada adalah khawarij. Siapa mereka?
Gusmin kutip dari @nu_online tentang khawarij tersebut. Agar kita mengenal dan bisa berhati2 pada ciri-ciri dan ajarannya yang masih ada hingga kini,

Khawarij adalah salah satu sekte yang memberi banyak pengaruh terhadap gerakan ekstremisme dalam tubuh Islam.
Keberadaan mereka sempat mengubah potret ajaran Islam yang rahmatan lil alamin menjadi wajah yang intoleran dan penuh kebencian terhadap sesama Muslim.

Pengetahuan tentang sejarah kaum Khawarij adalah hal penting untuk membaca beberapa kasus di masa modern yang mempunyai
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"LONDON (AP) — A senior European Union official headed to London Thursday for an emergency meeting with U.K. officials over Britain’s plan to break part of the Brexit divorce agreement."

Someone, has to sort out the 'dog's dinner'!!

Good Luck! 🍀
"Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative British government announced this week that it plans to legislate to give itself the power to deviate from some of the provisions in the agreement about Northern Ireland trade."

#LiarJohnson is evidently on an ego trip, of sorts!!
“The withdrawal agreement is not open for renegotiation and we expect that the letter and the spirit of the withdrawal agreement will be fully respected,” Sefcovic said.

UK citizens are in agreement with EU and expect elected representatives to act in national interest.
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Thread: There’s a UK account that claims to represent Gay, Bisexual & Lesbian people. It is, in fact, a Transphobic far right hate group. Many people follow it. I know some are monitoring the hate, but others prob think it’s just another Gay org. Let’s take a look. ImageImageImageImage
Firstly a v short history. The roots of modern gay liberation (many use the term ‘Queer’, but others find it offensive) are in the Stonewall Riots. Although the police were violently attacking Lesbians & Gay men, it was the Trans women present who had had enough & fought back. ImageImageImage
Without Trans women there would have been no riots & the fight for LGBTQI human rights probably would have taken significantly longer, more would have been imprisoned, tortured & murdered. (Marsha P Johnson & Sylvia Rivera)… Image
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December 6, 1992.
I was in the final year of college when karsevaks climbed the dome of the Babri Masjid and brought it down. I watched in shock and horror, but there was little else I could do.
The press condemned it, there were editorials written, but gradually it died down.
Everyone I knew condemned the demolition of the mosque, and I certainly believed that the people who had destroyed the structure were a fringe element.
What I didn't realise then was that the India I had grown up in was changing in ways I couldn't fathom.
A lot happened in the years since then.
Hindutva established itself as a mainstream political ideology. Vigilante crimes against Muslims got normalised. The Ayodhya case dragged on in the courts.
Through it all, I hoped that at least in the Court, justice would be done.
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Progress on trans equality in the UK is under threat.

Misinformation continues to spread, so we wanted to share some stats that show what life is like for trans people right now. Please read & share 👇
There are lots of trans people who are accepted and embraced by their family, friends and at school or work. Which is wonderful and this needs to be the norm for every trans person. But sadly, we know that’s not the case for everyone.
Abuse and discrimination is a near daily experience for many trans people. Two in five trans people (41%) have experienced a hate crime in the last year, and two-thirds of trans young people (64%) are bullied in school just for being who they are.
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I am so over being told what I think when I see a penis. First, Freud told me when a young girl first encounters a ... penis "[s]he makes her judgment and her decision in a flash. She has seen it and knows that she is without it and wants to have it." #NotInMyName 1/n
Now @jk_rowling, other anti-trans activists, and even Justice Samuel Alito tell me that, as a rape survivor, I'm triggered by seeing, or by the very thought of seeing, a penis in a locker room. (I've never had occasion to see anyone's genitals in a women's room.) #NotInMyName 2/n
And @jk_rowling adds, channeling Trump's rhetoric, "[h]uge numbers of women are justifiably terrified by trans activists." HUGE numbers. #NotInMyName 3/n
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I am so over being told what I think when I see a penis. First, Freud told me when a young girl first encounters a sibling's or playmate's penis "[s]he makes her judgment and her decision in a flash. She has seen it and knows that she is without it and wants to have it." 1/n
Now @jk_rowling and other anti-trans activists tell me that, as a rape survivor, I'm triggered by seeing, or by the very thought of seeing, a penis in a locker room. (I've never had occasion to see anyone's genitals in a women's room.) 2/n
And, @jk_rowling adds, channeling Trump's rhetoric, "[h]uge numbers of women are justifiably terrified by trans activists." HUGE numbers. 3/n
Read 8 tweets… #EnoughIsEnough Together we march this Saturday from 13-16.00. @RightProtest #Brits2020 #HoldThemToAccount Do you care about #climate & #democracy & #Judiciary & #racism & #inequality & #NotInMyName & #Fascism
Enough devastating droughts,
floods and storms.
Enough of police clamping down on peaceful protesters.
Enough fires decimating wildlife and homes from the UK to the USA, Australia to Amazon & Africa.
Enough of being labelled extremists for standing up for each other.
Enough racism. Enough
Enough of the media controlling our story.
Enough government failure.

More courage.
More collaboration.
More love.

Movements, individuals, organisations, families and communities are marching together in resistance and solidarity THIS SATURDAY
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1n Another exposé on @trtworld’s latest anchor @_Faysal. You see he’s @MirwaizKashmir’s boy, who got him the job in TRT. But did you know? He’s viciously racist about Kashmiri Pandits & the Mongoloid races....
2n he supports the backdoor introduction of Sharia & stoning to death of rapists
3n claims to be Kashmiri - but openly is a Pakistani stooge & frequently peddles fake news
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Truly embarrassing misbehaviour in the European Parliament today from the thugs in the Brexit plc seats. A disgrace to our once respected country.
And now they are all totally absent for the award of the Sakharov Prize to human rights defender Ilham Tohti. How low can a human being sink?
The left of the house is full. The right is more than half empty. The Brexit plc seats are completely empty.
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"You are in deep sleep, a calm morning in a serene village.. GOONS flashing SWORDS enter your compound"

Oh, woke up? That’s what happened in a GouShala near MLR.

Goons took away one Cow, ran away seeing villagers, threatening to come back to take away d rest!

"Villagers Started FAST UNTO DEATH from Today"

Since the authorities or the Govt took no action, villagers have no choice, but to protest to save more cows!

If we are quiet, vote bank politicians dont care. Let's raise to support the cause.

"Let's Support Villagers on Hunger Strike to save Gous"

Threatening villagers is first step. Then they'll steal more cows which are backbone of rural economy... happening in many villages!

Case has been lodged, but no action yet by authorities or K'taka Govt

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It's #WorldKindnessDay
@nickynoo007 made the brilliant suggestion to #KillBrexitWithKindness
Here's my *stab*: thank you #Brexit for honing my power point skills. In gratitude, I'm posting my top-20 most popular anti-#Brexit/#StopBrexit memes (in no particular order).
1. One of the more recent ones on @DavidDavisMP hypocrisy over his failure to release the Brexit Impact Reports or sector studies or whatever they are, which he testified existed in "excruciating detail"
Release the #BrexitImpactReports #StopBrexit #revokeA50forthwith #FBPE
2. Never has this one on the #Tory Kakistocracy seemed more relevant with @michaelgove throwing #NazaninZaghariRatcliffe under a bus on #Marr to throw a political lifeline to his dangerously incompetent buddy @BorisJohnson
#StopBrexit #exitfrombrexit #revokeA50forthwith #FBPE
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